The Cuck Consultant Interview Part 3

Ever since I had an interview (1st interview) last year with “The Cuck Consultant”,  people have been asking lots of questions about my life and why I separated from my husband and why I enjoyed the lifestyle.  Let me first say that I did not view nor did my ex view our relationship as a cuckold type relationship.  I hated labels and we did not fit that mold.  Then my ex-husband responded and came in with his own interview (2nd interview) to provide his perspective.

The word CUCKOLD never really fit for us.  We were simply exhibitionistic swingers.   Swinging allowed us to not bother each other too much.  It allowed us to add some variety in life.  Honestly after everything we have been through in our life we are bonded more than anyone could ever imagine.  The interesting part is that the things which brought us into the relationship and enhanced our lives are things that neither of us really needs or wants every day

Ironically after the second interview I had some questions that I had for my husband.  We discussed and he told me what he still thought of me and our past and I told him too what it was that I was getting in my new relationship.  We agreed that we were both happier and getting something neither of us had provided each other in a long time.  The one thing we did also amazingly agree upon is that we could now finally be in that cuckold relationship that everyone had told us we were in although we would do it without being with each other.  He sent me a photo that I then sent to the Cuckold Consultant who has in a way become our relationship therapist.  I forwarded it to him and agreed to a 3rd interview that can be found on the Cuckold Consultant website.

Member Erotica Chapter 31 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Chapter 31. Rebecca’s Black Master Gets Is Revenge Part1.

Rebecca woke up early on New Year’s Day and her body was sore after the New Year’s Eve party.  When she rolled over to kiss her Black Master he woke up. She told him that she needed to leave as she had agreed to spend New Year’s Day with her kids and pick up more of her belongings. Her husband was still upset with her and she had yet to sit down with her family to tell them her side of the story.

Her Black Master was not pleased as he had wanted to spend it with her. He reluctantly agreed and she said that she would be back on the 3rd.  They had a New Year’s Day brunch and then packed up and drove back to his place. When they got to his place she kissed him hard on the lips before he got out of the car and she said, “See you in 4 days. I wish I could stay here, but I need to get my stuff in order. I will be back on Friday, the 5th. You understand, right?”  Trevor nodded, but he disagreed and was upset.  He knew she was right, but it didn’t mean he was happy. He decided he was going to make her pay for not staying with him and when she left, he phoned a friend and asked him if he could do something for him. He told him that he wanted his new white slut to be taught a lesson and they discussed all the details. Afterwards they agreed about the plan.  They agreed that on Wednesday the 3rd, they’d put their plan to work.

The next two days Rebecca revealed to her family that her Company had given her a new assignment and that she was going to have to move away to help open a new office.  She had talked with Al about it and they had agreed it was for the best and that although it would be tough, it was the best for her career and that she would be back occasionally to visit.  Their dad would hire someone to come live with them to help take care of the house, do shopping and other things. There was lots of sadness but everyone understood.  It was of course a lie, but Al just wanted her out of this house.  Rebecca thought it would be a relief, but she was sad. She almost didn’t go through with it, but Al had reminded her that she needed to keep her “slutty cheating pussy” out of their house.

Rebecca’s first day of work for the new year started like any other day and as she went to work she parked her car and went in her building.  The office was fairly empty.  Most of the staff had taken the rest of the week off. Most of her own as the rest of the staff would be back next Monday. It was a new year, but Rebecca did remember to do her striptease and put on her lunchtime show for the security camera.  She enjoyed doing it. She had dressed a little sexier that day with a blouse that she had unbuttoned one extra button, a skirt that was a couple inches shorter than she would normally wear, and heels that were a couple inches taller.  Nobody would really see her like that at work but it still made her feel sexy and showing off to the security cameras was easy and anonymous.  The day flew by and she packed up to commute home.  She left the building and headed to the garage. It was empty except for her car and a van that was parked next to it. Rebecca put her bag in the trunk and was about to get in her car when a man jumped out of the van behind her and she felt a hand clamped around her mouth and then she felt a pinch as someone injected her with a knock out drug and soon she had passed out. One of the men picked her up and pulled her into the van. Her mouth was gagged and her hands and feet were taped and a blindfold was placed over her eyes. Her Black Master grabbed her keys and followed the van of the kidnappers to a deserted house on the outskirts of town. When they got there they stopped the in front of a deserted building and one of the men slid open the van door and carried the petite comatose financial executive, threw her over his shoulder and carried her into the warehouse and into a room which had a mattress on the floor.  He tossed her onto it and they left the room to wait for her to wake up and after 20 minutes they went back in the room and she was struggling and whimpering.  Trevor joined the other three men but stood behind a curtain and pushed the record button to began filming the action to put on the RebeccasOffice website.

When Rebecca woke up she could not see anything because of the blindfold and she felt someone near the mattress and he pulled the blindfold off and the gag out of her mouth.  The room was still poorly lit except for a dim overhead lamp that allowed just enough light for Trevor’s video camera. Her hands and legs were untied and she screamed out for help but one of the men told her “You can scream all you want bitch, but no one will hear you” and then she try to escape and struggled with them but one of the men slapped her across the face saying, “Shut up bitch and do as you are told”. Rebecca was stunned at first but kept on struggling with the men as they lifted her up and placed her on a chair with one of the men holding her hands behind her back. She suddenly realized these were the same men who had raped her in her home.  She began kicking and screaming, “No. Stop. Please don’t rape me,” but then one of the men held her arms above her head as the second man got between her legs and pushed her skirt up and ripped her panties off and stuffed them in her mouth to shut her up and slapped her across the face again and said, “It isn’t rape if you allow us to do it and you enjoy it. Now I suggest you read this note so that we can document your compliance.  If you don’t comply we know where you live and we can’t guarantee people won’t get hurt and it is all your responsibility. Do you understand?  If so, smile and read this.”  She thought about her family and their safety and nodded.  As she nodded, she felt her hands being released and she grabbed the note, wiped her tears and began to read:

“Hi my name is Maria Ferrante and I am a white whore slut for black cock.  I really can’t get enough and like to be dominated by black bulls.  What you are about to see might look scary and rough, but it is exactly want and love.”

Rebecca paused for a second and began to shake.  She wasn’t sure what to do next.  She looked up at her assailant, recognizing him from her house.

Rebecca noticed that they were all fierce looking big black men over 6ft tall. The man between her legs began to rip her blouse open and the buttons flew everywhere.  “That’s my favorite blouse,” she said, but they ignored her as the man behind her pulled her bra down and exposed her breasts and pinched nipples.  It hurt, but Rebecca could feel her body responding.  Her breasts were exposed for them to see and one of the men shouted out, “Look at the size of those breasts” and Rebecca felt so ashamed someone started licking her nipples. She was helpless as the three men swarmed over her. The man between her legs began to fondle, lick and suck her breasts and then he grabbed her legs at the ankles and pushed them back to her chest and the other man had no trouble holding her left arm and leg in his left hand and her right arm and leg in his right hand and Rebecca was crying and pleading with them “Please don’t hurt me I want to go home” but laughed and told her “Your going nowhere bitch anytime soon.”  A couple of flashes happened as someone took some Polaroids.

Then the man between her legs suddenly pushed a finger inside her vagina and she gasp at the feeling and closed her eyes. Her eyes watered and she began to moan.  He fucked her vagina with his finger until he felt her getting wet and then he slipped his finger out and she saw him pull his pants down revealing his hard black cock and it was big. As he moved between her legs she felt him spread her vagina open and with a hard thrust he forced his cock deep into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  “Yeah baby, you like it don’t you?  I’m gonna make you loose so the only cocks you’ll need are black ones.” He was right.  Rebecca could feel it going and then moaned, “Yes, it feels so good.”  This went on for some time until she felt him take his cock out until the head of his cock was left in her vagina and then she felt him forced his entire cock all the way in her vagina and his cock hit her cervix and she cried out, “Oh my God, you’re so big”. He stopped for a moment to kiss her and she responded. But he pulled away, saw her looking at his cock with lust as she reached down and spread her pussy lips herself and he responded by fucking her hard and fast and soon Rebecca felt a tingle start in her vagina and the other men let go of her and watched their mate fuck this white bitch as she changed from an unwilling captor into a whore.  He then reached underneath her and stood up as she wrapped her arms around his neck and he fucked her standing up as she bounced up and down on his cock. The man then pushed her back onto the mattress and grabbed her wrists and pinned them to the mattress as he was fucking her and soon the feeling became more intense for Rebecca. She tried to not let them know she was getting pleasure from the feelings she felt, but his dirty talk turned her on. “Yes, stretch me out baby,“ and soon she had a powerful orgasm and screamed out, “Fuck!  Don’t stop!  Right there!  You’re gonna make me cum! Arggggg!” And has she squirted on his cock he thrusted hard in her vagina and soon he pushed his cock all the way in and she felt his cock cum deep inside her vagina and he lay on top of her with his cock still inside her vagina. She could feel it continue to pulse for over a minute.

Rebecca felt his cock was still hard in her vagina and he then began to slowly thrust his cock inside her vagina and started to fuck her again and she soon started to response to the feeling of his cock in her vagina and moaned and he said “You love having a black cock in your vagina don’t you bitch.” He pushed deep and hard and repeated, “Don’t ya bitch.” Rebecca’s voice was his and shrill and half crying apologetically, “Yes I do.  I love it.” Soon she was having another powerful orgasm and screaming out loud that she was cumming. Her assailant kept fucking her and scaring her “Mmm, you love it. Oh yes, you are addicted to black cock. I’m gonna feed that addiction and teach you how to be a whore.”  He pointed at her little Queen of Spades tattoo and said “They will only need to look at your gaping pussy to know what you are.  You won’t need a tattoo. Then he stopped talking and pushed his cock deep inside her vagina and filled her vagina with another load of black seed deep inside her.  “Damn this little whole needs only black seed.” His cock was still pulsing when he wrote on her abdomen, “BLACK BREEDING HOLE”. Rebecca look on in shock as she watched him write the words and felt his hot load pump inside her and thought about how the best penis she ever felt belonged to a man she didn’t even know.  She was being humiliated and yet she was so turned on.  The thought of being so naughty and letting these men use her body to survive turned her on and suddenly she had another powerful orgasm and covered his cock in her cum. When he was finished he pulled his cock out of her vagina and his cum and hers started to leak out out of her pussy down to her ass and onto the mattress.  Rebecca’s legs began to shake. She felt weak and helpless.

The men then tied her wrists and ankles together. They started whispering and went behind a clack curtain where the Black Master had stood and watched and left her alone in the room. She pulled her legs to her body and lay on her side and curled up in a ball and cried as she wondered what next they were going to do to her and she decided that when they come back to attack her again then she would fight back and not make it easy, but she soon passed out.  The drugs had taken effect again and she feel into a deep sleep.

While she was asleep, they reinjected her with more sedatives and took more Polaroids with her BBC writings on her abdomen and then they wrote on her butt too in black marker.  They laughed and stuck their cocks in her unconscious mouth and came in it, smearing it all over her lips.

