@RebeccasOffice Takes It Outside #FlashbackFriday

I usually post a #ThrowbackThursday post from a past update, but yesterday got away from me, so maybe today can be more of a #FlashbackFriday.  This post is from 8 years ago and originally was posted on 11/15/09.

Country Girls Like it Outside and Wet!

I recently was back at the farm I grew up on.  I do miss many of the pleasures of living out in the burbs sometimes.  One of the best things about my old homestead is that we had these great outdoor showers after a long day toiling on the farm.  I only wish back then that I could have had some of the boys on the farm over to share in a little water fun with me.  Oh well, before we sell our old family home, maybe you can just watch me take one last shower outdoors.   It feels so good and I know you’ll like me wet and outdoors!

Is this how you like your women?  Nude in public?  With water dripping down our curves and oozing between our cracks?  Come in and watch the water slide over my body.  I know what you’re thinking! You’re right!

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