Member Erotica – Part 11: Rebecca Fucks Her Black Master in Her Office

Part 11

When Maria got home she parked the car into the garage and then went inside and went straight upstairs to her bedroom and took her clothes off and put them into then basket to be washed and then went into the bathroom and switched on the shower and got in and wash herself hard to get rid of all the cum off her body and she felt dirty as well and wanted to make herself feel clean again. Maria was thinking to herself why does she kept on doing what her Black Master tells her and fuck these people it as if she did not care anymore. And why was she being so submissive?  When Maria had finished her shower went into the bedroom and then she put her nightshirt on and her panties and then got into bed and fell asleep as she needed it. The rest of the week went by without any text from her Black Master.  She realized that he was usually giving her several days to recover and think about her ordeals. When the weekend came Maria was able to enjoy herself being with her family and friends. On Saturday she was talking with a friend who was having marital problems and not having sex.  Rebecca thought to herself that this woman needed some black cock herself and smirked.  It hasd been a month since she was accosted that evening after work and she realized she had had a pretty exciting sex life over the last 30 days.  When the weekend was over and it was time to go to bed as she had work the next day. Maria was refreshed, feeling relaxed and happy .  She felt like she could overcome anything her Black Master had for her, but what Maria did not know was that her Black Master had something special planned.

When she got to her office on Monday her boss told her he was going to be out the rest of the week and asked her to cover his meetings the rest of the week.  His clients were very high end legacy clients and he trusted her as his most senior associate to handle them. When she got back to her office she looked online and saw his meetings has been transferred into her calendar.   Her boss liked to meet with clients later in the afternoon after-market when the office was quiet and people had gone home meeting with a client and he was hoping that Maria could stay late and see the clients instead.  Of course she agreed and when Tuesday came along, she met with their most lucrative client, went to dinner and had a wonderful evening.  Her boss would be so happy and perhaps when he retired she could inherit them.

Wednesday would be a little different as the calendar said it was a new prospect and that they were trying to “steal them” from their competitor.  Maria got the hint.  These were old school clients and liked a little sex appeal.  He wanted a little special treatment for this client.  When she got ready for work that morning, she wore her tigh pink suit over her translucent blouse.  Under the blouse she wore matching black bra and panties with thigh high stockings.  She wore her trench coat during the day so as not to draw attention from her co-workers, but for the most part she stayed in her office and did research.

When the clock turned 2.00 pm and her client had not turned up and she waited in case he was running late and then when it was 2.30 pm and all the staff were leaving the office, she was on her own.  She called out to her boss’s assistant but she did not have the client’s phone number. She decided that the client was not coming probably because he wanted to meet with her boss and not her.  She gave him till 3.00 pm and when he didn’t show, she sat behind her desk and started to shut down and pack up.

She was just about to leave when there was a knock on the  door.  It was her boss’s assistant.  “There is a gentleman here asking for Rebecca Ferrante?”  Rebecca’s face went white.  It had to be something her Black Master had set up.  Maria told her that was her given name and that she could bring him to her office.   In a few moment she returned with her Black Master, dressed quite nicely in a suit with a briefcase.  He entered and took a seat across from her as she thanked the assistant.  She ripped off her glasses and stared at him.  He smiled and said, “Bet you didn’t expect this, Rebecca”.

“What are you doing?  You can’t be here?  There are cameras all over the place.  This is where I work!”  He laughed and came around to her side of the desk and yanked her head back.  “Look, you took me in your bed and now you are going to fuck me on your desk.  I know you love my cock, so I want to make sure we mark our love everywhere.”  He yanked her to he feet and told her, “You know what to do.  Suck my cock, bitch.”  Rebecca looked up at her much taller master and reached for his belt buckle when another knock on the door occurred and her assistant walked in, “Here is your coffee Mr……….James”. Rebecca quickly stepped back but it was too late.  She had seen her going for his pants.     The Black Master realized this but was calm.  “Why thank you, you have great hospitality here.  This is perfect.”  The assistant looked at them both nervously, “Can I get you anything else?  If not, I need to get home,” she looked at Rebecca and continued, “Francis is fixing the copy machine, so if he leaves before you, please make sure to lock the front door.”   The assistant closed the door as the Black Master shoved Rebecca down to her knees, “Now where were we?” I walked over to the door, locked it, and sat on her desk.

