Member Erotica – Rebecca Becomes a Black Cock Slut – Part 6 continued

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 6:  Rebecca Is Taken To The Dungeon For Training  (continued)

After a few minutes her Black Master got up got some cold water in a glass and threw it over Maria’s face to wake her up. He was not finished with her yet and she suddenly woke up erect as soon as the freezing water hit her. She looked at her Black Master, suddenly realizing where she was  and that she had passed out.  She was slightly disoriented. He said, “So you are ready? You have had your punishment and now it is time to feel pleasure”. He then uncuffed her wrists and legs from the frame and the collar and the bar between her legs and told her to walk across the room over to the leather bench.  Maria found it a bit hard to walk after having been suspended on the x-frame. The Black Master put the flogger back on wall as he had finished with it for now and came back and told her to bend over the leather bench. She bent over the bench tentatively and he cuffed her wrists to the holds on the floor and then he cuffed her ankles to ring holds on the floor on either side of the bench. She was spread eagled over the bench and her legs started to wobble as she dropped her body onto the bench. She was too weak to resist Maria then felt his tongue on her clit as he started to lick her vagina with his tongue. Maria struggled, but his expert tongue felt so good. It was better than being whipped or spanked she thought. She tried to raise her legs to give him a better angle, but the pleasure was so good as she fell back onto the bench, threw her head back screaming loudly with pleasure. He closed his lips around her clit and sucked hard. Maria bit her lip to try not to show him how good it felt.  His mouth was amazing.  Her Black Master knew exactly how to turn as the sensations grew out of control. It was amazing.  She had been anticipating a hard beating of pain and suddenly she was feeling such intense orgasmic pleasure instead.  He was playing with her.  First extreme pain and then extreme pleasure. He then put two of his fingers into her tight vagina and pushed his fingers back and forth inside her, feeling the velvet smooth wetness of her vagina. Her Black Master then curled his finger tips with a beckoning motion and rubbed directly over her G-spot.  This man was in control of Maria’s body as she started to shake uncontrollably from the powerful orgasm that went through her body. She lost control of her emotions and let out a loud scream of pleasure that left her legs limp and her body exhausted.  She was disgusted that this horrible man had given her such intense sexual pleasure, but she enjoyed it.

He then took his fingers out of her vagina and her juice started to leak from her vagina and her body was covered in sweat. She was exhausted.  She thought to herself how amazing that last orgasm was.  This man really pushed her buttons harder that anyone else ever had. Suddenly she screamed as she felt a hard smack on her right butt cheek.  The sting from the pain immediately drew a tear.  What had she done wrong?  Her Black Master said, “I told you not to speak.” Maria said, “I’m sorry..I..” and he interrupted, “For a punishment you will beg me for five smacks on each butt cheek”. She looked up and was scared. “Please hurt me and spank me hard Master.  I am sorry for disobeying. I am yours to punish with spankings.” He smiled and then started on her right butt cheek and then her left butt cheek and after he had giving her 5 smacks on each butt cheek, there were tears in Maria’s eyes and her butt cheeks were red with large hand marks clearly outlined on her butt which was stinging. She was glad that it was over has she did not know how much more she could take. He smiled at the pleasure of making her weep.  He could see her drooling from trying not to scream. She was totally submissive to him.  Her Black Master then moved his fingers to her vagina and as he rubbed her said, “This is mine to use for my pleasure and use anyway and anytime I want, do you understand?” Maria obediently and reluctantly said, “Yes” as he yanked on his choke chain, leaving a mark around her neck. He unclipped the cuffs on her wrists from the bench and then he unclipped the cuffs on her feet. Maria used all her energy to push herself up and sit on the bench. Her Black Master then got up and left the room. She was left on her own and she looked around the room for a way to escape.  The door was the only way out.  She wondered what he was he up to and after ten minutes he returned with a bottle of water and gave her the bottle. She needed it as her mouth was dry and she needed to cool down as her body was still hot and covered in sweat. When her thirst had been quenched she gave back the bottle which was half full.

Her Black Master led her across the room and she sat down on a small table that was by the bench. He then told her to get up and he stood behind her and started to play with her nipples. They started to get stiff and hard from his touch. Although she could not see, he was facing her toward some hidden cameras that were capturing every moment. He then told Maria to lay down on her back on the bench. Once again he secured her wrist cuffs to the bench and then spread her feet and secured her ankle cuffs to bench as well. Her Black Master saw that her vagina was still leaking her cum on the floor from her orgasm she had before. He scooped some off with his fingers and licked them. He then bent down by her head and gave her a long kiss as he unbuttoned his shirt and unbuckled his pants, and throwing them to the floor. He was now standing in front of her naked with his huge black cock erect. Maria looked at it and knew she wanted it in her vagina. But that was not what he had planned. He then went to a wall unit next to the freezer and picked up a glass, throwing in some ice cubes. He return to Maria and put the glass on the small table by the bench. He asked, “Are you ready to experience a new sensation that your will grow to enjoy?” He then took one ice cube out of the glass and started to trace it in circles around her left breast and watch as the heat of her body started to melt the ice cube and then he moved it to her right breast and did the same and the heat from her body was melting the ice cube. It was cold and tickled her nipples, making them stiff.  It was a sharp contrast to the heat growing between her legs.  When it had melted until there was not much left, he put it into her belly button and then he got another ice cube and trace it round her body and then when that had melted he put that in her belly button as well and after some time both ice cubes had melted and the pool of water in her belly button, was spilling off her body.  Maria then heard a rattle of a chain and she saw him holding a small clamp just before he applied it to her left nipple. She whimpered as she felt a sharp pain.  She knew what was coming next as he then clamped her right nipple with the other end of the chain.  She felt the sharp pain again. He pulled the chain gently and the tugging made her scream out in pain not because of the pain but the potential horror of her breasts being tugged on by her nipples She then saw a clamp being attached to the middle of her chain, and immediately started to struggle as she knew what was yet to come as the other end of the second chain was secured straight down her body, between her thighs and he use two fingers on her vagina and felt on how wet she was and then she felt a sharp pain has her Black Master put a clamp on her clit. Once again she screamed not from the immediate pain of the clamp on her clitoris, but in anticipation of how much it was going to hurt if he tugged on it.  She sat perfectly still with tears welling up in her eyes knowing if she moved it would hurt more. Every part of her body was tingling from pain and pleasure that it was hard to distinguish between the two. He then told her, “Suck my cock, bitch” and she then begged for his cock saying, “Please may I suck your cock my Black Master?”  He laughed to himself watching this polished woman so helpless and wanton. He was going to turn this white polished and privileged woman into a whore for the common black man.  He stood in front of her mouth and she opened it. He moved just within her mouth and she stuck her tongue out. She could just about reach the end of his cock and she flicked the tip of his cock and then he move forward sliding it between her lips and filling her mouth pushing against her wet tongue. Her saliva started to coat his cock and some of her saliva dribbled from her mouth and landed on the floor. He then started to slide his cock back and forth between her lips in a steady motion and he fucked her mouth for a few minutes and then he push his cock deeper in her mouth and she felt his balls banging against her chin and she felt him slide further in her mouth until it reach the back of her throat and then her gag reflex caused her eyes to water and she started to feel a cough start to build and then he grabbed the back of her head with his cock all the way in and she felt like she was going to pass out, but then he pulled his cock out of her mouth.

