Member Erotica : Part 7 Rebecca Is Taught A Lesson

Part 7 Rebecca Is Taught A Lesson

When Maria got home she went straight up to her bedroom and took her clothes off and left her suit out to be taken to the dry cleaner and put the rest into the basket to be washed. Maria then felt where the butt plug had been inserted.  Her butt hole still felt wide open as if air was entering her body through a wide open orifice. She grabbed the butt plug out of her purse and then put it with her dildo in her secret place and took a shower. After the shower she hopped into bed and went to sleep as she needed the rest. She had work early in the morning. When the alarm went off Maria got up. She had slept but her mind had been racing all night.0 Her husband still asleep, she got ready quietly and quickly. When she was ready she got what she needed for work and then left the house. When Maria got to work she parked her car, went into her office and started to catch up with what work needed to be done and carried on as normal. She later called her doctor and re-booked the appointment her assailant had previously cancelled and was told that it would be on Monday at 3:30pm. Maria said that would be perfect and hung up. She entered the appointment into her planner with hesitation.  If the fake doctor had found her this was before, would he find her this way again?  He wouldn’t be that stupid, would he? She still worried that her Master was behind this.

The rest of the week and the weekend went without a text from her Black Master.  It was relief but torture for her.  Where was he?  He must be planning something. She took advantage of her free time and spent the weekend with her family and friends. She knew it would only be a matter of time and perhaps the new week would bring it.  Come Monday, Maria got ready for work and checked her phone and found the reminder that she had a doctors appointment at 3.30pm.  Mondays were always full of planning meetings and analyst reports. Maria arrived at work constantly looking for a text that never came. This man was running her life even when he was in absentia.

At the end of the day she drove to the doctors.  She was relieved to see the office building full of people and the lot full of cars.  When Maria arrived she went to the front desk and showed her insurance card to register and then she went to the waiting room for the doctor to call her name.  As she walked to the waiting room she saw him.  The doctor who raped her was coming out of an elevator, but he looked different and then she saw him go into the janitor room. It suddenly hit her she was raped by the janitor. She felt sick.  He must have cased her out from previous visits.  How many other women like her must have been tricked?  She couldn’t have been the only one?  She looked around as if she was being watched. Just then her real doctor came into the waiting room and called her name.  Maria was relieved to see her real doctor standing there. She got up and followed her into her office and she sat down. and the doctor began the full check up and took some blood and then when the doctor had finished she ask Maria if there was anything else and Maria confided to the doctor she had had an extramarital relationship and started on the pill again. The doctor said she’d update her records and Maria got up to leave.  She was mad. She hoped she would get out without running into the janitor.  She needed to see her Master.

When Maria got to her car she got in and then started to break down and cry knowing that she had been raped by the janitor and she had the feeling that her Black Master knew this. Her anger took control of her.  She needed to end this once and for all.  She was not going to let this man run her life like this.  He was not going to get away with this rape.  She was going to have it out with him and find out the truth and tell him that she did not want to see him again. After she had finished crying and composed herself she decided that she was going to see him now and get it over with once and for all. She would give him a piece of her mind as well and accept whatever he was going to do.  On the drive she started to work out in her mind what she was going to say to him. By the time she arrived at the hotel she was ready. Her blood was boiling. She got out of the car and ran into the hotel without even locking her doors. This would be a mistake that could come back to haunt her.

She had lost her composure and ran into the hotel without thinking as she burst into his unlocked room and started to attack him screaming at him calling him a bastard, shouting at him, beating her fists into his chest. She yelled, “How did you arrange for the janitor at my doctors to rape me. You knew all about this didn’t?” He just stood and let her rage until she stopped. He then said, “Have you finished?” Maria said,”No”.

The Master just grabbed ahold of her by her hair and told her, “I don’t know what you are talking about”. She spat and him and said, “The man who raped me at the doctor’s office was the janitor. How did he know that I was called Rebecca and he also called me a black cock slut like you do.”

