@RebeccasOffice is Insatiable. Think You Can Satisfy Her?

So how do you know a slutwife when you see one?  Or rather how do you treat one? Or how does one become one?  It doesn’t matter what a slut wife prefers whether it is White men, Black men or Asian men or even women.  You have already seen in Part 1 of this series that a Slut Wife is a woman who sleeps with many men because her main partner or husband can’t satisfy her alone and in this case my lover knew how to get me hot and wet.  In Part 2 my lover gave it to me in the ass, something I would never have done before but I loved doing something I’d never done before.  In Part 3 you will see that a Slut Wife can never get enough.  Watch as you will notice the pillow is still in the same place after he gave me anal.  He thought he was done.  He was already dressed, but I wanted more…….

One of the reasons my ex let me play in the first place is that he said he couldn’t keep up.  He felt like he wasn’t good enough or that he needed help in satisfying me.  So part of the reason why I became a slutwife is that I needed a man who could keep up with me. As you will find in this video, I am not a one and done kinda gal!   CLICK HERE AND SEE IF YOU CAN HANDLE ME AND KEEP IT UP.

#ThrowbackThursday – Confessions of a MILF

Each Thursday I produce a post from my early days that was never blogged.  Recently I had a poll on my blog and this post which appeared 8 years ago on my site was voted the most favorite update I had ever posted.  It was important because it made me Miss Wicked Temptations July 2010 and eventually I beat all the winners from 2010 to become Miss Wicked Temptations of the Year 2010.

Confessions of An Online MILF (Originally posted 10/08/09)

When you enter a woman’s bedroom, all of her secrets are lost.  There is nothing she can keep from you.  Of course, if she let’s you into her boudoir, she wants to share those secrets with you and sometimes even create a few new secrets.  Women aren’t dumb.  We know you want to break down our barriers and learn what makes us tick.  Well the truth is that we love the challenge of luring you into our bedroom and sharing it all.

Want to know my secrets.  Want to squeeze them out of me?  Come into my boudoir and see if you can figure out the magic password or find the magic button that will open Rebecca’s Box.  CLICK HERE TO SEE THIS FAMOUS PICTORIAL

@RebeccasOffice invites you to RebeccasHome for the Weekend

I get a lot of personal questions about me and for privacy sake I don’t really reveal it all to everyone.  It is personal and while my life might not be so private, other people do have private lives.  If you notice the theme of 2017, I have been opening up and showing you things I had previously kept hidden. Some members I have really gotten to know have seen this part of my life, but until recently I have tried to keep it somewhat private.  Now that I have found a new partner, I have decided it is okay to show you more of what I am like every day.  Most people asked what my life is like on weekends.  So obviously with a busy house I was just a normal person, but when the house was empty, we’d have the chance to play.  As you will see in some very candid photos my life definitely can be Jeckyl and Hyde.

On this particular weekend I kept my clothes on all day Saturday when we went out to the Wine Country.  Of course my husband at the time took lots of funny photos of me.  But then came Sunday and with an empty house came off all my clothes and some of my sexy friends!

Yes I live a sexy life sometimes, but I am not always about sex.  I do wear jeans and normal clothes around the house, but when you give me and my friends some private time we really like to party.  I recently moved into a new place with my guy, so I can’t wait to host some parties in our new place.  But I thought you should see that I am a normal gal you’d see around the neighborhood or sipping wine in Paso Robles just like they do in the movies (For copyright I can’t mention the movie)!   CLICK HERE TO SPEND A WEEKEND WITH REBECCA. 

@RebeccasOffice State of Mind

If you have noticed my sense of blahness lately it is because I do worry about the state of the world.  I hear lots of people moaning about the President or if People are standing for the Anthem at football games or  many other issues about racial or sexual discrimination.  To me all of this is horrible stuff and sometimes I use RebeccasOffice.com to escape it.  I always have for the last 15 years.To me my website is meant to be a no-drama mama escape from the world’s problems.  I just sense though that people are just busy complaining at each other.  Do I believe that people are unfairly complaining about our President?  Sometimes.  Do I feel like our President needs to tweet less and stay out of the social media limelight? Yes.  Should football players stand and respect the flag?  Absolutely.  Should the President get in the way and start mandating this to the NFL?  I don’t believe so.  People are just showing disrespect for each other and putting their views ahead of respect and trust.  Even J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team I root for decides just before the season to complain that he isn’t starting anymore.  Wish we all had the problems of spoiled millionaires.