Maria started to gasp for air and she was trying to swallow her own saliva, but was having trouble being on her back. She did not see her Black Master and then she felt his hands on her hips and he was between her legs pushing her legs apart and then she felt his cock at the entrance to her vagina.  She was ready. He thrusted hard forward burying himself deep in her vagina. She gasped at the warmth and girth of his cock.  She was going to be used and abused by her Black Master for his pleasure and then he withdrew his cock until there was just the tip of his cock inside her and then he forced himself back into her vagina as his abdomen and thighs slammed against her ass. He did this over and over again pushing in deeper each time and she knew that he was fucking her hard for what she had done before when she had hit him and shouted at him. He was yelling at her.  “This is what you deserve you fucking slut.  This is your destiny you whore.” She was going to know that if you disobey him again then this is what she can expect. Her body was shaking from the pounding and her mind was crying from the filthy thoughts he was telling her.  Now he was giving her pain and pleasure all at once as he would pull on the chain and her nipples and clit causing her pain but she was now getting turned on with the fucking and pain and she was totally lost in another world as she was helpless and her body was in shock.  It did not care anymore as she was building to another powerful orgasm. Then Maria screamed out loud as she had another powerful orgasm.  It was long and uncontrollable. This turned on the Black Master as she heard him start to moan as he pushed his cock deeper into her vagina and she felt him explode into her vagina.  It was long and hard streams of cum  as he hit her cervix with his black seed and he said, “I am going to breed my black cock slut.  Baby, you have a pussy that is made for sharing!” As he was filling her vagina, he pulled on the chains and the force pulled all three clamps of her nipples and clit and she screamed in pain. Yeas pulled out of her eyes and the sharp pain ached as the blood return to her nipples and clit and the sensation she was feeling was blowing her mind and she nearly past out from the combined pain and pleasure. She wanted to grab onto her breasts and clitoris to make sure that they were still attached to her body, but her restraints had her body helpless from the attack.  Her body was covered in his sweat and her Black Master slowly pull his cock out of her vagina and a trickle of his cum oozed from her vagina and ran down and landed on the floor.

Her Black Master then unclipped her wrists and ankles from the bench and then he took off the collar as well. He told her to turn over and bend over and he then took the butt plug out of her ass.  She had almost forgotten it was in there. He then told her to get up and follow him, but she found it hard as she was weak and walked slowly behind him, following him into a room where he switched on the light on. She found that it was a bathroom and he told her that she could use the toilet if she wanted and she went and used the toilet. He stood there watching her.  Nobody had ever watched her do that.  She saw large clumps of cum drip into the toilet as she peed. When she was finished he told her to have a shower to wake her up.  The water felt good on most of her body except her nipples, clitoris and ass which stung when the streams of warm water hit her.  After a quick shower she dried off and he lead her back into the Dungeon. He then gave her her clothes and told her to get dressed. She was happy that this was over for the day. She dressed slowly as her body was aching all over.

When Maria was dressed he lead her upstairs, opened the door and told her to wait. He went to see his friend, gave him something in an envelope (the video tapes) that Maria could not see and said goodbye and thanks. He then turned and told Maria to drive back home.  She drove back to the hotel and could feel his eyes undressing her as his rough fingers played with her pussy the whole drive back the hotel. Maria shed tears all the way home for several reasons. Before he got out he looked at Maria and said,  “From now on you will not disobey me again or answer me back do you understand?”  Maria just nodded as she wanted to just go home and forget all about what she had been through. He left the car and she drove all the way home wanting this nightmare to end as she wanted her old boring life back, but she did know if that would ever get back to a normal life again and what other surprises he was going to put her through.

@RebeccasOffice Says To Be Careful What You Wish For – Cuckolding (MUST READ FIRST)

So you trained your wife to be a slut and a Queen of Spades.  They tell you to be careful what you wished for and that once she goes black that she will never come back.  You told them it was okay and you were down with it.  Then it happens.  He takes Rebecca away from you.  She is now his and no longer yours.

Weeks and then months go by and you suddenly realize how much you miss her touch.  What is she doing with him every night?  Is she okay with this new man?  Is he treating her well?  When you do see her during the day you ask her and she snubs you with short answers and tells you it is none of your business.  Twenty years of marriage down the drain, but you still care.  She tells you that you gave her away and you should have thought about it first. It’s too late to go back.  She’s unreasonable with you, so you ask her new boyfriend if you can see her and he laughs in your face.

Two weeks later he comes over and he asks if you still want to see her and you nod.  He ties you to a chair and makes you drink something and you pass out.  Hours later you start to hear voices.  It’s Rebecca and her boyfriend.  They are laughing and drinking.  Everything is black.  You hear music and after a minute (on the video too) the blackness turns to light and although at first blurry it all becomes clear……

You see your wife sucking his cock and loving it.  She almost looks drunk with his huge cock in her mouth.  He holds her down with his big hand choking her neck and she swoons as he slides deep inside her.  He then commands her to turn over and she spits on his cock before he spanks her and deep fucks her from behind. Your mind spins as you realize now that she will never be yours again.  She has been converted.  Your stomach aches and you pass out to her screams of pleasure…..

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Talented Members – Photo Augmentation for @RebeccasOffice by @1965pakman

As I have mentioned, I have lots of talented fans.  I have had people send me sculptures, I have had a fan from Vegas send me a hot caricature they made after watching me dance in a strip club, I have a member who writes me weekly hot fiction, I have several mainstream movie producers (one of whom has an Oscar that I got to hold), and I have a friend who makes great pieces of Digital Art from my photos.

Today I wanted to show you some of the art that my friend Scott produces for me on Twitter.  I love it and his adoration for me.  It really makes my day when he does these kinds of things.

To know that I have captured his eye and that he appreciates me in this way is very special that I decided to dedicate this post to him.  People ask me for favors all the time and they don’t realize that there are many loyal fans that have done so much without ever having asked for much in return.  I want to thank Scott for his wonderful dedication.

If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, you should.  You don’t have to be a Twitter fanatic.  You don’t have to even tweet.  Just follow my tweets. and you will see the wonderful work of my friend Scott.

I have added a few pieces of his work here.

Please enjoy and leave some positive comments for Scott!!!

Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 6

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 6 Rebecca Is Taken To The Dungeon For Training: Day One

When Maria got home she park the car in the garage.  It was Friday night and everyone was out.  She saw a message on the kitchen counter from her husband. “Where are you?  Took the kids to the movies. Text me when you get home.” She texted her husband that she was sorry and had gotten caught up in a tax meeting after work.  Once upstairs she took all her clothes off and threw them in her dry cleaning bag with the other cum stained clothes.

She then took a shower and scrubbed her body hard with soap and water to get rid of the cum and general filth that was covering her body. She could still feel the rough and dry hands of her doctor touching her.  She started to cry at the fact that she had been forced, abused and drugged by the doctor and in her haze she remembered his sinister laugh and grunts as he used her for his own pleasure. How though did the Black Master get access to her doctor’s office.  How did he intrude into such a private part of her life?  Was he stalking her and spying on her?  Did he have her honed tapped?  Was he watching her right now?  Chills ran through her body.  When she met her Black Master again she would have to find out how she did this so that she could prevent it from happening again. After Maria was finished she dried herself off and then she went back into the bedroom and put on a nightdress and then got into bed and to try and get some sleep.  It was now the weekend and she had not seen the Black Master for a couple days.  She hoped he would leave her alone for the weekend so she could rest and recover from her repeated rapes.  This had been a trying week.  A week she would like to forget.  Maybe seeing that it was Easter weekend, he would give her a holiday.

In the Morning Maria, woke up still in pain and her vagina was still sore from the abuse and when she got up to go to the toilet she found it a bit hard to walk as her ass was still sore as well. Everyone was still asleep as they had seen the midnight matinee.  Maria made herself some coffee, grabbed her dry cleaning bag and drove to the cleaners.  At the cleaners she dumped her suits and dresses onto the counter.  The old Chinese lady was happy to see her, but her smile slightly disappeared when Maria realized her clothes had a distinct sexual odor. She then saw the stains on the clothes. She had probably seen cum stains a thousand times and knew what it was.  Maria quickly took the receipt and left.  How embarrassing.

Maria enjoyed the rest of the weekend and forgot about the rape. She got to spend time with her kids who were home for the Easter break and acted like normal with her family and friends when they came over for a big Easter brunch.  She was not a big religious person, but she enjoyed Easter more than ever.  She dreaded the weekend ending when Sunday night came and it was time for bed as she knew not that she had work in the morning, but that she might be hearing from her Black Master. At least the rest made her feel a lot better and then when she had showered she put on her nightdress and went to bed and had her first peaceful sleep in a week.


The next morning, she jumped out of bed like a normal Monday with a bounce in her step and got to work in record time.  Still in the back of her mind, Maria was thinking will her Black Master be sending her a text soon and it was still nagging her about how far had he intruded into her life.  He knew where she worked and lived.  This man was capable of ruining her life.  Will she be able to have a normal life without being raped or forced this week? Maria was relieved when Monday passed without any contact.  Then Tuesday passed without incident as well until just before she went to bed and she got the text from her Black Master telling her to meet at the same hotel as usual and to come straight from work in her business suit but make sure the you are wearing nylons as well and to be there at 6:00pm the next evening. Maria was in two minds whether to tell him to get lost but then she knew that he could send the photos to her family and friends and how would she explain that so Maria sent a text saying that she would be there. How dare he?  He had duped her and made her feel like the ordeal might be over, but then he texted her out of the blue.  He was playing with her.

So the next morning she made sure she had put some nylons on before she went to work. Some men in the office even noticed thatMaria looked dfferent and gave her legs a second look.  At the end of the day she sent a message home telling her family it was going to be another late night and that they should get dinner themselves. She did stay late at work until 5pm and then took off for the hotel.

When she arrived, she got the spot in front of the hotel.  When the locals in front of the hotel saw her, they whistled and chuckled and made cat calls, “Oh momma looking real hot today.  She looking like she’s going high class with that ass.  Hey baby, why don’t you give me some of that fine booty too.”  Maria ignored the and went right up to the room. She knock on the door waiting for her Black Master to say come in and when he said come in, she opened the door, walked in, closed it and stood there waiting for him to tell her take off her clothes. She stood there silently for 2 minutes getting angry at him.  She was mad. Finally he told her to step forward to him and then she walked over to him and hit him on the face, calling him a bastard for setting her up with that doctor who drugged and raped her. All of her emotions came pouring out. She kept hitting and screaming at him as her eyes teared up and she started sobbing. He grabbed her,slapped her hard across the face knocking her onto the bed and he got on top of her and told her that he did not know what she was talking about. She yelled, “Bullshit, you know how he raped me at my doctor’s office”, but he slapped her again and told her she needed to learn to be more submissive and respectful to her Black Master and do has she is told. He made her tell him the story again in detail as she sobbed.  Once again he denied knowing what happened.

“My little slut, don’t you see what is happening?  Once you become a slut for black cock, you and your pussy let off a pheromone that attracts all black cock. You have entered into a rare club and whenever you are around black men, they can smell you and know that you are a white slut that can take their bull cocks.  Now that your pussy has been stretched, you walk sexier and sluttier than ever.  Haven’t you noticed the way black men look at you these days?” Maria thought about it and it did seem to make sense.  She had been getting more looks and the man outside the hotel was more forward with her earlier.

But what she did not know was that her Black Master had known the doctor was not a doctor, but the janitor who had recognized her on the website, as one of the patients in the building he worked in and had got turned on watching the videos of all her encounters on the website.  The reason Maria had not heard from her Black Master was that he had been busy setting up a website featuring videos and photos of her sexual training.  The janitor had gotten in touch with her Black Master by sending a email to him asking if he could fuck her.  When the Black Master responded, he sent a email saying that he would only let black men fuck her and if he could prove that then he would let him, but only if he knew that she belongs to him and that he would want the action recorded so he could put it on the website. The Black Master also instructed the janitor that he must not say anything to Rebecca about the website as he wanted her to be in the dark about how these men found her. He told the janitor that her Black Master was the only one who could schedule her for such encounters  and he told him that he could rape, use force and abuse her and that he must treat her like a black cock slut whore.

The janitor told her Black Master how he would get into the computer system and delete her appointment and then send a email telling her that her appointment had been changed to another day and another time so that when she came he would be the only one there and he could do whatever he liked and she would think that he was a doctor and not the janitor and he would give her a sleeping drug and get her ready for what he was going to do. Her Black Master said that he would be there 1 hour before and wait for her and when she went inside and she was asleep he would come in and set the video to record what will be happening and he can then edit it for the RebeccasOffice website and then members of the website can see how much she likes being fucked by black cocks.