Rebecca said, “We cannot do this. Ife someone comes back and catch us fucking and I could lose my job and I would have to explain who you are.” But her Black Master did not care, and got the bag he had with him and grabbed ahold of her by the arm and pushed her back onto her desk chair with her back to the window. She asked if she could pull the blinds down, but he wanted everyone to see. He then got the video camera out and a tripod and setup the camera and switched in on. He went back to her at the desk and then told her to strip and seduce him like she seduced all her clients,  opening her blouse to reveal she had not been wearing a bra, dropped her skirt to the floor , but leave her hose panties and shoes on.  He then moved around to her side of the desk switched places with her on the chair and then said loud enough for the video to hear, “Rebecca, if you want my money, you need to give me your VIP service.” He told her to get down on her knees and get his cock out and give him a blowjob and she slowly pull his zip down and pulled his huge black cock out and slowly put it into her mouth and started to give him a blowjob.  Anyone with a telescopecould clearly see and she hoped the window washer would not come by.

Her Black Master started to push more of his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth hard and fast and was telling her that she was his black cock slut and he can use her mouth any time he wanted and he was calling her a dirty fucking whore and she was starting to gag on his cock and he was enjoying forcing her to suck his cock.  “If only your workmates could see that you are a dirty whore who likes to be abused by a black cock clients.”  Rebecca responded, “Yes, I will fuck all my clients and bend over backwards for them”. She had always wanted to have office sex and it was hot.  Her Black Master was nearly ready to cum, but he stopped her and took his cock out of her mouth and told her to get up and turn round and bend over your desk and he got behind her and pulled her skirt up and started to rip her tights and then her ripped her panties as well.  Rebecca looked up at the camera  and saw that she was facing right at it.   He then told her not to move and then went into his bag and took out a tube of lube and a butt plug and and then quickly forced it into her ass. Rebecca started to scream out that he was huring her but she did not want the copy guy to hear her. Her Black Master told her to shut up and he continued to push it all the way in.  Rebecca’s feet left the floor and the camera captured the pain and anguish on her face.  He then moved behind her and got his cock and rubbed her clit til it was wet.  He then forced his cock all the way into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  Rebecca felt full as he got hold of her hips and was forcing her to enjoy his huge black cock fucking her vagina.  Rebecca held on to the edge of her desk as her legs were lifted off the floor and she wrapped her legs around him until her heels touched his back

He would sometimes stop fucking her and pull his cock almost all the way out and then he would force it back into her vagina and fuck her harder. “How does my slut like being fucked by her Master’s huge black cock on her desk? She responded, “ I love it.  Give it to me.  I need it.  I love that you know what I need.  Do you want me to fuck all my black clients?” She was enjoying it.  She realized she enjoyed being helpless having dangerous sex in her office. She closed her eyes and felt his huge black cock fucking her vagina and she wanted him to fuck her harder. Then she was starting to feel an orgasm build and was telling her Black Master to keep fucking her and then her Black Master stopped and said, “Beg me to fuck you to make you cum you white slut. Tell me you will work for me and all my black brothers.  You will be my little elite whore.”

“Yes, I will work for you.  You own me.  I will work for your black cock and you can sell me off to all your black friends.  I need your cum.  I want it deep in my pussy.”  She couldn’t believe as she said it that she felt her pussy get wetter and wetter. And got her papers and blotter on her desk wet.

Her Master smiled and swatted her ass.  Rebecca was screaming at her Black Master telling him to fuck her with his huge black cock as she needed to cum and he started to fuck her again and this time he was fucking her harder and as she begged, she started to scream out loud that she was cumming and then he pushed his cock all the way in her vagina until he was touching her cervix. “Oh my god, I want it.” She was crying with tears in her eyes. Then he came and filled her vagina with his black seed as he body stiffened and her vagina started squeezing his cock and convulsing with an orgasm.  “This is this what you want you whore!”. Rebecca was silent, enjoying her orgasm and his cum inside her then screamed, “Yes fill me with your black seed you bastard. “ When he had filled her vagina with his cum, he then pulled his cock out of her vagina and his cum started to leak out onto her desk, papers and landed on her carpet and her leather chair as he fell beck onto the seat with his dripping monster cock. Rebecca laid there exhausted and naked on her desk.  Her papers were sticking to her body.