It makes me so disappointed.  The issues of madmen in North Korea, the hurricane devastation in the South, the continued perception by the common man that we are not an equal country, and the fires in California have really made it hard for me to ignore what is going on.  I just want to say that my heart and prayers go out to all those affected by these natural disasters out there.  And if you allow me to provide you a bit of a distraction from the craziness out there, I sure hope you find pleasure from it.  I know it might not be the distraction for some of you, but for those of you who enjoy my material I hope it does provide you with a bit of a break.

As much as I am just saying here that I want us to all get along and stop attacking one another when there are more pressing issues for the attackers and attackees to pay attention to.  I’m sure someone might look at this post and find something that they might find wrong with it.  It is just so dumb! Hopefully nobody complains.  If they do it just shows their inability to see through things and respect people because all they want to do is hate.

Please be safe everyone.  Rebeccasoffice is for your pleasure and nothing else.  There is no political statement nor is there an agenda for others.  Peace, Love and Sex.





Movie Review: Kingsman – The Golden Circle

I loved the original Kingsman and although I was sure I was going to be entertained by the sequel, I was worried it wasn’t going to be that entertaining.  Quite the contrary, I was very pleased and was also glad that I re-watched the original!  There are lots of references and continuations from the original in this movie. What is not to like about this movie?  I mean, a regular movie that talks about anal sex?  What is there not to like? LOL!

Actually I found myself thinking about why James Bond movies weren’t as fun anymore.  It doesn’t have the humor and gadgetry like Kingsman does.  They have really gone in the right direction and the cameos of people like Elton John in this movie was a beautiful touch!

The movie was a hair long, but other than that, I was thoroughly entertained and thought it had the proper amount of sexiness, humor, action, and plot!

Do I recommend this movie?  Yes!  I give it  5 blowjobs out of 5

Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Chapter 24

Chapter 24. Rebecca Spends Time With Trevor Her Black Master/Lover.

Rebecca woke up early in the morning and saw that it was 5am. She turned over and saw her lover was fast asleep next to her so she snuggled up to him and moved her hand down to his huge black cock which immediately started to grow in her hand slowly.  It made her feel good that she was able to get that kind of reaction out of him so easily.  As soon it was hard she turned him around, slid down the bed under the sheets and gently licked his cock by slowly running her lips up and down his shaft and planting breathy kisses on his balls. His huge black cock started moving in her hands and his balls swelled with sperm as she played with his ball sucking each one in her mouth and then she would slowly lick is cock from the base and move slowly up his cock. She licked under the ledge of the head of his cock.  She kept her eyes closed and breathed in her man’s musky cock from the night before.  She was so addicted to this cock.  It had changed her life.  When she reach then tip of his cock she would use her tongue to lick the precum leaking from the head of his cock and then she put his cock into her mouth and tried to gag on his cock.  Then she would suck it slowly again and then she would suck it faster and faster pumping with her hand trying to get him to cum in her mouth.  She wanted him to know that despite all the cocks she had that previous evening that this was the one she wanted and that she’d so anything as she was a slave to his cock.

She felt Trevor move and the sheets were thrown off the bed.  She looked up and saw that he was awake and he had a big smile on his face. He gripped her head as she was sucking him and he was asking her, “Does my slut like my black cock in her mouth?” Rebecca nodded, but her mouth was full with his black cock and she kept on sucking his cock. As Rebecca was sucking his cock, he fingered her pussy and her body was starting to shake. Waking up in another man’s bed without worrying to have to rush home was so freeing. His cock fell out of her mouth as she felt an orgasm build up in her body, “Oh yes Trevor… keep going. Please. I love you.” It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm and started sucking him harder as she came and squirted her cum on the bedsheets. Trevor then grabbed her head and forced his cock in her mouth, “You’re my slut, aren’t you?.  Gosh I want you so bad.”  He held her head as he came, filling her mouth with his black seed. He could feel her teeth clench around his cock and she started to choke from having so much cum in her mouth. “Drink it Rebecca. Drink my love potion.” Tears started to fill her eyes as she tried to swallow as much as she could but some started to leak from her mouth and when she had finished cumming in her mouth, he let go of her head and she slowly lifted her mouth off his cock and she cleaned his cock of the remaining cum that was still coming from the head of his cock.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t swallow it all.  Please forgive me.”  He spanked her on the ass and said, “It’s okay.  I know you aren’t used to having such massive cocks with huge loads yet, but I will train you.” When she had recovered he gave her a tissue to wipe her eyes and face and then she looked at him and told him about what was on her mind.  She told him that she had told her husband that she had been having an affair and hadn’t wanted to be lying to him every Friday night and that they were going to have a further discussion this weekend about what they were going to do.  She told Trevor that she wanted to continue their routine but that she wanted to have a safer place instead of his residence hotel. Trevor looked at her and said “What will your husband say when he finds out” and Rebecca answered, “It’s none of his business. I want to spend more time with you.” So Trevor looked at her and said “Well this problem will be sorted later today you will see”.

