4 thoughts on “StMaarten2

  1. Coincidence, been to St.Smarten a few times myself, which side of the island did you prefer, French or Dutch?
    Orient beach, sunset beach bar….we were there around that same time too…Damn IT
    Seeing you pounded in the sand by a bunch of strange BLACK natives would have been priceless

  2. The island isn’t very big. I have never been back. I liked the quiet native speaking French side, but where we met the locals was at Happy Bay Beach. It was in our rental cottage where this video took place.

  3. Still a great little get away , orient beach was clothing optional, great people watching, and yes I spent a great deal of time in the water …lots of IR action that made my dick betray myself ,something about Seeing wht women hanging all over the BLACK MAN makes me horny every time
    Small world I guess, sunset outdoor beach bar by the short runway airport all women drink for free if they go topless, we were with a couple and the guys wife drank for free if your a drinker, won’t find a better deal on the entire island, and from what I hear any given time a celebrity would show up and drink with vacationers and the locals…trust me you not only get your drinks free , they would have given you the key to the island

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