@RebeccasOffice shows off her @HotwifeCharms Jewelry Collection

 Well as a Queen of Spades there are many markings that help people identify you.  One of those items is to get a Queen of Spades tattoo.  If you are like me there are many ways to identify yourself as a woman who is hot for black cock.  Other than the tattoo, there are some other indicators.  You can go to parties as a hot wife and wear solely black and white.  Animal patterns such as a zebra pattern is always a target.  It amazes me when I go to parties and see women dress in those patterns and the big black bulls pounce on her like she is their prey.  But one of the best ways to send out the signal is to wear jewelry that just tells everyone you are a hotwife.  Thanks to HotWifeCharms I am able to model some of these items for you.
There are so many ways to show that you are a hot wife and in my case, a hot wife for black cock.  It is almost like a wedding ring or engagement ring.  The only difference is that those rings indicate that you are taken.  In my case this jewelry says you want to be taken.  Thanks to Hotwifecharms.com  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW HOTWIFECHARMS HELPS CREATE HOTWIVES AROUND THE WORLD.

4 thoughts on “@RebeccasOffice shows off her @HotwifeCharms Jewelry Collection

  1. That jewelry is sweet. I’ve picked up a wife or two who sent signals with BBC anklets, QoS ankle tattoos, and the like. I always said swinger jewelry and FM heels go hand in hand on a hot wife. Another symbol you should’ve entailed is the vanilla/chocolate swirl ice cream a hot wife consumes at a ice cream parlor like Marble Stone, Basin Robbins, or even Dairy Queen at your local shopping mall. How do I know this? I caught wind of a married White wife licking on vanilla/chocolate swirl on a come while checking me out thoroughly. I took advantage of the opportunity obviously. Who knows, maybe our fearless MILF might try that approach. I’ve come across ideas she’s used in the past. Right, Rebecca?

  2. Would you ever get a Queen of Spades tattoo, either in a discreet spot or somewhere that it can be exposed while still staying dressed?

    • Did you read all the captions? The answer is in there. Personally I am not about using my body as any message, politically, sexually or artistically. Also, as a woman, I reserve the right to change my mind on any subject. Nothing in my life is ever permanent.

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