So Rebecca said “I cannot wait to see what you have planned” and he told her to get dressed and so they could go out and see what he had planned. Rebecca got out of the bed and took a shower. She suddenly realized she still had the plug in her pussy.  When she pulled It out, nothing came out.  She figured all the cum must have dried up inside her womb.  As she was washing herself she heard the shower door open and her lover got in behind and started to rub her nipples. She felt his hard cock against her ass and she was enjoying as he began to wash her body all over.  She closed her eyes and imagined having him hold her naked body every morning as he kissed the back of her neck. Rebecca turned around and did the same to Trevor. She begged Trevor to fuck her, but he told her that they did not have time. Wait till later and she will get the fucking of her life. When they had finished washing each other Trevor helped Rebecca out of the shower and then he got a towel and began to dry her and when he was finished she dried him as well.  As they were getting dressed Rebecca asked Trevor where they were going and all he would say was that she will have to wait as it was a surprise. He told her that it would take most of the afternoon and when Rebecca was ready Trevor got his stuff and asked Rebecca for the keys to her car and they both left the hotel room and got in the car. He started the car and drove her to the first place, a tall highrise just blocks away in the newer redeveloped area downtown.  “What are we doing here?” she asked.  Trevor told her that he had been thinking the same thing.  They needed a new place for them to start their lives together and he thought they should go home shopping together.  The looked at the Metropolis and said, “I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but are you serious?  Can you afford something like this?”  Trevor replied, “I am in the IT business and have been saving for a long time.  Also, I am making a lot of money from RebeccasOffice, pimping you out.  Of course you will need to continue your slutty ways to contribute.”  Rebecca said, “You don’t want me to yourself?  I will need to continue sleeping with everyone?” He said, “Yes and besides, you have no choice.  Those guys are not going to stop giving you cock. At least with me, they will continue to pay for it. And besides, I think you enjoy the attention.” Rebecca admitted, “I do. Is that bad? I can’t believe I want it all the time.  I can’t seem to get enough.”  Trevor smiled.  It was perfect.  She had become addicted to black cock.  The only thing better than fucking her was watching her fuck others and changing her life.  He had big plans.  He grabbed her by the waist and led her into the Metropolis.  It would be the first of several viewings for them today. http://metropolislosangeles.com/floorplans/.  She liked the condos which were conveniently only 10 minutes from her office.  They would visit a couple more places as well that afternoon.  Rebecca was especially interested in a property in Malibu: https://www.cavallerimalibu.com/#about  although she did like the condos in West Hollywood which would be convenient for her: https://www.mansionglobal.com/articles/36299-luxury-condos-coming-to-west-hollywood-s-sunset-strip.  There were others: http://www.beverlywestresidences.com/gallery

Rebecca enjoyed the time looking at her possible futures.  She was ready for a life as an empty nester living with Trevor.  The options had her spinning.  She learned a lot more about Trevor and what he wanted.  She liked the idea of a townhouse.  He wanted her to fuck guys in their own home and take men back to their place so they wouldn’t have to drive much.  The condominiums were not the right layouts unless they got multiple stories.

On the way home from Malibu, she grabbed his cock as he drove. “What ever you want me to do I will do it for my Black Master as I know that this is my life to serve my Black Master and whomever he wants me to serve as well.”  She was still shocked that there was enough money to pay for the place and asked him why he did not tell her that she was get fucked for money and he just said that he was sondering if she would have been nervous or scared knowing that she was being paid like a whore.  She understood.  She knew it was worth it to have their own place now to spend time together and also she would do anything he wanted. Rebecca kissed him hard on the lips and and said thank you.

He told Rebecca that after they got their new place that every Friday after work he would expect to meet her in the parking lot after work and we will both drive down here and spend the weekend together away from everyone and we can make love to each other without worrying about not having much time together. Rebecca had a big smile on her face as she knew at last she can be with the man she loved every weekend.  In her mind she would prefer to spend all week in the new place.  All the options were so beautiful and she could not wait to begin her new life as a submissive slave to black cock.

