Rebecca’s Press Release – Official Social Media Announcement

Attention all personnel, please grab a cup of coffee, and carefully read the following announcement.  We request that you save all questions until the end and send them directly to the email listed at the end of this announcement.

West Hollywood, CA – Today we are officially announcing to the public what has been mentioned over the last couple months to members.  After 13 years, Dreamnet will be spinning off RebeccasOffice and the process has begun.  Rebecca will still be running the business and be based out of Southern California.  Her husband (HubbyRebecca/Al Dream) as well as her best friend CG (photographer/videographer) are going to be leaving the business but will remain as consultants through the end of 2016.  They will train their replacement, Rebecca’s lover (The Black Rock), and he will take over their combined activities beginning the new year.  The business will still be run as and Rob from Dreamnet will remain on as technical support and webmaster.
“Dreamnet has been a wonderful place to incubate my online career and I have to thank Al and CG for all their help these years. RebeccasOffice would not have become what it is today without them.  It is time to move on as my lover takes over and guides my career in a slightly new direction while maintaining some of the special qualities you have come to love.  I am really happy though that Rob will continue to provide consistency,” said Rebecca
The major difference is that RebeccasOffice will now be independent of the Dreamnet Network like many other spun off businesses such as Elli, Deauxma and Liz.  Members of RebeccasOffice will be able to focus on her strictly.  Those who previously had access to through the Dreamnet Network will no longer have access and vice versa.  This means if you previously had access through the other subsidiaries (Dawnmarie, Angel, Gia, Kristine, Faith or Natalie), you will now need to CLICK HERE and have a separate employment with Rebecca.
Most of the spin-off is complete and should look fairly much the same, but do expect to see some updates to the site over the next couple of months as Rebecca’s boyfriend and Rob make some exciting new changes that will be sure to take to new heights!
Should you have any questions related to this Press Release, please address it to