Read the Big @RebeccasOffice Interview from @SpadesMagazine !

I have mentioned that there are some big changes going on personally and in my office and I have started talking more openly about them!    This interview started with some basic questions, but after a few drinks I really decided to open up as to what is going on in my life.  Please read on!  I hope you guys agree with my future plans!

I am strictly for BBC, especially in bare unprotected sex.”

Spades Magazine (Drew): Hi Rebecca. It’s so great to be doing with this interview with you. When I started this blog you were on my dream list of interviews, so this quite exciting. Tell us all about you.

Rebecca Dream: I have been so busy and always wanted to do this. Ever since I heard about the Queen of Spades title, I felt like that I should have that title too.  It has been a while since I have done an interview so it is probably good to update my QoS status with everyone.  I am now in my late 40s currently living in Southern California although I am originally from the great state of Ohio (Home of the Champion Cavaliers and soon to be Indians and Ohio State Buckeyes football). A lot of my basic information can be found on my Dreamnet website located at where I have been a webgirl since 2003. I would add a lot more here, but I think you will cover more below in the interview.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?
RD: I have been officially in the interracial lover lifestyle since December 24, 2003, when I celebrated my birthday and Christmas Eve with a gentleman I had been conversing with online for almost 2 years. He was officially my first black man.  I never thought of it as a lifestyle.  It has been a natural progression over time.  I guess I never saw color, but the when I became a Dreamnet girl, I suddenly saw a channel for experiencing sexual fantasies that had always been deep down inside me and I had a husband who supported me.


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  1. So happy to read that we will be able to get some regular porn movies to see in India with regular black actors. Cant wait to see and get your movies from local stores in Mumbai. Getting smell from your interview that you are no more hot wife and already divorce it is true?

    • Neelima, you read everything wrong. I am NEVER EVER selling my movies to India. Indian people steal videos all the time. In fact you are probably the crazy person who stole pictures of me and created a fake profile of me on Facebook.

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