When they got back to Trevor’s place, they celebrated by drinking a glass wine.  After they had finished the wine Rebecca was feeling a bit merry and she got up and walked to Trevor and put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips and rubbed her vagina against his hard cock and when she broke the kiss he told him “Take me to the bedroom and fuck me as I need to feel your huge black cock in my vagina and use me as the slut I am”. He picked Rebecca up and carried her to the master bedroom then put her down and told her to get undressed. When they were both naked she saw his cock hanging down between his legs and she got down onto her hands and knees and crawled over to him and then she started to grab it and using her tongue. She licked his balls and sucked each one into her mouth and then she moved her tongue to the base of his cock and slowly licked up his cock until she got to the head and saw the precum leaking from the head of his cock. She licked it up, smacking her lips and making yummy sounds before she put his cock into her mouth and started to suck it hard and fast and he grabbed hold of her head as she was sucking his cock.

Rebecca could hear her lover telling her “You’re the best black cock slut ” as she stuffed her mouth full of her lovers huge black cock. He started to try and get more of his cock into her mouth, but it made her gag.  Rebecca wanted to show her gratitude as she let him use her. Trevor stuffed three fingers in her pussy and started massaging her clit. Soon her body began to shake as she was building up to another powerful orgasm. She tried to scream as she came and she squirted on the floor, This forced her lover to hold her head as he was nearly ready to cum. Suddenly he filled her mouth with his black seed, thrusting harder and harder and burying his sperm deep in his woman’s throat.  He wanted to fuck her pussy, but instead he stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay back on the bed. He loved how she had reacted to the finger fucking and decided he was going to reward her by driving her crazy.  He spread her legs and got between them and started to use his tongue on her clit started to slowly lick it up and down. Rebecca was instantly in heaven.  She threw her legs in the air and grabbed hold of his face and pushed it hard into her vagina and told him to “Lick my clit hard with your tongue and make me cum” and he was soon putting 2 fingers into her vagina to find her g-spot and he fuck her fast while flicking her clit with his tongue.  Soon his fingers were stimulating her go-spot and Rebecca’s legs were shaking and thrashing about. “Oh my god, don’t stop,” she cried as he touched her g-spot. This was sending her crazy with lust and her body started to shake as she was building to another orgasm. She wrapped her leags around his head and soon she was screaming as she came, “Oh I love you.  Keep going….Oh God!” and she squirted in his mouth and swallowed.  It tasted like diluted pee, but he drank the salty liquid.  But he didn’t stop fingering.  He wanted her to cum and cum until she was screaming for him to fuck her with his huge black cock. Soon after she was nearly ready to cum again and she scream out “Oh I am going to cum again.  Oh right there. Right there!  Please fuck me and fill my vagina with your black cock  You own me.” She came again, shaking violently but he didn’t stop. He smiled at the thought of what his neighbors were hearing. She screamed out loud “Fuck, I want you to stick your fat black cock into my vagina and use me like a slut”.

Then he stopped and moved up her body until his cock was touching her vagina and Rebecca moved her hand down to put his cock into her vagina, but he moved his cock away and started to rub it up and down her vagina lips, touching her clit as well and Rebecca had tears in her eyes as she was begging him to stop and put his cock into her vagina and fuck her hard. He knew that she was ready and he put his cock at her vagina and forced his cock all the way in her. He started to fuck her harder and faster and Rebecca put her arms and legs around his body and pushed her vagina up to get more of his cock into her. She screamed at him to “Fuck me harder.  Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck your dirty little white slut. Train me to be the girl I need to be, I want you to fill my vagina with your big black cock.” Her words turned him on and he pushed more of his cock into her vagina until he was touching her cervix. Her body began to shake again and she started another powerful orgasm, squirting a stream of liquid covering his cock with her cum. Rebecca squealed and this made him continue to fuck her harder and he put one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it until it was hard and stiff and he did the same to the other nipple until that was hard and stiff as well.  Rebecca was screaming out loud as she continued to have orgasm after orgasm. She gripped his body harder as she was being fucked by her lover and telling him “Cum in my pussy. Fill me with your black seed.  I want your baby makers.” She felt him push his cock deeper and he stopped and then moaned as he came, filling her vagina with his black seed and told her “I am filling your vagina with black seed to breed you and put a black baby in your belly,” and Rebecca screamed out “Yes. Give me your black seed and breed me and give me your black baby”.

When he had finished filling her vagina with his cum Rebecca let go of his body and he pulled is cock out and his cum leaked from her vagina and he moved up her body until he got to her face and instructed, “Clean my cock, you filthy cum whore”, and she grabbed it. Using her tongue, she began to clean all the cum from his cock and when she had finished he lay down beside her and Rebecca turned to face him and said “I love you and don’t want to leave this place and go back to my old life anymore”. He looked at her and said “When you are ready to leave your old life and start to live your new life with me I will be here waiting for you” and he kissed her hard on the lips and Rebecca wrapped her arms around him and knew that this is the life she wanted. When she got back she would have to talk to her husband and explain to him that she would eventually be moving out as she needed to be with her lover.

