Movie Review : Moana

So I had to babysit my boyfriend’s kid the other night and we watched Moana.  Yes it was a Disney film and I don’t normally watch these kinds of movies anymore, but they are so cute and always filled with the right messages of fulfilling your destiny, overcoming your fears, girl power, etc.

I do think that secretly why I do not watch these movies is that I don’t want to catch myself getting into it and not being able to get the catchy song out of my head (remember “Let it go” from Frozen).  Well there is a song just like that in Moana.

I have to say it is fun.  I love the Pirate Coconuts.  I laughed pretty hard with that and the stupid chicken.  I have to admit graphics have gotten a lot better these days.  I’d give this 3.5 erections out of 5.  If you want good innocent fun, have a peek at this one.

Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 2

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 2 – The Morning After by Trevor

Maria was woken up by her alarm clock telling her that it was time to get up as she had to give a presentation to a new customer. As the markets open early on the West Coast, she was always up and out of the house before anyone else woke up.  So Maria got up and went to pick what to wear for work today she got a business suit out of the wardrobe and then she got a white blouse and a matching bra and panties and a pair of nylons and a pair of shoes.  As she straightened herself out, she became ill as she suddenly remembered that she was sluggish not because of a lack of sleep because she had been raped the night before. Her body suddenly went into shock as she saw that her body was covered with bruises and her vagina was throbbing from all the abuse she suffered last night following her rape. Her mind had tried to block it all out as if it never happened, but her body reminded her of the pleasure and pain she had received.

Maria slowly made her way to the bathroom and used the toilet, feeling the sting of pain as her urine passed out her sore labia. As she switched on the shower and gave her body a good soaking, she felt the sting again from the hot water.  It was as pleasurable and painful as the fucking. While she washed herself she started to get flash backs of her rape and how she let her attacker use and abuse her like a dirty whore. Maria moved her hand to her clit and started to wash Her washing soon turned to rubbing it because she needed to come as she was starting to get wet thinking about the prior night and she started to rub faster and faster until she came with such force that she screamed out loud that she was coming. She had the most powerful orgasm in her life and she had to hang on to the rail before she fell down.  She hoped nobody else heard as they were still all asleep.

After she had come down from her orgasm Maria got out of the shower and toweled herself dry and went into the bedroom to get dressed. She first put her bra and panties on and then she put each leg into her nylons. She then put the blouse on and stepped into her skirt and tucked in her blouse. She then put her shoes on went back to the mirror and put on her makeup. When she had finished, she picked up her jacket, car keys, and briefcase and went downstairs.  The automatic coffee maker had her coffee ready as usual for her drive in to work.  She never ate on the way into the office.  There was always a breakfast buffer there to grab and go. As she put her jacket and looked in the mirror to check that she was ready, she noted that there was no sign of the marks from last night. If there was one thing about Maria, she was not easily flustered.  The events of the night before would not affect her.  She had the focus of a tiger.  She would put it out of her mind and maybe never think about it again.

Maria arrived at work and carried on as if nothing had happened.  The drive to work was mental meditation as she played out the meetings and reports she needed for the day. She went through her weekly presentations in the morning and stopped for lunch and in the afternoon as if nothing was wrong.  In fact, she was having quite a normal day until later in the afternoon she got an email on her phone and read it. Shewas shock at what it contained. It said, “Meet me at the Rosslyn Hotel at 112 W. 5th St. at 8.00 pm tonight and knock on room 10. Wait until you are summoned to come in” and it was sign “The Black Master”. Maria was confused and did not know what to do and just left it in case it was a joke, but five minutes later she got another email with a attachment and the message, “Remember Last Night” and it was signed “The Black Master”. When she looked at the attachment she saw that it was a photo of her naked on the ground covered in cum and she saw that it was the car park where she was raped and now she knew that the email was from her rapist as she had feared.

She went to the toilet and took her phone with her and went into one of the stalls and locked the door. She emailed the rapist and said that she could not come and sent it. A few minutes later she got an email from her rapist saying that if she did not turn up then what would her husband, family and friends say when they got some photos of her with a big black cock fucking her signed The Black Master. Maria started to cry.  She knew she had no choice but to go tonight.  Maybe she could oblige him and get the photos back.  She sent an email saying that she would be there tonight and then she got another email telling her to dress like a whore and not to wear a bra or panties. Maria was feeling scared.  A whore? What does a whore wear? Her legs started to shake yet she also was feeling wet between her legs.

