@RebeccasOffice Update: Her Master Updates You About Her Training

As Rebecca’s Dominant Master I must say that owning her actions and sharing them with you is one of life’s greatest pleasures.  Turning her into a true Queen of Spades and sharing that with all of you was a big accomplishment for me.  One thing is true is that she has this incredible Submissive streak that I first discovered when I met her and when I realized that it really existed for black men like myself, I knew that I had to bring it out for everyone to see.  She is really quite a smart and accomplished lady in her vanilla life, but the opportunity to strip her of this identity and allow you to see why she is so special is what I am so glad to share with you.  Hopefully you are enjoying what you have been seeing.  The goal is to never have her in bed with a non-Black man.  As the Queen of Spades that is not allowed.  What I want to show you here is her Submission Wall.  This is a wall that I use to tie her up for my control.  Sometimes we have spanking sessions, glory hole sessions, or just plain fucking.  Rebecca loves this.  Sometimes I will leave her tied up for hours, taking pictures of her and sending them to a friend or two or even her ex to show him what she has now become with me. Let me show you what she is like!!
Yes I am Rebecca’s owner and I love sharing her sexiness with you so that you can see what can be done to almost any white housewife.  Ever see the movie, “Trading Places”? Well I want to show you that it really does work.  You can take a proper Ivy League educated  Upper White  middle class woman by day and turn her into a black cock owned slut by night.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW REBECCA NOW SPENDS MUCH OF HER TIME.

11 thoughts on “@RebeccasOffice Update: Her Master Updates You About Her Training

  1. Great story and congratulations to you, I am so glad that the lovely Rebecca is getting what she has needed for years. I am glad that you were able to lure her away. Ever since I first joined her site a while back It was very clear that she had an obsession with BBC. She is so classy and refined in her pics and tweets, I think it is hot that she could be in an upper crust board meeting by day and hours later tied to a bed begging for bbc cum in her pussy. it is so nice to see her BBC videos and watch her turn into a completely owned slut. Her videos with white guys are ok but I really only watch her taking what she needs. I wish she would have done this along time ago as she would be great for breeding. I really hope she goes “BBC Only” from here on out or even does a video where she pledges that she will do so. I hope you continue to bring out her inner slut and dressing her up as such, I’m a 30 year old dude and she has a body and features that just scream sex. It would be cool if u eventually whored her out to your friends for videos. Thank You for rescuing her and sharing it with us all. I for one am very happy that Rebecca is finally bbc owned as she should have been years ago. I really wish you could talk her into selling worn items.

    • So glad you are pleased with my development. My boyfriend is a little different from my ex-husband in more ways than just skin color

  2. I am very pleased. Have been silently hoping this would happen for a long time lol. So happy that it has become a reality. No offense, but forget your ex-husband, any thoughts wasted on him is just wasted energy that could be used to please your new and improved lover. We luv ya girl. keep showing it off, you got it all.

  3. Wish this would have happened 10-12 years ago. Would love to have seen how different things would be for you.

    • It makes me wonder too. What do you guys think would be different. Is it crazy to just want to have cock all the time at my age?

      • My opinion (or maybe it is just my fantasy) After seeing your early scenes with Christina and how you just gave yourself completely to BBC, I would guess that your younger years at College and early in your professional career may have been a double life of fast rising business woman by day and slutty dressing BBC magnet by night, going out and hooking up with the biggest and blackest bull you could find on the weekends at school. As hot as you have always been you most likely could have picked which ever bull satisfied you the most and without a doubt he would have bred you 3-4 times to claim you. I believe that you still would have ended up a successful hot wife. I just think that it would have just added years of great sex to your life (as a gorgeous woman like you deserves). You never seem to age and I like your new scenes just as much as some of the older ones, especially when u are vocal and moan. Do you agree that any of this could have been a reality?

        • Maybe. Definitely career was my focus, but my sex drive would have come out earlier although my parents would never have approved of an ethnic lover for a husband

          • Would they have approved if he made you happy? Never know, maybe having a big strong dominant bull at home (instead of ex hubby) may have driven your already high career motivation to an even higher level. Keep up the great work and NEVER forget the camera hahahaha.

  4. Rebecca proves she is a true Queen of Spades and she has fully except her new life with her boyfriend.

  5. I have been an adoring fan for a long time. To know you have gone full Queen of Spades, shunning white men sexually and submissively devoting yourself to BBC only is so great.

    I only wish I could be be your husband. It would be a dream come true to be there for you, to fill other, non-sexual needs to help complete your life. You deserve everything, you are so wonderful and beautiful. Your devoted hubby and cleanup cuck wannabe will always adore you!

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