@RebeccasOffice ‘s Cuckold Week Culminates in Her History of Cuckold’s Update

EDITOR’S NOTE – Please do not read this update if you believe in the pureness of Rebecca.  This update made us feel a little dirty in that it made us horny at the expense of a time when she was so innocent and taken advantage of. If the subject of cuckolding makes you ill, we understand and encourage you to just wait until the next update.


As many of you already know, Rebecca had a big week with her latest interview with the Cuckold Consultant (http://thecuckoldconsultant.com/category/exclusive-interviews/)  and then that was also compounded with her story on the Member Erotica Episode Chapter 31.   Well after that we decided to change a few things around especially due to the responses on her poll and provide a cuckold pictorial and call this CUCKOLD WEEK.

DO YOU LIKE OLD RAW FOOTAGE? THINGS YOU WEREN’T SUPPOSED TO SEE?  READ ON! One of the natural fetishes that RebeccasOffice.com caters to is that of cuckolding . It really isn’t a primary fetish of the site but after fifteen years we are ready to address the issue.  In fact this is official cuckold week around here.  We have already posted an interview as well as a member written story on her blog.  Now to understand how Rebecca became an adultress for cuckolds, you have to see where this all started. This means we are talking about what happened before Rebecca got to the internet and a website.  Fortunately Rebecca’s boyfriend found the motherload of pre-internet images (over 6,ooo) in an old file.  So before there were HD cameras and videos, Rebecca’s ex had a plan to satisfy his kinky habits.  He wanted to turn his demure beautiful wife into his own personal sex symbol.  He had a quick plan:  1) Find a weakness in her self-image, 2) Make her feel really sexy, 3) Change her Sexual Needs, 4) Build Trust, 5) Get her used to B&D and S&M, 6) Make her get used to it in public.  He convinced Rebecca that these images were all for him, but he secretly shared them online in AOL and Yahoo chat rooms without her knowing.  If you are lucky he traded these photos with you back in the 90’s.  If not, you have seen nothing until you have seen Rebecca’s size FF milk-engorged tits.

Does it make you feel dirty to see images you weren’t meant to see?  WARNING – These aren’t the high quality images you are used to seeing, but rather unstaged, undoctored, unaltered images (you will see some blurring of old markings he used to make on his photos).  Why?  This is what people looked like in the ‘90s.  Tons of husbands traded these kinds of photos without their wives knowing.  Eventually Rebecca found out and she limited who could see her photos and then they got better cameras and started this website. In the meantime, her ex put his plan together and executed it almost flawlessly.  She became the alluring adultress you know today and to hear him tell it, he knows dozens of men he shared photos with them that he still does today.  Were you one of them? CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW REBECCA BECAME AN ADULTRESS FOR CUCKOLDS.  

10 thoughts on “@RebeccasOffice ‘s Cuckold Week Culminates in Her History of Cuckold’s Update

  1. I really loved the new interview and the insight it gave to your relationship with Al. I’m happy to see how you’re relationship with him has evolved since the separation.

    Thanks again for sharing what happened behind the curtains.

    btw…there is something incredibly sexy about the pic above. That look of innocence about to be lost.

  2. Years ago, I recall reading instructions on a website on how to convert the mother of your children into a slut for BBC. They also applied to other wives but were especially aimed at white women with young children to expose them to greater levels of sexuality. Often exchanged emails with Al about his success with Rebecca following these instructions. Eventually, enjoyed what was posted on her website. Always wondered if AL had something from the days before the website

  3. I saw some of them out there. Even then I wondered about you. And then you came up with site and I happened upon it by chance and recognized you.
    I read all the captions about your low self esteem and submissive compliance. Wish I had known you back then. You’d have loved me when I came out of college then. You see, because I have such a shoe fetish, back then I’d have stayed at the mall weekly buying you FM heels. And had you walking around the house in such trampy, raunchy fashion. The butt naked pic of you in the backyard…..beautiful; however, I’d have had you in skimpy attire just to see what you’d be like. So yes, you’d have been in a New pair of FM heels every week back then judging by those pictures. And doing the same things, sucking dildo and my BBC, blindfolded and all.

    • Thanks, Well it wasn’t really low self -esteem but post-partum. Oh my. I guess all you men are alike! LOL

    • Richard, I do love hearing what you’d do to me.I bet you’d have me dressed in Sexy Saints gear serving you and all your friends at a Super Bowl party at our place.

  4. thank you rebecca for these beautiful photos with breasts full milk, I always dreamed to have breakfast in bed

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