As the markets close early on the West Coast Maria left work at 3pm promptly instead of doing her normal extra work that often kept her til 5pm.  Even some of the people in the office noticed she looked a little flustered.  This was not normal .When Maria got home she found a note from her husband telling her that she did not have to wait up for him as he was going to be late home. So she went to her bedroom and had a look at what clothes she should wear to the hotel. The Rosslyn was in a bad part of town and was known as being a hotel controlled by crackheads.  She had a look at her skirts and found a short leather one at the back of her wardrobe, and put that on her bed and looked for a blouse to go with it. After some looking she found a black one and put that on the bed as well and then she look in the drawers for some nylons and found a pair of fishnet holdups and put them on the bed and a found a pair of boots as well to go with her outfit.  It reminded her of the gal in Pretty Woman.  She had time to  make a bath up so she could have a nice long soak before going to such a dirty place. As she was soaking she started to think about what going to happen to her.  She didn’t want to fight this time.  Maybe if she let him, he wouldn’t hurt her and she started to rub her clit as she was getting wet and needed to come and started to rub her clit harder to make herself come and then she started to have a orgasm which was so powerful that she started to squirt in the bath.

After Maria had recovered from her orgasm she started to wash herself all over and when she had finished she got out of the bath and used the towel to dry herself. When she was dry she put some lotion all over her body to make her skin feel soft  and sprayed herself to make herself feel pretty. She then went back into the bedroom to get dressed. After she put on her clothes she looked at herself in the mirror and laughed. She looked like a whore getting ready for business. She checked the time and knew that it was time to go and she picked a long coat to wear so as to cover up what she was wearing. She didn’t want to be mistaken for a real street whore.  She got in her car and drove the 40 minutes downtown.

She got to the motel and it was worse than what she had seen.  There were scary homeless people walking around.  There was tons of parking on the desolate street, but she anywhere she parked her Audi A6 was a ripe target for vandalism. She parked under a streetlight and made her way past the men standing in the lobby whistling at her.  She stood at the elevator as all of them made comments that she blocked out.  Finally the elevator came and she made her way to room 10 and knock on the door and waited for her Black Master to say come in. After a few seconds he said come and shut the door. She opened the door and entered.  It was dimly lit from the street lights outside. The door shut behind her.  Her Black Master whispered in her ear from behind and told her to take off her coat so he could see what see was wearing. She put the coat on a chair and he saw what she was wearing and told her to lift her skirt up to prove she was not wearing any panties. He told her to take off her blouse and then her skirt, leaving her only standing in her fishnet hold-ups and her boots.

He then told her to walk over to him and then he told her to put her hands behind her back and to turn round. As soon as she did so, he tied her hands together with a pair of handcuffs and then told her to face him and get down on her knees. He then pulled his zipper down and his huge cock popped right out swollen and rigid.  The pungent smell of his black cock suddenly brought Maria back to the events of the night before.  She remembered it was not as pleasant as she had remembered. He then told her to open her mouth and suck. Before she could react, He put his hand on the back of her head and shoved his cock in her mouth.  Soon he was thrusting hard and fast fucking her throat raw. She tried to breathe through it doing her best not to gag and choke. Maria tried to take control and swirl her tongue along his length drool running down her cheek. He fucked her mouth slowly, but then he started getting faster, his thumb and forefinger then came together pinching her nipple hard and she starts to moan around his cock. He then shoved his cock again hard into her throat one last time and suddenly started groaning as he shot his cum into her mouth.  Maria was not ready and started to choke as her eyes teared up.  She was gagging and he then pulled her hair back hard so that she looked up at him with tears in her eyes as his cock slipped out of her mouth.  He tells her to swallow all his cum, but some of it drips down her body.

Her Black Master then strips until he’s naked and tells her to get up and lie down on the bed with her legs as far apart as they can go.  Maria knows what is coming as she stares at the ceiling.  She suddenly sees his silhouette standing over her as he gets between her legs and she feels the tip of his cock brush against her vagina and he lines himself up with her and pushes slowly until just the tip of his cock is inside her and then he slams his cock all the way in. He feels bigger than she remembered.  Her legs tied behind her, she can’t push him off as her instincts tell her.  He picks up his pace and his hips slap hard against her thighs and she can feel herself getting closer and closer to an orgasm. He is so bog she feels like a virgin and he touches a g-spot that she never knew she had.  He starts to rub her clit harder until she explodes and her body tenses as she has an powerful orgasm. Maria’s body starts shaking from the orgasm and she tells him to keep going and fuck her harder.  “Is that what you want, you whore?”, he asks.  Maria nods her head.  “I can’t hear you”, he says.  Maria responded verbally.  “Tell it to me and tell it to me loudly”, he commanded and slapped her hard across the face.  Maria felt the sting, “Yes, fuck me like your whore.  Give it to me hard,” she screamed. Her assailant slammed so hard into her vagina he made her come again.  After watching her cum he started to push his huge cock in deep causing her to moan.  Maria was spent and she tried to put her legs round him to force more of his cock inside her as he started a slow build up to fuck her harder and then he trust his cock in as deep as he could and started to grip her tight as he slams into her one last time and filled her vagina with his black seed and tells her, “You are my black cock slut”, and stays in her vagina until he has filled with all of his black seed. He pulls his huge cock out of her vagina and his seed starts to leak out of her vagina and he gets his phone and takes some photos of his black cock slut.  Maria naively asked if she could have all the photos back now.  She has told nobody of this and that hopefully she has done everything he wanted.

