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I’m just a little old girl from the Midwest (Ohio) who wanted to get out of the small town and make it big.  Since 2003 I’ve been sharing myself and my small town dreams with my fans on the web.  In fact, I’ve overcome some fears and started to live them out.  It wasn’t until I hit the bright lights of So. Cal that I realized what I have been missing.  I am not a true California  girl, but I do like the lifestyle out here. I still am a good girl with strong Midwestern values despite what you see on these pages.  I like to think I am different from other women you see on the Web.  I am not a pro.  I am not that crazy.  I still have a real job and live in a family of 6.  We all have dreams and fantasies and I am just lucky to live them out.

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Please join me and send in your application for employment.  I’m really fun to work for and we have a great benefits package.

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@RebeccasOffice has an idea for the Inaugural SexOlympics

Gold Medalist

Gold Medalist

I was so inspired by the performances of the Athletes in the Olympics in Rio these past couple of weeks.  What amazed me is how many sports there were.  For example, just in the aquatics center they have diving, swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming, etc. I mean there were events of speed, distance, style, etc.  It got me to thinking…what kinds of events might I be able to participate in if we did a sex version of this?  Can you imagine?  I think that I could win a few Gold Medals and I think I’d even root for people from other countries!  What do you guys think?  Now the first thing I need to do is do just as the Romans did for the first Olympics.  I need to come up with some amazing core events.

So I need a SexOlympics committee. Who wants to be on my council with me?  If you are willing to apply, I need a resume as well as three good ideas from you.  As a start, CLICK HERE and see what ideas I have already come up with!


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