A couple hours later Rebecca was awakened by the sound of the men walking back into the room and shutting the door. Her Black Master silently remianed hidden behind the curtain.  As her eyes opened she saw that the three men were back standing around the mattress.  She licked her chapped lips and tasted the saltiness of their cum.  She had no idea what they had done when she was passed out. They were all naked and had big hard black cocks hanging between their legs and she readied herself to fight them. When the first man spoke it surprised her as he called her by name and said “Maria are you going to be a good bitch and do as you are told?” She wanted to know how they knew her name but instead she barked at them, “Don’t You Dare Touch Me or I will Kick You In The Balls”, but it was the worst thing to do and she did not realize until it was too late. Then they all pounced on her.  Over 600 lbs of male muscle jumped on her and the first man pinned her hands down and the second man spread her legs and forced his cock into her dry vagina. Rebecca screamed out, “No……..No you’re hurting me.  Why are you doing this?,” she screamed out as he was fucking her and he slapped her across the face.

“Mmmmm, I am going to make this pussy mine. My cock is the only cock that will give you pleasure after today. Oh yeah baby, I’m gonna follow you home after this and watch you.  You better not call the cops cuz we will be watching.”  She tried to put it out of her mind but she felt her body shake as she was having another powerful orgasm.  His cock felt so good as his cock rubbed against her clitoris.  As soon as his cock finished pumping, he swited with the second man and soon the second man was cumming and filling her vagina with his black seed. When the second man finished, he pulled his cock out of her vagina and the third man forced his cock into her vagina almost before the second man could pull out.  “Choo-Choo”, yelled the third man.  Rebecca had no idea what a train was and that it was what they were doing. They were not giving her pussy a break.  “Yeah, she is a cock whore. Aren’t you bitch?  You know you shouldn’t be doing it but you just can’t stop!  Your husband is gonna want to fill you up tonight and you will want it but his tiny little cock will be so unsatisfying.  Your stretched pussy will feel so unfulfilled you wll be begging for our cocks.”  He started to fuck her and soon the second man stuck his cock into her face and told her to suck his cock and he began to force his cock into her mouth and told her to suck it.  She opened her mouth and he forced it down her throat. Soon as he was fucking her mouth it was going down her throat every time and making her gag, but she got used to it as he was telling her “Suck that black cock bitch. She’s a little white whore.  I like it.  Let’s keep her”. Soon he was saying “I am going to cum in this whore’s mouth” and he held her head and told her “You’re going to take every last drop of my cum bitch and if you don’t swallow it all you will be sorry,” and then he came in her mouth and most of it was on her tongue and he told her “Open your mouth and show us all” and when she opened her mouth they saw his most of the cum on her tongue and he told her “Close your mouth and swallow it all down your throat” and when she closed her mouth it slowly slid down her throat, then reopened her mouth to show him she swallowed it all.

Suddenly the third man pulled out and turned her around and forced her head down on the mattress, pressing his hand on her head and pinning her head down. He then forced his cock into her vagina from behind and the first man pushed his cock into her face and opened her mouth and started to suck his cock. As the third man was fucking her vagina hard and fast Rebecca was having another powerful orgasm and she was moaning as she was sucking the first man. Soon the third man was filling her vagina with his black seed and when he pulled his cock out he looked over to the first man and told him “I’m going to fuck her ass” and Rebecca pleaded, “Please no!” but her words were garbled with the cock in her mouth. The first man looked at her and said “Rebecca we know you like to be fucked in the ass” so the third man pulled her ass into the air and began to spread her ass cheeks and the first man told the second man to go and get some lube and he went out and soon returned with a tube of lube. He told Rebecca to hold her ass cheeks apart.  When she resisted he whacked her across the butt and she screamed and sobbingly reached back to spread her cheeks as the third man spread some lube on his fingers and he slowly pushed his fingers into her ass. Rebecca’s eyes teared up as he slowly moved his finger in and out. He removed his fingers and slowly pushed the head of his cock to her ass pushed slowly at first but then he pushed hard and his cock was in her ass. Rebecca screamed out at the shock despite how good it felt.  She knew she was going to enjoy it, but she did not want them to see. As her ass was forced to take his cock and he pushed her face deeper into the mattress she was filled with warmth. Soon the resistance became an uncontrolled desire.  The sensation of his cock in her tight ass was even more incredible than her stretched pussy. She was whimpering, “Uhhh harder. I want it harder. I’m a bad whore and deserve it” and soon she felt him cum in her ass and he pulled it out.  His cum leaked out of her ass and the men all laughed, “Oh yeah, she’s addicted.  This girl ought to be paying us for our cocks!” Rebecca was tired and hoped they were finished as she curled into a ball.

But the first man got on the mattress and told her to put his cock into her vagina and ride him. Rebecca slowly rolled over and put his cock in her mouth to make it stiff and when he was rock hard she slowly got on top of him and put his cock into her vagina, lowering herself down onto his cock.  He grabbed her hips and forced it all the way into her vagina and then the second man got behind her, pushed her forward and forced his cock into her ass and they both fucked her at the same time. “We’re gonna double fuck you. Like our cum?  Want it Maria? Can we dump our black jizz in your pussy?”  Rebecca wanted to say yes but her body was shaking uncontrollably as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out loud, “Fuck me harder”. And soon they were fucking hard in her vagina and ass and saying “This is a true whore who cannot get enough black cocks” and then the third man stepped up and told Rebecca to open her mouth and he forced his cock in her mouth. Soon the second man was cumming in her ass.  The cum from her ass leaked onto the cock in her pussy and relubed her pussy. “Oh god, this isn’t good,” she cried. Just then then the third man filled her mouth with his cum and when he pulled it out he told her to spit it on her pussy.  He pulled her head back by the hair and she spit the cum from her mouth onto her pussy and the first man’s cock which was still fucking her.  The first man pushed Rebecca onto her back and fucked her more until he was cumming in her vagina.  Rebecca had no more fight in her.  She had no energy left as these men had fucked the life out of her. When he was finished he pulled out his cock and then they all stood over the mattress and laughed.  She had cum dripping out of her holes and dried cum on her face with her mascara and makeup smeared.  She had not yet seen the writing on her body.  One of the men went out of the room and then he came back and without Rebecca seeing he injected the sleeping drug into her arm and waited for her to fall asleep. When she was asleep her Black Master came out from behind the curtain and told them to carry her to her car and put her in the front seat, staged it, locked the car, and threw the keys back in through the open slightly opened window.

He then thanked them for their help. They all drove back downtown where he went upstairs to his hotel apartment. He then edited the video and uploaded it to the RebeccasOffice website.  He then waited for her call.  He smiled deviously.  She would be his now.

An hour later, Rebecca woke up in her car when she heard a noise. Two homeless men were peaking in the car through the window.  It was almost dusk and she quickly assessed she was in an abandoned parking lot in an industrial park.  All she had on was her thong and her bra was pulled down around her waist.  She felt dried cum on her thighs and around her mouth.  She found her ripped blouse and tried to cover up as one of the men asked her to open the door and smiled.

When she sat up she heard her keys fall to the floor and quickly grabbed them, started the car and drove away.  As she drove away she noticed that her purse was open on the passenger seat.  They had taken her cash and the rest of the contents were strewn all over the place.  She pulled over to a safe place and noticed a dozen Polaroids and a note:

Maria, thanks for taking our cum.  We are sure you enjoyed yourself and took some photos for you to remember us.  You didn’t have enough money to pay our normal fee, so we just took whatever you had in your purse.  Now that we know where you live AND work, be ready for us.

She looked around for her skirt but it was nowhere to be found.  She couldn’t go back home like this. What would she say?  She’d have to go back to Trevor’s.  She had some clothes there.  It was now 10pm.  Her family would be worried.  She called home and left a message that she was going to be home in a couple hours.  Her husband was furious.

She arrived back at Trevor’s place.  She looked around and fortunately there was nobody around.  She was going to have to go out in her thong and ripped blouse.  She cleaned up the photos and note and threw everything in her purse.  She took a deep breath and jumped out of her car quickly locking it behind her and raced into the lobby and pressed the button for the elevator.  She kept her face down trying not to catch the eye of anyone.  As she waited a bunch of laughter erupted.  She suddenly looked at herself in the lobby mirror and saw the words, “Ass for Black Cock Only”, written on her ass.  She didn’t notice, but three of the guys laughing were the guys who had just fucked her.  Suddenly the elevator doors opened and she raced in.

She cried as she took the elevator up and when she got to Trevor’s door and knocked desperately.  When Trevor opened the door and saw her, he smiled inside, but faked his best look of horror, “Oh my god, come in!  Who did this to you?”  He held her tight.  “Are you okay?  Should I take you to the doctor?  Are you hurt?”  Rebecca shook her head.  She just wanted Trevor to hold her and keep her safe.  “Don’t worry I will take care of you.  Let’s clean you up.  We need to clean you up and get you home.  I promise you that when we move in together this will never happen to you.”

He helped her out of her clothes and let her take a warm shower and closed the door behind to give her privacy.


Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 30 (NYE)

Chapter 30. Rebecca Rings In The New Year With Her Black Master. by Trevor

When Rebecca got up the following morning, she was feeling very sore. The Black Santa gangbang party had left her legs and body aching as she lay there with her lover’s thick arms around her and his hug hands around her breasts.  Waking up next to Trevor she was pleased to be in bed with him. He made her feel safe and taken care of.  She reached between her legs and felt his semi-stiff cock.  It felt warm and still wet.  She touched herself and felt the sticky remnants of the cum that had dripped out of her pussy and dried in her pussy hairs . He had given her a new life over the past 8 months.  A life she never knew existed and one she surely had never imagined acting out.  Rebecca slowly slipped out of bed and went to the bathroom to wipe the dried cum out of her pussy and pee.  She winced as her pee stung her sore pussy lips. When she crawled back into bed, she saw her Lover and Black Master was awake and typing something on his computer. He knew that she would be leaving him soon and was sad that he would be alone as she would be spending Christmas with her family.

As she got dressed and before she left he got hold off her, kissed her and told her that he loved her and that she was very special to him. The holidays would be lonely without her and that he wished she could spend more time with him and that she was not to let anyone touch her so that he would be her first cock of 2018 and her last of 2017.  He told her how he wanted to spend the holidays with her in the future and hoped this would be the last one without her.  Rebecca was touched, but she still had a family.  She could not leave them.  She needed her husband still.  How was she going to maintain these two lives?  She still needed him to take care of the family.  Her family and close friends would never understand.

When Rebecca arrived home she found her husband at the kitchen table. He had been crying. He had a look in his eyes she had never seen before.  He looked at her and pushed a manila envelope to her and left the room.  She opened the envelope and gasped.  In it she saw photos of her naked and fucking black men in her office, in a Santa suit in the alley, in a strip club, and on a car in a garage.  Attached was a note from a private investigation agency detailing her whereabouts and with whom.  Tears ran from Rebecca’s eyes. She pulled out some papers.  They were divorce papers with post-it markings for her to sign.