Her Black Master looked at her up and down and laughs, “You stupid stuck up bitch.  You have nothing to worry about as long as you keep your legs spread and your mouth shut.  Those photos will stay with me and you and our secret will remain that way as long as you do as I say.”  This was blackmail she thought!

He tells Maria to get up and he turns her round so that he can undo the handcuffs and let her hands free.  As Maria rubbed her sore wrists, her master shocked her again, “Have you ever been fucked in the ass?” Maria shook her head.  She knew that her response wasn’t going to matter.  This man was going to take her ass virginity.

He could see the fear in her eyes as he pulled out a whip and told her to lie face down on the bed and spread her legs. Afraid to move, she sits there like an animal as he goes into the bathroom and comes out with some oil and gets on the bed and starts to use the oil to get her ass ready for his huge cock.  He starts to used one hand to open her hole and starts to trickle oil into it so that it runs all the way down her anus and into her vagina. And then he uses his other hand and massages her ass running his fingers up and down. Maria suddenly flinched and let out a tiny scream as she felt his finger slide deep inside her ass. It actually felt easier and less painful then she thought it would  until she felt a second finger enter her ass. “Ughhh, slow, it hurts,” she complained.  At first he started to push in slowly and gently but he soon began to speed up and do it more forcefully and this was making her moan. Maria cried, “Please… it hurts.  Please take it slow,” She could feel the knuckle of his fingers banging against her anus and she was getting a chilling vibration in her vagina from it. It wasn’t long before she felt an orgasm start to build very rapidly.  Her body was enjoying it and it got stronger has he pushed his fingers faster into her ass. Soon Maria was lifting her ass pushing back against his fingers.  What was she doing?  Maria felt her body betraying her. “Oh you like it.  You really are a dirty whore.  I knew it, “ he said, “Tell me you like it.  Tell me this ass belongs to me” as he started to probe deeper in her ass. Maria gasped “Yes Yes Yes, I’m your dirty whore and this ass belongs to you”.  She wanted him to stop.  What was he doing to her?  She felt so dirty for liking it.

Maria then screamed. She was coming and she had an orgasm. Her master was so turned on he started grabbing and slapping his new toy on the ass, leaving a red hand mark on each cheek of her ass.  Maria forgot this was only his finger until he told her to get on all fours.  Maria was slow to react, but he forced her into position and then knelt behind her and put some oil on his cock as he placed it at the opening of her puckered hole.  Maria took a deep breath like a woman on a roller coaster before it takes a big dip as she expected him to force his cock in one go but he press it against her sphincter and pushed it gently but firmly. Maria screamed in agony, “NO!!!  Please stop,  It won’t fit.  I’ll do anything, pleas don’t” She started to tense up but as he he kept the pressure on she felt herself open up a little and then a little more until suddenly his huge black cock was fully inside her. Maria was paralyzed and afraid to move.  He grip her hips and slowly started to fuck her ass with a slow rhythm.  Maria couldn’t believe that cock was all the way inside her. Her master spit on his cock to lubricate the area as he moved in and out.  Maria never felt so helpless in her life.  The strokes became longer as her body once again relaxed as he would almost pull out and then he would force himself back in and start fucking her faster and telling her, “This what you always wanted to have your ass fucked with a big black cock?” Maria responded, “It hurts, I’ll do anything, please stop.  I beg of you.  I’ll do anything.” “That’s my girl,” he said, “But I don’t care how much it hurts, you are going to do anything I ask and you are going to learn to like having my cock in your ass.”  He then put his hands around her neck in a choking hold.

“Yes Yes Yes please fuck me with your huge black cock in the ass” she begged. As he fucked her ass she began to feel the approach of her orgasm and she gripped the covers. No longer resisting she was letting him use her ass.  It was her first anal sex and although it hurt, it wasn’t as bad a she imagined it would be.  She just wished it wasn’t this man to do this to her.  Then she felt her orgasm and it felt like the strongest she had ever felt and she just scream out loud that she was coming and told him to shoot his cum in her ass. She felt him grip her hips and started to stop fucking her and push his cock in her ass and then she felt him shoot his cum in her ass.

For a minute or so he stayed inside her convulsing with more cum until his cock started to go soft and he pulled it out. It made her groan with regret as she realized it felt good.  It slipped from her ass and she collapsed on the bed. Once again he got a his phone and took some more photos of her flat on the bed with cum dripping out of her ass. Maria was spent.  He went and got the wine and a couple of glasses and poured some wine into each glass then got his cock and started to jerk his cock until he was ready to come and aimed his cock at one of the glasses of wine and topped the wine with his cum.  He came over to the bed and gave the glass with his cum to Maria and said, This is to show that you will do anything for your Black Master,” Maria drank all the wine with his cum and gave him the empty glass. It tasted awful.  He then told Maria to put her clothes on and get out of there until he called for her again.

