Update: Let’s Make America Great Again

I was doing some Spring cleaning and came across some old shirts.  I was really inspired by one of them and with all of my energy from Spring, I thought I’d let you know my thoughts on the slogan of  “How @RebeccasOffice Will Make America Great Again.”  Now if any of you are turned off by politics or American propaganda, don’t worry, this has nothing to do with that.  I have ideas, but they are all sexual!  I really want you to hear some new thoughts I have that have come about from recent events.  If you didn’t hear, I am now the Queen of Spades for 2017.  That means I am feeling in the mood of making orders and proclamations!  Spring always brings New Hope and with that I shall give you all something new to hope for!

Of course my boyfriend thought it would be great to get outside and get you all in the mood.  I know some of you are still buried in snow.  He thought it would be fun, but let me tell you as your inspired leader, that it was freezing here still, but I got naked just for you and somehow did not catch a cold.  Hopefully my sexy efforts will inspire you as well to join my cause and make America great again  CLICK HERE TO FOLLOW YOUR FEARLESS NAKED LEADER.