Maria was calm now.  He decided that maybe today at the Dungeon he would have a “Queen of Spades tattoo put on her so she could see that black men would be able to clearly identify her.  After he had finished he got off the bed and then told her to get ready as she will drive to a place to learn how to be a good submissive slut as a way to let her know that she has no say in what was going to happen in her life from now on “do you understand you fucking whore?” and Maria lower her head and said yes in a quiet voice as she had seen what happens when he got mad and she was scared and fearful at what he may do to her for her outburst. Rebecca and her Black Master went out to her car and they both got into the car and he put in the address of the place they were going into the satnav and then Rebecca started the car and follow the directions from the satnav. After 30 mins. the satnav said that they had arrive at the address and her Black Master told her to get out of the car and lock it. She follow him to the house. It was a big house and it look like a old mansion when they got to the front door her Black Master turn to her and said, “Wait here and someone will come get you. You will not say a word while you are here to anybody do you understand?” Rebecca said yes as she did not want to get him mad again.

The Black Master entered the house, shut the door and she waited.  A few minutes later the door opened as she was met by a big black man who was over 6ft tall and well built. He said, “Oh Rebecca, I must say you are a fine specimen.  I hope we will get to become close friends. Your Master told me that he had a slut who needed a lesson in being a submissive.” The man slipped a dog choke collar around her neck to take her to the Dungeon.  She dd not see her Black Master as he lead her by a leash to a door, unlocked it, and switched on a light. The door lead to a flight of stairs and her Black Master told her to go down with him behind her and when she got down to the bottom of the stairs. She was shocked to see that it was a Dungeon and she began to shake and feared for her life as nobody was around to hear her screams as she did not know what he was going to do to her and she started to cry and said she did not want to stay but he hit her hard across the face, pulled the collar tight and told her that she had no choice and he dragged her by her arm and lead her to an x-shaped metal frame and told her to strip down to her stockings and lingerie, leaving her heels on. After she stripped, he told her to stand still and don’t move and then he went over to a cupboard and then return some lube and a butt plug and told Maria to bend over and don’t move. He put some lube on the butt plug and then forced it into her ass as she started screaming that it hurt, but he just laughed until it was all the way in.

He then went and got the collar again and put it round her neck and secured the buckle round the back and then he lead her to the x-shaped frame and told her to put her back on the frame and then he cuffed her right wrist to the frame and then secured the cuff firmly to the right side of the collar and then he cuffed her left wrist to the frame and then secured the cuff firmly to the left side of the collar as each cuff was secured it made a metallic click when each wrist restraint was secured to a metal O-ring at the back of her collar. He then spread each leg and cuffed each leg to the frame. He then placed a chrome plated metal bar on the floor and he knelt down and then he cuffed her right ankle to the bar and then did the same for the left ankle. Now her feet where secured to the bar and spread about 2 feet apart and she was secured at both ends. Maria started to shake with fear as she did not know what he was going to do her for what she had done.


Her Black Master suddenly appeared from the shadows.  He had been watching the whole thing. He then went to the wall on her right and took something down and it was a leather flogger and started to stoke the leather gently up each of her flanks and then across her shoulders and the sensation of being caressed by the leather flogger was bringing her skin alive with anticipation of the pain. Then with a flick of his wrist the tails whipped across her left breast stinging her nipple and he then applied a back hand sweep across her right breast. Maria try to pull against her wrist restraints, but they were firmly secured behind her head to the collar. She gasped in shock as the heat from the flogging of her breasts continued and then he began a steady rhythm moving his hand in a figure of eight as he carry on the punishment. Maria began to moan as it hurt and she wanted him to stop but after a minute or so the heat she felt began to radiate from her nipples and started to spread through her body and she realized that she was getting turn on and her vagina was getting wet with her arousal. Her nipples were also erect at attention.

Her Black Master kept flogging her body and then he moved the flogger lower stroking her inner thighs and then he expertly flicked his wrist and hit the lips of her vagina, causing her to scream in pain and pleasure, and then he hit her clit and she screamed out loud crying A few more lashes and she screamed that she was coming and then she came, her wetness leaking through her panties and her come from her vagina dripped onto the floor as she had pass out from the powerful orgasm she just had.

Her Black Master saw that she had passed out and stop what he was doing. He could see the tears rolling down her face and saw that her body was covered in sweat so he sat down and took a break and had a drink of bottle water.

To Be Continued………..

Movie Review: Life

Went to see the movie, “Life” and it did not disappoint from a special effects and thriller standpoint, but I will get to the point.  Thrillers for me are better when the actions are plausible and smart.  I find in the movie that many of the circumstances and situations in the movie did not seem like the right or most plausible actions, all the way up to the very end scene.

You know those movies where people are running from a very slow Frankenstein but always keep tripping and falling until he catches them because they can’t manage to stay on their feet despite his inability to run because of his bad limp?  Or how about when they hide in place for too long letting him catch up when they should be running and putting more distance between them.  Well this movie is a lot like that.  In fact, it isn’t until the final scenes that they decide to do what I would have done 2 hours earlier in the movie and by then they are in even deeper doo-doo.

The possible outcomes are pretty predictable throughout the movie so the outcome did not surprise me and was the least suspenseful part of the movie.   I give it a 3 erections out of 5 although it was entertaining

@RebeccasOffice Update: Her Master Updates You About Her Training

As Rebecca’s Dominant Master I must say that owning her actions and sharing them with you is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Turning her into a true Queen of Spades and sharing that with all of you was a big accomplishment for me.  One thing is true is that she has this incredible Submissive streak that I first discovered when I met her and when I realized that it really existed for black men like myself, I knew that I had to bring it out for everyone to see.  She is really quite a smart and accomplished lady in her vanilla life, but the opportunity to strip her of this identity and allow you to see why she is so special is what I am so glad to share with you.  Hopefully you are enjoying what you have been seeing.  The goal is to never have her in bed with a non-Black man.  As the Queen of Spades that is not allowed.  What I want to show you here is her Submission Wall.  This is a wall that I use to tie her up for my control.  Sometimes we have spanking sessions, glory hole sessions, or just plain fucking.  Rebecca loves this.  Sometimes I will leave her tied up for hours, taking pictures of her and sending them to a friend or two or even her ex to show him what she has now become with me. Let me show you what she is like!!
Yes I am Rebecca’s owner and I love sharing her sexiness with you so that you can see what can be done to almost any white housewife.  Ever see the movie, “Trading Places”? Well I want to show you that it really does work.  You can take a proper Ivy League educated  Upper White  middle class woman by day and turn her into a black cock owned slut by night.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW REBECCA NOW SPENDS MUCH OF HER TIME.

2017 Easter Egg Hunt!!!

My Easter Egg Hunt is officially underway and with the help of my friend Courtney, she has hidden 3 Golden Eggs on my blog.  Can you find them?

All you need to do is find one of the eggs and be the first to tweet it to me!  This contest is only open to Current or Past Members of my site.  Verification will be via email.  You can only win one of each of the three eggs. If you find one and tweet another location, you will be automatically disqualified.

