Movie Review: Life

Went to see the movie, “Life” and it did not disappoint from a special effects and thriller standpoint, but I will get to the point.  Thrillers for me are better when the actions are plausible and smart.  I find in the movie that many of the circumstances and situations in the movie did not seem like the right or most plausible actions, all the way up to the very end scene.

You know those movies where people are running from a very slow Frankenstein but always keep tripping and falling until he catches them because they can’t manage to stay on their feet despite his inability to run because of his bad limp?  Or how about when they hide in place for too long letting him catch up when they should be running and putting more distance between them.  Well this movie is a lot like that.  In fact, it isn’t until the final scenes that they decide to do what I would have done 2 hours earlier in the movie and by then they are in even deeper doo-doo.

The possible outcomes are pretty predictable throughout the movie so the outcome did not surprise me and was the least suspenseful part of the movie.   I give it a 3 erections out of 5 although it was entertaining

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  1. For a movie illustrating the frustration derived from a one-dimensional life, I recommend “Gifted.” “Gifted” is the story of a six-year-old math prodigy whose life is torn by a guardian uncle who wants the child to have a childhood complete with friends and freedom and a grandmother whose only desire is to make a name for herself. The child ends up with the uncle when her mother, another mathematical genius, ends her life.

    There are moral and practical lessons for all whose lives seem one-dimensional.

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