What Rebecca had not known is that over the past week, Trevor and the security guards and a couple of the guys at work had sent daily emails to her husband with videos of Rebecca enjoying herself while getting fucked by black men. Al had been tormented by these emails.  When he saw the first one, he thought it was a fake.  His wife would not be in a strip club with black men.  Then he saw her office.  And she was talking to the camera and she sounded like such a slut.  This couldn’t be a wife. He just couldn’t believe the 4 videos were showing her taking on several black men and having wild orgasms.  It made him sick. He then hired the PI to try and trace the emails and follow her.  He tried to talk to her but she was always tired and coming home late and sleeping before he could ask.  Then he knew that she was going to be out with her “guy”.  The PI had followed her to a fleabag hotel in the rough part of downtown and taken pictures of them dressed in Santa costumes had watched as his wife would scream her commitment to black cock as the PI took video from behind a garbage bin in the alley way.

Rebecca was mortified.  She ran upstairs after her husband and found him sobbing on the bed.  They were crocodile tears though.  He couldn’t believe his good fortune.  He wasn’t the bad guy anymore for cheating on her all these years.  Now it was all her fault.  She was this disgusting whore and he had his chance now.

“Al I’m sorry.  We don’t need to get a divorce.  I can’t split this family apart.  I don’t need a divorce,” she said.

“Forget it Maria.  Now I know why you wanted to change your name.  You wanted this new life.  I know you have been bored with me, but I had no idea that you had become this filthy whore.  And then you let these guys fuck you in our own bed?  In the house where you have a family?  Fucking strange men without a condom?  Sucking black cock in a smelly alleyway?  I don’t really know you anymore. I can’t believe how you changed.  I thought you met some young hunk at the office.  I had no idea you were screwing the security guards at work and anyone else who looked homeless. My gosh! Who are you?”

Maria bowed her head.  He was right.  She had become Rebecca. Somehow she thought she could do both at once, but it had all caught up with her.  “Look, I’m sorry, I never meant for it to come to this….”

Al cut her off, “Look, I’m not mad. I just am not in love with you anymore and you obviously don’t love me.  I think if you read through the papers, this will be a 50/50 divorce and I am being totally fare.  I am not going to embarrass you. I just can’t share a bed with you. I just ask that you move out and give me primary custody for the kids.  You will have visiting rights.  I don’t know what you want to tell the family or people at work, but I will go with whatever story you want to tell.”  Maria had tears in her eyes and tried to speak, but Al put up his hand, stood up, walked over to her and kissed her forehead, “We’ve had a good run. It is just time for us to go our own separate directions. I just can’t look at what you have become.  You can start moving out today. You should look at the papers before you sign, but I need you to be gone from here.  The kids are out right now at a party.  I am going to tell them you had an emergency with a client that needed to be fixed before 2018 for tax purposes and would be away on business through New Year’s.” Al left the room leaving Maria in tears.  She was right.  She had ruined their marriage.  It was all her fault.  She had become a slut and she could not and did not deserve to be sleeping there with him. She had become too dangerous.  She shut the door to the bedroom, grabbed two suitcases, and a travel overnight bag.  She packed as much of her clothes and toiletries as she could.  She couldn’t stop crying.

“What have I done?” she thought to herself as she packed. Her mind was racing. She needed to leave.  She dragged her bags down to her car and started the car.  Where would she go?  It was the holidays and all the hotels were booked.  She couldn’t go to see family and friends.  She had only one person in her life who cared for her. She knew where she would go now.

When she got to the hotel she grabbed her bags out of the car and locked it and took the lift up to his floor.  Her arms ached from the heavy bags.  She knocked on the door and her Black Master was surprised to see his submissive at the door.  He helped her with her bags as she raced into the bathroom.  He could hear her sobbing and just waited for her to come out. When she came out she handed him the divorce papers and told him what happened.  Trevor tried not to smile.  His plan had worked.  Her husband had gotten so upset that he couldn’t live with her.  Trevor was hoping the emails would do this and now she was alone.  He was now the person she turned to.  Trevor had all that he wanted, but he would work this gradually. She was very vulnerable now and he would use the time to build he trust such that she would be putty in his hands.  He told her that he couldn’t believe that he did this.  How could he leave her?  He told her that she was always welcome to stay and that her husband’s loss was his gain.  He would see if he could get the new condo to see if we could store some of her items until it was ready in a couple of weeks.   She went back in the bathroom to fix her make-up and he smiled knowing that she was now primed to be his sex toy.

He told her she needed to get her mind off things and she agreed.  He knew of a good way to do that and told her that he was taking her to the SLS Hotel to celebrate the New Year.  She paused for a second.  “Are you sure?  I just need you right now. You are all that I have.  I just want you to let me know that you want me.  I need to know somebody wants me right now.” Trevor walked over and gave her a big hug.  “I will always be here for you.  I know what you need and I will make sure that you are always satisfied when you are with me.  I understand this is a tough time, but I am not going to let this ruin your holiday.  He handed her a drink that he had spiked.  She took a sip and agreed that she needed to get out and put her mind on other things. He told her to take a nice long hot shower while he picked something for her to wear. Sometime later Rebecca came back into the bedroom and saw that he had laid out a sexy short black dress, black bra, black panties, black holdup stockings and black boots.  Rebecca smiled.  She loved that Trevor was not going to let her ruin the mood.  She got ready and when she was dressed her Black Master looked at her and told her, “Damn, now what right minded husband would leave you. He is going to regret leaving you.”  Rebecca smiled. Trevor packed their toiletries and extra clothes in a bag.  When ready they left the room and got into the car and drove off to the party. When they got there they went to the front desk, their name was checked on a list and the bell boy was called over. He was an older black man and he led them to the lift and up to the floor.  He handed Trevor the key and led them into their room.  Trevor gave him a tip and left them as they went into the room and started to settle down. Rebecca was happy to be spending the night in a posh room with her Black Master instead of his residence hotel.  She needed this.  He then told her that she will spend the night celebrating her new independence as her Black Master’s sex slave and bring in the New Year as well.

He then told her to take her dress and her underwear off, but leave her panties, holdups and boots on.  She obeyed.  He then got a blindfold and put it over her eyes. Rebecca shivered in anticipation.  Trevor pulled a butt plug out of a bag and put some lube on it. He then told Rebecca to bend over. She got up and bent over the bed. Suddenly Rebecca felt the cold gel as he forced the plug into her ass.  She let out a small scream as she was not ready for it. He then told her to get down on the floor on her knees and wait for him.

Rebecca heard him walk away and pick up the phone and talk to someone and after a few minutes on her own she heard the door open and someone walk in and they started to talk and she was thinking that he found someone to entertain her tonight. Then she heard her Black Master tell the other man she is all yours, her husband left her and you can do anything you want.  She even likes it a little rough as well. Then her Black Master walked over to Rebecca and removed the blindfold. When she got accustomed to the light she saw that the older black man was standing in the room naked with a big black cock between his legs. Rebecca looked up at Trevor.  He bent down and whispered, “I didn’t know you were coming back to me and I already had NYE plans, but you don’t need to be alone tonight.  You need to be taken care of.  Tonight begins the rest of your life.”

The elderly man walked over to Rebecca and told her “Are you ready to be used, slut?” and Rebecca hesitated “I think so”. The man then told her to unzip his pants and take his cock out. Rebecca knew what to do and opened her mouth and started to lick the tip of his already large cock with her tongue.  It smelled dirty.  She held her breath and continued. She moved down slowly until she got to his balls and took one ball in her mouth and sucked on it while stroking his cock.  It was so big  As she felt her hand rubbing it up and down, she looked up and realized it had to be at least 11”! Then she swapped and put his other ball in her mouth and sucked on it while continuing to stroke his cock.  She spat on his cock and let it drip down the shaft as she stroked him harder and felt his cock grow even more. Rebecca then moved her tongue to the tip of his cock and then sucked it in her mouth.  She was moving too slowly for him. She suddenly felt him grab her hair and push her head down to get more of his cock into her mouth and she started to choke.  Her arms were flailing but he pushed her hands down and soon he was thrusting is cock deeper in her mouth as she coughed and choked.  He grabbed the back of her neck and forced his cock deeper into the opening of her throat and soon she felt something fill her throat and knew that the taste was his cum in her mouth. When he took his cock out of her mouth she felt it drip down her chin and he looked at her and told her “Swallow all of my cum bitch” and when she had finished she lookup at him and said, “Thank you for your cum sir”.

He then told Rebecca, “Clean the cum off my cock you little white whore,” and she brought her mouth to his cock and slowly licked all the cum of his cock and when it was all cleaned she removed her mouth, smiled and said,  “Thank you sir”. He then grabbed her by the hair, lifted her tiny body up and threw her on the bed and ripped her panties off and he saw the butt plug in her ass and he told her “I am going to love pulling the butt plug out and fucking your white ass”. Rebecca felt him put a hand on her hip and then she felt him slowly pull it out. She screamed in agony as her body stiffened and tears rolled down her face.  Finally it was all the way out and he grabbed both hips and forced his cock into her ass.  Rebecca cried, “Please no.  Please no” and it hurt as she felt herself being split apart, her legs and body paralyzed as he slowly started pushing back and forth, “Oh shit.  It hurts.  Please be gentle.” She closed her eyes as he thrust his cock harder and harder making it hurt each time he fucked her and at the same time he smacked her ass repeatedly with force. He grabbed her hair as he kept fucking her deeper and deeper.  Rebecca started to feel paralyzed as this went on for  20 minutes.  He kept asking her if she liked it.  She kept telling him yes and that she wanted more.  Suddenly she felt him cum and her body shook as she had a powerful orgasm, pumping her ass with his cum and after he had cum he pulled out his cock and shoved the butt plug back into her ass, smacking her ass one last time. He then put his cock back into his pants and said thank you to Trevor as he left.

As Rebecca is lay on the bed shaking after being fucked in the ass her Black Master got naked and walked over to her and asked her “Do want me to touch you?” She looked at him and begged him to use her vagina and fuck her with his big black cock. He gently shoved three fingers into her wet vagina and he told her “You are already wet. Do you want me to put my big black cock in your vagina and fuck you?   Do you want this cock to own you and love you?” Rebecca said “Yes Master, I am yours and only yours. Please take care of me. I promise to please you however you like.” He then laid her on her back, held her legs apart and slowly slid his cock into her vagina and began to thrust his cock harder and harder into her vagina.  Rebecca screamed out “Oh God, I love this cock.  I’ll do anything.  Just please keep me. Don’t leave me.” Soon Rebecca felt her body shake as she had a powerful orgasm and came all over his cock. This made him fuck her harder as he jack-hammered her pussy and Rebecca had orgasm after orgasm. After about 4 orgasms she felt him push his cock deeper into her vagina and then he came and filled her vagina with his black seed. “You’re fucking mine now, slut”, he screamed as he came harder than ever.  Rebecca loved it.  It felt like he was peeing into her pussy and she never felt so fulfilled as he kept cumming and cumming.  The thrusts felt good and he begged her to cum with him.  Rebecca pushed back and felt her liquids push forward as she squirted while he flooded her pussy, soaking his cock, as their combined fluids dripped out onto the bed. When he had filled her vagina he pulled his cock out and some of his cum dripped out onto the floor.  He told her to turn round and he yanked the butt plug out forcefully.  Rebecca swore and screamed as it ripped her asshole on the way out. He commanded her to clean his cock. Rebecca obediently used her tongue to clean his cock of all his cum.  It smelled gross. It smelled like weeks of sexual stale fluid and piss. When she had finished he told her to take the rest of her clothes off and get in bed. Rebecca took her underwear, stockings and boots off and join him in bed. It was wet and uncomfortable, but at least she wasn’t alone.