Winners will each receive a free 1 month subscription to

Good Luck and may the Easter Bunny be with you!



Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Part 5

Part 5 Rebecca Goes To The Doctor

Maria drove home and on the way she stopped at a late night pharmacy to get the morning after pill and a bottle of water. When she got home, she went upstairs to her bedroom and as everyone was asleep, she quietly took her coat off and then undressed, putting her dress into the laundry basket to be taken to the cleaner as she wanted to wash out the cum stains and smoke smell. She then went into the bathroom and used the toilet and then washed herself hard in the shower to get all the cum off her body and out of her hair. She scrubbed and rinsed a few times has she was ashamed with herself for allowing this to keep happening. She then collapsed in the shower and started to break down and cry. After some time Maria stopped crying and got out of the shower, dried herself down and then got her laptop out. She entered the name of her doctor’s practice and went to the repeat prescription part of the website and clicked on the pill and then click on enter and then she got a message saying that it would be ready for picking up Thursday which was tomorrow so she left the website and switched off the laptop and she would later make an appointment for a check up to make sure that she had not got any sexual diseases and then she went to bed to get some rest as she had to get up for work in five hours.

When the alarm went off Maria got up and quickly got ready for work.  She kept blocking the events of the previous evening.  She did not feel like eating and all she wanted was drink of coffee.  As she got in the car she smelled the stench of her Black Master’s cheap cologne. On the way to work, she phone up the health screening centre to make an same day appointment and was able to get one for 3:00pm in the afternoon.  Being in the financial markets on the Pacific Coast, this worked perfectly as she did not need to leave early.  This would leave her ample time to go to the pharmacy and pick up the pill and then go to the health screening centre before heading home.  Hopefully her Black Master would not have her meet him before 7pm.

Later that day she got a text from her Doctor telling her that her appointment had been changed to 6:00pm on Friday. Ugh, hopefully that was not going to screw up her weekend!  As the morning went on Maria was glad that it would soon be time for her to go and get checked and stop the worry about the five strange men who had fucked her the previous evening. She was really worried that they could have given her a sexual disease. Just then Maria got a text.  She was scared to read it at first but was relieved to see it was from the pharmacy telling her that her prescription was ready to pick up. After work, Maria got her stuff.  She checked her messages one more time and was amazed she had not yet heard from her Black Master.

Maria left her office and went to her car and got in and drove to the pharmacy to pick up her prescription. She checked the time and decided to go home and have a quick snack before she went to the health screening centre for her appointment at 2:00pm. Maria hid the birth control pills in her bedroom so that her husband would not find them and starts asking question. She had her snack and then she got changed and put on a pair of jeans, tshirt, flats and a jacket and then checked the time and drove to the health screening centre. Maria arrive at the health screening centre 10 mins. before her appointment and went in and went to the front desk and told the woman who she was and then sat down waiting for her turn.

When it was Maria’s turn she went in the room and the nurse told her to get undressed, put on a paper gown, get on the exam table, and put her feet in the stirrups.  The nurse then took a swab and inserted it in her vagina and placed it in a test tube. The nurse also took a blood and urine sample and sent it to the lab next door to be tested. She liked the lab.  It was the same one all the porn stars used in LA.  Privacy, accuracy and speed were important there.  The nurse told Maria to get dressed and wait in the waiting room for the results or head to the Starbucks across the street which should take about 90 minutes to 2 hours. She could not deal with the angst and just waited in the waiting room staring at her phone looking for a message from her Black Master.  She wondered if she should write him, but thought it would be better to leave her good fortune alone. Finally, the nurse called Maria back into the room and told her that she was clear of all sexual diseases. Maria sighed to the nurse and then left to go home with a big weight off her mind knowing she could relax when she gets home.  She cried all the way home with tears of happiness.

Maria got home and showered and then went to make dinner for her family and then she watch some tv.  It was a normal evening and went to bed to get some rest. She was thankful that she didn’t hear from her Black Master, but worried that something bigger might be planned. When morning came she knew that after work she would have to go to the Doctors after work for her checkup. Maria went into work on Friday as normal and still did not hear from the Black Master and then when 5:00pm came round she left her office and drove to the doctors. She had thought it odd that her doctor would schedule her appointment after work on a Friday.  It was very unusual.  he got there 10 mins. before her appointment and went in but there was no one at the front desk so she rang the bell and called out if anyone was there.  After a minute a tall black man in a doctors coat came out and asked if she were Maria and she said yes. He said that Dr. Sudberg had to leave early and that if it was alright, he would be doing her checkup as he was Dr. Sundberg’s new associate.  Maria hesitated.  Dr. Sundberg had been her only OBGYN since she was 16. Maria said that it would not be a problem.  He then brought her into Examination Room 5 he then asked her if she would like a drink of water and she said yes so the doctor went and got her some water from another room. Maria hopped up on the examination table and waited. He returned with the water and gave it to her and when she drunk it all.  He then started asking her how she was feeling and if there was anything he needed to check on. She was feeling a bit dizzy. Shemtold him that she had just gotten back on the pill. He asked her why and she decided to tell him.  She would never have told Dr. Sundberg.  She mentioned she had been having an extramarital affair and she did not want to get pregnant.  The doctor asked her if she had been sleeping with black men.  She thought it was very unprofessional and noticed the bulge in the young doctor’s pants. Just then she got light headed and she dropped the cup and quickly fell back onto the examination table. The young doctor did not realize the sleeping pill would react so fast. He picked her up and carried her to room 4, put her on the exam table, stripped her of all her clothes, tied each hand to each side of the exam table, and put each leg into the stirrups and tied them as well. He went next door and switch on the video into room 4 to record what he was going to do to her and then he went back into room 4 and got his phone and took some photos for later.

He then got undressed and waited for her to wake up. He did not want to move forward until she was conscious and see her shock on her face. He wanted to make sure it was all captured for future viewing. After 10 mins. Maria started to wake up and she saw that she was naked and could not move and then she saw the doctor naked and his big cock was hard and she knew that he was going to force and abuse her and there was nothing she could do. Who was he? What happened to her doctor? Was he part of something that the Black Master had arranged? How did he do that?  She tried to tell him to let her go and that she would not tell anyone what he had done but he just looked at her and said “Rebecca I have been waiting for this all day and there is no way I am going to let you go so shut up” and he smack her on the face. Before she could recover from the blow, he pushed his cock to her mouth and told her to open her mouth and suck his cock you black cock slut. She opened her mouth and he pushed his cock into her mouth and started to fuck it hard and fast.  Maria was unprepared and started to gag and choke on his big cock. He got hold of her head and held it while he abused her mouth hard and telling her she was a dirty slut who likes black cocks. After some time he told her he was going to come in her mouth and to swallow all his cum and not to let a drop fall from her mouth or she will feel his hand across her face.   So she did the best she could and swallow it all but she felt sick. The doctor then took his cock out off her mouth and wiped it on her face and then went to her legs and bent between them. He started to lick her clit and push 2 fingers into her vagina and finger fucked her hard and fast and he kept this up until she started to scream that she was coming.  “Yeah bitch, I bet you like cheating on your husband with your black lovers, don’t you?” and he stopped right away and Rebecca was screaming at him to finish so she could come, but he told her that he will only let come when she begs him to fuck her with is big black cock so she said, “Please fuck me”, but he said that is not good enough and she started to swear at him to fucking put his big black cock into her vagina and fuck her hard with his big black cock.

