Member Erotica Part 12: @RebeccasOffice is Officially Branded

Part 12 Rebecca Is Branded With A QoS Tattoo

When she got home, Rebecca was happy that everyone was in their room.  She wasn’t too late. She quickly went upstairs tp wash herself clean to get rid of the smell of sex and went downstairs to make dinner.  Halfway down the stairs she looked herself in the mirror and smiled.  Her hair was a little messy still.  She saw a woman who had just had incredible sex in her office and was excited to go back and see the stains and spills on her papers that would remind of her incredible sex. She had loved it.  She would never have had the nerve to do it herself and the way he had forced her to have sex like that had been so liberating.  She was almost willing to do anything her Black Master wanted. She knew that she wanted to be fucked by her Black Master and anyone else he set her up with as she was becoming addicted to not only being fucked by black cocks no matter how many there were, but she was addicted to the danger of naughty submissiveness.  Just before settling with her family for dinner she texted her black master that she had a great time.

The rest of the week and weekend came and went and Rebecca tried to do her work, but all she could think about was she needed to feel her Black Masters huge black cock fucking her vagina and making her cum over and over again. She knew he would likely not contact her again that week, but he had succeeded in changing her life and making her sexually dependent upon him for her satisfaction.  She had constant reminders. The stain on the floor, the few wrinkled papers, the cum stain on her leather chair, and the water marks on her desk reminded her of that incredible evening.  On several occasions, Rebecca shut her door and reached up her skirt turned around facing the window, put her legs up and fingered herself as she put on a show for anyone who might be watching. As she touched herself, she imagined men running to her building and trying to figure out which floor they could find her.

But what Rebecca did not know was that her Black Master had something planned for her the following week and he would finally brand her with a QoS tattoo so that when she went out with her clients they would know who she belonged to and if they didn’t, it would be clear.  It would also show that she was a true Queen of Spades who only fucks black cocks. And perhaps these men would be better able to identify the mystery woman in the window.

When Monday arrived Rebecca raced to work.  She always got tons of work done in the morning and also anticipated what her Master might have in store. When she arrived for work her boss called her in his office and told her she got a nice message from the client and that he thought your personal touch impressed him and he’d be back in touch with this week to talk more about moving his account to their firm.  He boss shook her hand and told her he was pleased with her work. Rebecca walked back to her office.  She noticed that her nameplate on her door had been changed to R. Maria Ferrante.  She was horny and wanted him to text her.

As the day went on and as it approached the time to leave Rebecca checked that everything was done and left the office. As she approached her car in the garage she saw someone she did not expect to see waiting at her car and it was her Black Master. When Rebecca got to her car she asked her Black Master what he was doing here and he said that he wanted to take her somewhere as he had a surprise for her and she said ok and got into the car with him. As the drove out of town, Rebecca reached over and stroked her Balack Master’s cock. But before long he stopped at parking lot outside a shopping mall and then told her to follow him. He lead he to a tattoo shop and Rebecca immediately said there was no way she was going to get a tramp stamp, but before she could turn around, he grabbed her and pulled her inside and said it was about time people knew who you belong to so he wanted her to have a QoS tattoo and Rebecca asked what is that and he said it is called a Queen of Spades tattoo and it means that everyone who sees it will know that you only fuck black cocks and Rebecca said she couldn’t have that as she wouldn’t be able to explain that to her family and friends but he said, “I think you will come up with something” and then he told her to follow him in the tattoo shop, holding her hand.  Rebecca knew she was getting a tattoo whether she wanted one or not.  She had always hated them and now she was going to get one.  When the last customer left, there was a huge black man sitting on a chair smoking a stinky cigar and when he saw her Black Master he got up and said “Amigo! Welcome! Is that your new girl?” and they hugged each other and said it been a long time and her Black Master said yes it has been a long time and then he pushed her forward and said,  “Javier, this is my new Queen and she needs your special artistry.  Believe me, she has earned the title.”   The man looked her over and puffed on his cigar. He slapped her on the ass and looked her in the eye.  “Yes I think I know what she needs.  If she behaves, this one will be on the house.”

His friend then went and locked the front door and turned off the “open” sign.  He then led them into a private room.  Her Black Master got his video camera out and set it up.  Rebecca saw what looked like a gynecologists table and Javier patted it to signal her to sit down. He told Rebecca to take her pantyhose and skirt off and get in the chair and spread her legs ready for him.  When she told him she was only wearing stockings and not pantyhose he smiled and chewed on his cigar.  He put his hand up her skirt and snapped her thong. Rebecca jumped and then did as she was told and got onto the chair as Javier left to go wash his hands. When Javier came back he asked her Black Master where he wanted the mark, what color and how big and he was told to put a black tasteful and elegant one on her right side of her pussy and a few inches above her panty line so that it can still be seen when she has them on. And he can flash it to others without pulling down her pants.

Rebecca relaxed as she heard this and then suddenly realized her ankles and wrists were clamped down to the seat by her Mlack Master.  She struggled and then looked at Javier and he said that it was for her protection so that she didn’t flinch and get hurt.  He then grabbed a gel and applied it to the area.  It was kind of a numbing agent.  Javier first outlined the tattoo and then began to ink it. It hurt and he told her to say “Fuck” if she needed a break.  She gripped the chair harder as he re-started and Rebecca started to scream out in pain and tears came out of her eyes and dripped down her cheek.  Her Black Master had a smile on his face as he liked to see her suffer. Rebecca kept gripping the chair and was in pain and was asking how much longer would it be. He said if she kept still it would not take long so Rebecca did her best to put up with the pain and never used her safety word.  After 30 mins. he said that he was finished, threw the nub of his cigar into an ashtray and admired his work. Her Black Master came round to have a look and zoom in on the tattoo with his phone and took a photo. He was pleased that it had worked out the way he wanted it and then his Javier put some gauze over the tattoo and told Rebecca that she had to keep it covered for a few days to avoid infection. Then her Black Master said to Rebecca, “Now you are going to thank and pay him for the tattoo.” She looked at Javier who had already pulled out a half limp thick cock. Rebecca knew exactly what was expected of her.  The Black Master unfastened her wrists and she got into a doggie-style position and give him a blowjob.  Rebecca loved feeling his cock grow in her hands.