He watched his new slave dress. Dry cum in her hair and all over his body as he smiled at his handy work.  He had broken down this bitch.  He noticed her ass was red and gaping as she bent down to put on her skirt.  She would have a hard time shitting and using the bathroom for a couple days.  Finally she put her heels on, but before she left he put his hands around her neck and looked her in the eyes and told her that from now on she will obey him and any request he sends she will do what it says without any question. Maria nodded.  He told her, “From now on you will only be known as Rebecca as your life has Maria has ended and tomorrow to will start your new life as Rebecca The Black Cock Slut do you understand?” A new name? Maria was confused.  He turned her toward the mirror.  Her hair was a mess.  Her makeup was smeared from her crying.  Her clothes were wrinkled.  She looked at herself.  She thought to herself, “That is not me.  That is definitely Rebecca, the White Slut Whore”.

Maria walked out of the room and there were men outside the door smoking and touching her as she walked down the hall.  They said vile things to her and she teared up.  She heard her master yell into the hallway to the others to leave her alone and that she belonged to him and that if he caught any of them touching her that he’d cut off their cock.

As she exited the hotel, Maria was finally relieved.  She realized she wasn’t walking straight, but was happy to see her car still there with all of it’s wheels.  The locals were watching her and laughing.  She felt them closing in and she picked up her pace and quickly jumped in the car, locked the doors and raced out of there.   As she looked back in her rear mirror to make sure she was not followed, she cried again.

“White Slut, we own you” someone had written on her rear window.

Talented Fans – Celebrate Interracial Rebecca

I love my talented fans.  What I love most is that they can turn me on in all ways.  I have had cartoonists, writers, sculptists (is that correct?).  Today I’d like to celebrate the photoshopping work of one of my earliest fans from before the time that I became an online webgirl.  These photoshopped images really got me thinking about “going black” before I I ever actually did it!  You will see some of these images again as I might combine them with other stories written by other fans/employees of Rebecca’s Office.

Rebecca gets both a Creampie and a Facial in this Queen of Spades Tribute

Wow, when Rebecca won the 2017 Queen of Spades title, we were so proud of her.  We could only imagine what it must be like for a woman to go from a suburban upper middle-class mother and businesswoman from eastern Ohio to the most popular interracial black-owned slut in the World.   That is a pretty amazing journey.  When we told her what we wanted to do for this update and asked her what she thought, she said, “ I don’t even want to think about it.  It is kind of overwhelming.  I mean, I didn’t even know what a Queen of Spades was until a member told me a year ago.”   So we asked her boyfriend to find some of her ex’s old footage having sex and then show us how he does it.  So we created this little mash-up.  There are 17 years between the two videos when she first started and now.

What you’ll first notice is that the older footage sound quality is a little poor but you can hear them watching porn (interracial we assume) with lots of toys around and hear how quiet she is when she orgasms around the 8 minute mark.  Her husband knew he had a star on his hands back then.  Watch as he blows all over her face and makes her look at the camera.

Now move forward 17 years and watch and hear how hard the sex is and how much our Rebecca begs and cries for his huge cock.  Now that is why she won the Queen of Spades title!  We at Our Naked Secrets congratulate her and all her fans!  What an achievement!


Help Me with my Spring Wardrobe!

Happy First Day of Spring!

Well I really have Spring Fever now!  My break is over and I am back to work, but can only find myself daydreaming about anything but work.  You know how Charlie Brown’s teacher sounded like “Wa-wa-wa”.  That is what I feel like too when listening to my conference call this morning!

I do need to update my wardrobe for the beach though.  Fortunately I have a credit at that I need to use.  I’m looking at some items and was hoping you might help me figure out what I should get.  Here are some links. They are also having a sale til 3/22.  So if you see something you like, please let me know.  It could be what I show you or something else.

Time is a wasting, so let me know!  Here are some things to check out for me. Since you know me, I think you can tell me what would look good on me.

Movie Review: Logan

Are you looking for an action-packed superhero movie?  Well this past weekend I watched Logan which I believe is the third installment of the Wolverine series.  If you don’t follow Superheroes, Wolverine is part of the X-Men superhero group.  Quite frankly it is hard to follow and I would not have known half the characters except I had a little brother who was into this stuff.

The problem is that there have been like a dozen of these Xmen movies, not to be confused with the popular Avengers movies (Ironman, Captain America, Thor, etc.) and it is hard to keep up.

While this movie sets you up well without the need for lots of knowledge about how, what or why, I did find myself trying to rack my brain and wonder where I left off in a previous movie.  It is also a long movie of over 2 hours and 40 minutes, so make sure you don’t drink too much during the movie or at least go to the bathroom before!  There is lots of violence with the severing of multiple body parts.