#ThrowbackThursday @RebeccasOffice revisits #ChristinaNoir’s Hubby

*Each Thursday my Blog takes a look back at updates that happened before I had an active blog.  This week I thought we’d look back at a blog post from 12/9/04.  After my recent reunion with Christina and my update this past week, we talked about her ex-husband and how she foisted him on my during my RQoS orientation so that he became my cuckold and helped to clean me up after my gangbangs.

My Best Friend’s Hubby – December 9th, 2004
I had a secret crush on Christina’s hubby, Dick, and wanted to spend some time with him, but couldn’t find a time to get to him to tell him.  So during our recent holiday party, while she was being distracted by a few other guests, he and I finally had a chance to meet and it was love at first lick.

For any of you hubby’s out there, bring your wife/girlfriend to a party and we’ll get her distracted so you and I can have some fun together too.  Come and see what I’m talking about.  CLICK HERE AND SEE ME PLEASE CHRISTINA’S HUSBAND AND SEE HOW HE SHOWS HIS CUCKOLD DUTIES.


@RebeccasOffice shows you her original #RQoS Initiation

I recently met up with my friend Christina Noir who is now retired.  I wanted to ask her about several topics:  her divorce from her husband, cuckoldry, and Queen of Spades title.  These were all paths she would eventually lead me towards although I was not aware of it at the time we met.  She also left her hubby for one of her lovers and soon after she retired. I had not seen her since.  Well it was great to see her so I could ask her about how things were going and what she thought about my recent similar life changes.  She told me that when we first met back in 2004 that she wanted another female play partner to take care of all these black men and also someone to push her husband on.  Her husband at the time was her cuckold and had a crush on me.  I had no intention of being a big time slut like Christina.  I was envious, but I just could not see myself doing what she did.  So unbeknownst to me they planned on taking me to a Queen of Spades party.  She knew I’d enjoy it and that I’d be open to her husband’s advances once I felt their cocks and they had a few things in me to lower my inhibitions.  So one night when my husband was out of town, they came and asked me to go to a party. I had no idea that it was surprise Queen of Spades initiation party.  Well that night I was definitely pleasantly surprised by 5 gentlemen and initiated into the multi-partner interracial gangbang Queen of Spades cuckold world.  She told me she wasn’t surprised that my marriage would eventually end at that I would become addicted to being a submissive Queen of Spades.
Want to learn how an everyday woman leaves her cuckold hubby, takes on a black lover and becomes addicted to black cock?  Well Christina showed me how it happened to her and then how it happened to me. That night I became a Queen too.  It changed my life and after spending the weekend with her, I now understand.  CLICK HERE to see more, but beware that you might become a Queen of Spades too.



Member Erotica – Life of A Black Cock Slut: Chapter 23 Part 2

Chapter 23. Rebecca Becomes A Submissive Slave For A Group Of Black Men Part2.

As Rebecca lay there semi-naked on the floor, wiping the cum off her chin, she took advantage of the break to get her bearings and see who was there. When she had first moved to Los Angeles, she had snagged a famous ex-football player as a client and over the years many other retired athletes and celebrities in the area had been referred to her.  She watched one of the men, an ex-baseball player named Eddie walk over to her and helped her up off the floor, kissed her and slowly removed her bra and told her to taker her panties off. She bent down and slowly slipped them off and stepped out of them. She stood up in front of him naked with just her suspenders, shoes and stockings on and then she was led to the bed and told to get on her hands and knees. She felt him move in behind her and felt the head of Eddie’s big black cock push against the lips of her vagina. She liked Eddie and she closed her eyes in anticipation as she felt it being pushed into her. It seemed like it kept going deeper and wouldn’t stop  and she moaned out, “Fuck me hard with your black cock” as her vagina was being stretched. It felt like the biggest cock she ever had in her vagina. Then when she opened her eyes she saw a big black cock in front of her face waiting to be sucked.  It was Hardy, the ex-football player. He smacked her face with his cock before he pushed it into mouth. She began to suck it hard and fast as the man behind her was fucking her hard and fast as well. She felt his sweat drip onto her ass and knew that this is what he wanted. Rebecca’s body was shaking from the powerful orgasm she was having and these guys were laughing.  She sucked harder as she wanted more.  She liked the way she was being used by these men as their submissive slave and she was enjoying it, groaning loudly. The man behind her was pushing more of his cock into her vagina as it was so big he touched her cervix and he still had not got all his cock into her vagina. He gripped her hips hard her body still as he kept pushing forward and the man who’s cock was in her mouth was sliding in her mouth deeper as he pushed to get more into her mouth and grabbed the sides of her head to keep her steady from moving. Rebecca had her mouth and vagina filled with two big black cocks and she trembled from the cumming uncontrollably from the fucking she was getting. All she could say was “Please don’t stop. Oh my god” as the cock in her vagina was making her juices leak down the big black cock enabling him to slam and pound her vagina harder as she was not in control anymore. She could hear their bodies slap against her skin and she wanted more.