The doctor waited until Rebecca started to cry as she begged him to fuck her as she needed to come and then he went between her legs and started to rub his cock up and down her vagina as she got wetter and wetter and he then forced his big black cock into her vagina all the way in and did nothing and Rebecca was trying to fuck him by rocking her hips. He then started to fuck her hard and fast,calling her a dirty white slut who likes to be fucked by black cocks and he then fucked her and she was screaming to fuck her hard like the slut she is. He stopped and took his cock out and she screamed at him to put his cock back into her vagina and fuck her, but instead he got on top of the table and got between her legs again and forced his cock into her again and fucked her hard telling her that he was going to breed her. After some time Rebecca started to scream that she was coming and to fuck her hard. She screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and pushed up to get more of his cock inside her. Then he started to fuck her harder and faster and then he pushed his cock all the way into her vagina until his cock was touching her cervix and then he told her he was coming and then she felt his cock flood her vagina with his cum and he left his cock inside her vagina until he had finished. After a few minutes he removed his cock and his cum started to leak out of her vagina on to the sheet.  Maria thought that he was finished and he would let her go, but that did not happen.

The doctor got off the table and untied her hands and then untied her legs and told her to get off the table and then he told her to turn round and bend over the table and then he got some lube and put it on his cock and then he forced his cock all the way into her ass.  Rebecca started to scream telling him that he was hurting her and to stop, but he just pushed her head down onto the table pushed deeper into her ass hard and sometimes he would take his cock nearly all the way out, but then he would then force slam his cock back into her ass. He started to fuck her and Rebecca was in pain and kept begging him to please stop as she was in pain and did not like it, but it only seemed to make him fuck her ass harder. After some time the pain went and was became more comfortable and she pushed back to get more of his cock into her ass and told him to fuck her hard and she was moaning that she was coming.  He started to get faster and she knew that he was going to come soon and then she had another powerful orgasm and screamed for him to come and fill her ass with his come. Then he stopped and she felt him fill her ass with his cum and then he waited a few minutes until he had fill her ass with his cum and then pulled his cock out and his cum started to leak out of her ass on to the floor with the other cum from her vagina. Rebecca lay on the table as she was total fucked and needed to rest, but he had other ideas and told her to get up and kneel on the floor and suck his cock again until he came and she slowly got up and got down to her knees and got his cock and sucked it and he got hold off her head and forced more of his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth hard with his cock and after some time he told Rebecca that he was coming and he took his cock out of her mouth and came over her face and chest and then when he was done he told her not to move and he got his phone and took some more photos of her covered in his cum.

When he had finished he told her to get dressed as he was finished with her for now, but you will be back for more of his cock. So Rebecca got her clothes and got dressed with the cum still on her body and coming from her vagina and ass and then when she was ready he lend her to the front door and open it and he let her out so she went to her car and when she got in she got some wetwipes from the car and did her best to clear herself up and make herself look normal as best as she could and then she started to cry and feel sick with herself for letting the doctor do it to her as she did nothing about it and she could do anything about it has he has photos to show as proof that she enjoyed it. Before Maria started the car and drove home she remembered that the doctor called her Rebecca and that she liked to be fucked by black cocks and that she was called a black cock slut by her Black Master and how where the Doctor and Her Black Master connected but at the moment all she knew was that she was on the pill and that she could not get pregnant and that helped to make her feel a bit better after all that she had happen to her but at this moment all Maria wanted to do was to go home and get out of her clothes and take a shower to get rid of all the cum from her body and try to get some sleep so Maria started the car and drove home.

When the doctor went back in he stopped the video and took the tape with him and would make a version for the Black Master which will show that Rebecca enjoyed it.

@RebeccasOffice New Video Update: The Cuckold Intro

It isn’t necessary to have a cuckold if you are a Queen of Spades, but it usually helps to have one.  A cuckold is defined as a man whose wife has sex with someone else : a man’s whose wife commits adultery and is okay with it.  Rebecca was fortunate to have a willing husband who took photos and videos for many years and arranged for her to have encounters with black men until she was able to do it herself and no longer needed him.

In this video we see how Rebecca’s ex-husband takes videos and photos while Rebecca fucks her black bull.  Rebecca told us that she would often call her husband and tell him to come and leave work.  You see here that her husband is still dressed with his tie on.  Her husband would also get water and other things as well as fold her clothes so they wouldn’t get wrinkled.

We encourage you to watch as after she fucks her black bull, Rebecca tells you how he did her and filled her up.  She then gives him sloppy seconds and makes her husband try to fill her pussy already fulfilled pussy the same way but he is humiliated and frustrated when she is stretched out and he can’t make her cum.


Member Erotica – Life of a Black Cock Slut – Part 4

The Life of A Black Cock Slut

Part 4 – Rebecca And The Glory Hole

When Maria got home she got out of her car and went to get something to clean up the cum on her car seat. When that was done she went back into the house and went to take a bath to soothe her aching body. She put some oils into the bath as well and when it was ready she got undressed and stepped into the bath and lay down.  The warm water stung at first. As her body adjusted she began to relax and started to drain her mind of the fucking she had just had with the two big black cocks and how they used her body and made her have uncontrollable orgasm after orgasm such that she had lost count how many times she had came. She wasn’t even sure if she had passed out at some point.  She moved her hand down to her vagina felt its soreness.  The warm water tingled against her sensitive clitoris as she tried to wash it.  Her body was sensitive all over.  Maria had never had so much sex and so rough.  At first had she conned herself into thinking that more sex would be a possible side benefit, but after her third encounter she now realized that her Black Master was into something darker.  He kept saying he was going to give her a new name, Rebecca, and that she would become a Black Cock Slut.  Why was he doing this to her?  He couldn’t possibly keep this up.  Could he?  Someone was going to find out.  Should she tell Al?  No, he’d call the police and the Black Master would send out the blackmail photos.