They weren’t done yet. Trevor got behind her and spread her ass and began to lick her asshole and spit in it before sticking a finger into her well lubricated ass.  “What are you doing?  Pleas God no.  Not tonight.  Please trevor, no.” she begged. But then he stuck in another finger and fucked her ass with his fingers until she fell silent in her protests and her body trembled as she cried has another powerful orgasm built up. She screamed out and suddenly he looked down and saw tons of liquids flooding out of her pussy as she squirted a couple cups of liquid that started pooling around their knees on the bed.  Rebecca cried out with tears in her eyes, “Oh my god, I’m sorry. I’m sorry.” After Rebecca came down from her orgasm she felt Trevor’s soft kisses on her neck and telling her “Don’t worry.  You are the most beautiful woman.  You are my ultimate woman. It is because of you that my life is changing for the better.  I need you as much as you need me.  I will not let you leave me.” Rebecca closed her eyes and smiled. She had forgotten about the divorce and conversation with Al.

Trevor said all the right things as he caressed his love slave.  He looked in the mirror and could not believe his good fortune.  She looked happy and he was happy that she seemed content to be with him.  He felt her arm reach behind his head as she turned her head and sucked on his tongue.  Her other hand reached down and stroked his cock.  “I want your cock in my ass before the new year starts as my belongs only to you now.  Are you ready for it?  When I sign those divorce papers, I will be giving you the first right of refusal to own my body.” He loved the way she talked.  He loved how smart and sexy she was.  He didn’t speak.  He just pushed Rebecca forward and onto all fours.  Her hand had jerked his cock stiff and she felt the head of his cock at the opening to her ass.  Her ass still was tight and he gently pushed his cock into his lovers ass. Her cries and grunts turned him on.  He knew that it was painful, but she wasn’t resisting. Instead, she rached back, grabbed his ass and pushed him deeper as her cries of pain got louder.  He realized she was taking it because she felt like she owed him.  He stopped for a second because he was about to explode and he could tell that Rebecca was breathing hard and needed a few seconds to relax.  He kissed her and sdai, “Don’t worry baby, this cock loves you.”  Then he started to thrust his cock into her ass and picked up the pace and at the same time. He grabbed her hair and pulled on it like reins on a wild horse. Rebecca was pushing herself back onto his cock to get more of it into her ass.  The pain was unbearable, but Rebecca was out of control and wanted to feel the whole thing. She was enjoying the pleasure of taking all of her master’s cock into her ass.  She wanted to feel it explode.

Soon Rebecca was begging Trevor to fuck her ass harder and faster and he started to thrust harder and faster into her ass just as her body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out “I love you.  You are the best lover ever.” and she squirted on the bed sheets again as she came. Rebecca then felt him rubbing her clit as he was fucking her ass.  “Oh my God!  Shit.  Oh no!”  Rebecca was numb.  She wasn’t sure if she was cumming again, peeing or pooping.  She was afraid of the latter as she had never felt like this before with sex.  Her pussy started farting as the air escaped her body.  Then soon she was having another powerful orgasm.  But Rebecca was confused.  It smelled like pee. This time she screamed out, “I’m cumming!” as she was embarrassed that Trevor might think she was peeing.  Soon he whispered in her ear that he was cumming and his body shook and his cock began to expand in her ass before it pumped loads of cum in her ass. This set off another, but more powerful orgasm and she squirted more liquid from her numb pussy soaking the bedsheets with liquid that was now flooding off the bed. The sheets were ruined.  Finally all the feeling in her legs disappeared and she felt flat onto the cum soaked bed with a splash as trevor fell on top of her as well with his cock still in her ass.  The two lay exhausted and when his cock finally shrunk to a limp state, he pulled his cock slowly out of her ass.

Rebecca then looked at the clock by the bed and saw that there was a minute left of the old year and he whispered in her ear “I love you so much and can’t wait to share are life together in 2018 in our own home” and he kissed her hard on the lips and she turned around to push her body against his and kiss him. She felt so lucky not to be starting 2018 alone.  They could hear the rest of the guests count down to the end of 2017 and then heard the fireworks go off and they wished each other a Happy New Year as they kissed each other one last time before falling asleep in each other’s arms.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 29 – @RebeccasOffice Holiday Party

Chapter 29. Rebecca Handles the Naughty List At A Holiday Party

By the time Rebecca woke up it was late in the afternoon. Trevor had his arms around her with his hard-on pressed up against her thigh.  She leaned over, kissed Trevor on the lips and he told her that they were going to a Holiday party that evening and told her to get up and have a shower while he got the outfit for her to wear ready. Rebecca got out of bed and took a long shower.  She could not wait for them to get a whole new place.  Trevor’s efficiency hotel was a dump and  she could not wait to get out of there.  When she came back into the bedroom she noticed that her had laid out a furry white santa’s outfit. It was made up of a white hoodie dress which zipped all the way up the front with a black belt, furry fringe , white panties and white holdup stockings and black thigh high boots. It looked like a Santa ourfit except in all white.  Rebecca got dressed and when she was ready she saw that Trevor was dressed as a traditional Santa in a matching costume except in red and with black boots and he looked at her and liked what he saw. They both left and went to the car and he drove to the party located at a work/live loft in an industrial part of town in the valley an hour and a half away.  Traffic was heavy and they barely had time to stop and get something to eat.

By the time they arrived at the party is was already 8pm and the party was in full swing. They were met at the door by his friend and his wife who were dressed like them. They led them in and then his friend put his arm round Rebecca’s waist as he introduced her to the other people at the party. Rebecca smiled as she saw a sea of Santa costumes. All the men were in red and the women were in white.  Her host then led her to the bar and asked Rebecca what she wanted to drink.  When she turned to Trevor to ask what he was drinking, she noticed that Trevor had already started to mingle with a couple other women. After a couple of drinks Rebecca was starting to enjoy herself at the bar. People were friendly and great looking.  As she got to know the other people she realized that most of the men were black and the women were white.  What she had not yet realized was that the women’s drinks were strong and spiked.  She had not expected differently. Everyone was touchy and she didn’t mind that everyone her host introduced her too kissed her and gave her a huge hug.  Her hosts hand had never left her body and was now under her dress squeezing her ass.   Finally he asked her for a dance and she said yes. He led her onto the middle of the floor and while they were dancing she could feel him grabbing her ass and grinding his crotch against her and she could feel his big black cock and he told her “I cannot wait to fuck your tight vagina.” Rebecca smiled.  She knew that this was intended.  She was getting turned on and then he told her to follow him and Rebecca grabbed his hand and followed. She knew she was going to fuck this guy.  “Where are we going,” she asked. He told her “Just do as you are told and follow me” and he led her through the kitchen and down into the basement.

When they got to the basement, he pushed open a door to the alley and he grabbed her and pushed her down on a dirty mattress and started to kiss her hard on the lips as he was rubbing her ass with his hands. He told her to unzip her dress and she stood up slowly unzipping her suit when he reached under her dress and ripped her panties off and forced her up against a rusting abandoned washing machine and got his big black cock out of his pants.  A dim light in the alley provided barely enough light. He was rubbing his cock up between the cheeks of her ass as her pussy juices were dripping down her crack and he lubed his cock like a hot dog between buttered buns. And then Rebecca felt him force his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her vigorously. She did not care that anyone could hear her grunts. He was fucking her hard and raw as Rebecca was screaming out “Oh yes, it feels so good. Fuck me with your big black cock.  Fuck me Santa,” as his cock was stretching her tight vagina. Rebecca loved the animalistic intensity of the fucking.  She loved being desired this way.  He wrapped an arm round her ass as he was getting deeper in her vagina and the head of his cock started to touch her cervix. Rebecca was bracing herself, bent over the washing machine.  It creeked and made a large banging noise as it slammed against the wall with each thrust.  Soon Rebecca’s body started to shake as she had a powerful orgasm and covered his cock with her cum. He then began to slap her ass as he was telling her “You’re the best white slut I have fucked in a long time and I am going to enjoy pumping my black seed in your white slut vagina.” Just then Rebecca heard the alley way door slam and another person walked up behind them.  Rebecca  started to panic, but when the host saw who it was he told him, “Come over here and get some of this white Mrs. Clause slut.  She is the perfect gift to Black Santa.”

The party host maneuvered her back onto the dirty mattress. The other person got his cock out and walked over to Rebecca and told her to open her mouth as he forced his cock into her mouth as Trevor’s friend was fucking her. Rebecca’s vagina muscles contracted around his cock and she reached under him and began to milk his swollen balls as she felt him tense as he was about to cum.  His cock was pulsing and he forced his cock deeper into her vagina before filling her with his black seed deep in her womb and letting out a roar like the King of the Jungle. When Trevor’s friend pulled his cock out of her vagina the other person pulled his cock out of her mouth and turned Rebecca round and she told him “Come on and fuck me with you big black cock.”   She flipped onto her back and spread open her dress and put her hands behind her knees and spread her legs wide open. He then reached down and scooped up her cum out of her vagina with two fingers and put them in her mouth.  She sucked on his fingers and ate all the cum.  He then got his cock and rubbed the head of it against her clit before forcing his cock into her vagina and fucked her hard and fast. Rebecca would grab his ass and force more of his cock into her vagina. Trevor’s friend moved to front of Rebecca and told her. “Hey darling, time to clean me up and lick the cum off my cock.”  He slowly lowered his balls into her mouth as she tea-bagged his balls and rimmed his ass and sucked his cock clean.  Still rocking from his earlier orgasm, he got stiff in a hurry again and when she had clean his cock he moved aside and watched as his friend fucked this white slut. Rebecca was in ecstasy.  She had no idea even what the name is of the man attached to the cock between her legs, but she knew he felt good and was begging him, “Oh God, Oh God, it feels so good.  Oh shit, it feels so good.  Give it to me.  Give it to me.  Yes, Right there, don’t stop, ” but disappointingly he stopped fucking her and pulled his cock out and shot his cum all over her stomach.  Rebecca sat there with her legs wide open and in shock. as they both put their cocks back in their pants and stood up looking at her fine mess and smiling. She lay on the dirty mattress and she looked at them and was begging them “Aren’t you going to fuck me more?  Don’t you want to cum in my pussy too?  Please fuck me with your big black cocks!” but they looked at her and said “Look at yourself, you slut.  You might want to clean up that pussy. You should have only one cum in you at a time.  Tidy yourself up and get back upstairs to the party and entertain some other guests who want some of that sweet ass” and they laugh as they walked away as Rebecca was left on the floor. They left the side door propped open so she could get back in.

Rebecca got off the floor and tidied herself up.  She looked around the dark and deserted alleyway.  It had to be the darkest and dirtiest place she had ever had sex except for that first night when Trevor had forced her in that piss covered stairwell where she screamed for mercy and nobody heard. She could hear the music blaring inside the loft. She used her ripped panties to wipe the cum from her body and the cum leaking from her vagina. She then zipped up her dress which was now soiled from the trash in the alley. She didn’t notice a line of black soot on the back of the dress.  She went back in and slowly climbed the stairs and went through the kitchen and then she rejoined the party, looking for Trevor, but could not see him so she went to get a drink at the bar.   Fortunately, wearing the costumes gave Rebecca a feeling of anonymity.  Little did she know that Trevor was watching her every move and that every chance he got, he was pointing her out to people that he met at the party.

