Meet the Interns of @RebeccasOffice – Corporate Secrets

We were recently unofficially voted the “Sexiest Place to Work” on the internet.  So when we opened our doors for summer interns we got a lot of candidates.  We picked the best and brightest and sexiest, but most of all we considered all types regardless of skin color, sexual orientation , etc.  We do things a little differently here and we thought we’d like to show you.  Last week we took some corporate photos and thought it would be good to share some with you.  Most said no, but we went through the HR files and found the scoop on two of our girls and told them that if they did not comply, we’d have to do some corporate hazing with the executives.  They were both surprisingly a little shy, but we thought we’d show you our Asian and Latina interns and their corporate mug shots.  In fact, we’d like to hear from you on which you prefer.
The girls did not cooperate very well, so we had to do some hazing…’ll need to check out the video too! Did we mention that every corporate photo must include a photo of your frontal private parts?  Well one girl complied and the other did not.  Both girls it turns out had a checkered past and we need to tell them it was okay and nobody would know if they did as we asked.  Just like most girls who move to LA, you have to hit the casting couch and remove your clothes to make a little money before you become a Hollywood star.  Well it turns out these girls have done more than that.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THE INTERNS
Well it turned our Latina intern would not show much during our Corporate photo shoot.  Shame on her.  So we decided that since she would only show her naked butt, we decided that she needed to take our COO back to her place and let him blindfold her and let him play with her boobs and more.  Watch this brief preview as our COO finds her alone in her bed and gives us a chance to see between her legs and gets to touch her privates.  She complained about it at first, but we told her she had to pay the consequences and that she’d have to give up her internship if she complained again.  Check out the goosebumps on her legs as she waits in anticipation and our COO runs his hands over body wondering what he might do……(wait til next time when you hear her great orgasm)   CLICK HERE TO SEE THE SHORT VIDEO CLIP


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