Video Update: Rebecca is Slutwalking at Home

One of the other changes in my life is that my younger boyfriend likes me to dress more provocative at home.  Yes, that means instead of taking off my suit and throwing on some sweats and sandals after a long day of work, I dress in some nice heels and a tight fitting dress and hose for him.  He says that it makes it really exciting to come home now that he has a sexy slutty woman waiting to cook, feed and satisfy him.  I have to say that I love a man coming up from behind me while I am walking around my house .

Well some of my members have asked to see me walking around home in my heels and pantyhose.  My boyfriend thought that was a good idea so I thought I’d hike up my skirt and especially for all you silky stockings and pantyhose fans let you see my rear jiggle and wiggle as I teeter around on these high heels.  Sorry if I don’t look too natural in these heels, this new life trying to be a sexy woman for a new man is different for me, but I do love the job of trying to entertain him just like I have entertained my members all these years.

You have always wanted to get more into my home life and not just my office.  Maybe we should change my site to

Do you like what I chose to wear for him?  If you do, CLICK HERE!

4 thoughts on “Video Update: Rebecca is Slutwalking at Home

  1. Fucking LOVE this video! I’m loving the even hotter side of Rebecca that her new boyfriend has brought out of her! That tight dress hugging that ass and those amazing legs! The only thing missing was some shots of those nylon clad feet! Nothing sexier that the hosed feet of a real life office boss. That outfit would have me on the floor grovelling lol.

  2. One of the hottest videos I’ve ever seen. It’s so sexy with Rebecca moving slowly and seductively. What a show!

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