I won’t throw you any secrets or spoilers out there, but I do recommend this movie for action packed movie fans I give it 3 out of 5 erections.  As always with these films, watch for the teasers during the credits.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 1

Editor’s Note – This is a story and any resemblance to actual people or events should be considered coincidental.  I do love stories written by my members.  It turns me on and I masturbate to them to hear what men would do with me if they could.  I love men who are well written and spoken with fertile imaginations.  As for the stories themselves, I only publish ones that I enjoy. This particular one I like because the author seems to really understand the way a woman thinks.

  The Life of A Black Cock Slut By Trevor

Part 1 – The Rape

This story is about a normal married white woman named Maria Ferrante who at one time had a good life with a husband and 2 children and also a well paid job she enjoyed and to all her friends and family she was a happy go lucky person who enjoyed life, but she had one problem in life and that was that her husband was not good in bed and when her husband made love to her he would only last about 5 or 10 minutes and she was always left horny, so when her husband fell asleep she would go into the bathroom and use the dildo that she hid in the bathroom and rub her clit with her finger and then when she was ready she would get the dildo and insert it into her vagina and switch it on and lay back and let the dildo do it’s magic and then wait for it to bring her to a powerful orgasm.  She would squirt and she had to put a towel over her mouth so her husband would not hear her come. When she would come down from her orgasm she would wipe the dildo and put it back in its hiding place and make herself look normal. This was her daily routine and she got used to it, but she wanted more. Instead of doing something about it she just carried on with her life for years. It just became her way of life.

Maria’s life was about to change the day she walked out of her office after she had had to stay late to finish some work she needed the next day. By the time she left her office it was starting to get dark. The thought of going home didn’t excite her much as her husband hardly ever had sex with her anymore and when they do have sex her husband hardly satisfied her and she was getting tired of sneaking into the bathroom to finish herself. Sometimes she thought “Why do stay with this stupid idiot anyway.” To make matters worse she had to park her car at a car park that was three streets down from her office as the car park she normally used was closed early. After Maria had locked the office door she headed down the street and as she walked to the car park she passed by “Harry’s Bar” and thought “I need a little something to eat before I go home and deal with my husband.” She walked into the bar and went and found a seat at the bar, ordered a drink and a sandwich and began to unwind.

At the other end of the bar was a large black man with a rugged athletic look who had been there since the afternoon and was in a mood after not getting a job after all the interviews he at been on and was pissed off at life and just wanted to get drunk. After sometime he looked across the bar and spotted a white businesswoman sitting alone who must have been in her late 30’s dressed in a black business suit at the other end. When she went to the toilet he noticed her shapely legs in black nylons and black heels and her nice round ass swaying from side to side and her breasts were bouncing up and down as she walked to the back and he thought she was a good looking white woman that any man would want. He wanted to go back and check her out, but he waited for her to return from the toilet and she sat down at the bar and continued to order another drink. After another drink Maria looked at her watch and decided it was time to go home and go to bed as she had to get up for work in the morning. As she headed for the door, the black man, paid his tab, got up and then followed her out the door not far behind her and stayed in the shadows as he tracked her down the dark street, waiting for the right moment to introduce himself.

Maria started to walk down the dark street and was busy checking her phone and found a text from her husband letting her know that he would not be home tonight as he had a problem at work and did not know how long he would be and not to wait up, possibly sleeping at the office. Maria was fine with that. She would spend some time with her dildo and she could take her time to bring herself to an orgasm. She did not hear her stalker get closer to her and was oblivious to his presence as she was concentration on her phone but then she heard footsteps approaching fast behind her and when she turned round she saw the large black man she saw from the bar. She had seen him looking at her and she made sure not to look back. She knew this might be a bad situation and started to quicken her pace to try and get to the car park where her car was in the hope she would be safe from this large black man in case he had bad intentions.

Maria was almost running when she got to the garage, but it was dark. She looked back but she could not seem him anymore and thought that she was safe. But then she felt a hand grab her mouth and another hand grab her jacket and drag her into the dark car park and he told her to be quiet or he will hurt her. The large black man told her that he was going to take his hands away and if she started to scream he was going to rip her nylons and panties off and fuck her in the ass right now. Maria immediately stopped struggling.  Her assailant was definitely more powerful than her. He moved his hand down to her skirt, pulled it up and put his hand on her nylons and panties. Once again he asked her if she understand and Maria nodded her head yes. Maria quietly begged him not to hurt her and she told him he could have her credit cards and money that was in her purse if he let her go. She started to shake with fear as she did not know what was going to happen to her, but knew that she was about to be raped. At the same time Maria’s body betrayed her.  She had already been thinking about her dildo earlier and now it started to get wet between her legs and her nipples started to get stiff. She thought why is she getting turn on by the situation she was in?

