@RebeccasOffice Reveals Her Long Awaited Secret! #RQoS

As you know I was voted by the people as the Spades Magazine 2017 Queen of Spades, but there was something that I had left to do before I could become officially the Queen of Spades!!!  When I won I promised that this would be accomplished in due time.  And now I have done it and I am so proud.  When I go to work every day I think about this secret and how it is hidden from everyone.  It does make me giggle when I think about the secret I am hiding and that they have no idea that they are in the presence of royalty, The Queen of Spades.

So what is it that I am hiding?  What is it that they don’t know? How would you feel about being in the presence of my royalty?  Or maybe if you saw my little secret, would you tell everyone or whisper in my ear that you know who I am and what I did .  CLICK HERE TO LEARN ABOUT MY DIRTY LITTLE SECRET.