Movie Review: Lion

So I thought I’d get this out there before the Oscars air tonight.  My favorite movie of the year is Lion.  Not only is the story just so heart-warming and sad, but the movie is shot so beautifully.  The story is about a little boy in India who gets separated from his family and after almost 25 years starts a journey back to find his family.

Did I mention this is a real story.  Did I cry?  You bet I did.  I saw lots of great movies this year, but I found this one to be the best of them all.  Forget La-La Land.  Every so often a musical comes out and wins awards.  I love Emma Stone, but that movie is overrated.

As for the show?  I love the dresses of the Oscars actresses, but I am not really into the acceptance speeches and politics of it all.  Just wake me in the morning and tell me who won!  Yes I hope it is Lion.

What was your favorite movie?  I obviously liked Rogue One but that movie isn’t winning for anything but special effects.

Member Story: How I Turned A Business Woman Into Rebecca My Black Cock Slut now Known As

How I Turned A Business Woman Into Rebecca My Black Cock Slut now Known As – by Trevor

Part 1 – The Capture

I had spent my life been looking for a white upscale woman who reminded me of my mother’s friend, Rebecca, who I had a crush on when I was a 16 year old and I used to wank whenever I saw her. I would, when I had the chance, sneak into her house and sniff her used panties and I would always leave my cum in them as well, but that is as far as I went as I was still a virgin.

I had not thought much about her for a while but I never got married, my career took off with my own business that provides IT Services to the Financial Sector did very well and I gathered a large fortune with which I could potentially use to retire.  So feeling comfortable, I started to think about my fantasy again and put in place everything I need to help me fulfill my fantasy to find and train a woman who would become my real fantasy come true of Rebecca.

I first looked for a house that would useful to use as where I would train my slut and after some time, I found a house in the country with a separate flat on one side. I set the flat up with hidden cameras and microphones, so I could keep an eye on the woman and find out everything about her and then use it to help me train her. I had run into many women along the way, but some were too short, too young, too old or just didn’t even look like the fantasy woman that I wanted.  I was getting frustrated because I was beginning to think I’d never find the right woman.

So about 13 years ago I was offered a contract from Citi who were looking for someone to update their systems in London and train their staff in the new system.  They were sending a senior business advisor from the States who would supervise the upgrade and the training and will also will be getting train in the upgrade as well as being the first beta tester. The contract was for 2 months so I had to put my plans on hold.  This contract was very important for me, and as this was one of the largest financial institutions in the world I need to impress this executive.

The night before the first meeting I got an email with all the details of the person who would be coming, what their flight was and where to pick them up at Heathrow. When the day arrived I stood at baggage claim with a Citi logo sign waiting for my contact.  Suddenly a woman tapped me on the shoulder and said, “You must be Trevor.  I’m Maria, pleased to meet you.”  I was stunned and don’t even remember shaking her hand and taking her bags for her. I had to look again.  Not only was I surprised to see a woman, but she was the ideal image of my Rebecca and she was dressed as follows: A black jacket, A white shirt, A black skirt and black stockings and black shoes which made my cock twitch as I introduced myself quickly and told her that I would take her to the corporate housing I had arranged for her to stay while she was here. I carried her bags to the car, opened the door for her and watched as she got in and I got a quick flash of stocking.

I immediately put my plan into place.  I did not drive her downtown to the Ritz in Picadilly and instead drove her out to my place in the country and showed her the flat and told her that she would be staying there for the 2 months she was here.  I opened the door and I showed her inside the flat and put her bags on the floor and gave her the key and left her telling her that I will let her get sorted and if she wanted she could have a few hours sleep until later.  I did not tell her that I lived next door.

I gave her my number and told her when she was ready to give me a call and we can have dinner and talk about our plan for the next 2 months. The system was very easy and would actually take only a week to implement, but Citi was paying me a lot of money so I was able to negotiate a lot of extra time into the contract for future work and to also hire a couple subcontractors to free up my time. I left and drove around the back of my house and went to the room with the monitors where I went to watch my future Rebecca and also I watch her getting undressed and looked at her naked body and got my cock out and started to wank while I watched her. As it was Friday and the weekend was coming up I would put my plan into action and start Maria’s training after dinner.

I watched as Maria yawned and picked up the phone and suddenly my phone rang.  “Trevor, sorry to bother you, but I was wondering if we could do something simple.  I am very tired and might want to just go to bed after dinner.”  I told her that it would be no problem and that I could make something and be over to her place in a little over an hour if she didn’t mind dining in.  She was very thankful and agreed.  I made a nice meal and when I knocked on Maria’s door, she let me in and I set up everything in the dining area. She looked stunning now just in her translucent blouse and skirt. I could see her bra through her blouse and he cleavage peeked out from under her buttons.  Her breasts were at least D cups. 5 feet 4 inches tall, 115 lbs,  and she smelled perfect.  My mind was spinning and I wanted to just jump on her right there, but I had waited a long time for this moment so I had to be patient. While we were having dinner I got to know a few things about her. At that time she was married, she had 3 children with the youngest 2 about to go off to college. She was now in her late 30s and wanted to ramp up her career again and that is why she volunteered to travel overseas since her busy husband was never home either. Originally from Ohio, she met her husband, a surgeon, and moved to Chicago before moving again to Los Angeles. She did not like Los Angeles very much as she felt like everyone was looking at young starlets and she even suspected her own husband might be having an affair with a younger woman.  After dinner I asked her if she would like a coffee and she said yes so I went in the kitchen and made a coffee, but I put a knock out drug in her coffee and waited for it to take effect. After 10 minutes she was started to nod off and I asked Maria if I should leave.  She said she was sorry and that jet lag had caught up to her.  I told her that I would clean the dishes and let myself out as she stumbled towards the bedroom.