Rebecca started to relax as she quickly mingled some other guests. She assumed that these other white women were sleeping with other men too.  She thought she saw some women disappearing up some stairs or into elevators with other people. Her drinks went down smoothly and suddenly she was back in the groove of the party.  She soon felt a hand on her shoulder and when she turned round she saw a tall man dressed in a Black Santa outfit.  He stood out from the rest of the guests.  She began to talk to him and soon he asked her if she would like to dance and she followed him to the floor. Almost immediately she felt his large cock against her belly button as he was so tall. She almost wanted to bend down and rub her cheek against his crotch. She needed to be fucked again and he knew it by the way she closed her eyes and held onto him. She looked up longingly and he gave her a wink. He then led Rebecca down to the garage, where he brought her over to his Range Rover and lifted her onto the bonnet of the car and pushed her dress up. He got between her legs and started to lick her clit and rubbed her nipples through her dress. “Oh my god, shit that feels so good,” Rebecca moaned.  Her legs wavered in the air as his strong hands pushed her thighs back over her head. She began to push her vagina against his face as she was screaming out and anyone in the garage could hear.  “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, Ayeeeeeee” and she had another powerful orgasm, squirting her cum all over his face and costume. When Rebecca’s body stopped shaking she looked at him and told him “Oh my gosh.  More! Please fuck me with your big black cock”. He got up and pulled his costume open and pulled out his big black cock. Rebecca tried to grab it, but he pushed her back down on the bonnet, spread her legs and rubbed his cock up and down her wet vagina lips. She reached down and guided his stiff black cock into her vagina.  Rebecca closed her eyes in anticipation.  As soon he touched the tip of her pussy lips, he grit his teeth and rammed his cock deep into her vagina.

Rebecca’s hair fell over her face as her body rocked back and forth.  Her dress was pushed up over her waist and he reached up and pulled her breasts out of her dress as he fucked her deep in her vagina and then after fucking her for some time he pulled his cock out of her, picked her up, carried her to the back side of the truck, opened the gate, turned her round and then he pushed her down into the back of the car.  Bent over on all fours, she felt him force his cock into her vagina from behind until she felt his balls touch her clit.  She heard the elevator door of the garage open and she heard some voices of many men walking into the garage.  She tried to be quiet but knew they’d be discovered.  He started to fuck her harder and faster to make her scream and alert the men. She tried to hold it in but it felt so good as he fucked her and rubbed her clit with his fingers.  “Damn, it feels good.  Damn you!  Fuck!” and then one of the men walked over and said “Damn look at this white slut taking that big black cock”. Rebecca looked over at said “I need another cock in my mouth” and soon he climbed in the back of the SUV and she had another big black cock in her mouth sliding down her throat and soon the man fucking her mouth began to tense up.  He didn’t last long and started filling her mouth with his cum and she felt it slide down her throat.  She was still getting fucked hard as he tried to push more of his cock into her vagina and soon Rebecca’s body started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm.  She couldn’t believe she was being fucked in a car in a garage.  The image of what it must feel like and look like was so outrageous.  She looked up and as her assailant’s face dripped sweat dripped onto her body.  The image of this sweet young wife looking helpless with a huge cock deep inside her was too much.  He rammed his cock harder, determined to stretch out her pussy as she lost control and came all over his big black cock. Rebecca was screaming at the man fucking her vagina “Yes fuck me harder.  Give it to me.  You know you do.  Give it to me. I want to feel your seed deep in my vagina” and soon she felt his cock pulse deep inside her and she reached for his balls, feeling them tighten as he filled her vagina with his black seed.

When he took his cock out of her vagina, another cock took it’s place and went in easily into her vagina while another cock was forced into her mouth. She began to suck on it. Where as she thought the last two cocks felt good, unbelievably the next two felt even better.  The man fucking her pulled his cock out of her vagina and without warning pushed it into her ass.  Rebecca tried to escaped but two sets of hands kept her legs still  and she pushed back letting out a quiet, “No…….,”  which was only audible enough to say that it  wasn’t that bad.  Rebecca began to scream out “Oh it feels so good.  Fuck my tight ass.  Please be gentle and I’ll be good,” and she looked round and saw that it was Trevor who was fucking her ass and she pushed back on his cock and soon the cock in her mouth began to tense.  It was huge and ready to explode. Just then pulled his cock out and surprised Rebecca, covering her face and hair with his cum. Another man moved forward and pushed his cock towards her mouth.  Rebecca wasn’t ready and resisted at first until it pushed against her lips and she began to suck it, running her tongue up and down his big black cock and pumping it with her hand as she was deep throating his cock. Soon Rebecca felt Trevor force his cock deep into her ass before filling her ass with his black seed and when he was finished he took his cock out. The man who’s cock she was sucking took is cock out of her mouth and laid down on the floor and Rebecca straddled him and put his cock into her vagina and began to fuck him.  She rode him as he spanked her and she begged, “Yes, Yes, spank me harder. I’m a bad girl.  Give it to me“,   and she rode his cock like an expert rodeo rider.  She then felt a big black cock being forced into her ass and saw that it was the party host.  She leaned forward to give him a better angle and she began to moan loudly ,”Oh fuck put your big black cock deep in my ass”. It took a few minutes before he had his cock all the way in her ass and she began to fuck the cock in her vagina and ass at the same time. “Shit.  It feels so good.  I need all my holes filled like a good slut.” She felt like she was being torn apart and soon she was screaming out as she had another powerful orgasm, “Fuck me more!  I need more black cock.  I want to be a bad whore. He then said, “I’m going to fill your white vagina with my black seed slut” as he pushed his cock in her vagina and started to cum roaring, “Yes, this is the best little pussy ever”. The man pulled his cock out of her vagina and then one fucking her ass lifted her up as the other man got from under her and then the man forced her back down on her knees and grabbed her hips as he began to force his cock into her ass.  Rebecca was trapped.  She was paralyzed by the two rock hard cocks tearing up her insides.  Her pussy was pulsing in pain and pleasure.

Rebecca was screaming at the man fucking her ass “Fuck my tight ass with your big black cock!  Oh god it feels soooooo good. Cum in my ass with your black seed and fuck me deep and harder.” Her pussy was spraying liquid all over the place as he forced his cock deep one last time. As he filled her ass with his black seed he grabbed her hips and pushed harder.  He then pulled his cock out of her ass and his cum leaked out. He used his fingers to spread her butt hole and pushed his cum out of her ass while the others laughed. Rebecca was then picked up and laid down on her back on the floor and another man got on top of her and spread her legs and forced his cock into her vagina and she could feel the cum from her vagina oozing out and running down her ass cheeks and mixing with the cum from her ass and forming a puddle on the floor. The man was fucking her hard.  She could feel her pussy being stretched.  Her pussy was drying out after cumming so much, but soon he was filling her vagina with his cum as he pulsed for a good 30 seconds, pumping load after load of cum splashing against her insides.

Rebecca was exhausted but her body wanted more.  She started begging, “I need another cock to fill my vagina” and then another man came up behind her and bent her over before forcing his big black cock into her vagina.  It was huge and exactly what she was hoping for.  It was curved and rubbed her G-spot just right.  “Oh god it feels so good,” she cried. As he thrust back and forth her brought her closer and closer to brink of another orgasm.  “Oh my god, right there.  Yes, right there, don’t stop,”  she felt his cock touch her cervix as he was fucking her and soon Rebecca was having another powerful orgasm and her cum was squirting out and running down her thighs as she arched her hips to get more of his cock into her vagina as she sobbed as her body shook and he shivered with one last thrust before she came with a second orgasm.

Rebecca’s mind was in a haze, but she  could hear some of the men were talking about her and how hot she was.  “That gal is a fucking cum whore,” one guy said.  The man fucking her told her that he was about to cum so she turned round and put his cock into her mouth and rubbed his balls as he grabbed her head and filled her mouth with his black seed and when he pulled his cock out of her mouth she lick his cock clean with her tongue. When he left,  Rebecca leaned back, spread her legs and began to rub her clit, grinding her hips up into the air begging for more cock.  She started squirting as far as 4 feet as 6 guys watched in amazement.   Then one man walked forward and picked her off the ground and forced his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her telling her “Ride my black cock you little slut. You are my little pet. Show me how much you want my black cock.  Bark like the fuck dog you are.  Rebecca, replied, “WOof. Woof, ” obeying his command.. And then another man came up and forced his cock into her vagina. “Damn, her pussy is so stretched out!  It feels so good,  She’ll never fuck a white penis again.”   She had two cocks fucking her vagina and she felt so full and all she could do was moan as the two cocks were fucking her vagina. She screamed out “I want to feel both your cocks fill my vagina at the same time with your black seed” and soon they both started pulsing and Rebecca screamed with pleasure.  As they emptied their loads in her, the laughed telling her, “I hope you can figure out who the daddy is because we ain’t taking no paternity test.”  Rebecca passed out from exhaustion.

When Rebecca opened her eyes, she was  alone in the garage on the floor with her body covered in cum. There was cum leaking from every orifice. She was tired, but she had enjoyed herself being used as a sex toy for all these men. After a moment Rebecca heard foot steps and Trevor came around the corner  and stood over her and looked at her and said “Did you enjoy yourself my black cock slut” and all Rebecca could say was “Yes”. He help her up and helped her tidy herself up and then they went upstairs.  The party was winding down and everyone was leaving, so they both went up to his friend and thanked him.   He asked Rebecca, “Did you enjoy yourself?” and she looked at him with a smile on her face and said ,”Yes” and he looked at Trevor and said, “She is one sexy horny slut.  She was the life of the party and she is welcome anytime and I bet my wife would like to spend some alone time with her as well.” Before Rebecca left she told Trevor’s friend, “I can’t wait for the next party” and he replied, “You will surely be welcome again.” They both left and he drove them both back to the hotel where she immediately got undressed, climbed into bed and fell asleep where he joined her as well.

To be continue in Chapter 30.

Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Chapter 28

Chapter 28. Rebecca Serves Her Black Master by Wizkid

It was early Saturday morning when Rebecca woke up.  The early light of the Fall sunrise was just starting to peek through the curtains and as she stretched her body out, Rebecca realized she was in bed alone. Her body ached and she could feel the stickiness between her legs.  It hadn’t been a dream.  Trevor had used her body as a depository of his cum a couple of times during the night.  The drug that had been placed in her glass by his friend had affected her ability to reason all night long.  She used all her energy to open her eyes and saw her Black Master and Lover was standing naked in front of her with his huge black cock hanging between his legs. He looked at her silently and she knew what he wanted her to do, so she got out of the bed naked and walked up to him and he told her “Get down on your knees slut and please your Master”. Trevor was live streaming this to all of her fans.  Rebecca started to gently and lovingly use her tongue and lips on his cock and then slowly moved his cock into her mouth as she felt his cock get harder.  Her eyes were closed as she just took it all as a dream.  She took more of his cock into mouth until it was touching the back of her throat.  Trevor pushed his hips up so that he could put more of his cock in his white slut’s mouth and held on to her hair as she was starting to gag and her instincts made her pull away. She felt like is cock was choking her and put her hands on his thighs to try and get away. He felt her body twitching as she was desperate to breath again and he let go of her hair. Relieved, she backed up and gasped for air, but he was soon forcing his cock back into her mouth. Her Black Master let her know that he was in change as he whispered dominant thoughts and statements about how she was his.  He fucked her mouth slowly at first and then he fucked her mouth faster as she made gulping sounds trying to breathe and suck at the same time. He would keep this up for about 20 minutes, but he would have no intention of cumming in her mouth as he wanted to save is cum for her ass.