Just then her rapist got hold of her by her hair and told her “You’re mine now to do with exactly how I please and I’m going to rape you and dump my cum in your worthless cunt.” Maria was startled by his aggressive words.  This was not the kind of fantasy she was imagining to have with her dildo. Realization kicked in and she started to cry and tried to struggled against him but he grabbed her hips and forced his cock against her pelvis. Her panic took over and her survival instincts made her struggle as she was kicking like a wild woman and flailing pounding him with her fist, but she was no match for this gigantic brute of a man and soon gave up the fight realizing the inevitable when he slapped her across the face. She realized was going to be raped and it was going to be hard. He then dragged her to the exit door which lead to the stairwell and closed the door. It smelled like pee from all the homeless who slept there.  Sobbing she pleaded with him. “Please let me go I promise I won’t tell anyone about this. He looked at her with a stone expression and said You’re not going anywhere! he snarled.

He pulled her jacket of and then moved his hands to her blouse and ripped it open as the buttons started to fly off in all directions and ending up on the ground. As Maria’s blouse was ripped open her breasts bounced out covered only by her black bra. He then ripped the bra off and her breasts popped free revealing her firm ripe mounds. The remainder of her blouse and bra were quickly pulled off and discarded on the ground. She was feeling a heat building between her legs that she had not felt before.  This man wanted her and the passion he showed was more than any man had ever given her. He stood her up and then began to lift her skirt stroking the inside of her thighs as he went. He then said “how nice it is you are wearing nylons for me which I love to feel against my cock.” He then reached for her ass and began to fondle it. He turned her round and force her to bend over and touch the stairs. She tried to struggle and run, but he grabbed the top of her waist band, pulled her back and tore her pantyhose apart and took them off and then she stiffened in fear as he pull down her panties and she knew that this made it harder to run with them round her knees.  It was going to happen.

Maria closed her eyes shut as she felt his fingers found her vagina and he started to rub her clit making her cry out as he toyed with the lips of her vagina.  She grabbed the stair rail harder and begged, “Please don’t hurt me.” Her vagina was starting to drip with her juice and she gasped as his fingers probed inside her making her start to shake with the arousal. Maria then started to beg him “Please Stop, Don’t Do that, Please Leave Me Alone.”  She was sobbing and shaking uncontrollably. The man then grabbed her hands and put them round her back and use the torn pantyhose to tie her wrists together he then grab her skirt and ripped it apart and threw the ruined skirt on the ground. She began to panic when she heard the zip of his jeans come down and felt the head of his huge cock rub her wet slit.

Maria then gasped as the head of his cock slipped into her vagina and it made her jump and cry out as he pushed her down and shoved his cock deep into her vagina sending pain and pleasure flashing through her she almost black out as his cock spread her the tight walls of her vagina. Maria’s head was jammed onto the cold concrete stair.  The smell of urine filled her nose as her hands were behind her back still.  This was so dirty! ‘Why me?” she thought. Maria then found it a struggle to breathe as he pushed his huge cock into her completely and she felt like she was being ripped apart. The girth of his cock was so fat.  He grunted as he fucked her tight vagina and she started to sob as she was being fucked and her body started to respond in ways she didn’t understand.  Her vagina started squirting to help lubricate his cock and make it more comfortable. He reach round and pitch her nipples as he bent over her fucking her hard and deep and he yanked her hair as he plunged harder and faster into her vagina. “Oh you are so wet.  You like this bitch, don’t you?” His thrusts became frantic as he used all his force to fuck her as hard as he could. He was enjoying the thrill of fucking a white woman knowing that he will leave her with a black baby in her belly.

Maria was now in survival mode. She put her mind in a different place. She was trying desperately to forget what was happening to her in the hope that he will get his pleasure and leave her.  She would then go to the police station, report the incident and go to the hospital. But her dark side started to enjoy the pleasure she was getting from his cock, fucking her vagina. She looked up and saw a security camera.  She hoped someone would be monitoring and call the police.  They were monitoring but they were jerking off too. This was hot.

“There you go, that’s it enjoy my huge cock in your vagina.” He then started to force his cock into her with a more violent thrust than the last one as his balls banged against her ass, making a slapping sound. She started to scream with the pain begging him to sop. “You’re hurting me!” When the walls of her vagina flexed around his cock she felt pleasure and when she relaxed she felt pain and this horrified her that she could be enjoying this. The thrusts from his cock started to become more intense and he roughly pulled her up towards him and open her legs wider. She wanted him to cum inside her now and end it.  She knew that she had to do whatever he asked to make him cum has she feared for her life. She also had to admit that this sex was so different.  He had already made her cum more than her husband had in the last 3 years. In a way it  was better than she could ever imagined with her dildo.

Maria could feel his cock now nudging against her cervix and she was getting weak and sore from the force fucking she was getting from his huge cock and what seemed like a long time he stop and said to her. “You’re starting to like it aren’t you and you know you want my huge cock buried inside you fucking you until it hurts.” She tried to move but he just slipped his huge cock deeper into her ravaged vagina and the pain was blinding. Her knees were scraping on the concrete with each thrust.  She started to sob hysterically from the pleasure and pain she was getting from having his cock in her vagina and she started to cum over and over again as her tight vagina started to squeeze his huge cock deep inside her. Then he started to shove deeper into her than before. “Cum please she screamed.  I want it.”  She wanted it to end.

