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I’m just a little old girl from the Midwest (Ohio) who wanted to get out of the small town and make it big.  Since 2003 I’ve been sharing myself and my small town dreams with my fans on the web.  In fact, I’ve overcome some fears and started to live them out.  It wasn’t until I hit the bright lights of So. Cal that I realized what I have been missing.  I am not a true California  girl, but I do like the lifestyle out here. I still am a good girl with strong Midwestern values despite what you see on these pages.  I like to think I am different from other women you see on the Web.  I am not a pro.  I am not that crazy.  I still have a real job and live in a family of 6.  We all have dreams and fantasies and I am just lucky to live them out.

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Please join me and send in your application for employment.  I’m really fun to work for and we have a great benefits package.

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Is Rebecca the answer to the Legend of the Urban Sex Leopard? What do you think?

The Legend of the Urban Leopard

The Legend of the Urban Leopard

You’ve all heard of Cougars, MILFs, Sex Panther, etc., but do you know about the Legend of the Urban Sex Leopard? She stalks her prey in densely populated where she can disguise herself as a soccer mom or MILF, unassuming librarian, bitchy boss, or just a busy neighbor. She hangs out in the shadows and only walks out to be seen in her full pelt when she goes to stalk her prey. Watch out though, she moves slowly in the night and as we mentioned above, she is a being of many disguises and once in her clutches, her prey can’t let go as she tears into their bodies and adds to her list of trophies. So whether you see her out on the soccer field, your neighborhood coffee shop, the cubicle next door, or at the gym, be wary of this woman because she is not a myth. She is Sex Panther, Cougar and MILF all rolled into one. She IS The Urban Sex Leopard.

Our Chilean member, Juan, reminded us of the legend of the Urban Leopard. So when he supplied us with the Leopard monokini, we recognized that this is Rebecca. MILF has been too common a term for her. Sex Panther refers to the cologne worn by men to attract Cougars, and Cougar refers to only older women. The Leopard encompasses all of these entities. Would you like to learn more about the Legend? Be sure to click on the following link if you spot one of these rare creatures: CLICK HERE if you want to enter the den of the Urban Sex Leopard!


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