@RebeccasOffice has two New Executive Orders for You: Take Action

I stepped blindly into my new lifestyle.  Everything seems to be a new experience for me and although I game for anything, I admit that it has taken some getting used to.  My boyfriend has been pretty demanding and I think I had become settled into a certain way of life.  Being owned and managed by a black man has been more than just more hot sex.  It is a change in the way of life. I have lost control of the way I do everything. One of the biggest things I did not know was that I would have to have a significant change of wardrobe.  When we went through my wardrobe, short heels, flats, granny panties, and long skirts all went out the window.  I’m still getting used to waking up everyday next to a huge black cock  and sleeping on the other side of the bed, but  changing my appearance? Wait til you hear what changes he has made for me.
They sometimes that you should be careful what you wish for.  Well I definitely have gotten more than I originally asked for.  I never knew that this lifestyle would be so intense and all-encompassing right down to the clothes I wear every day.  As a woman who is usually in control, I can’t even dress myself! .…..  CLICK HERE TO SEE MY HOT WIFE WARDROBE GUIDE.
Now for part 2 of this message.  I know through the hard work of my members I have built a huge lead in my quest to be the Queen of Spades of the year.  I hope you will continue to vote so I can montain the lead.  We all know the story of the Tortoise and the Hare.  I do not want to be the Hare.  So please continue to vote for me through Feb 28!  Let’s make this vote a no-brainer!!  I will be looking for some Princes for my cabinet should I win!

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