Then Hardy grabbed her head and forced his cock further into her mouth. Rebecca got ready to feel his cum filling her mouth, but she had no idea what she was in for. Suddenly Hardy screamed, “Oh Jesus!”  She felt him grab tight and his cock started swelling up. She could barely breathe and suddenly his cock started pulsing as he screamed, “Ahhhhhh”.  When he came it was with so much force and his cock kept pulsing.  It seemed like it was never going to stop.  Rebecca couldn’t keep up. It was hard for her to swallow it all as she was gagging. Hardy had a strong grip on her head and she was suffocating on his cum.  Finally when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, she coughed up cum and gasped for air as she continued to jerk his cock.  Long strands of cum mixed with saliva landed on her face and it dripped out of her mouth and tears flowed from her eyes. She remembered the cock still fucking her and her body started to shake again as she had another powerful orgasm and she flooded the cock in her vagina with her cum. As she regained her senses, Rebecca felt Eddie fucking her vagina with his big black cock harder than she had ever been fucked before and her head fell on the bed and she closed her eyes and grabbed the sheets screaming for him to give it harder. Then she felt him grab her hips as he pushed his cock as far as it could go into her vagina until his cock was touching her cervix and he said ” Damn I am cumming in your vagina and I am going to fill you with my black baby seed and breed you bitch!  I have been wanting this forever” and he groaned as he came. Like Hardy, his cock swelled as two other men came up to her face and came in her mouth and all over her face as Eddie suddenly screamed, “Take this you slut!  Do you want it?  Do you really want it?” and Rebecca’s body started shaking again from another powerful orgasm and screamed, “Yes Eddie.  Yes, please cum deep inside me.  I always wanted to fuck you.” Eddie screamed, “Shittttt. You pussy feels so good” Eddie’s cock just kept pulsing as he emptied his balls deep inside her with his warm liquid.  When she opened her eyes, with Eddie’s cock still pulsing inside her, she saw another two men about to cum over her face and body to add to the others who had cum before.    And then they released and squirted all over her lips and she tried to lick it up.

Rebecca’s head was spinning.  Her body was drunk wth cum.  Eddie never lost his hard on and kept fucking.  Finally when he had finished fucking her vagina and cumming for the second time, he let go of her hips, leaving a hug red mark. He pulled his big black cock out of her vagina and pussy let out a little fart from all the air he had pushed into her.  Her pussy felt stretched out and empty.  It felt cold and she needed someone to fill her vagina with another big black cock. As he pulled his cock out of her vagina, his black seed leaked out down her thighs and onto the bedsheets. It felt like he had put alot of cum in her vagina. Rebecca felt exhausted but she realized there were more guys in the room she had not fucked and that all these men had paid a price to fuck her. Although she was tired, she wanted more.  She loved the feeling.  Her body ached but it ached for more cocks to fuck and play with. Just then another of the men got on the bed and told her to get on top of him and put his cock in her vagina and fuck him so Rebecca got on top of the man and slowly put his big cock into her vagina and started to fuck him hard and he was grabbing her breasts as she fucked him. Rebecca then felt the bed move as another man got on the bed and got behind her and slowly spread her vagina so that he could push his cock into her vagina as well.  “No, of my god, No,” she begged.  But all that happened was they foced her legs apart wider and the more she begged and cried, the more they held her down and suddenly she was paralyzed as he pushed his cock into her vagina and they both started to fuck her.  She grabbed the head of the bed and held on for dear life as they pumped back and forth. Her vagina was filled with the black cocks and the stimulation was intense.  Not only were her vaginal lips being stretched, but they were being stimulated by never before. Her legs and ass started shaking from another powerful orgasm and she came, “oh my go, oh my god, what are you guys doing to me! Agggggggh” , she screamed as she covered both cocks with her cum and this made them both fuck her harder and faster and soon after some time one of them told the other, “We should cum together at the count of three in this Black Cock Bitch.  Tell me when you are ready.”   Rebecca lay their motionless as she made sounds of helplessness as the two men continued pumping her hard.  Suddenly the man on the bottom said, “I’m ready.   One….two…three..” and suddenly both men stopped and their cocks pulsed together filling her vagina with their cum as both pushed their cocks further into her vagina. When they stopped and they both moaned as they came filling her with their black seed.  “Damn, I had no idea this white slut would best breeding I ever had. Fuck…I think you jizz got all over my cock.  Hmmmm, Rebecca clean me off like a good little slut.”  He then shoved his cock in her mouth.  She could feel their cum in her pussy as she sucked the cum off his cock.  Her pussy felt unusually full and loose.  When he was done, she cleaned off the other cock.  She was oblivious to the other people taking photos and videos of her stretched out pussy with cum bubbling out of her.