With those words then he tensed one last time and exploded deep inside her and flooded her vagina with his black seed and spewed a large amount of his black seed into her vagina.

He pulled his huge cock out and pushed her to the ground and said, “You liked that didn’t you?  You liked being fucked like a cheap whore,” and Maria looked up and nodded yes and he forced her to her knees  again and rubbed his cock against her lips and forced his cock into her mouth. She tried to pull away as his cock stank and it was huge and hard again, but he grabbed her hair and face fucked her hard as the cock was sliding in and out of her mouth her lips started to wrap around his shaft and started to lick the head of his cock. She could barely fit it in her mouth.  He suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth and shot a blast of hot cum on her face and she open her mouth to catch the rest of his cum which splattered on her lips, mouth and her chin. Maria thought that he had finished, but he pushed her to the cold and dirty ground and began to part her legs again until they were spread eagled.  Maria turned around and looked up and her eyes soon fixed on his huge black cock.  Who is this guy?  He came twice and  it was still hard and full of blood and she knew what was going to happen.

He got down between her legs and told her to put his cock in her wet vagina and she did it without much fuss because she wanted it inside her.  She felt the head of his warm cock slip into her vagina and she felt her labia being spread by the huge cock. She closed her eyes and then watched his cock disappear inside her as he began to push his huge black cock into her again this time with more ease but with some discomfort from the soreness of all the friction. He pushed into her vagina which was lubricated by the cum that was already dripping out of her. The sensation of his cock was delicious, dark and dirty. As his cock passed the entrance to her still tight and sore vagina she felt terror and overwhelming joy as his cock drove deep inside her. Maria could not believe that his huge black cock had entered her wet vagina again and she could feel the immense pressure of him forcing her open and taking control of her vagina Part of her wanted him to just ram it all the way in deep and drive her senseless.

He was fucking her slowly at first and then her started to fuck her harder and faster and he began to buried his cock deeper inside her and Maria unconsciously began to raised her legs up in the air to allow his cock access to her vagina and then he said You fucking whore I’m going to cum in your vagina so deep you know you want it so just let go and don’t fight it. This time he fucked her faster and faster his cock drove deep into her and she started to scream that she was coming and wanted him to breed her with his black seed and give her a black baby. Maria had surrendered completely to her attacker as her continued to fuck her.

Maria could not stop the grunts and groans that where coming from her mouth each time his cock sank into her vagina and she had started to enjoy the feeling of this huge black cock filling her vagina. He stop and started to pull his cock out until just the head of his cock was in and then he forced his cock back in and started to build up speed slowly at first and then speeded up and she started scream with lust and he told her, “I knew you’d be a good fuck the moment I saw your Corporate Ass walk into the bar.  I knew you just needed to be taught how to enjoy it.  I’m going to teach you how to respect the power of the black cock.” With that he grabbed her thighs and started to jackhammer his huge cock deep inside her. He wanted to fuck all resistance out of her and make her his slut. He began to fuck her faster and she began to moan as he was giving her the brutal fucking she yearned for in her life. He had claimed her vagina as his own and he was fucking her like a common whore. And all she could say was “Oh Yes Just like that Yes,” she moaned and she wanted more and more of him inside her and she was more turned on that she had ever been in her entire life. She looked between her legs and saw this black stranger fucking her with his huge cock and she was lost in it all.

Maria was starting to lose control and knew that she had fallen prey to this huge black cock and she was fucked like never before. Then suddenly Maria felt her thighs and legs tighten as her vagina headed over the edge into a shattering orgasm. And then she screamed as the waves of ecstasy overtook her and she had a thundering orgasm and her whole body started to shake. She thought, “Wow, so this is what an orgasm feels like.  What have I been missing?” She was returned to reality by his voice saying, “I’m going to cum inside you you dirty whore” as he kept fucking her until he shot his black seed inside her vagina and filled her up. Maria could feel him pump his black seed deep inside her and blasted her vagina with his cum. After he had come he left his cock inside her for a few minutes to make sure he had fill her up with his black seed to make sure he had breed her. After some time he pulled his cock out and stood over her and look at the slut and the power he had over her as cum dripped off his cock and onto her belly.. Maria was lying on the ground with cum over her body and leaking from her vagina and she had been used for degrading sex by a black man. At least it was finally over and she could report this to the police.  Then she’s go to the hospital for DNA samples.

He pulled out his phone and took a photo of her ravaged body with her face in shock and he took some more photos of her as well as a short video. What was he doing?  Why would he want evidence on his phone? He pulled her wallet from her purse and took a photo of her driver’s license and business card with her name and address on it and then tossed it on the ground. He told her if you tell anyone about what happen or tell the police then I will send these photos to your husband, family, co-workers and friends and see how you explain photos of you naked with cum leaking out of your vagina. Before he left he untied her hands and left her on the floor.