He laughed at her.  “You are one dumb white black cock slut. You must have said it when he was raping you and you must have forgot that you had said it. Once you have been fucked by a black man, all black men can see it.  We know that you are black cock material and that you enjoy it.  We can smell it.  It is like a pheromone and we are all attracted to your pussy”.  Maria knew he was right.  Black men had been staring lately. She was still confused about how the janitor knew. but she forgot about it when her Black Master looked at her and told her to strip naked. Maria was now worried with fear at what punishment she was going to face.  He was going to discipline her.

Her Black Master then told her to stand still and then he sat on the bed and pulled her down and over his knees and said, “Now you bitch you think that you can come bursting in my room and call me names and attack me and you think nothing will happen? Well that is where you are wrong.” He moved his right hand to her ass and started to caress it ready for what was to follow. He then raised his right hand hit her ass with the first smack.  It was a sharp contrast to the gentle caress. She let out a scream from the pain and instinctively moved her hand to protect her ass, but her Black Master got hold of it and bent it up to the small of her back to stop it from getting in the way. Rebecca cried in pain!  “Owwww”. He then smacked her again and hit her other cheek and she screamed again. Both cheeks had red marks on them and she tried to wriggle free.  He was mad and wanted to hurt her. She struggled, but he had her in a way she could not move. He then gave her six quick hard smacks in rapid succession on one cheek and then the other cheek. She struggled hard to get free as ripped her thong off her body and stuffed it in her mouth to muffle her screams. She was unable to get away and her ass was now heating up with a nice pink glow. He kept on with spanking and she continued to try to scream and started crying. He told her that is as a whore she needed to be punished and put in her place. He started to smack her harder and she tried to move her ass out of the way, but it did not work and she didn’t have the strength to fight anymore. She just gave up and stared off into the distance.

After a while, he stopped smacking her ass and she was sobbing on his knees and her ass was glowing bright red and was also hot to the touch. He then told her to kneel and she went down on her knees without any trouble as she did not want to be smacked hard again and he said, “From now on you will do as you are told and you will not answer back or touch me again. Do you understand?” Maria replied with a nod and he said, “I did not hear you”, slapping her across the ass. She yelled, “Yes”, but her reply was muffled by her panties. He commanded, “From now on you will also call me Master and do as I tell you.  You will also start to go under the name Rebecca in public as well”. Rebecca replied, “Yes, Master”. Once again her reply was incomprehensible because of the gag, but he understood.  He told her to get off his lap and stand up and come close to him and he told her to spread her legs and he got two of his fingers and inserted them into her vagina and felt how wet she was and said, ”So my whore gets turned on when I spank her.” Unable to speak, Rebecca just grunted hard and nodded her head. He then took his fingers out of her vagina and put them into his mouth to taste her cum and said, “That tastes nice.  I should bottle it up and sell it to all the other white whores so they can attract black cock like you do” and then he told her to spread her legs apart. He reached between her legs and began to trace his fingers on her clit and rubbed it.  Rebecca just got wetter with anticipation as he then moved to her vagina and played with her pussy lips. Rebecca moaned as he re-inserted is fingers into her vagina and she whimpered. She knew if she behaved he would pleasure her. Rebecca started to thrust her hips forward onto his fingers and he rubbed her clit with his thumb.  Rebecca grunted hard and moaned as her body stiffened.  He knew it meant that she was coming. Her Black Master stopped finger fucking her and took his fingers out of her vagina before she could climax. “What is your name” he asked.  He pulled her underwear out of her mouth and threw them on the floor.  “Rebecca. Rebecca, your cum slut whore and slave” she begged.  He laughed.  It was more than he expected and Maria started to scream, “Please Master, don’t stop! I want to come” and he told her that he was not ready for her to come yet.  He was teasing her and controlling her as she was begging to come.

