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This is kind of a serious topic and probably not very politically correct, but I want to hear thoughts.  As many of you now know, my ex-husband had been secretly videotaping and photographing me in private for many years even before we were married.  He was very kinky and had a plan. I was innocent, so I had no idea it would lead to where I am today.

It is true that my ex-husband/boyfriend had me wear sexy clothes and would often spank me, try bondage and discipline and other things on me.  I’d go 24 hours tied up and blindfolded naked to a tree in the backyard or to our bed while he played with my body.

It became a daily part of my life and he would share photos of me naked on the web.  In many cases I had no idea that people on the old bulletin boards were looking at these photos.

So now move ahead 20 years and my boyfriend has been looking through everything and has found these photos and videos.  They are poor quality, but he says they are some of the hottest things he has ever seen.

So some of this stuff might make people mad to see what my husband used to do to me, but I am okay with it.  If he did not do this to me, I would not be here today,  It was sexy.  Nobody ever thought of me physically as sexy until he taught me how to do it.  My question is if you all care to see this kind of content.  Please respond to this post and provide any thoughts positive or to the contrary!  Is this material you’d like to see?



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  1. I’m just not that interested in the thought of cuffing my wife outside to a fence or tying her to a tree.

    It’s one thing to make my wife feel wanted and desired, but when you treat them like a prisoner it goes from erotic to degrading.

    A woman like you should be treated like royalty, not like a criminal.

      • It wasn’t like I couldn’t get away. It was a trust exercise. I was scared to be sexy. I didn’t know how to be sexy. He wanted to parade me around like a queen in full robe and let me hear and see what men thought of me. It was like a king showing off his bride to his people and letting them see that he had the most beautiful bride to lead them. I could never have done that on my own. I would never have thought of it that way. To me it was erotic and I felt like royalty. There was nothing degrading about it.

  2. Rebecca I absolutely want to see these photos as they actually help tell your story. Showing how you went from under your hubby’s control to breaking his shackles and now belonging to a Black man. Pics are both disturbing and sexy and I really hope you will post them, they magnify the beauty and woman you are today. And of course while I object to your hubby’s doing this, if your Boyfriend does it I will just think it’s hot 🙂

  3. Please, Rebecca! No one thought you were sexy before hubby “trained” you. Hardly true!! Whether you dress for work or for play, you are sexy. All you needed to be sexy was your beautiful eyes and enticing smile. I hope you post them…from demure college coed to sexy business woman to the enticing woman you are today.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts gentlemen. I want to let you know that there was no violence at all. Yes I was innocent. I was a young woman who had very little experience with men. I just knew that when I found the right man that I wanted to be the good wife and please him. There was no violence. My husband never hit me or beat me. Well he did teach me to learn to like spankings (I do love them). I did all of these actions on my own. I could have resist more. I protested as I was more scared of being discovered by neighbors or passers by, but he made sure that I was always safe. Did you guys like 50 Shades of Gray? I was that girl before the story was ever written. It was his way of teaching me to learn to be obedient and trust my lover with any surprise they might be ready for. People ask me all the time how I became the woman I am, it was my ex who brought all of this out of me.

    • Interesting how Al trained you through Bondage and Submission. So many women with repressed sexuality now enjoying more freedom by observing you.

          • Wondered why you and Al divorced. He started all this and you both enjoyed it. I ask because I see otherwhitecouples who haveenjpyed this lifestyle for years and then the wives leave to live with their blacklovers

          • Enjoyed reading the article about your massage by Thomas on Literotica.com. Elsewhere , Al had called him Mark but there he didn’t explain what happened during the 2 hours he was in the lobby or that you were observed by other men at the beach.

          • My apologies. I read your private article in your FAQ.just so sad for your after all these years Longtime since2003and the first daysof Rebecca

          • If it is in FAQ, it is not private. And stop saying sorry. You need to read my interview with the Cuckold Consultant. I have said this a million times. This is a very very mutual and amicable separation. We still respect and love each other. I actually think we are better off than being stuck in a boring or horrible relationship. Nobody got hurt or has been hurt. EVERYONE has said that we all appear much happier and healthier in life.

  5. Hmmmm……upon reading this article, the first thing that went through my mind was a classic erotic movie from the 1980s, 9 1/2 Weeks. Mickey Rourke’s character did erotic yet intense, unimaginable things to Basinger’s character the entire film. Bondage, torture, the works; however, she still aimed to please him with her famous striptease number to Joe Cocker’s hit “Leave Your Hat On.” In this instance, I see all of the elements therein from that movie. A sex-crazed man (your ex) trying hard to turn you into an erotic woman. Some men would go to the extreme extent that your ex did; however, you were able to withstand, embrace, and wield your experiences into being the hottest MILF on the web today. I remember you doing a shoot where you were tied down in your sexy heels and taking a spanking a while back. At that time, you could handle such abuse and can do so today. It’s something that would’ve driven most women over the edge. However, you are not like most women. And because of the success of your site, it would be very advantageous to your fans (even your most devoted like yours truly) to exhibit yourself in FM-Heels displaying bondage videos. There’s another amateur web MILF, Desirae Spencer, who’s done it for years; however, she will not sex a black man nor has she ever done so. You would do so in a heartbeat. Advantage: Rebecca. So go ahead and take erotica to an entirely new deviant level. Kinky and freakish. Naughty yet tasteful. Why? Because only a woman like you can pull it off and make it look so good.

    • Richard,

      That is a really good characterization. I won’t show these photos this week, but tease you gentlemen. Can you imagine how many other women out there are having their own 50 Shades of Grey or 9 1/2 Weeks moments? How many husbands out there are showing their wives how they want them to be? And doing it like this? It does make me wet thinking about it. Thanks for your wonderful and well thought out opinion and insight.

  6. Hello Rebecca. I read your interviews on the Cuckhold consultant and now have a better understanding. Enjoy your life with your black lover and friends like so many other women and couples are doing today. Offering themselves on the alter of primal sexuality provided by BBC.

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