Suddenly another one of her clients pulled her on top of his stiff cock and her loose pussy slid on easily. She was happy that his cock was fat as she could actually feel it inside her.  He was a large man and wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. She started bouncing up and down on his cock when somebody came up behind her and pressed his cock against her sphincter.  Rebecca quickly jumped off the cock and shouted, “No, not there.”  She was quickly pulled back down on the cock and the guy behind her instructed two others to hold her legs apart.  Rebecca tried to struggle, but her assailant quickly grabbed her by the throat and pulled her back and growled into her ear, “Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  Either way, the way I look at it, your ass belongs to us.  Do you know we have all been wondering what is between the snooty glasses and prim and proper intelligent woman who manages our funds?”  She recognized the voice.  He was the one truly responsible for this.  An ex-pro football player who worked in management for the pro football team, he was the one who assigned the team’s retirement accounts to her firm.  He continued, “You want to keep our business?  Then behave and take it like a good bitch.  Remember you work for us.  We could always take our business elsewhere.”  He moved around in front of her and stuck his cock against her lips.  “If you understand, I want you to suck my cock and lubricate it so I can slide into the fine white ass of yours.”  Rebecca looked up.  She realized almost $180 million in assets were represented in the room, nearly 40% of the firm’s portfolio.  They would never survive a mutiny.  Tears in her eyes, she spit on his cock and swallowed it.  “Damn Rebecca, you have no idea how many of the brothers are gonna be happy to have their very own whore and financial advisor all rolled into one.  You are gonna have so much new business.”

He quickly moved behind her and she felt the pressure of his cock moving in.  It hurt and she screamed while the others held her down and other watching cheered.  He heard someone else yell, “Damn…… I never dreamed I’d get a piece of this ass and now it’s mine.  I need to set up an appointment with her next week.”

His cock slide deeper and deeper.  “Oh god….shit! Oh my god it hurts. Ohhhhhh,” she sobbed hoping that her cries might somehow invoke sympathy from him.  Another man jumped on the bed and put his cock in her mouth.  With all three holes filled, she could barely breath.  The big black cock was pushed into her mouth and she started to suck it hard and the man grabbed hold of her head as he was fucking her mouth. Rebecca’s body was starting to feel sore from being used by these men but she continued to let them use her.  She was in no position to resist as her body   She had almost forgotten the cock in her pussy which was swelling.  The man behind her grabbed her by the neck and squeezed.  She liked his controlling and dominating words. She was their submissive slave for the night. Just then Rebecca’s body started to shake again as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed out she was cumming. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!  Fuck me harder.  Please harder!” She needed them to fuck her harder to make her cum.  Suddenly the guy in her mouth shoved his whole cock in her mouth as he cock swelled and started pulsing, filling her mouth with his cum as he yelled, “Damn bitch, that was the best blowjob ever!” She started gagging as there was so much and she tried to swallow it all, but some of it leaked out from her mouth onto the bedsheets. After he had emptied is cock in her mouth he pulled is cock out and got off the bed, but before Rebecca could even wipe the cum dropping off her chin, someone else got on and put his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her hard and fast, and it was not long before he began to cum in her mouth as well and she tried to swallow his cum as well, but she could not and when he took his cock out his cum leaked out of her mouth and onto the bedsheet as well.

Finally Rebecca felt her ass-fucker grab her hips as he spanked her. He soon was pushing his cock in her ass as far as he could.  It hurt as the friction was so intense. He moaned and said “Tell me Rebecca.  Do you like it? You know you want my cock, don’t you.  Mmm, always wanted to destroy the ass of a stuck up white bitch. Does the white bitch want my cum in her ass?” Rebecca just said “Yes, please. Just cum. Oh shit. Please do it” She couldn’t take it anymore.  She wanted it to be over.  She felt his cock swell and press against her anal cavity and he began to cum filling her ass with his black seed like a cock enema. When he had finished cumming he pulled his cock out of her ass with a pop and his cum started to leak out onto the bed. Then the man who was fucking her vagina was soon ready to cum and he pushed his cock further until his cock was touching her cervix.  He grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples until Rebecca screamed out in pain. Pleased, he stopped and moaned as he filled her with his black seed and screamed out “I am going to enjoy breeding this white slut” and then Rebecca felt his cock cum inside her vagina, filling her with his black seed. When he had finished he pulled his cock out, his cum leaked out of her vagina. Rebecca was now exhausted, her body sore as she lay there hoping that this was the end. She grabbed a glass of water handed to her and gulped it down. She did not know if her body could take anymore.

