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I’m just a little old girl from the Midwest who wanted to get out of the small town and make it big.  Since 2003 I’ve been sharing myself and my small town dreams with my fans on the web.  In fact, I’ve overcome some fears and started to live them out.

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Please join me and send in your application for employment.  I’m really fun to work for and we have a great benefits package.

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Will You Be Rebecca’s November Valentine?


I know you are thinking why would she want to celebrate Valentine in November? Well first of all, the flowers and candy are cheaper. I don’t want people to benefit from the fact that someone sent me a Hallmark card! And besides, I tend to find myself hornier in the Holiday season when it is colder. I mean, you have to think that is why there are so many kids are born in the months of July and August! Nobody wants to be alone in a cold bed in November so that is why I think I tend to be more romantic this time of year.

It is that time of year again and you shouldn’t be alone. Well that’s good because I am here for you and hopefully you are here for me too! So help me start a new trend and celebrate Valentines in November. CLICK HERE and Join Me!

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