Member Erotica: Chapter 23 Part 1

Chapter 23. Rebecca Becomes A Submissive Slave For A Group Of Black Men Part 1.

Rebecca got up early and her body was sore from the night before.  It was only Tuesday. Usually she had the weekend to recover, but with so little sleep she was tired. After meeting Trevor straight from work on a Monday night and having sex with him to make up for not seeing him the prior week, she still had to go to work.  After getting dressed she went down to the kitchen to make herself a coffee.  She found her husband eating breakfast.  He had fallen asleep the night before and she hadn’t woken him up when she came home.

He looked at her.  “What happened? We were so worried. You didn’t answer your phone or texts?  We had to make our own meal.” He was looking at her not mad but afraid of what she might say or tell him.  She looked at him nervously and a tear ran down her cheek.  She walked over to him.  She kissed him on the lips.  She couldn’t lie.  “I’m sorry. I love you.  I really do, but I have been having an affair.”  Her husband didn’t blink. She continued, “I’m sorry.  It didn’t start that way. I don’t love him like you.  It’s different.  I just need him.  He gives me something different that we’ve been missing.”

Al looked at her.  He saw her sorrow.  He hadn’t told her about the dozens of women he had slept with behind her back or the nurse at work that he had been fucking for the past three years.  He couldn’t be mad at her, especially when he felt relieved.  Relieved that it wasn’t just him that had been unfaithful. He tried to look angry.  “Do I know him?”.  She shook her head, “No, we met at a bar.  Look, I need to get to work.  I will discuss this with you later.  Just know that I still love you.  I just can’t have sex with you for now.  I don’t want to okay?” Al nodded.  That was fine.  He didn’t know how to tell her he wasn’t interested in having sex with her either.  “I get it.  It’s okay. I just worry about the kids.  I told them you were working late and lost all track of time.  We’ll be okay.  I’m not mad.  We just need to communicate better.  I understand I have been busy at the hospital. I don’t blame you. Well hopefully you have to remember I am heading up to San Francisco today.  I’ll be back Thursday night.  We’ll talk about this this weekend”.  He kissed her and went upstairs.  Rebecca turned and left.

As she drove she was relieved that Al took it well and she wouldn’t have to deal with it right away. She would still perform for Carl the rest of the week. She was enjoying the shows she was putting on for him.  She knew the other black guards saw them too and she smiled when they gave her winks. The rest of the week she put on a daily lunch show. She loved the power and control over their cocks.  It made her feel good. When her husband returned Thursday late, she was asleep.  She left him a note that she was going out on Friday with her lover and would not return til Saturday.  They would talk more on the weekend.  She had a shower and the she put on her white bra, white panties, white suspender belt and white stockings and then she looked at herself in the mirror and saw Rebecca the black slut who craves black cocks.  She was so excited for this day.  She wasn’t hiding anymore.  She already told her husband she was fucking someone else.  He didn’t know who or that they were black, but now she was free to do what she wanted. She was enjoying letting Carl see her play with herself until she squirts all the floor of her office and then kneeling down on her knees and cleaning it up with her tongue.  It excited her to let him fantasize about her.  When Rebecca was dressed and ready she left the house and drove to work and when she got there she saw that Carl was not on the door which meant he would be watching the security camera’s and waiting for her performance at lunch time when everyone had gone.

When she got to her office she switch on her laptop and checked her emails and saw one from Trevor and it was title: “Are you ready for your surprise tonight” and started to read it “I want you to meet me at the hotel at 6.00 pm as I am taking you somewhere special as I have a surprise for you. You will be late out and will not be going home till late so it is up to you what you tell your husband the reason why you will be late home or even the next day”. After Rebecca had read it she decided that she would surprise Trevor that she told her husband that she would not be home and that she had been having an affair.  She wanted to see his face though when she told him. Rebecca checked the rest of her emails and found one from Carl and it was title: “Today better be good my little camera slut!” and Rebecca knew that she had to perform for Carl this lunch time to keep him quiet and then she deleted the email.

