MEET COLLEEN: @RebeccasOffice colleague’s first photos online

When Colleen came into my office asking if she could shut the door to talk to me in private, I was a little confused.  We had worked in the same building for 9 years and barely talked to each other.  Then when she mentioned she had read my interview with the @Cuck_Consultant, I started to get nervous.  She told me that a big birthday was coming up in her life and she wanted to do something special.  Her husband showed her the interview and she immediately recognized me.  Older than me, she decided that she wanted to try new things and that she wanted to see if men were attracted to her before she entered the cuckold lifestyle.  I must say that I hope I look just as good when I am her age.  Wow!

So we agreed that she’d come over and take some photos.  At first I thought they’d chicken out, but they arrived and we hung out and she took several different boudoir style photos around my home  She isn’t sure if she’d like to become a webgirl, but having been married for over 35 years to the same man, she is eager to try other cock. She has asked that you write to me if you want to meet her and are in the Southern California area. She shows you everything but her pussy, so I stepped in and took some photos too!


11 thoughts on “MEET COLLEEN: @RebeccasOffice colleague’s first photos online

  1. Colleen is amazing. I’ve jerked off to her a few times already. I hope to see a lot more of her.

    • Oh we have more photos we took that day just in case. If we get more affirmative responses we will definitely post more of her and maybe do some action shots.

  2. We loves Rebecca, not this wife, it’s the office of Rebecca, not of all girls of the net

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