He then moved his hand to her ass and pull the butt plug out with a quick pop and then he got his cock and then forced it into her ass.  It was bigger than the butt plug. When she started to beg for him to stop, he pushed the plug in her mouth.  She could taste her ass and tears ran down her eyes again.  Hee was hurting her and she tried to move But he got hold of hips and told her that he was going to fuck her ass and his favorite pleasure was fucking her ass and seeing her trying to fight him. He knew that she would not resist long before she was enjoying feeling his huge black cock in her ass. He continued to push deep in her ass hard with his huge black cock as he said “Lick your ass off that plug” , Maria was starting to scream . She wanted him to fuck her ass hard and make her cum so he carry on fucking her and then he stopped again. Rebecca started to kick her legs.  Why did he stop. She had tears in her eyes.  He pulled the plug out of her mouth. She was crying, “Why have you stopped?  You own me.  What else do you want?”  He said that if you want me to fuck you then beg me more you dirty whore. She knew then she needed him to fuck her because she was nearly ready to cum so she begged him,  “Master this ass is your property and only for you to use.  I need you to fill all my holes.  I want you to bless my office with your cock just like you blessed my bed at home.  I want you to mark this territory so that when I work here I will think of us. Fuck my ass with your huge black cock you bastard.” He started to fuck her again and this time he forced more of his cock into her ass and she then scream out that she was cumming and push back onto his cock.  She came squirting on the desk  and floor and then he started to cum and filled her ass with his cum.

He then took his cock out of her ass and his cum leaked again on the desk, carpet and chair.  There was a mess on the carpet  and the desk looked as if someone had spilled a glass of water on it.  He then told her to stand up and turn round and she looked a right mess with her tights and panties ripped and cum leaking out of her ass.  He told her to move around to the other side of her desk and bend over the desk looking out the window. He followed her to the other side.  Rebecca looked out the window.  It was almost sunset.  She saw that other people could probably see what just happened.  She saw a bunch of men in white shirts across the way staring out the window.  In fact many people were standing in their windows.  She wondered if they saw.  She suddenly felt him move behind her and he quickly ripped a bigger hole in her crotch.    He stuck a finger in her ass and let more cum drip down her leg. He then got the video camera and zoom in on her ass showing his cum leaking out and he said to her,  “Rebecca, you are the best agent a client could have.  I will definitely give you my business.  Tell your boss that I said you have the best customer service.  He came up behind her and turned her around.  And sat her on the desk with her back to the window, her blouse wide open and legs crossed at her ankles as she braced herself with her hands at her side.  She could feel the soiled papers sticking to her ass.  He wiped his cum onto her silk blouse and started to get dressed.  He left her there with the camera rolling.

“What his your name slut and he said what do you like and what services do you offer?”  She looked at the camera and said “My name is Rebecca and I like to fuck my black master and his black friends and to have my vagina and ass filled with their black seed.  Please make sure to seek him out if you want to meet me”.   She had no idea what she was saying.  She was already his whore, but she was acknowledging  that she would do it for him whenever he wanted.  She just had no idea that his friends were not his friends, but real strangers. He then put the video camera back on the tripod told her to get down on her knees and put his cock into her mouth. Rebecca started to suck his cock and he was fucking her mouth hard and he was enjoying the pleasure.  He didn’t have to tell her to be a slut anyore.  She knew exactly what to do.  He was getting hard from having his cock sucked by her expert mouth as she knew how to suck his cock and make him cum. Then her Black Master pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay down on top of the cum on the carpet. When she was on the floor he stood over her and started to cum all over her body covering her breasts, face and body and then he went to get the video camera and film her body covered in his cum and also his cum was still leaking from her vagina and ass and he asked her “Did Rebecca enjoy being her Masters cum slut in her office?” She said yes and he told her to put some of the cum in her mouth and he filmed that as well.

He then switched off the video camera and picked up the tripod and put both into his bag and then told her that he will be doing this again.  Rebecca, still on the floorasked, “I look forward to next week.” He smiled and then he unlocked the door and left. After a couple moments, she got up, locked the door to the office and saw what a mess her office was in.  His cum was dripping out of her all over her desk and onto the floor.  She did her best to clean it up using her ripped tights and panties to clean up the cum on the carpet and blotting her soiled papers.  She wiped her leather chair but it was ruined.  She could see stains that would not go away.   She went to her purse and sprayed some perfume to try and cover up the smell of sex.  She turned around and looked out the windows to see the view of downtown.  It was dark now and her office was brightly lit.  She wondered if anyone had seen her getting fucked.  It turned her on a little.   She smiled and touched herself and put her finger in her mouth.  When she was satisfied that all was cleaned up as best she could she then got dressed and put her cum-covered ripped tights and panties and put them in a bag that she had in her drawer. She then left her office and saw that the cleaning crew was coming around and waved at them.   She dd not know that at one point they had heard her screaming but were scared to enter the room.  She went to the bathroom to straighten herself up, reapply her makeup and then when she was ready she left the office as his cum continued to drip down her leg all the way home.  The drive was a nice one.  Traffic was already gone. She thought to herself that she actually enjoyed herself and loved being able to have sex with her Black Master in the office.  She had wished it many times before with her husband, but this was a million times better than her fantasy.

To be continue in Part 12. That’s all for now.