@RebeccasOffice gets her ass served by her boyfriend (Video)

Someone recently said I wasn’t keeping it fresh and I hadn’t posted my interracial action in a while!  I always do!  I have not missed a weekly update in 14 years.  Well if you want fresh, here is something I did this past weekend.  Actually I didn’t do anything.  My boyfriend did.  I told him I wanted to give you all something that you desired and that I could not imagine.   He made me get on all fours and serve him while he filmed with his phone.   As you can see, my boyfriend really knows how to take advantage of me.
As he would not face me the whole evening and took me over and over again and used me as his toy, I did not see what he was doing.  When I saw the end of this video, I was shocked at what he did to me.  I had no idea.  All I could say is that I enjoyed it but I could have enjoyed it more if he gave me the real thing.   CLICK HERE AND SEE HOW HE TRICKED ME. 

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  1. This is a comment sent by “BB” via email and I wanted to respond to it here:
    To me by far the sexiest woman walking the earth is a white woman converted into a slut whore by her black owner, you Rebecca have ever been sexier, I can tell the excitement in your writing, you are living and living life on a whole not her level…I love it, also love your total submission to your BULL, I have been involved with the interracial lifestyle since the seventies and over the years spent many hours chatting with like minded married single divorced white women also in the lifestyle, some so devoted they did anything their black man told them to do, for they provided them with so much unbridled animalistic sex nothing else mattered except pleasing her man anyway she possibly can, I knew of three different wht women so subservient they would do anything to please one of the ways to test their true devotion to them was to take them to a special party, where it was a party of mainly black couples but the women of the night were white, and they all eventually appeared in the middle of the room , naked and next to them a big k9 with Sox on its front paws, this was a true test, for these white women before the night was over got to feel what it’s like when a k9 knots inside of you, once inside he gets so big it’s like being fisted and the dog just goes nuts, the women I chatted with said it was the most intense orgasm they ever had and all said they would do it again in a heart beat even if it was the most humiliating thing they had ever done in front of a crowd…..question for you Rebecca if your new owner came and took you to one of these parties and told you last minute you found out you are going to get knotted by a k9 tonight would you deny him?

    • Well f you know me, I might be okay with being dominated and trying new things that might be considered by some to be demeaning, but if you have read my FAQ, there is no way I would do that. I am not going to do anything with blood and/or death, animals or under-aged children. There is a fine line between kinky and sick.

      For example, if he wanted to dress like a dog and make me bark like a dog, I might do that if it turned him on. For those who know me and have followed me, when I have sex with someone, I give myself to the person I am having sex with. They can spank me or kiss me, but all the same I develop a romantic and emotional feeling for that person. That kind of thing with a real animal is just not a turn on to me.

  2. The way I see it Rebecca life is short, some much shorter than others, if you dont go through life enjoying yourself than you only cheated yourself, I love your new life more than you could ever know, because I enjoy happy people and I know you have never been happier, a happy woman is a sexy woman…And your man is going to do things to you that will absolutely blow your mind and make sure you are one very happy satisfied woman.

    I have a Rutgers study I will share with you, out of 800 polled, almost 9 out of 10 white women fantasize about having sex with a black man however what was alarming less than 3% would marry a black man, I believe it’s because once you have sex with a black man you know one pussy will never satisfy his massive sex drive, no matter who the woman is, Kanye West trust me has had sex with other women besides Kim, and he gives her more sex than she can handle, therefore I believe she won’t even fight him on it.

    I believe when you get involved with a interracial relationship with a black man you will be shared with many other black men and in return he has carte blanche on other strange pussy as well, the relationship much different than the traditional white marriage…one spouse for the rest of your life, though sweet, it’s less than 50/50 now I see many white couples today come to the conclusion black men are far superior in bed just like they are in sports, when you consider the US population is made up of 70% wht and only 16% Black the sport world is dominated by the black man, boxing, football, baseball, basketball…dominance, so why not the bedroom?

    Sorry I need to learn to use more paragraphs, but white husbands are finding out they get off watching their wives fuck black men sometimes more than fucking them themselves, because they are that much better

    I jumped on that train myself with my first wife back in the early 90s Reggie was a black man I found at one of our swing clubs one night, however he was working for he was the bouncer…big strong 10 years younger, I introduced myself when the wife was in back getting busy, I showed him a pic of her, big tits big huge nipples,looked like Chris Everett with tits, two weeks later not only was his BBC buried into my wife’s BBC virgin pussy,he also taught me I enjoy sucking bbc too
    My wife got so turned on she Pissed the bed watching me taking directions from Reggie

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