Maria laid spread eagle with her cum filled vagina and naked body on display for any body who come along to see. What would she do now? Video surveillance footage would show that she begged for it and liked it.  She watched silently as he walked away and disappeared into the night. Everything was silent and Maria could feel the cum leaking out of her vagina and her body started to feel numb.  After 5 minutes she got the energy to get up and pick up what was left of her clothes and put her jack on and put her panties on and made her way to her car. She look in the trunk to see if she had any other clothes see could wear and she found an old pair of sweatpants and she put them on with her jacket and got in her car and drove home in the hopes that her husband was not there yet.She couldn’t go to the police now.  She’ll just take her pill, hope she didn’t get a disease from the guy and pretend it didn’t happen. When she got home she saw that her husband was not home so she quickly opened the garage door, drove her car in the garage, and shut the garage door behind her. She got what was left of her clothes and took them inside.  She took her jacket off and her panties and threw everything into the laundry bag and hid them in her wardrobe.  When she got up in the morning for work she would put them in the waste bin throw out the evidence. She looked at her naked body in the mirror and she saw that her body was covered in bruises and there was cum leaking from her vagina on to the carpet. She got a pair of old panties to wipe up the cum and put them in the wash basket in the bathroom and used the toilet and wiped her vagina.  Then she turned on the shower and had a shower to try and wash away the dirt and at the same time she got flash backs of the rape and started to sob.  Why did she like it so much?

After Maria had finished her shower she got a towel and dry herself down until she went back into the bedroom turn the bedside lamp on and turn the main light off and looked for a nightdress and cover herself with the sheets and try to get some sleep, and put an end to a horrible nightmare.  She tossed and turned all night, sobbing.  She woke up several times with nightmares and flashbacks.  This unfortunately would be just the beginning of her nightmares.

Look for – Part 2 The Morning After

@RebeccasOffice Feminism is Dead in The Bed

I laughed the other night when I heard on a Prime Time TV show that a white man said to a black lady “I’m ready to go black and never go back”.  Laughingly I thought interracial dating was just set back a decade.  Honestly when I stopped sleeping with my husband a few years ago, I left because I found superior lovers and not just lovers of my body, but my whole self.  You see most men realized that I wanted to be submissive with my body, but many missed that I wanted to let go with more than that.  Fortunately my lover, Dom, figured that out without my having to tell him.  I might be submissive in private, but when the man knows every desire within you and presents them without my asking, her just puts me in heaven.  There is no need for me to try and be a strong woman at home now.  My man is always right and his desire is my command.
I owed you an update into my new sexual life and what has been going in since I moved into my new place. I think I have yet to go a day in 2017 without at least one orgasm.  Having this much sex and being more active than a 20 year old and still having the best sex of my life.  I couldn’t be more blessed. You should try it.  CLICK HERE TO SEE and HEAR WHAT MY LOVER DOES TO ME.

March Madness Bracket Office Pool Time – Hurry!!!

Don’t forget that you have until just before the first games tomorrow ( Approximately 9am PST on 3/16) to enter my annual office pool and win a free one month membership to my CLUB!  (Must be a current or previous subscriber to win).  I love playing and hope you will join whether you are a hoops fanatic or not!

The best part about it is that it is FREE!!!  How do you do it?

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  5. Have fun and root against your boss!!

I’d love it if you sent me an email to Rebeccasoffice (at) and let me know which team is yours so that we can have some friendly banter.

Well enough chatter!  Let’s see who wins!!!  And for those of you wondering…yes  both of my alma maters are in the tourney this year!!!!


Movie Review – Get Out

Oh my gosh!  I wasn’t sure that I was going to see this movie.  The trailers looked really good, but I wasn’t hearing about anything from everyone and then noticed it was the number one box office hit two weeks in a row.  What you see in the previews is that a black guy is trapped or possibly drugged and captured at the house of some white people.

I won’t give it away, but I will say that now I know why nobody has said anything because the movie is surely a surprise.  What I can tell you is that my boyfriend and I walked out of the movie and some black girls looked at me with him and said, “That won’t last for long!”  It was kind of a joke.  I looked at my boyfriend who does not like scary movies and had been wriggling in his seat the whole time and asked him what he thought.  He was like, “It was entertaining, but that was some messed up shit!”

I have to agree that while a very interesting movie with a very different plot than what I had imagined, the reactions of the crowd were priceless.  People didn’t know how to react.  I kept telling my boyfriend not to worry.  He laughed.

I’d love to tell you the whole story, but I will let you watch it yourself.  I will be interested to see if you pick up on some of the clues as the movie marches along and the plot is revealed.  I will tell you one thing…watch what everyone’s reaction is during the traffic stop.  At the end of the movie, you will say….”Ah, now that makes sense”.

I give this movie 5 out of 5 erections!!