Update: Be My Valentine! Your Boss Wants a Valentine’s Gift & SuperBowl Reflections.

I have never been big on Hallmark Holidays like Valentine’s  Day.  No Roses!  No Box of Chocolates ( I do drive by the See’s Candy Factory on the way to work)!  This year though is a ittle different.  I am so excited after all these years to be with a new Valentine to see what he does for me.  I love my new life and love how he showers me with naughtiness.  One of the things he has asked me to do is to be sexier around the house.  Previously I would be wearing sweats and sandals around the house, but now he has asked that when I come home that I should look sexier for him.  I want to be a good sexy Valentine.  Hopefully we can go on a shopping spree.  I definitely need to enhance my wardrobe.  What would you do to be my Valentine?

I love being sexy around the house, but hopefully I can look classy enough to wear these clothes outside and go to work in them.  Would or could I dress like this at your work?  Well maybe I’d put some nipple covers on as well, but I think I could get away with this at work.  Do you?  If your boss came to work dressed like me, what might you say or do?.…..  CLICK HERE TO BE MY VALENTINE.

While we are recovering from a great SuperBowl, I though I’d also bring out some old photos from almost 8 years ago when Tom Brady first popped on the scene for me.  The following photo is a throwback to his earlier days.  Obviously you can tell this is pre-Deflate Gate!



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