He took his cock out of her mouth and told her to get on her hands and knees and he moved behind her as she felt the head of his cock nuzzling her tight ass cheeks. He reached between her thighs and probed her vagina with his fingers and felt the wetness of her vagina and he asked her “Does my slut want my big black cock?” as he stretched the lips of her vagina with two of his fingers. Rebecca was now waking up and whispered, “Yes Master” as she was near to having a orgasm. Rebecca lifted her ass up and he reached down and put the head of his cock at the opening of her vagina. Rebecca closed her eyes and let out a haunting moan as he slowly forced the head of his cock into her vagina in one long thrust that Rebecca thought would never end. She tried to stop herself from cumming with her master’s cock in her vagina, but couldn’t. Her orgasm was different.  She let out a cry of submission as her juices dripped out of her pussy.  “Oh no….Oh my god…..”  He gripped her hips as he was fucking her and the pleasure of feeling his cock in her vagina and made his cock grow even harder and bigger.  She was moaning as she was grinding and twisting her hips with every thrust of his big black cock. He moved his hands to her hard nipples and pinched and twisted them as he was saying to her “Does my slut want to cum again for her Master”.  Rebecca couldn’t speak.  She only nodded her head.

He soon felt her body shake as she was having another powerful orgasm and she screamed out that she was cumming and pushed herself back onto him to get more of his cock into her vagina. As she came for the second time, her vagina milked his cock and she continued to slowly fuck his cock even after her orgasm and he told her, “Good slut.  Show your Master how grateful you are to fuck his cock” and she clenched his cock more tightly with her vagina and continue to push back onto his cock. He stopped thrusting and told her to turn around as he sat down on the bed and told her to sit on his cock facing him and she slowly inserted his cock into her vagina. When he was fully inside her he drove his cock into her fucking her hard as he was kissing her sweet mouth. Rebecca loved it. She loved the way he made love to her.  She could feel the passion that had been missing in her marriage..Her breasts were pressed against his chest and her thighs were pushing her back to meet the thrust of his cock. He started to run his finger down her slim back as he traced his fingers down to her ass cheeks and he dug his fingers into them.  He grabbed one with each hand and pulled them apart before inserting a finger into her asshole and he whispered into her ear “You know what your Master wants, don’t you slut?” with a low menacing voice. And Rebecca whimpered, “Yes Master” as he was still fucking her hard with his cock and he said “What does your Master want?” and Rebecca knew what he wanted and told him “My Master wants me to submit to his cock and give him everything he desires, including my ass.”

He then asked her “Is that a problem?”  It was. Rebecca always dreaded the initial pain but said, “No, I am here for your pleasure and will give you anything you want” and he said ,”Good answer my slut, now wet your fingers and lube your ass ready for my cock”. Without a word Rebecca put to fingers into her mouth and wet them and then started to push them slowly into her ass to lube it ready for her Master’s big black cock. Each time she pushed her fingers into her ass deeper and deeper.  It hurt initially as she cleaned and lubed her ass for his penetration.  Rebecca had learned to like being fucked in the ass despite the fact that it was slightly painful, but she always forgot how good it was until she relaxed.  Soon her ass was loosening up to her fingers and while she fingering her ass, her Master was playing with her breasts and soon he gripped her throat and rubbed her swollen and engorged clit with his thumb.  His strong hand was tight and she struggled to swallow and soon he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out as she came. After she came down from her orgasm she bent down and said “Master, your wife slut’s ass is ready for your big black cock” and he smiled and kissed her hard on the lips. He then told her, “Then be a good whore and take my cock out of your vagina and put it in your sweet ass.”

Rebecca leaned forward until his cock slipped out of her vagina and then took hold of it with her hand and rubbed it up and down her ass cheeks as she found the entrance to her ass and then she forced the head of his cock into her ass which tensed up as his cock suck slowly inside. A few tears came to her eyes as his big black cock painfully stretched her ass and she bit her lip.  Just as she thought she couldn’t take anymore, she stopped and reminded herself that it would feel better in a second  and with a final cry of pain his cock had filled her ass and she stopped to catch her breath before he started pumping. As she pushed down until is cock was completely in her ass, her cum started dripping from her vagina. Rebecca lifted herself a bit and then pushed down again to get more of is cock into her ass and her ass started to loosen up and mold around his cock.  Her head was spinning as endorphins rushed to her head to turn the pain into pleasure. Rebecca was sliding her ass up and down his cock and she felt the head of his cock touching her ass  She moved her fingers down to her clit and started to rub it hard as her body was soon shaking from another powerful orgasm and she screamed out loud as she came squirting her cum over his body. Trevor felt some of it hit his chin.  Rebecca was screaming uncontrollably at him as he thought she was going to break his cock  “Fuck me harder. Fuck my ass harder!  Make me cum again.  Oh God I love it. Give it to me baby! Ohhhhh!” Her Master arched his back as he felt his cum start to build up inside his cock and he looked at her and said “Is my slut ready for her Master’s cum in her ass? Are you going to cum with me and milk my cock”.  Her Master gripped her hips and thrust his cock into her ass several more times and then he forced his cock deeply into her ass and he moaned out in pleasure as his cock tensed and then he spurted his cum into her ass.  Rebecca thrust onto him to get all of his black seed into her ass. Once he had finished cumming in her ass he pulled his cock out and told her to clean his cock and pushed Rebecca’s head down to his cock. Trevor enjoyed the warm feeling of her mouth on his cock, gently and lovingly using her tongue and lips to clean his cum off his cock. Rebecca’s tongue even wandered down to his asshole as  she expertly rimmed his asshole while jerking off his co.  When Rebecca had finished she fell down on the bed as she was tried and she soon feel asleep. Her Black Master got off the bed and pulled the covers back and then covered her with the bedsheet and let her sleep and turned off the camera.  She needed her rest as he was going to be taken her some were special that evening. He went to the bathroom and had a shower and then he got back into the bed with Rebecca and put his arms around her.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 27

Chapter 27. Rebecca Is Used By Her Black Master’s Friend.

After the Friday home invasion, Rebecca was given a break.  She knew Trevor was busy and she spent the weekend sneaking some items into boxes and hiding them away for when she eventually could start living a double life with Trevor full time. She had been so flustered too.  The attack had been so aggressive and her body took a couple days to recover.  Her pussy felt so loose too.  Trevor knew though that Rebecca was okay.  He could see it in her office performances. Carl had passed along some of the surveillance tape performances on to Trevor.  He too noticed that her pussy seemed to look stretched out, but was a lot wetter.

Rebecca knew that she was being slutty by fucking herself with toys on camera almost every day.  What she didn’t know was that her site membership had grown to over 3000 members and at $10 a month, Trevor was making $15K/mo net off of sharing the images and video of his slut white girlfriend.  After three months he was now rolling in enough dough to make a nice deposit and customization for his new place.

When Friday came round Rebecca was looking forward to seeing Trevor.  She had already texted him that she told her husband she’d be away with him for the weekend and that she had told everyone else that she was traveling.  When she got to her office, she got a text from Trevor telling her to meet him straight after work. Rebecca was ready by 3pm and drove through traffic to Trevor’s place. When Rebecca arrived she saw that he had laid out a sexy outfit for her to wear.  She was disappointed that he didn’t want to have sex. It had been over two weeks since she had slept with and made true love to him, but he told her that his good friend Damian had come to town. “I told him all about you and he wants to meet you, so we need to hurry up and get changed and ready for dinner.” So Rebecca got changed and put on the outfit which was a very short tight black miniskirt with a black blouse, sheer bra and panties and a pair of stiletto heels. She accessorized with a faux pearl necklace and earrings.  She looked at herself in the mirror as she applied her lipstick and she looked like a whore. She wanted to get Trevor excited and show off for him in front of his friend.  When she was ready he whistled, kissed her, ran his hand over her ass, and gave her a coat to cover up and then he led her out. He drove them to his friend’s hotel in Santa Monica, Shutters on the Beach. When they arrived he led her into the hotel and she noticed a few men enjoying an early happy hour drink glanced at her legs and heels, staring and smiling at her as she walked through the lobby of the hotel.  When they got into the elevator, Trevor pushed the button for the top floor. As the elevator rode up, he helped her out of the coat.  Rebecca felt naked.  The blouse was tight and she could not button the blouse over her breasts. When the elevator reached the top floor they both got out and she follow him to a room. Two black men getting into the elevator let them out and whistled as she walked out, giving fist bumps and a wink to Trevor.  Little did Rebecca know that they had just come from the room she was heading to.  As they walked the hall to the room, she could barely walk in the plush carpet and she could tell that her ass barely hid under the hem of her skirt as she kept tugging at it to keep it down. They knocked on the door and his friend Damian opened the door.

When the door opened, there stood a handsome black man with a huge smile on his face and he said “Trevor, my boy, nice to see you and you must be the lovely Rebecca who has stolen Trevor’s heart,” she responded with butterflies in her stomach as she stared at this gorgeous man dressed smartly in brown slacks with a black turtleneck. “Hi nice to meet you,” she uttered as she tried not to stare at the bulge in his pants.  She reached out to shake his hand and he gentlemanly kissed it.  He invited them both into his room and they both entered the spacious state room. His friend greeted Trevor and said “It has been a long time my friend and you are right, she is something special.  A definite upgrade over the trailer trash you’ve brought me before. This one has an ass with class,” he spoke as he held her hand and looked her up and down like a piece of merchandise, lifting her skirt and pinching her butt and laughing when Rebecca jumped.  Damian led them to the couch and went to get them a glass of wine.  Rebecca sat at the edge of the cushion and tugged at her skirt with her knees held together like a continental woman.  Trevor told her that Damian was kind of his business mentor and that he had taught him everything.  When Damian returned with a couple of glasses of cabarnet, he handed a glass each to Rebecca and Trevor.  Damian smiled as they all clinked glasses and toasted to the weekend. Rebecca knew deep in her loins that she was going to be fucking this man at some point.  There was no hiding his desire.  Rebecca did not notice the slight aftertaste in the wine that were remnants of a slight relaxant that would reduce any fight that she might later have.  Trevor had showed the tape to Damian of the events at her house from the week before and assured her that she would be compliant.  The three engaged in flirty conversation and Damian explained that he was from San Francisco and came down to LA often and now that he met Rebecca, he thought he’d come visit more often.  Trevor told him that he would always have a place to stay when he visited after they got their new place together.  Damian kidded that he would need a key of his own.  Just then Trevor looked at his phone and told them to carry on as he had to call the real estate agent as they had some outstanding questions and he had to fax some forms over.  Damian told him that if he needed privacy that the hotel had a great business center with a fax machine in the lobby. Trevor took a key to the room, told them he’d be back as quickly as possible and left, leaving Damian and Rebecca on the couch.

