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I’m just a little old girl from the Midwest who wanted to get out of the small town and make it big.  Since 2003 I’ve been sharing myself and my small town dreams with my fans on the web.  In fact, I’ve overcome some fears and started to live them out.

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Reunited And It Felt So Good


Well I told you this was coming although I really never thought it would! People have been asking for years to see me with the Knight again. We went viral back then and when people asked me why our videos were so great, I really couldn’t pick anything out. Then my fans started telling me that it was about how authentic and real it all was. It really was. There was that first meeting in our hotel, then a meeting for a whole 2 days at our weekend house and then a follow up visit by him to California. It all came back to me how well we worked together. It wasn’t any one thing, it was the chemistry we had. In a way, that is what was different. Real porn doesn’t have chemistry, but we do. In the back of my mind that is probably why it took so long. I knew I had feelings for him that I couldn’t control. So this time my husband didn’t tell me until a couple days before. He just told me we were going out to dinner. Then when it came time I told him dinner was it. Well as my husband says, I just can’t help myself.

Like high school sweethearts being back in each other’s arms was so easy! It was like we never left. Like I said, I never intended to do anything more than have dinner. But as dinner moved on it became clear we were going back to his room and he had all the equipment and lights ready. I told him we were going to be safe and use a condom too, but somewhere along the way that was not going to happen. We stayed up all night long. Watch this first scene as he gets me hot and ready. You want to watch real interracial cheating HOT romance? CLICK HERE!

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