Maria was realizing her situation at the moment was hopeless at the moment.  She would have to do as he said and wait for a way to get the photos back and figure a way out. Hopefully she would get a break.  There is no way he was going to have her go to that hotel every night.  Someone would become suspicious. After a while she eased her sore body out of the tub and went into the bedroom and got into bed naked and started to get some sleep. Al wasn’t in bed yet.  He was once again working late. As Maria fell asleep she started to have nightmares about being forced down on the bed and her Black Master was fucking her with his huge black cock and she was telling him to fuck her and use her like the slut she is. As she was getting into her dream she was woken up by her alarm. She was so tormented.  She felt a wetness between her legs and a tear rolled out of her eye.  What had this man done to her?  He was even tormenting her in her subconscious sleep.  She had not slept well.  Fortunately Al was sound asleep and she could sneak out and not see the bruises on her body and the slight limp in her walk.  She quickly showered, dressed, made her coffee and got out of the house for the long drive to work.  As she drove, her mind wandered.  She hoped the Black Master would not call today.  Her body was exhausted and she did not think she could handle another night of sexual torment.

To the casual observer, Maria looked normal but upon further inspection they would see the redness in her eyes and that she was moving slower than normal.  Midway through the morning she got a text from her Black Master telling her that he wanted Rebecca to be at the hotel at 7.00 pm tonight and wear a short dress above the knees and boots and nothing else. She stared at her phone.  What else was he trying to do to her? Was she going to have to sleep with another guy? So she carry on working the rest of the afternoon until it would be time to go home. When it was time to go she got her coat and car keys and said goodbye and went home.  As she drove, she remember she had dressed up as a 60’s go-go dancer a few years before and that she probably had the dress in the closet if it still fit. She found the white dress with the matching white go-go boots. She was amazed it still fit.  Maria then went and showered before putting on the dress and her makeup on and then looked at herself in the mirror.  She looked younger and she was actually quite pleased at how she looked.  She hoped that the Black Master would be easy on her if she complied. Maria checked the time and knew she had to go soon.  She put on her coat, wrote a note to her family about what to eat for dinner and that they shouldn’t wait for her and drove to meet her Black Master at the hotel before anyone came home.

When Maria arrived she got out of the car and locked it.  She noted that it was in an open spot so someone would see if they tried to break into it.  She walked to the hotel once again getting whistles from the homeless and then went to the door of the room and knocked. When her Black Master told her to come in she stepped in and once again shut the door behind her.  It had become a routine now. She stood there in the middle of the room waiting for her Master to speak . He was looking her over and told her to open her coat and let him see what she had on. Maria opened her coat and showed him her short dress and he smiled  reaching over and running his hand up her thigh and under her skirt.  His hand went under panties and he squeezed tightly. “Perfect”, he said, “classy, innocent and oh so ready to be defiled”. He slapped her ass and told her that they were going somewhere and she would drive them there. “You will do as I tell you to do, right Rebecca?” Maria nodded and reached for her coat.  Her Black Master told her to leave the coat there.  He wanted everyone to see how hot this white MILF was.  He grabbed her around the waist and they both left the room.  Maria felt violated when the Black Master walked her out to her car.  “Nice ride,” he said.  He went through her glove compartment looking at photos of her family and other personal items.  She felt like she was being burglarized and violated.  As he told her to go to where he told her to go, he ran his fingers between her legs, up her thigh and under her thong and played with her. She had trouble concentrating, but by the time they arrived, she was dripping wet. When they arrived she saw that they were at an adult sex cinema with a sex shop inside as well. She figured he wanted to buy some new toys and videos for them to watch.  Al had gone to these places on occasion, but she never went with him.  They always were in the worst part of town.  Her Black Master came around to open the door and helped her out and told him to give her the keys.  As she got, some young black men stood outside the shop with toothpicks in their mouths and whistled. “How much for that Beverly Hills ass“, they yelled.  The Black Master ignored them, put his hand on her ass and guided her into the shop.  The place was crowded and she was the only woman in the store. They went to the counter and her Black Master had a word with the black man at the counter. Maria didn’t dare look up, but she felt dozens of pairs of eyes staring at her, and she started to shake nervously. The man brought out a key, went to a board and wrote Rebecca next to the number 6.  He told them to follow him and she did as she was told and they walked behind him to a room and unlocked it and then told them to go in. The Black Master pushed her into the room, tipped the man a $20 and followed her into the room and locked the door.

Rebecca looked round the room and noticed that it was painted black with a single light in the middle of the celling and there was a chair at one end of the room and a flat screen tv was on the wall where the chair was and it was playing a porn film of a black man fucking a white woman. Her Black Master told her to take her dress off and sit on the chair and she started to get scared of what was going to happen to her. Her Black Master then suddenly walked across the room. got hold of her and dragged her to the right wall and forced her down on her knees. She then saw a big black cock come through the hole in front of her and pointed straight at her.  Her Black Master told her to put it her mouth and suck it and the her Black Master got hold of her head forced her to suck hard and take more of it in her mouth until she started to gag.  The smell of this dark black cock would have made her gag alone. Rebecca imagined it was one of those young kids outside as she could hear him laughing on the other side of the wall. Just then two more black cocks appeared one each side of her and her Black Master told her to jerk each cock with her hands.  Rebecca realized it must have been the guys outside. “Damn, we don’t even have to pay for this whore”, she heard them say on the other side of the wall.  While this was going on her Black Master was videotaping it all with his video camera. Then after some time the cocks in her hands started to come and she got cum all over her breasts and body and then the cock in her mouth started to come.  Maria started to taste the sour liquid and pull away but her Black Master slammed her head back against the wall until it filled her mouth and she started to choke. Her Black Master told her to swallow it all as he held her head in place. She could hear the guys on the other side laughing and taunting.  “Drink it bitch”, “Damn, them white bitches have nice sweet lips”, and “Next time, I get her pussy”.  Her Master told her not to spill a drop or he’d lose his deposit. She tried her best but some of it dripped down and her Black Master smacked her ass hard and made her scream in pain.