At lunch time when everyone had gone Rebecca locked her office door and got the dildo and butt plug from her drawer.  She turned on some music and then she slowly took her blouse and skirt off, stripping for the camera as she stood in front of camera sucking the dildo and butt plug in just her underwear as she looked directly in the camera. She then took her bra and panties off and  was just wearing her suspenders and stockings and high heels. She put the butt plug into her mouth to get it wet again and then she bent down with her ass in front of the camera and slowly pushed the butt plug into her ass.  She loved it and made sure to gasp loudly and showed the camera her ass with the butt plug in. Then she slowly walked to the couch and lay down and spread her legs. Shegot the dildo and put it in her mouth and sucked it like a cock until it was wet enough and then placed it at her vagina and slowly pushed it in all the way in and then began to slow fuck her vagina with the dildo, closing her eyes and fantasizing that it was her Black Master’s cock fucking her vagina. She was getting turned on as she pushed the dildo faster into her vagina until her body began to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm and screamed out as she came and squirted her cum onto the couch and relaxed as she came down from her orgasm and then she took the dildo slowly out of her vagina and licked it clean of her cum and then got off the couch, got down on her hands and knees and cleaned all her cum off the couch and then used her wet panties to clean what was left. She looked up at the camera and grimaced as she slowly took the butt plug out of her ass, got dressed and put her panties in the drawer with her dildo and butt plug. She blew a kiss at the camera and told them to have a great weekend.  Back in the control room Carl was cleaning the cum off his pants. Rebecca then checked that her office looked normal and spayed some air freshener to hide the smell of sex and then she unlocked her office door and went back to work.

Rebecca had finished cleaning up just in time before everyone came back before heading  to the meeting she had for afternoon. She then spent the rest of the afternoon finishing her administrative duties until it was time to head to Trevor’s place.  She was getting tired of his cheap hotel.  She wanted a better and more private place.  Rebecca went to the bathroom, refreshed her makeup and straightened up.  Rebecca drove to the hotel to meet Trevor eager to find out what the surprise was. Rebecca walked up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and rubbed her vagina against his hard cock as he grabbed her ass. She was horny and wanted a cock in her pussy.  After a few minutes Trevor let go of Rebecca and told her that she had to get ready for her surprise so he showed her what she was to wear and she was shocked what he had laid out on the bed. The outfit was a black lacy push up bra, black satin panties, black garter belt, black stockings and black “Fuck Me” heels.  She took a look at the skimpy outfit and asked him if it was all and Trevor said yes. Rebecca took off her coat, got undressed and, took a shower. She then came back and put on her outfit for the night’s surprise. When she had finished she stood there looking at herself in the mirror for Trevor to look at and he was pleased with how sexy she looked. She hoped they weren’t going out as she was basically in her underwear and her ass was not even covered in those panties.  He told her to put her coat on and to give him the car keys and to follow him. When they got to the car and He helped her in so that her coat did not open, he helped her with her seat belt and  leaned in and put a blindfold over her eyes so that she could not see where they were going and then got in the car and drove to where the surprise was. What Rebecca didn’t know was that Trevor was taking her to a place where a special group of black business men who had paid for Rebecca to be their submissive slave for the night.  Carl had gone into Rebecca’s files at night and found the contact information for all of her black clients and had emailed them a link to the website. So these men were going to get the chance to sleep with their personal financial advisor.

When they arrived at the at the house he got out of the car and went round to Rebecca’s side and open it, helped her out, and then led her to the front door and rang the bell. A black man opened it, smiled, but did not say a word and he led them both in. He led them to a room and Trevor sat her on a couch after he took her coat off.  Rebecca had a sense for what was about to happen.  She was excited at the thought of sleeping with one or more strangers.  She was so horny after teasing Carl all week. Trevor then stood her up and took the blindfold off. Rebecca stood there in her underwear she saw that there was a group of black men in the room. She opened her mouth in horror as she realized that she recognized all these men as her clients. “Noooo”, she said as she looked at Trevor. Trevor told her “Don’t worry Rebecca.  All of these men know your little secret and have paid a little extra for your services.  They have all agreed that they have always wanted to fuck you and that they sure hope that after tonight you will continue to give them great service to keep their accounts with you.  Tonight you will be their submissive slave and your body belongs to them.  They loved the brilliant mind that you have given them, but tonight it is your body they want. You will do whatever they want you to do without complaint and you will fulfill their every wish do you understand?” Rebecca looked at him, smiled and said, “Yes”. Trevor did not know yet that Rebecca had already told her husband that she was committed to Trevor and her new lifestyle. He was making her life easier.  Some of these guys she already wanted to sleep with.  Now they were paying for the opportunity. Sleeping with these guys to keep their accounts would be an easier way of keeping them.  Before he left, Trevor told her that he would pick her up when they finished with her. He walked to one of the men and talked with him for few minutes.

