Rebecca’s Video Update – The Training of a Queen of Spades

This video might be quite shocking and very different from the way you have seen Rebecca, but as many of you have come to appreciate, it isn’t just the Queen of Spades that Rebecca has become today, but the journey has taken to get here. She gets inquiries all the time from normal everyday people like yourself who ask how she became enamored with this life or how they can get their wife or lover to do what she does.  Well we went through some of her original material and found what you were looking for.  We found Rebecca in her very first training video.  When we asked about the context of the video, Rebecca told us that her husband wanted to fuck while watching interracial porn and it really turned her on and that she found it hard to focus on her husband.  She said that is when she really started to lust after black cock.  She had not seen this video ever and said she is quite embarrassed because she felt like she did not know how to have good sex back then as she just laid there, but says that now that she has had some great hung lovers that sex is much more pleasurable! Like us you will be shocked to see how this innocent housewife has become such a Queen of Spades.  If Rebecca can do this, so can you with a little training.  CLICK HERE and SEE HOW IT ALL STARTED!