Rebecca suddenly found herself alone and Damian came over and sat right next to her and put his hand on her knee.  She was nervous alone in the room with Damian, a stunningly attractive man who she had just met.  She started to sip her wine, when his hand slipped under her skirt and under her panties.  She almost choked and spilled her wine.  “I don’t think Trevor would approve. I’m your friend’s girlfriend,” she said, but she did not move his hand. He poured more wine and gave it to her. “Relax, we know what we both want,“ he purred. She sipped it as he moved closer and smiled. He put his arm around her to make her feel relaxed. He then took her glass out of her hand and put it on the table as he kissed her neck.  Rebecca started to swoon.  “Don’t you know you are with him because of me?  I was the one who told him that he needed to find a bored white woman and turn her into a whore for black cock. He did well.  I hear you are quite the natural.” He kissed her and told her to stand up and take off her blouse and skirt so he could see what she looked like.  He had seen her on film, but he wanted to see her up close.

Rebecca asked, “What if Trevor comes back?” Damian told her not to worry.  He had shared his white women with Trevor before. This was just going to be the an ongoing repayment.  As she started to take her blouse off she was getting wet standing in front of him. She was driven by the lust in his eyes.  The way men looked at her with animalistic intentions drove her.  He stood up behind her reached between her breasts and unfastened her bra, cupping her breasts in each hand as he kissed the back of her neck. She felt helpless.  The drugs were taking effect as her head kicked back into his chest.  He pinched her hard nipples as she reached down and unzipped her skirt and let it fall to the floor. She stood there in just her panties and heels. The heels gave her a good 6 inches which was helpful against his 6’3” frame.  As he reached inside her panties she knew that he could feel that her panties were getting wet from her pre-cum leaking from her vagina.

He licked her ear lobe lightly as his finger deftly slipped between the folds of her vagina and he whispered, “I taught Trevor everything.  He works for me and has shown me all your videos.  I just had to come and meet you myself.  I love your passion for cock.  I can see that you are a great and giving submissive lover. You and I are going to be great together.  Don’t worry,  whatever is Trevor’s belongs to me too.  You are now a part of our network of white whores we have trained, but I think you might be the best.  Don’t you?”  Rebecca nodded as his fingers softly massaged her pussy and made her lips. wetter.  She replied, “Yes, I am the best.  I want to show you.  I’ll be your #1.”  Rebecca was always up for the challenge and she was going to show Damian that she was the best.  She felt his cock stiffen and press against her.  It was her instinct.  When challenged she knew no other way other than to meet the challenge. She was going to show him how good she is.  She kicked back her head and kissed him passionately and said, “I’ll be the best slut ever.  Make love to me. I’ll show you.”  She raised her hips to push his fingers deep inside her.  He bit her ear lightly, “That’s a good girl, but sluts are girls who do it for money.  You’re a whore who fucks black cock because she likes it and can’t get enough!  You are fucking because you love black cock and making them happy. That makes you a whore.  The money collected is for Trevor.  Don’t worry about it.  You are going to make him a rich man.  You will make him really happy. Don’t let him down.”  Rebecca nodded.  She understood. “Yes, just give me that cock.”

Rebecca then lowered her panties down her thighs until they slid to the floor, turned around and stood up straight so he could see her naked body and she stepped out of them and walked up to him, and pushed him to his knees  until her vagina was near his face and she said to him “I know you want me.  I want you too, but I want it slow and hard.” She waited for him to lick her pussy but he stood up and put his hands under her ass, lifted her up and held her close and leaned into her and kissed her on the neck as he whispered into her ear. “I’m the one who gives orders. If you do as I tell you, you will enjoy yourself, I promise,” and Rebecca just said “Yes, I want you. I want you to please you.  I want to be the best white whore ever for black cock.” He smiled and knew that she was his submissive whore. Rebecca began to lick his ear as sensuously as she could and whispered “Let me show you how well I have been trained” and she dropped to her knees, unzipped his pants and pulled out his already hard cock.  Her eyes popped as she saw the mushroom shaped of his cock.  It was a large head. “Ohhh yes”, she said before surrounding his cock with her lips.  Damien watched as his cock disappeared in between her lips and she pulled out her phone to take a selfie video while sucking his cock. She slobbered all over his cock and spat on it to get it wetter.   She jerked his cock with her hands as she sucked.  “My gosh it is so huge. I can’t wait to have it in my pussy.  I love your large knob on your cock.  And yes, I am your ultimate whore, not Trevor’s”. He then took the phone from her hands, aimed it back at the bed and took his clothes off. He sat on the couch and told her to kneel on the floor facing him and then he told her “Now put your mouth back to work on my cock”. Rebecca did not like taking orders. She was going to show him she didn’t need to be told.  He pulled her hair forcing her head down towards his cock and Rebecca shoved her lips over the head of his cock and quickly deep throated and choked and gagged on his cock, turning her eyes red with tears and coughing up saliva which she used to lubricate his cock.  She cupped his balls with one hand and slowly started to lick the base of his cock gradually lubricating his shaft up to the head of his cock.  When she reached the head of his cock he yelled, “Fuck, you are fucking incredible. Damn my cock is aching.” He had never seen his cock this big. She had only just begun and his cum was oozing out of the head of his cock.  Rebecca licked the precum from his cock two or three more times, looking him straight in the eyes before he told her to continue sucking his cock. Rebecca spat and sucked as she began her long sucking torture of his cock for 35 minutes alternatively stroking and sucking it.  She moaned as she imagined what his cock was going to feel like in her pussy. “Oh I want this. This is gonna feel so good inside me.” It was now a foot long and extremely thick.  She was worshipping his cock like a crazed woman.  She was so engaged she did not notice that Trevor had snuck back in the room and was secretly filming.

Finally Damian told her to stop licking his cock and start to suck his balls and he pulled her face down into his crotch. Rebecca squealed for a second as he told her to keep licking his balls.  She played with his balls in her mouth as he writhed in ecstasy and roared his pleasure, “My God, you are a fucking whore.  I love it. Damn it bitch, I have never met a white bitch who wanted it so badly!” He then suddenly grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head off his balls and got up and told her to get up. Rebecca screamed partly because she wanted to keep sucking and also because he was hurting her.  He pushed her back on the floor, ripped off her stockings causing her shoes to fall off. “Put your shoes back on, you whore,” he demanded as Rebecca reached for her stilettos. As she crawled to them he spanked her hard, causing her to scream.

Damien realized that Rebecca was still raw and not yet used to being told what to do. He was going to show her. He then picked up her panties and nylons as Rebecca whimpered while putting her shoes back on.  She was crying as he walked over to her, kicked her in the ass, causing her to fall over.  He grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the hallway. Rebecca screamed.  “Shut up bitch,” he demanded as he dragged her. “I’m sorry.  I’m sorry.  I’ll suck it better, I promise,” she cried as she stumbled into the bedroom trying to keep up with him. He walked her to the bed and forced her to bend over as he let go of her hair. He had her where he wanted her.  Here was a highly successful woman who was used to success.  She wanted to be good at everything and she was willing to do anything to be the perfect little whore.  She was having to use her body to please men and he was going to make sure she worked at it. He then took her nylons and tied her hands together behind her back, but instead of being scared her vagina was getting wetter as she was excited. He then got on the bed and told her, “Get on your knees.” Although she obeyed immediately, she found it hard to kneel down with her hands tied, but he grabbed her hair until she was upright and then he pulled her face towards his crotch and told her “Get your tongue out and start licking my balls again.” Rebecca took a mouthful of his balls in her mouth and sucked on them.  After a few minutes he pulled her head up and forced her mouth onto his cock and told her, “Now suck my cock bitch”. Rebecca immediately chocked herself on his cock. Her face was in anguish as she spat on his cock again and started to take his cock deep in her mouth and sucked on it greedily.   Damien was in heaven.  He had never seen a woman suck so hard to please him.  His cock was straining against his skin that he had to push her off and slow her down. “Take it deeper down your throat and slower like a good whore”, he groaned. He pushed her head down into his crotch and saliva was spewing from her nose and mouth as she gasped and moaned. She was gagging on his cock and he leaned back watching her sucked his cock deep and after a couple of minutes, she could feel his cock was close to cumming and she needed him to cum in her mouth and fuck her vagina. “You wanna cum in my mouth?  You want me to swallow it?  Feed me.  I live on black cum. Mmmm, your cock is so big! Give it to me Daddy.”

Suddenly he grabbed her hair again and pushed his cock inside her mouth and she felt his cock jerk as he came in her mouth and she tried to swallow all his cum, but some of it leaked out of her mouth and dripped on her breasts and she made sure his cock was clean by sucking and licking up all his cum. When she was finished he smiled at her. Rebecca then looked up and said, “That’s what I am trained to do when a black man fucks my mouth or vagina then I will clean his cock.  Did I do it to your satisfaction?” and he looked at her and said “Will you clean my cock after I fuck your ass as well?”

Rebecca didn’t respond at first.  She then asked him if he would untie her hands so that she could show him.  He reached over and untied her hands and then watched her get up and wobbled over to the bathroom.   He heard her peeing and then heard the water running.  When she returned, she had a warm cloth and got between his legs and sucked on his limp fat cock.  She reached under his balls and he felt her wiping his asshole with the warm cloth. It felt so good as she put the cloth down and started stoking his cock hard again as she sucked his balls and slowly rimmed his asshole with her tongue.  His cock became instantly erect.  He then reached down to her vagina and pushed a finger in. When he pulled it out he found out that it was wet and he moved his finger to her clit and started to rub it. Her mouth moaned as he touched her clit. “Yeah baby, lick it.  Clean my ass with your tongue.  Get up in there and stick it in you my dirty girl.”  Rebecca obeyed and stuck her tongue way up his ass. Once his cock was stiff again, Rebecca got up on the bed and started to squat over his cock in cowgirl position.

As she lowered onto his cock, she was full of anticipation as his mushroom head touched her pussy lips and slid between her pussy lips.  She put her hands on his chest to balance herself as he grabbed her breasts. Rebecca slowly slid down over his pole and suddenly she felt some pressure and resistance.  “I think your cock is too fat, I can’t get it to go further.”

Damien then grabbed her ass and started to smack it, pulling her hips down and after a few hits, Rebecca closed her eyes and pushed down hard and slid all the way down. Their body slapped together as her ass hit his thighs. “Oh my god, OH MY GOD!  It is so big, Stretch me out. Oh Damien,” Rebecca was losing control as her pussy start creaming a white frothy substance.  Damien looked up and saw the ecstasy on her face as her hair hung down over her face.  She was pumping herself riding his cock.  Her mouth was open and her eyes closed.  She was moaning loudly and focusing on the feeling as the head of his cock seemed to be rubbing up against the wall of her anus with each thrust and it was driving her crazy. Suddenly she screamed, “I’m going to cum, baby” and soon her body was shaking as she had a powerful orgasm and screamed out loud, “Oh, it feels so good. Oh yes. Oh my god! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! It feels so good,” she cried.  Her orgasm lasted a minute until she collapsed on top of Damien and made out with him thanking him as his stiff cock continued to slide in and out of her pussy.  After she finished cumming she got off his cock and licked up the cream around his shaft and balls.  “Oh I want to taste myself.  Mmmm, yes.  I love tasting myself.”  She cleaned off his balls, asshole and cock slurping away loudly.