Her Black Master then told her to lay down on the bed and spread her legs like a white slut whore. He stood over her as she obeyed and he took all his clothes off.  Rebecca saw that he was turned on as his cock pointed right at her and was so big.  He obviously had not cum in a while and there was sperm ready to pop out.  She saw a drop on the end of his penis. She started to obediently lean forward to lick it off. But he shoved her back on the mattress, “I know you want it bitch, but only when I tell you”.  He then got on the bed between her legs and got his cock and started to rubbed the head of his cock along her vagina lips and used her wetness to lube his cock and then said, “Beg me to fuck you with my cock.” Unaware of the video camera catching all of this, Rebecca then started to beg, “Please fuck me Master with your hard cock and make your dirty cum slut.” She saw his cock pulse and he started to push slowly into her wet vagina and said to her, “Do you like your Master’s huge cock in your vagina slut? She whispered, “Yesssss” as his cock slowly pushed through her vaginal lips and sucked the air out of her body. “It feels so fucking good.” He started to fuck her hard and deep and he was going to treat her like the slut she is. He wanted her to feel his cock deep inside her and the fucking she was getting was not like being made love to, but a brutal fucked and she will remember she will get when she disobeys her Master. He pounded in and out of her vagina and his balls spanked her ass and he moved his hand to her throat and grab it to show her who was in charge, choking her as her face turned red. He kept fucking her vagina hard and she grabbed his wrists as she couldn’t breath or scream out.  Finally he eased up, “Please Master let me cum I cannot take it anymore and I need to cum for you.” Finally her Black Master gave her permission to come and Rebecca screamed out that she was coming and had a powerful orgasm and started to squirt and wet the bed sheets with so much cum.  It lasted almost 2 minutes and seemed like forever.

He had not cum yet and kept fucking her hard and deep until he was ready to cum and then he pulled out his cock and told her to open her mouth. He grabbed the back of her head, shoving his cock down her throat and came in her mouth until it overflowed and she started choking and coughing as cum came out of her nose and ran all over her face. He then rubbed his cock on her face, slapping her cheeks with his still erect cock. Her Black Master then got off the bed and told her to get dressed and he threw her her wrinkled clothes and watched as she got dressed. She searched for her panties and then saw her Master pick the ripped thong off the floor. “Guess you can’t wear these any more” as he laughed and twirled them around his fingers.

When she was dressed he told her that she will suffer the same punishment if she did not obey her Black Master or does not do as he said and if he wants her to fuck someone then she will fuck him without saying a word. Rebecca nodded.  She thought to herself that she actually liked his being rough with her.  She wanted more.  Maybe she would disobey more often. Just then he grabbed her by the waist, pushed her to her knees and shoved her mouth around his cock.  Rebecca sucked it hard and just before he came he pulled her head back by the hair, looked into her eyes and said, “You are a whore.  I am going to sell you to every black man who can afford her cheap ass.  Every black man needs to experience the good life and I am sure that the feel of a nice Hollywood pussy would be a highlight for them.”  Just then his cock spouted like a geyser all over her face and hair.

Her Master laughed as she tried to wipe her face. “Now get out of here and go back to your stupid life and leave me alone til I call for you.”  Rebecca ran out of the room wiping her face unaware of the streams of cum that streaked her hair. As she ran out to her car, she stopped.  Both her doors were open.  As she closed the passenger door and ran around to get in the car on the driver’s side, got in and locked the doors, she saw that her glove compartment had been ransacked.  She needed to get out of there.  She looked in the back seat and saw her registration and other personal information on the floor.  She also saw two used condoms.  She looked by the hotel and saw a dozen men standing there along with a couple of streetwalkers.  They all laughed, smiled and waved!

Rebecca turned the key and drove off.  As she got to the corner, she looked up and started crying.  In the rear view mirror she saw the words written in lipstick, “Maria is a whore too”.  They knew her real name!