I washed the dishes and cleaned off the table as I waited for Maria to be fully passed out.  I now started to get her ready for her training.  I walked into the bedroom and she was passed out on the bed. I took all her clothes off and left her panties on for a special reason and then I got some ropes and tied each hand to the bed post and I then spread her legs and tie them to the bed post with her body spread-eagled and then I got the ball gag and put it into her mouth and tied it round the back. I then got a vibrator in the shape of a big black cock and pulled her panties down, spit in her pussy and licked her until she was wet and inserted it in her cunt and then I pulled her panties up to stop it from coming out and then switched it on with the remote control and I waited for Maria to wake up.

The vibrator worked slowly for about 10 minutes and I could see Maria beginning to gyrate her hips and moan in pleasure.  She began to slowly wake up.  When Maria woke up she started to struggle with her restraints.  Her eyes bulged as she realized she was naked and something was shoved up between her legs.  I loved the helpless look in her eyes.  She tried to scream but the ball gag was stopping her. I looked at her and watched her trying to move. She had no luck and the more she struggled, the vibrator was taking effect as it pushed deeper inside her.  I just got more turned on. She started to have an orgasm and I used the remote control to make it go faster and waited for her will to break and give in to me. I took my clothes off as my penis grew and when I was naked I went to Maria’s face.  We looked at each other and I could see the tears in her helpless eyes and took the ball gag of and told her to open her mouth.  She started to scream for help, but I got hold of one of her nipples and twisted it hard and told her to shut up and open her mouth and she started to scream and I said I will hurt you more if you don’t do as I told you. So I placed my cock at her mouth and said open your mouth and at last she opened her mouth and I pushed my cock in between her lips and face fucked her. Maria soon started to gag and foam at the mouth, but I did not stop.

Instead I carried on until I was ready to cum and I told her to swallow all my cum or there will be trouble. I came but Maria started to gag on my cum and some of it came out of her mouth, so I pulled hard at her nipple as a punishment for not swallowing all my cum. She screamed and begged me stop and asked why I was doing this to her and that she wouldn’t tell anyone if I just let her go.  I was still hard so I went down to her legs and ripped her panties off and switch off the vibrator off and took it out of her cunt and then I got between her legs and started to rub my cock against her clit as she kept saying “no, please no. Please don’t” and then I pushed my cock all the way into her cunt and fucked her hard and fast to show her what it was like to be fucked by a real man with a big fat cock. Maria was saying, ”Stop, it’s too big! You’re hurting me! Please don’t fuck me I am a married woman and I don’t want to get pregnant.  I’m Catholic and don’t use birth control.” I just carried on as I wanted to hear Maria beg me to fuck and breed her. I fucked her harder, calling her my perfect American slut”.  She was crying and asked me to stop but I told her I was not stopping and that I had grand plans for her. I could feel her body betraying her.  Only her mind was not giving in to the pleasure.  She begged me to stop and I said I was not going to stop until I came deep inside her womb whether she liked it or not.  I pounded her again for several more minutes as I dug my hands deep around her ass and her screams turned to whimpers and her pussy became wetter.  Then I stopped my rapid thrusting and pulled my cock nearly all the way out and stopped.  Maria’s eyes were swollen from her crying.  I started to thrust but she begged me to tell her what I wanted and what she needed to do.  I told her that the plan would become clear but for now I wanted her to beg me to carry on and cum inside her. Suddenly, Maria started to push up to try and get my cock back into her cunt and then I slammed my cock all the way back into her cunt and started to fuck her hard and fast again. It seemed that Maria was starting to respond to my fucking and was putting her hands and legs around me and pushing up to take more off my cock into her cunt and then she said the words that I wanted to her from her mouth and that was to fuck her cunt hard and cum in her so I did what she wanted and some time later I pushed my cock in her cunt and hit her cervix and started to come filling her full of cum. Maria seemed to like it as her hips rose almost lifting my body off the bed and she screamed and her eyes got big.  I had never seen a woman cum like that before.  I would later find that she said it was the strongest orgams she had ever had to date and that she had had 3 orgasms that night. I got my mobile phone and started to take some photos of Maria tied up and with cum dripping out of her cunt.  I would send these photos to some friends I had found on the web that collected photos of women that they fucked. I would also use these photos to blackmail her and keep her under my will as her master. I told Maria that for the next several months of the project that she will call me Master. She looked confused.  I don’t think she knew this ordeal was just the beginning (remember this was 13 years ago before Rebecca’s Office). After I had finished, I untied Maria’s limp body and took her to the bathroom and told her to take a shower. I watch her getting washed and then when she was finished I rubbed her down with a towel and then when she was dry I lead into the bedroom and told her to lie down on the bed, cuffed her to the bed, took her phone and purse and gagged her.  I told her to get some rest as I will be back in 2 hours to carry with her training.  I told her that I will be watching her so she cannot escape as the door will be locked and it is a long way to find help and if she is a good girl I will give her a nice “English Breakfast” before we start her training in the morning.

