Is Rebecca Wearing Underwear?


After reading last week’s update you are probably thinking that this woman must really be into black lover love-making. Well the truth is that I really am and I get mesmerized by my lovers. I just cannot control myself. I do whatever my lover wants as I want to show him how happy and how I’m appreciative of the fact that he let’s me share his bed with him. I know that sometimes he is a little worried if I really belong to him or someone else. So that is why I never defy him. I want to show him that his needs take priority over everyone else. Well as you saw last week, he wrote on me. Well he also made another request. He hates my wearing underweat and requested that whenever I visit him that I shouldn’t be wearing any.

So on my last visit I made sure to get dressed as he desired. Short skirt and crop top. It was so hot outside so I didn’t mind wearing something a little more risqué. Of course I didn’t plan on being so nervous that I blew through a stop sign and got pulled over by a cop. Fortunately he didn’t frisk me.

He did look at me funny though.  Well when I got to my lover’s home, he immediately had me step inside and gave me a once over.  I love it when my lover looks at me like a piece of meat.  CLICK HERE to see if I was in compliance with his wishes.

Message from Rebecca’s Lover



Usually Rebecca meets with her lover and comes home exhausted from a night of all-night love making.  On this particular occasion she told her husband that her lover had a special message for him.  After a long night of breeding and love-making, her lover had a special feeling and wanted to let his feelings known.  You see, his feelings have grown for her and although he knows that Rebecca is a married woman, he wants her all to himself.

Rebecca’s husband knew what was coming he thought, but he was not prepared for the message that Rebecca brought home this time.

Rebecca always comes home and tells her husband about the incredible night of love making that she had with her lovers.  For her husband, it is quite a turn on to hear about the great dates and how much fun that she had whether it was just a night on the town or simply a night in bed with bodies entwined.  Seeing his wife satisfied, Al can always tell when Rebecca has fallen deeper for her lover.  This night was different though and her husband was not quite ready for what was to come.  Come inside to see the secret message Rebecca’s lover gave for Rebecca to pass to her husband.

Rebecca is Bejewelled


Do you believe in ghosts or the afterlife?  So I recently got my inheritance from my aunt who passed without having any children or a living spouse.  She was such a great lady and in addition to monetary gifts, I received some antique cabinetry and found a present in one of the drawers with my name on it.  When I opened it I found a little surprise.  I could not believe it.  Do you think she knew about my site?  I had to laugh as she was my favorite and always told me how to seduce the boys.  “You got to be sexy.  Show them a little, but not too much”.  It was always so embarrassing, but I wondered if I could tell anyone about Dreamnet if she would have been the one I could tell.   Maybe she knew and that is why she gave me this gift.

What did she give me?  Well you will have to come in to take a look.  I can’t let everyone check it out.  It is such a personal and private gift, but I am happy to share it with all of you in my private membership area.  I’d like to know what you think.  I think someone is looking over me and she took my secret with her to the afterlife.  Come in and take a look and hear the message she left with the gift. CLICK HERE

What does the letter P stand for? Let me tell you….


What is it with me in the color pink lately?  Well truth be told is that my lover loves me in pink.  He says it makes me look cute and soft.  You see, he knows what a hard businesswoman I can be.  It is true that I very rarely wear girlie colors except in the bedroom.  Well when my lover came over the other day to make love to me while my husband was away, we decided to commemorate the event by taking some photos of me in his favorite color.  We thought that I should show you and my husband the special glow I have after my lover has fulfilled my desires and left me with a little commemorative piece to show.  Let’s see if we can go for an Adult Easter egg hunt and find the surprise.  Count for me how many words starting with a P are used in this pictorial.

What happened?  Well I did have some private time with my lover.  When we are together the passion is incredible.  I can barely control myself.  Well actually I can’t control myself.  My husband always has me promise that I will play safe and make sure that I don’t take unnecessary risks.  I know that if I don’t that I might have to stop playing around, but I’m a bit of a risk taker.  Want to see what kind of girl I am?  Then CLICK HERE and see what this naughty girl wants to show you.

Rebecca Hearts New York


I love it when people send me things to wear. One of my members sent me this tank top and I am so proud to wear it. Representing one of the most vibrant cities in the world and having once lived there, New York embodies a lot of what I am about. Much of who I am today goes back to wanting to live there when I grew up and then once I lived there, I fell in love with Manhattan and the lifestyle. Okay well there is maybe one thing I don’t like about New York. Do you know what it is? You are going to have to read through this pictorial to figure that out. If there is one thing you do know about NYC, it is so great they named it twice, New York, NY. I hope to do the shirt justice this week!

