IMPORTANT MEMO From The Boss (@RebeccasOffice)

Just a reminder that if you are a long-time member of my site and signed up with me on, I am no longer with them.  I am with

After seven months, the grace period is now over and we are now going to stop providing access to those who signed up via Dreamnet.  I don’t want to lose those members, but I have sent out many reminders.  We do not get paid for those subscriptions so it is important to move your subscription to

I have sent many notices on this and just want to make sure you get this FINAL and last reminder.

How do you fix this?  It is so simple.  We already closed your Dreamnet access so all you need to do is SIGN UP under the same name and email as before.Just go to this link and sign up for my site here.  OurNaksedSecret has given you a better pricing than you had at Dreamnet: RENEW BY CLICKING HERE

It is that simple! Please email me if you have any questions!!




One thought on “IMPORTANT MEMO From The Boss (@RebeccasOffice)

  1. Rebecca, I am a ”member”, pardon the pun, that loves to read your comments and enjoy your images almost as much as the videos. You are too hot for words! I’ve noticed that lately you have been dressing sexier for your men. The high heel sandals should be your go to item always. Never think of fucking without them … they showcase your beautiful feet in a special way and enhance the appearance of your legs and general posture. You have a special aura that so many women lack. If you choose to bless us with your presence … men will die for you for years to come. Love you Doll.

    PS-Strappy heels subliminally are a submissive message that is so feminine. The straps say I’m a girl, I love it, I’m tied up here for you.

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