2 thoughts on “@RebeccasOffice Barter System: The Stripper Economy Part 1

  1. Well I’m a plumber and I have to barter with the housewives from time to time. I’m always ready to see what they have to offer me for the work that I did for them. I especially love the mature women that don’t have a lot of money and are willing to give themselves to me for payment. They act like they don’t understand but they are always wearing night gowns and bend over so I can see their tits hang down. I have had sex with over 20 ladies that paid me with sex and I have always enjoyed it. I always get called back to their homes for more service work which is really just them wanting to have sex again.

  2. Oh yeah as far as you are concerned I would love to be able to have you in my debt because I have always wanted to experience sex with you. To be able to taste your beautiful pussy and suck on your big beautiful nipples would be like heaven to me. Your biggest fan Tom

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