Other than Vegas, New York is the sexiest city in the US. There is nothing that gets me so hot and wet than thinking about this great city and all that it has to offer. So are you thinking about visiting this great city? Let me tell you a little bit about my relationship with this city. Maybe you can take your own tour of this fabulous city by following this pictorial and visiting the “Rebecca Tour”. Click here to come inside and let me tell you about some of my favorite places and memories from New York.


Join Me in My Virginal Bed


I just bought a new bed this weekend.  Notice that I said “I” and not “we”.  This is my bed.  I really hated my old bed and finally my lover convinced me that I should get a bed that I liked and now when he comes over, this bed will be the one where I really share myself.  Since my husband and I don’t make physical love anymore, this bed will truly the bed that belongs to me and my lover.  Can you imagine sleeping in a bed that you don’t share with your marital partner?  My husband and I will NEVER have sex on this bed.  I can’t wait for my lover to come over and christen the bed with me.   Yes, this is my virginal throne.  In fact I have a challenge at the end of this pictorial.  Those who complete it will show me who really is reading the pictorial.

 Well, before I slept in the bed, I decided that I would take some photos on it.  This means I’m actually christening the bed with you.  You get to help me deflower this mattress and sheets.  So would you like to be the first to see me naked and spreading my legs for you on this sexy bed?  Are you ready?  Come on over, hop on up and let me show you my new stage where I do my best work.  Again, read through this pictorial.  Who will complete the challenge?

You want a piece of this? Come and Get it


Spring is here, well maybe not by the calendar, but definitely in my mind. Time to clear away the cob webs and let things bloom. Spring always means new opportunities and new friends. Whether you are an old friend or a new one, I want you to know about my theory of being. Life offers many different roads to find parts of yourself. With me I hope you will experience freedom while leaving behind the complex attachments of a more traditional girlfriend. Every year I like to reinvent myself again. Almost like a virgin! I think it is time you learn a bit more about me.

New or old to my club, my members will attest, that each week you spend with me, you will be spending time with a sophisticated woman possessing a genuinely charismatic style and adorable smile. My friendly attitude will quickly make you feel at ease. I am not your typical “business snob”, which you may find refreshingly delightful. I am relaxed, open minded, carefree, and vivacious. Come in and let me be your muse, your mistress extraordinaire sans drama, a few hours of bliss away from it all. No strings, no commitment – simply fun.

Reverse Cowgirl? One of My Favorite positions!


Yes, my husband is no longer allowed to come along with me when I go to a studio, or in this case, to meet a lover for a private rendez-vous.  Quite frankly I find it much more pleasurable to meet my lovers one-on-one.  It helps me to relax and for my lovers as well with nobody around but us.  I can really let go and not worry about anything. 

Many ask about what my husband thinks.  He loves seeing me get off with these men.  He thinks it is great to see how happy I am.  In fact he loves it when I go reverse cowgirl and he can see my reaction on my face as I shove my lovers deep inside me without any protection.  What goes through my mind when I am alone with these men?  You don’t want to know.  I am such a slut.  He knows it, and that is why he spanks my booty red.  I am such a bad girl.  Come on in and watch.  Maybe pull down your pants so I can sit on your pole too!

The Lonely Horny Road Warrior


These days I do travel quite a bit for short stays and it does get a little lonely being in a strange city all by myself.  I increasingly find myself spending time exchanging emails with many of my members and getting to know all of you as best as I can.  It is really no fun traveling alone and I want to thank you all for keeping me company on those lonely nights.  I have no shortage of emails staring at me when I’m sitting there alone with my thoughts.   Some of the emails just get me so horny.  I have a hard time falling asleep in a strange environment and often find myself fantasizing about having a lover in every city who can have a glass of wine with me and gently put me to sleep.

Might you be that gentleman who can help a lady get to sleep?  Maybe you can just meet me in the hotel lobby, buy me a drink, engage me in some intelligent conversation, get me a little tipsy and then help me back to my room.  I am such a pushover when I’ve had a few.  Why don’t you come on in and hear about how you can help me.  Only serious inquiries need to apply!

Will You Be Rebecca’s Valentine

So will you be my Valentine?  Do you want to be my Valentine?  This year I am all yours.  Valentine’s Day for me is all about giving, not getting.  I don’t need flowers, chocolates or fancy baubles.  What I want to hear is your moaning, your groaning and that big smile on your face.  I think I know what you need.  Why don’t you sit back, pull down your pants and close your eyes?

Just spread your legs and let me kneel down and pamper your cock. Let me stroke it.  Let me suck it.  Let me lick it.  I want to stuff your balls in my mouth and make you big and hard.  I want to feel your cock swell up in my mouth.  I can feel the fluids building up in your cock.  You want to cum don’t you.  Give it to me.  I will be your Valentine.  That will be your present to me.  Look me in the eyes and just give your Valentine her gift.  Mmmm.

Come in and give me your Valentine!