He then grabbed her by the hair and dragged her up on to her feet.  Just then another big black cock appeared.  It was so fat it barely fit through the hole.  It was also bumpy and discolored. Rebecca was relieved she wouldn’t have to suck it when Her Black Master forced her to turn round and bend down and put the cock into her vagina.  Before Maria could protest about a condom, the fat black cock started to force it’s way into her vagina and was soon penetrating her all the way.  The Black Master then stuck his cock in her mouth and made sure to push her ass flat against the wall.  She was being sandwiched. Soon his thrusts were becoming increasingly forceful and she started to scream from the pain she was getting from the fucking this black cock was giving her. She could hear the grunting from the person with the black cock and she felt it withdraw from her nearly completely and then it would be slam back into her as far as it would go and he did this at least ten times or more and each time she would be in pain.  The Black Master’s cock fell out of her mouth and she screamed that it was hurting her and to stop, but he just kept slamming her pussy. After some time his cock felt better inside her and it seemed to fill her even more and she started to get wetter and wetter and soon it did not hurt her as much as she got use to it as he started to stretch her vagina. Rebecca began to moan in an uncontrolled fashion.  She grabbed the hips of her Black Master for support as he massaged her dangling breasts. He whispered to Rebeca to tell him to fuck her harder and faster. This had a stirring effect as she started to moan loudly and complied with his wishes.  “Harder”, she screamed.  As she started to reach an orgasm, she started to get even wetter and then she had a powerful orgasm just as he came in her vagina filling her with his black seed. His cum was so thick and heavy.  She could feel in puddling in her womb.  “You like that, Rebecca?  You like being bread by a black man, Rebecca?”.  Maria could barely breath as she held on to her Black Master He slapped her and said “I said, Did you like being bred?”   Rebecca screamed in pain and said, “Yes I liked hit.  I liked being bred and want more”.  What was she saying?  Rebecca cried.  How could that have felt so god.  When the fat cock on the other side was finished filling her with its cum he pulled out and her wetness and his cum started to dribble out of her vagina and down her leg as she came down from her orgasm.  She turned around and saw a large wet stain had formed by the whole and dripped down the wall into a puddle on the floor.

Rebecca was about to get up when her Black Master pushed her back onto the floor and told her she had not finished yet as she had not been fucked in the ass.  She pleaded that she was tired and wanted to rest, but he smacked her across the face and told her that you are not finished until I tell you.  Suddenly a longer yet thick black cock appeared from one of the holes. It looked too long to fit in her ass and beg him to let her go but her told her to bend over and take that cock in her ass. Rebecca started to cry, begging him, but it only got him more excited and he hit her and he told her if she does not do has he tells her he will send the video of her begging to be fuck by a black cock as a glory whole whore to her co-workers and friends. Rebecca was scared and complied out of fear what her family and friends would say if they saw the video and she knew that she had to do it. She bent down and helped to put the big black cock into her ass.  Fortunately the hole in the wall was still wet so when the person began to push all the way as far as it would go , his cock was slightly wet. Rebecca started to scream in pain as the person started to fuck her ass hard and forceful and she began to cry.Then she saw her Black Master was videotaping the action again. He was commentating, “This is the white whore that I am training.  She is taking her first anal.” Her ass felt like it was on fire and the pain was unbearable.  The person who was fucking her would pull nearly out and then force himself back into her ass and fuck her harder. But after some time the pain started to slowly go and she began to feel less pain in her ass as she began to relax her ass muscles. He Master grabbed her hips and began pushing her ass back to the wall to get more of the cock in her.  He told the guy on the other side to stop messing around and to “fuck his white whore” hard and fast and make her feel his cock in her ass.  Rebecca never felt so helpless in her life.

Just then Rebecca felt another orgasm coming.  How could she be fucked in the ass and have an orgasm? It more powerful than the last one and she screamed that she was coming.  “Yeah, fill her ass with cum”, her Black Master demanded! Suddenly a roar erupted from the other side of the wall as he filled her ass with his cum as hick pulsed inside her pussy.  “Oh My God,” Rebecca yelled as she felt his pulsing cock let out strands of cum deep in her anal cavity. When he had filled her with all his cum and his cock out of her ass, Rebecca fell down on the wet floor next to a puddle of her juices, and there was cum leaking out of her ass onto the floor and then her Black Master picked her up and dragged her to the chair and told her to bend over on the chair, spread her legs wide and to not move as he will be back.  Rebecca felt the cum oozng and bubbling out of her asshole as she grabbed for the back of the chair.  What could be next? When he left she started feel scared.  Her back was to the door and she could see the outline of her body cast a shadow from a light in the hall.  She dared not turn around. She was in fear of what he was going to do next. She heard him come back in and he told her not to look around and not move.  She heard other feet shuffling and then she felt a pair of hands grab her hips.  “No!”, she screamed as she realized what was going to happen.  But it was too late.  A hand went over her mouth to muffle her scream as she felt someone force his cock into her vagina and push all the way in in one motion and touch her cervix as he started to fuck her hard and forceful. Rebecca thought that it was her Black Master fucking her but when she looked up and saw him videoing her being fucked, she started to panic as she did not know who was fucking her and that made her fear for what was going to happen to her. She knew there was more. She thought about all the eyes that were on her when she had walked into the store.  What she didn’t see was the camera on the wall taping her.  In fact what she didn’t see was that on the wall behind her was her image being captured on the screen on closed-circuit television.  Back in the store, this image was being projected onto the TVs.  She didn’t know it, but she was correct.  All the men in the store were watching her.

She could feel the hardness of the cock inside her.  It was big and the hand over her mouth was large and strong.  “Oh you are going to like it Rebecca.  You are going to love having your pussy filled with raw hard cocks”, her master spewed.  She started to wish whoever was fucking her to fuck her harder and faster and make her come and fill her with his cum and breed her. Rebecca started to have another powerful orgasm again and she pushed back onto the black cock that was fucking her.  “That’s it, my little whore.  You were made for this,” he continued. Then the person behind her pushed his cock all the way into her vagina until he was touching her cervix and let out a roar that startled her.  He filled her with his cum and then when he had finished filling her vagina with his cum, he let go of her hips, pulled out and she fell down onto the chair.


She heard the man pull up his pants, open the door and leave. Her Black Master then told her to put her dress on as it was time to go.  Maria wasn’t sure if she was relieved for it to be over. Sh had been anticipating that there were going to be more. She could hardly move. She slowly got off the chair and stood up, picked her dress off the cum soaked floor, put her dress on and then followed her Black Master out of the door.  Her eyes winced a little at the bright light.  It had been 2 hours and when she passed the man at the counter, he said to her I think you may need some tissues and was smiling as he gave them to her. She looked and his hands and realized he could have been the last guy to fuck her. Rebecca thought, “Could hr be the one who fucked her before?” Then every other man she passed and smiled at her.  She had put on a great show.  She followed her boss out of the front door and to her car and her and her Black Master got in and she put some tissues between her legs to try and catch the cum that was leaking from her vagina. Her Black Master told her to start the car and drop him off at the hotel and then she can go home. As she drove to the hotel, her Black Master reached between her legs and stuck his fingers in her pussy. She winced as she realized how sensitive her pussy was after the pounding she had just taken. He scooped some cum out of her pussy and brought it to her mouth and pushed his fingers between her lips until she sucked his fingers dry and ate the cum.  He did this 2 more times until they got back to the hotel.

When they got there, she stopped the car and let him out, but before he left he told her to be ready for another text tomorrow.  She protested that her pussy hurt and that she needed rest. He screamed, “Shut up you whore.  You’re mine now and your body belongs to me to use as I desire, do you hear me Rebecca?”  Maria stopped.  He calmly repeated for her to be ready for whatever he told her to do and he said, “Do you understand?” Rebecca said yes and then he shut the door and drove off.