Update: Should @RebeccasOffice be renamed Rebecca’s Kitchen?

Now that Rebecca has taken on new living arrangements we hear that she has become domesticated and is cooking up a storm!  Her boyfriend claims that she is an amazing cook and that now that he has her as his personal chef, he’s got her cookin’ something hot every night when he gets home.  Lucky dog!  Have to say that we like Rebecca’s lack of apron.  We’ll lick all the sauces off her body and fingers.  We’d like to show her our own little rolling pin and spatula.  Rebecca might be cooking at her new housewarming party.  Hopefully we’ll get an invite or we’ll have to crash it.

Come see what Rebecca has going on in her kitchen.  We can’t guarantee your tastebuds will be on fire, but we are pretty sure that you will enjoy the presentation.  We must warn you though.  This is not an a la carte menu.  Everything here is 5 star quality with a prix fixe tasting menu.  CLICK HERE TO RESERVE A SEAT AT HER TABLE.


@RebeccasOffice is having a Cupid Crisis and Needs Your Help

Sorry to get emotional here, but maybe I am having a little bit of anxiety as my first Valentine’s Day with a new guy in over 25 years has just passed and I am wondering if I did the right thing or are doing the right thing.  For the first time in a long time I am in a new element.  What I did for one guy is not necessarily the right thing for the next guy.  I am wondering if I am doing enough to please him.  Does he like the sex?  Does he like the way I dress? Am I what he dreamed I’d be?  Does he like my cooking?  Does he care?  I mean he is younger, he is black and he definitely is a more dominant lover than I have been used to.  Maybe I am having a mid-life crisis.  Maybe it is a sexual change.  Can you help me?  This is all new to me.  I need some re-affirmation.
So as you know he has me dressing sexier at home and at work.  At the same time he wants me to be the ideal classy wife who is elegant and makes him look more mature.  It sounds silly to be so insecure as I finish my years in my 40s, but for once, I am in an element that is brand new to me.  What would you want?  What should I do. My new lover has me questioning many things! Maybe I need a little kick in the butt from this past Valentine’s Day.  Did Cupid’s Arrow miss me?  I have been on my own with him for a month now.  Will this keep up?.…..  CLICK HERE TO HELP ME THROUGH MY CRISIS.

Update: Be My Valentine! Your Boss Wants a Valentine’s Gift & SuperBowl Reflections.

I have never been big on Hallmark Holidays like Valentine’s  Day.  No Roses!  No Box of Chocolates ( I do drive by the See’s Candy Factory on the way to work)!  This year though is a ittle different.  I am so excited after all these years to be with a new Valentine to see what he does for me.  I love my new life and love how he showers me with naughtiness.  One of the things he has asked me to do is to be sexier around the house.  Previously I would be wearing sweats and sandals around the house, but now he has asked that when I come home that I should look sexier for him.  I want to be a good sexy Valentine.  Hopefully we can go on a shopping spree.  I definitely need to enhance my wardrobe.  What would you do to be my Valentine?

I love being sexy around the house, but hopefully I can look classy enough to wear these clothes outside and go to work in them.  Would or could I dress like this at your work?  Well maybe I’d put some nipple covers on as well, but I think I could get away with this at work.  Do you?  If your boss came to work dressed like me, what might you say or do?.…..  CLICK HERE TO BE MY VALENTINE.

While we are recovering from a great SuperBowl, I though I’d also bring out some old photos from almost 8 years ago when Tom Brady first popped on the scene for me.  The following photo is a throwback to his earlier days.  Obviously you can tell this is pre-Deflate Gate!



New Update: Slut Walk and Fap In Public with @RebeccasOffice

So now that Rebecca has moved on, her husband no longer has access to her.  In fact he had not had sex with her for over three years before she moved out.  Fortunately her boyfriend loves his new little sex toy and doesn’t mind sharing what he does with Rebecca.  In fact, what he loves to do is send us videos that he takes with his camera.  We know that Rebecca’s cuckold husband loved watching his wife’s transformation and probably must erk off thinking about what Rebecca is up to these days.


What we love about Rebecca is how these videos are actual videos of a real housewife and that the sex is not planned.  This is not some professionally paid sex that had been arranged.  You are watching a real woman who has moved out of her home and then moved in with her black lover and submits to his sexual wishes.  This is what makes her videos so much hotter and special.  We love it when he makes her go outside in high heeled shoes and makes her slut walk in public.

We like seeing her strut and shake her stuff….We hope it turns you on like it did for us.  Wait til you see the message on her shorts!  Please lubricate appropriately.

Do you like jerking to mobile videos of Rebecca?! Click Here.