As she lay on the bed she saw the door open and in walked a naked black woman who looked like she had just been fucked. Rebecca did not recognize her.  She came over to the bed and got on it and then she pushed her exhausted used body down on the bed and started to lick the cum off Rebecca’s face and kissed her on the lips. Rebecca closed her eyes and kissed her back. The woman flipped round and lowered her vagina on her face into a 69 position. Just as her vagina got closer Rebecca saw cum about to drip into her mouth and Rebecca began to lick her vagina to clean the cum up. The woman spread Rebecca’s ass apart and tasted the cum in her ass crack and she began to lick her vagina as well to suck the cum as well. Rebecca felt the cum being sucked out of her.  It felt so good and then Rebecca’s body started to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm as the black woman had one as well squirting her cum into her mouth.

When she had finished cumming she got off Rebecca and ran out of the room. Rebecca was surprised to see all the men standing round the bed and noticed they had all been stoking their cocks while she was having sex with the woman. She watch as they played with their cocks and soon they were ready to cum in her pussy.  She was dragged to the end of the bed and flipped over.  They lined up and soon they started a line first sticking their cocks in her mouth until they were hard and then fucking and cumming in her pussy while two men held her legs open and spread apart.  Her arms were pulled over her head and tied to the head of the bed.  She was in no shape to resist.  The men took their turns with her mouth and pussy eventually propping her ass with two pillows as over a ton of black muscle lay of top of her emptying whatever cum they had left into her womb.  She could feel the 11 loads of cum swishing around in her pussy as two guys held her legs in the air.  The black woman came back in and pushed her face between her legs and licked her pussy clean, sticking a finger in and mixing the 11 loads of cum.

Each of the men came to the side of the bed and kissed her.  Each gave her a handshake and told her they would keep their assets with her for now and that she was the best money manager they ever had.  A couple of them winked at her and said they’d be seeing her soon.  The woman used a wet cloth to wipe down her body and undid her wrists.  She pushed a plug into her pussy to keep the cum in her pussy.  When she was ready the door opened and in walked Trevor and he went over to the man he was talking to before he left and he was given a tape of the nights events and then he walked over to Rebecca and put his arm round her.  She looked like a whore and he could tell she could barely stand.  He led her out to her car and help her get in. When he was in the car as well he asked her “Did you enjoy being there submissive slave” and Rebecca just looked at him and said “Thank You”. Trevor then started the car, “Sorry I’m so late.  I will drive back quickly.”  Before she passed out Rebecca said, “That’s okay.  I don’t need to be back until tomorrow.  I forgot to tell you that I told my husband I’ve been having an affair.  We are going to talk about it.”  Trevor was stunned.  Before he could respond, she was asleep. When they got back to his place he carried his beautiful girl back to the room.  He was so turned on to see how this incredible woman had now been turned into a sxual slut. He removed her clothes, not noticing the plug, and she rolled over asleep. While she was sleeping he watched the tape to see if she did as he told her and he was pleased that she did everything and more that was asked of her and when he had finished watching the tape he put it away and then he got on the bed and cuddled up to Rebecca and fell asleep with his arms around her.

To be continue in Chapter 24.


#ThrowbackThursday: Tribute to Hefner & Petty

Each Thursday I retweet a posting from the past.  This one honors Tom Petty and Hugh Hefner who died in the past week.   So grab one glass for each of them and let’s have a toast for these two icons!


On our recent trip to Vegas we were told that the Playboy Club at the Palms is the last in the world. I did not know that. I remember as a little girl driving into Chicago with my family and passing by the old Playboy Building downtown and then seeing the Playboy Club. The costume is still a very classy look and I think good old HH developed a really chic look. In fact many famous women were once Playboy bunnies before they became famous. I can’t say their names here, but there was a famous feminist, a rock and roll star, a even the first model to ever earn more than $1million a year. Well I’d love to add my name to this famous list.

Can you name the inconsistencies in my costume from the real one? Can you name the famous ex-Playboy bunnies? Come in and see if I measure up. At least check out my cotton tail! CLICK HERE FOR PAGE 2 OF THIS UPDATE!