Member Erotica: Chapter 15 (Part 2) – The Overnight Romance

When the Black Master pulled up to the Hotel Casa Del Mar, she was impressed.  She had no idea they were coming here. The way she was dressed was very slutty and the place was so elegant.  She had always wanted to stay here and had no idea that they had a romantic hotel restaurant, Catch, that overlooked Santa Monica beach. One of the valets winked at Rebecca as she got out of the car.  She realized he must have seen her stockings as she looked so low class for this venue.  She did not notice that her Black Master tipped the other valet, gave him the car keys, told him his last name and that they had reservations at Catch and whispered instructions. He then came around, grabbed her hand and then her Black Master told her that he had a surprise for her later on. He put his arm around her and they both walked into the hotel and he went to where the restaurant and went up to the manager and told him his name and that he had booked a table for two and then the manager checked the list and then said to follow him to your table. When they got there her Black Master pull her chair out and Rebecca sat down and then he pushed the chair in and then he sat down and asked for the wine list. The waiter came with the wine list and her Black Master ordered a bottle of cabarnet and then asked for the menu and the waiter left. He returned with the wine and two glasses and put them down and started to pour the wine in each glass and gave Rebecca and her Black Master a menu.  After ordering, her Black Master picked up his glass gave a toast and said, “To a great night with my beautiful woman”. Rebecca replied and said, “And to a great night with my strong and naughty Black Master” and they both took a drink off the wine. After some time the waiter returned with some oysters and their entrees.  The Black Master said, “I hope you enjoy the oysters.  They say they are an aphrodisiac.”

While they were have their meal Rebecca would chat to her Black Master has they got to know each other better and her Black Master said, “When it is just the two of us you can call me by my first name which is Trevor and when you are with me you will be Rebecca”. She began to relax and could not wait to be alone with Trevor in bed later on. She started to get wet between her legs as she was getting turn on thinking about it. After they had finished their meal Trevor asked Rebecca if she wanted any dessert and she said no, because she didn’t want to be full and she wanted his chocolate cock for to satisfy her sweet tooth. The waiter handed them the bill. Trevor poured her a final glass of wine and then he finished off the rest himself.  He signed the bill and grabbed a small envelope from the billfold.  Rebecca was unaware that the valets had checked thme into a room and put their bags in a room already. The enveloped had the number of his room on the outside and contained two key cards for the room.  He reached across the table to caress her hand. Rebecca was relaxed by the wine and unaware that people were staring at this woman in a short leather miniskirt, thigh high stiletto boots, and transparent black blouse staring lovingly at a black man who was definitely not her husband.  When they finished their wine, he came around, helped her up and put his arm round her.  She saw that they were not going to the car instead they went to the elevator. When the doors closed he pushed the button for the 5th floor and he put his arms around her and kissed her hard on the lips and felt her ass at the same time. Rebecca was rubbing her vagina against his hard cock. When they reached the 5th floor, he rached under her skirt and grabbed her ass and lead her to a room and took out the cardkey and when they both entered the room Trevor shut the door and he lead her to the bed.  She loved the room which overlooked the Santa Monica beach and the canopy bed she always had dreamed of having.  As they reached the bed he looked at her and said, “Tonight I will be making love to you with all the passion in my body.” Rebecca looked at him and said, “I have been waiting for this to happen all day and I want you to make love to me.”

Trevor then asked Rebecca, “Do you want your birth control pills back?” Rebecca looked at him and said, “Yes I do want them,” and put out her hand. But he told her to beg for them. Rebecca started to get on her knees and beg him for the pills. “Please give me my pills.  I don’t want to get pregnant.  People will know what happened”.  He laughed and told her he was going to make her his baby mama and if she needed to have an abortion, she’d have to do it. “You are my personal whore wife and tonight is the beginning of your black breeding.” The words excited her, but Rebecca was not as worried as she had made out as she had been to the doctor earlier in the week and had been outfitted with an IUD, so she wouldn’t need a condom or pills. Rebecca then went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and told him that she needed him and would do whatever he wanted to do with her.  She’d be happy to belong to him and be his personal deposit for his cum.  He smiled and tossed her birth control in the garbage.

They both started to kiss each other hard on the mouth and Rebecca was rubbing her vagina against his cock.  It begin to get hard and then she got down on her knees and pulled his zipper down and took his cock out, putting it in her mouth to suck him hard and ready to fuck her. She was nearly gagging, but she did not stop as she wanted to feel his cock filling her mouth. While Rebecca was sucking his cock Trevor was holding her head as he fucked her mouth and enjoying the feeling of her tongue licking his balls. Something was different. She sucked his balls and strokes his cock with a different energy. This beautiful white woman was making love to his cock.  He felt the sensuality in her mouth.  Rebecca started to move her hand to her vagina and started to rub her vagina hard and fast as Trevor was fucking her mouth with his cock and after some time Rebecca felt her orgasm build up and looked up.  “Oh Trevor, I want to cum when you cum in my mouth!” Rebecca started to have a powerful orgasm and squirted and her panties were wet and she soaked the carpet. Just then Rebecca felt Trevor stop fucking her mouth and he filled her mouth with his cum and she tried to swallow it all but it came too fast and some of it leaked out of her mouth and she used her fingers to scoop up the rest of the cum and licked her fingers clean.