When the door was shut Rebecca looked at all the men and began to shake with fear as she did not know what was going to happen to her.  Rebecca then noticed that there was a camera in the room and the red light was on meaning that it was filming what was going to happen to her for Trevor to watch afterwards. Then one of her clients, a burly black gentlemen she knew as Hillard, started to walk towards her. He put a collar round her neck and it had the word “Slut” in silver on it and he told her to put her hands behind her back and he handcuffed them.  She whispered to him to be gentle, but he only got more forceful. When in place, he spoke to her and told her “While you are here you will only answer “Yes Sir” to any one of us when we tell you to do anything and you we will call you “Bitch” do you understand? Rebecca had no choice but to say “Yes”. The man then led Rebecca to the rest of the men and then he forced her down onto her knees and she was soon surrounded by these men who started to take out there big black cocks and they lined up in front of her and she soon lost her fear of being alone with these men and began to get turned on know that there was all these cocks waiting to fuck her. The man to the left of her pushed his cock into her mouth and she began to suck it and as he tried to push more of his cock into her mouth she started to gag, but she did not care. She liked being dominated. As she was sucking the man to her left she wished that her hands were free so that she could stroke the other cocks in front of her and she was so turned on watching the other men stroking there cocks in front of her face.

Rebecca’s panties were getting wet from the powerful orgasm she was having being used by all these black cocks and then the man on her left took is cock out of her mouth and as she turned her head to the front, her mouth was spread open and two cocks ere jammed into her mouth.  She could barely breath as she gave them a quick suck just to tease them before turning to her right and saw that another cock was leaking cum.  Like a vampire to blood  she thought that he would soon be ready to cum so she put it in her mouth and sucked the cum fast so that he would cum quick. Then the man to her left grabbed her head and pulled her mouth off the cock she was sucking and pushed his cock into her mouth as he came and filled her mouth with his cum.  Rebecca was not ready for the cum as it struck the back of her throat. She coughed and tried to swallow his cum but it leaked out onto her chin and breasts.  Her eyes watering, another cock was pushed into her mouth from the man in the middle. Rebecca tasted his pre cum from the tip of his cock and was sucking it as she recklessly craved anything placed near her mouth.  She could feel his cock pulsing immediately and he fill her mouth with his cum slamming her head all the way to the edg of his balls as he yelled, “Take that bitch!”. The men cheered and then some of the men who were playing with their cocks were soon cumming all over her body. She was getting a cum shower from the rest of the men in her hair, on her face, on her ass, and her pussy. She wanted to swallow every last drop of cum from every one of the men. Rebecca felt her head being pulled forward again as another cock was pushed into her mouth and immediately exploded in her mouth, filling it with cum and her eyes started to tear up as she started to breath through her nose to stop from choking. It was overwhelming. The cum started to dripped from her mouth down to her chest as she cried.  It was too much for her.  “Please…..Please…..” she begged. The cock in Rebecca’s mouth pulled out and her head was turned to her right and another cock was pushed into her mouth and she started to suck it hard as she wanted him to cum quick. Her vagina was throbbing waiting for someone to fuck her and hard and use her when she felt two fingers being pushed into her vagina.  She moaned, “Yes, oh yes, fill that hole too!” When he started to finger fuck her, one of the men said “This bitch is wet and needs some black cock filling her pussy”. All Rebecca could do was moan as her mouth was full with a big black cock.

The man who’s cock was in her mouth stopped and pulled it out and then held it in front of her mouth and then when he came he covered her face and breasts with his cum and she stuck out her tongues trying to catch his squirts. The fingers in her vagina made her have another powerful orgasm and se just moaned and whimpered that she wanted more cum. Rebecca’s mind started to swim. She lost track of all 11 cocks. When they finally all had their cocks sucked and had cum, Rebecca just collapsed onto the floor exhausted. Some of the men took photos of her semi-conscious body with her face and body covered in all their cum while a couple others dropped another load into her mouth which was slightly parted. As she looked at them through her half closed eyes she wondered what else they had planned for her. She wished that she could clean some of the cum from her face as some of it had dripped into her eyes which were stinging.


To be continued in Chapter 23 Part2.