Rebecca started to suck on his cock and Javier was fucking her mouth holding her head against his body as she was nearly gagging on his cock, but she kept sucking him until after sometime she started to taste some of his precum and it turned her on. She kept sucking his black cock and then he told her that he was cumming.  She tried to pull away but he held onto her head as he released a loud roar and filled her mouth with his cum and when he had finished he pull it out and some of his cum leaked out on to the floor. And then her Black Master told her to take her panties off and get back into the chair and spread her legs.  He ankle locks jangled as she maneuvered back onto her back and her Black Master refastened her wrists.   Javier was already ready for Part 2.  He got between her legs and forced his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast with his thick cock and then her Black Master got his cock out and told Rebecca to open her mouth and he forced his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her mouth hard. Rebecca looked over and saw that she was still being filmed being fucked by his friend in the pussy and by the Black Master in the mouth at the same time. Suddenly Javier pushed his cock all the way into her vagina and started to fill her vagina with his cum.  Rebecca closed her eyes and felt the warm liquid seep through her body.  It felt so good.  Moments later her Black Master also came and filled her mouth with his cum. Then his friend pull his cock out of her vagina and his cum started to leak from her vagina onto the floor and her Black Master pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to swallow all his cum.  Javier took some photos of her legs spread open with cum leaking out.  He told her that he was happy to be her first Queen of Spades client and that he should call her if there were any complications.  He gave her some pain killers as well as care instructions for her tattoo.

When they had both finished, her Black Master stopped the video camera and then told Rebecca to get dressed and when she was ready Javier and let them out and her Black Master thanked his friend and then they left. As they where driving her Black Master told her to pull her skirt up and open the patch area so he could see the tattoo and when Rebecca did that he reach over with his hand and started to rub her vagina with his fingers.  Rebecca closed her eyes and moaned. This was making Rebecca wet and then she saw her Black Master take a turn off into a side road which lead into a wooded area and she was wondering what was he up to. Then her Black Master parked the car and told her to get out and come around to his side of the car.  When she was in the front of the car he told her to take off herskirt and panties and bend over the front of the car and then he came behind her and bent down and started to lick her vagina with his tongue and rub her clit at the same time. Rebecca was enjoying what her Black Master was doing to her and she was telling him to keep licking her vagina so that she could cum. He open her vagina and started to put his tongue in her vagina and started fuck her vagina with his tongue and Rebecca was starting to feel her orgasm build up and she was screaming at him not to stop.  Standing bare assed naked in the wilderness she was excited.  But he stopped again.  He loved teasing her and making her beg. Rebecca started to cry and beg for him to continue as she was close to an orgasm.

He then took his tongue out of her vagina and got up and got his cock and forced it into her vagina and fucked her hard and fast and Rebecca told him to fuck her hard and make her cum and he was telling her that now she has be branded with the QoS tattoo that she now belonged to him and she will fuck any black cocks that he tells her to.  He asked if she liked Javier’s cock in her pussy and she said that she had enjoyed it.  He started to fuck her harder and reminded her that she could enjoy other men, but only one’s he let fuck her. As he was fucking her Rebecca could feel a powerful orgasm build in both of them and she was screaming at him to fuck her harder as she was nearly ready to cum and he went faster until Rebecca screamed out that she was cumming and he told her was going to breed her and put his black seed in her vagina and put a baby in her belly. “Yes I want that,” she said. And then he forced his cock all the way into her vagina and was touching her cervix and then he stopped and she felt his cock begin to pulse and fill her with his black seed.

After he had filled her vagina with his cum he took his cock out and told her to clean his cock and she put it into her mouth and clean the cum of his cock and then he took it out of her mouth and he told her to turn around on the hood of the car and got his phone and took a few photos of her with her skirt pull up showing her vagina with his cum leaking out. When he had finished he told Rebecca to put her panties back on and get back into the car and he got in and then drove them both back to the hotel. When they got there they both got out and before he gave her back her car keys there were a few of the black thugs standing in front of the hotel and he told her to pull up her skirt, pull her panties down and take off the bandage that was covering her tattoo and show the lads. Rebecca was shocked. She was a bit shy, but in the end she did it and her Black Master told them that she is now a Queen of Spades and she belongs to him and all black cocks.  They all came around rushing to take a look and saw the fresh cum dripping out of her pussy.

When all the black thugs had seen the tattoo they all cheered and then her Black Master told her to cover up the tattoo and pull her panties on again and she could go. So Rebecca got in the car and drove off as she wanted to get home and out of the sight of the black thugs and her Black Master has she felt.  It was a turn on with all those men around her on a public street looking at her red pussy.  She was ashamed and aroused that he had made her do that. But that was what the tattoo was for, so that black men would be able to identify her. As she was on her way home she found a quiet spot and stopped the car and started to cry. The pain from the tattoo and also the shame of showing it to the black thugs. As she was crying she knew that she had a  problem and that was how does she explain the tattoo if her family, friends, or co-workers saw.  She would have to be careful about what she wore.

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  1. Omg that was so hot and I hope Rebecca gets one someday for real (i. e. Permanent and located just like it is in the story). I can’t wait to read about how she has to deal with hidding this tattoo from her family and coworkers! -Daniel

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