Then Rebecca got up and started to get naked. She got on the bed and laid down and watched Trevor get naked as well. She admired his hot body and his huge black cock was still hard.  She couldn’t believe how quick a recovery time he had. She could not wait to feel him slide and stretch his cock into her vagina and give her a good fucking.  She wanted it to fill her up and hurt a little. She wanted him to take charge and make her enjoy it the way he wanted it. When her Black Master was naked he got on the bed and gently moved between her legs, kissing her legs and caressing her breasts. She could feel his huge cock as it brushed against her vagina and she felt it’s weight slap her ass.  Trevor kissed her hard on the lips and Rebecca was moving to try and get his cock in her vagina. Just then Trevor started to suck on her nipples and tug on them with his teeth. “Oh I want you Trevor.  I want only you.” She whispered.  “I want you to show me what it takes to belong to a black lover.”  This was getting Rebecca wet and she had goose bumps all over her body.  He moved down her body until he got to her clit and started to suck it with his mouth and talented tongue.  She loved a man with a great tongue.  This was sending Rebecca over the edge as she squirmed with delight and was soon screaming that she was cumming and she had another powerful orgasm and squirted on the bedsheets. They were soon wet and Trevor’s face was wet and shiny with her cum all over his lips.  But he wasn’t done. He continued to lick, suck and chew on her her clit and then he opened her vagina lips with his fingers and pushed his tongue in and started to fuck her with his tongue. Rebecca was telling him not to stop and to keep fucking her vagina with his tongue hard and fast as she was nearly read to cum and soon Rebecca was screaming again that she was cumming and he continued to tongue-fuck her vagina as he wanted to taste her cum again and soon she grab his head and push it hard against her vagina and had another powerful orgasm and covering his face again with her foamy and creamy cum. He started to suck her cum into his mouth and she could not believe that Trevor was making love to her and not forcing her to do things.

After he had made her cum again he moved his tongue up her body and when his cock was near her vagina he got hold of it and push its stiff head in her vagina and started to fuck her slowly. Rebecca put her legs and arms round Trevor and told him to fuck her hard and fast. As he was fucking her Rebecca was pushing her vagina up to get more of his cock inside her vagina and was hold him tight and was enjoying his huge black cock inside her. She could feel his cock deep in her vagina and it would bounce off her cervix. This gave her another orgasm and she could not believe that she was having so many orgasms and she kept telling him, “Trevor fuck me, fuck me with your huge black cock.” Trevor then pulled his cock out and told her to get on her hands and knees and he got behind her and push his cock back into her vagina doggie style and started to fuck her again and grabbed hold of her hips as he was fucking her. Rebecca screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm and then Trevor pushed himself all the way into her vagina and then stopped as he pumped her full with his black seed and said, “I am going to breed you everyday and give you a black baby in your belly, and Rebecca screamed out,  “Yes. Give me all your black seed and give me a black baby in my belly Trevor.” When he had finished filling her vagina with his black seed he took it out and kissed her on the lips and Rebecca said that she knew that now she loved Trevor and could not wait for him to make love to her again. When Trevor went to the toilet Rebecca pulled the covers on the bed back on lay down on the bed waiting for him to return to make love to her again.

When he came back into the room he saw his lover on the bed waiting for him and he got hard instantly and go on the bed. They began to kiss each other on the lips and she cuddled up to him and it felt good to feel his body next to hers. Rebecca move her hand down to his cock and started to give him a hand job to get him hard again, but he was already there. Rebecca couldn’t believe herself.  He was making her feel like a woman again no matter what he did to her. When his cock was rock hard she got on top of him and put his cock into her vagina and started to fuck him cowgirl style and he started to grab her breasts and pull her nipples while she was fucking him. She was getting wetter as she fucked him and told him that she loved him and his huge black cock and then she started to feel another orgasm build up inside her again and carry on until she screamed out that she was cumming and squirted on his cock and she let it slide all the way in her vagina until it touch her cervix and she told Trevor to cum hard in her vagina and fill his girl with his black seed and make her an honest woman”. He told her he was cumming and he filled her vagina with his black seed as her eyes closed and she felt his heavy balls slam against her ass.  They were warm and sweaty and she loved it.

After he had filled her vagina with his black seed he pulled it out of her vagina and he moved up to Rebecca’s mouth so that she could clean him off.  She used her tongue to lick the cum off his cock and held his balls in the palm of her hand and slowly sucked the salty sweat and cum off of him. When she was finished he looked at the time and saw that it was 2 in the morning and decided that it was time to catch up on some sleep.  He gave her a kiss and told her he was happy that she would be spending the night.  He told her that she was welcome to his cock at any time during the evening if she felt she needed more.  This excited her as she grabbed his warm cock.  She looked at him and said, “Thank you Trevor, my lover. I might take you up on that. Your cock is welcome to pleasure me any time you want as well.” Then she turn away from him and he put his arms around her, cupping her breasts. She felt his cock slide up in the crack of her ass and she pushed up against it the way a bun surrounds a hot dog. They both went to sleep.

To be continue in Part 15 Rebecca Spends The Night With Her Black Master Part 3.


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