Damien was in wonder.  Trevor had picked an amazing one.  He had seen dozens of hot wife whores like Mandy, Janet and Jackie, but Rebecca was a whole different level.  “Oh baby, yeah tasted yourself on my cock. Damn! ”  Then she stopped licking and got back up on the bed, turned around into reverse cowgirl position and put his cock up against her asshole. Rebecca purred,  “Oh this is gonna hurt.  Be slow.”  She leaned back and once she found the right angle, slid his fat cock head past her small opening.  “Uhhhh!”  It felt so tight and he didn’t move.  For a second he could hear her catching her breath.  “Oh baby, it feels so tight.  I love it.  Just be gentle.”  He reached under and grabbed her ass cheeks as she leaned forward and put her hands on his knees. He pulled her ass cheeks apart and his cock slid deeper inside her ass al the way to the bottom.  “Oh fuck it feels so good.  I’m such a whore.  I love it.  Oh fuck. Right there. Right there, don’t STOPPPPPPP!”  Suddenly Damien felt liquid pouring all over his legs as Rebecca cried out, “Ohhhhhh shit! Oh……… I can’t stop”.  Rebecca was reaching between her legs rubbing her clit as she squirted all over his cock and legs.  His balls were soaked and he looked at a mirror and could see her pussy was spraying uncontrollably all over his bed like a sprinkler head. He could feel the liquid dripping all over and pooling on the sheets and dripping under his body. Her squirting was soaking the sheets! She kept rubbing her pussy as she orgasmed for almost two minutes. Rebecca’s legs started shaking and she fell back as his cock went balls deep in her ass.

Damien then took control.  He gently pulled out of her ass. “What are you doing?” she asked. He flipped her over onto her stomach and then pulled her back to the edge of the bed.  He pulled her legs together and put her hands on her ass and told her to spread her ass cheeks for him. Her ass was a nice gaping red color as he slowly slid his cock back into her ass. “Ohhhh slow.  Please slow. Oh it is so bigggggg!” she cried as each inch of his cock slid back in deeper and deeper. “Please be gentle,” she begged.  He was not going to be gentle.  He was going to tear her ass apart.  This ass was made for black cock and he was going to enjoy it.  No woman had taken it like she did.  He knew it hurt her but she was not complaining like the others.  Rebecca’s head was buried in the sheets. “Drink it up baby.  You soaked my sheets”.  There were pools of liquid on the bed from her squirting and Rebecca bit the sheets and started slurping up her liquids as Damien picked up the pace.  He started fucking her ass like it was her vagina.  His pelvis slammed against her ass and Rebecca was screaming loudly and crying, “Gentle!  Oh my god it hurts! Please! Owwww, please stop, you’re hurting me.” Damien reached forward with a firm hand around her neck and pushed her face into the mattress, “Shut up and enjoy it.”

Rebecca was crying as she sucked the liquids from the soaked sheets and closed her eyes.  Damien was pounding her ass hard and she could feel his sweat dripping on her back.  She spread her ass cheeks to try and open up her ass and it helped a little. Suddenly he stopped and flipped her over on her back.  He lifted her up and pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and back over her head.  He climbed on top and told her “I am going to fuck you and breed your white ass”. He moved up between her legs and with his cock in his hand he rubbed his cock up and down against her ass and said, “Beg for it”.

He was looking deep into her and he looked at her and repeated “Beg me to fuck you with my big black cock,” he demanded as he was rubbing her clit with his cock. Rebecca heard his demands and felt a fire in her belly.  “Yes, rip me apart.  Shove that cock in my ass and fill up my ass with your cum.  I want it.  You know that is what a white woman wants.  I am your property.  You want to do it.  You want me to enjoy it.  Oh you want to see your cum dripping out of me and loving it.”  She could see the fire in his eyes as she begged. He forced the head of his cock into her tiny asshole and Rebecca took a huge breath while inhaling to stifle her scream of anguish. He slowly began to force more and more of his cock into her ass. It felt better than when he was doing it from behind.  He then began to start thrusting his cock into her ass harder and at the same time he started to squeeze her nipples hard as he was fucking her.  Rebecca screamed in ecstasy and agony as he pumped her. He watched as her resistance slowly turned into submissiveness as he tortured his ass. It seemed like he had been fucking her for hours as he took his time. When she would go silent he sometimes would stop and then wait for her to beg for him.  “Cum on baby.  Cum in my ass.  You know I want it.  Give it to me baby. Mmmm.”  Rebecca stuck several fingers in her mouth to wet her fingers and reached down to rub her clit again. She started squirting again and spraying like a fountain and the liquid dripped down between her legs and lubricated her ass and his cock.  She continued to plead for it as he was fucking her and she started to shake more as she had another powerful orgasm and screamed at the same time.

Rebecca started to wrap her legs and arms around his body to pull more of his cock into her ass and kissed him hard on the mouth as he was fucking her. Finally she looked at him and told him to bring him up some weekend to San Francisco and let her be his personal hole. He could hold on no longer upon hearing those words. The thought of kidnapping her away to San Francisco and breeding her all weekend was such a turn on.  She could feel him fuck her faster as he forced more of his cock into her until he was touching her cervix and then he moaned out and roared as he started to fill her ass with his black seed and telling her “I am filling your asshole with my black seed.  Next time I will breed you,” and after he had filled her he laid his 260 lb frame on her body.  Finally his cock began to soften and he pulled is cock out as he sat up to look at her ass.  He spread her asshole and his cum started to leak out onto the bed sheets.  After he rolled off her he looked at her and said “You know what you have to do,” and Rebecca sat up and started to clean his cock of all his cum mixed with her ass liquids off his cock.  She did not hesitate as he watched this highly educated woman have sex like a whore.  After she had cleaned his cock and balls he pushed her back on the bed. He got off the bed and he grabbed her clothes and told her to get dressed, throwing them on top of her soiled body.

While she was getting dressed he went in the bathroom and texted Trevor who was in the other room. Trevor quickly ran out of the room to pretend like he was still gone. He then made a pretended text to Trevor and told her that he was trying to figure out where Trevor was.  As they talked, they heard the card key open the door and in walked Trevor.  Rebecca and Damien were back sitting on the couch drinking wine.  Trevor apologized for taking so long as they had trouble with the fax and shyly asked if they had a chance to get acquainted.  He knew the answer, but played it coy.  Damien replied, “You have a wonderful lady, my friend.  You are quite a lucky brother.”

Trevor smiled as Damien gave him a secret wink.  The room smelled like sex.  Rebecca was confused as she just assumed it was all planned. Trevor walked over to Rebecca and helped her up from the couch and gave her a kiss.  Damien looked at the clock.  It was 8pm and they were right on time for dinner reservations and told them they needed to get downstairs. Damien led them out of the room.

The hotel restaurant was great. Rebecca was famished as she had built up a huge appetite. She was just uncomfortable with her soaked panties and The three had a bunch of laughs about old stories of Damien and Trevor as kids and after dinner they went back up for a night cap. When it was time, Damien said, “I hope to see you next time I am in town” and Rebecca just said “Sure anytime” and gave him a wink. When they got to the car Trevor asked her if she enjoyed meeting Damien.  He wanted to see if she would divulge what happened.  She said he was the nicest of his friends, but nothing about the sex.

They drove back to Trevor’s place and when they got back to the room he told her to get undressed and get some sleep. She was exhausted and just dropped her blouse and dress to the floor and climbed into bed. As soon her head hit the pillow she was fast asleep. Trevor watched the video of her being fucked as Damien had already sent it over an ftp server.  It was nasty and raw.  He would later edit it and put it on the website sometime next week. Once he had finished, he got undressed and climbed into the bed with Rebecca putting his arms around her and fell asleep as well.  During the night he would fuck her and fill her with his seed. He loved how this woman just curled up in his arms and entwined her body in his.

Chapter 26 – Life of a Black Cock Slut (Member Erotica)

Chapter 26. Rebecca Is Used and Abused By  Black Men In Her Home.

After her office escapade on Monday, Rebecca couldn’t fight the horny feeling she had.  Her pussy seemed to have discovered new nerve endings that needed to be fulfilled.  She continued to perform each day for Carl on the camera.  She was really enjoying the little tease.  She imagined him sitting in his security room stroking his cock as he watched her. She texted Trevor each day but he seemed to be busy at work too and said that he was working on his move to a new place for them.

When Friday rolled around, she grabbed some boxes from work.  She was going to need them so that she could secretly move some personal items to their new place.  The great thing about the financial markets on the West Coast is that her days ended at 1:30pm and she could beat the LA traffic home Friday afternoon. When Rebecca arrived home she parked the car in the garage, walked to the back of the car to grab some of the boxes.  There were too many so she took a few inside. She did not notice that she was being watched by 6 black men in a van across the street. Rebecca was wearing her business suit with black heels and as she bent over to get the boxes from the car her skirt rode up showing her long sexy legs and the top of her stockings.  The men were getting hard watching her walk into the house. Rebecca put the boxes down and went back to the garage to get the rest.  As she walked back through the garage, she didn’t notice once of the men slip in behind her as the automatic garage door closed behind her. She hid the boxes in the pantry and then went to the kitchen. As she made herself a drink, the burglar crept to the front door and quietly let the other 5 men in the house. She heard a knock on the door and when she went to the door she was shocked to see 6 men standing there in her house and before she could ask them what they wanted they moved toward her and she turned to run upstairs. It was hopeless as the men grabbed her from behind. She started to scream for help and kick out at her attackers as they dragged her to the ground. Two of the men grabbed her tight around her waist and a guy in front of her slapped her hard across the face and told her to shut up and she wouldn’t be hurt if she knew what was good for her.  Rebecca remembered that she had read a couple months about home invasion burglaries in the neighborhood.  People were being robbed in their houses when the alarms were off. Rebecca cried, “Please take whatever you want, but don’t hurt me” and one of the black men laughed and told her “Oh don’t worry my sexy little bitch we are going to take whatever we want”, as he said it he kissed her cheek. Rebecca began to panic as she thought about her family coming home and being hurt. One man was holding her down sitting on her legs with a hand up her skirt and at that moment she knew they weren’t there to simply rob her. She started to breath heavy from the fear at what they were going to do as well as the guy sitting on her back was a giant close to 300 lbs. Then one of the men told her, “Just be a good little obedient rich bitch and you won’t get hurt.  In fact, I’m quite sure you will enjoy it.”  He had his hand pressed to her head pinning her head to the floor.  He seemed to be the leader as he ordered the guys around.

Rebecca did not notice two of the guys had already gone upstairs to set up three cameras in the master bedroom.  While up there they opened the back doors to the deck overlooking the yard to let sun in the room to give them more light for the video. The giant on top of her had a hard on and she could feel it in his pants as he squeezed her ass told her “Yes, you will be a nice prize. I can’t wait to see what kind of show you give us”. Rebecca thought that it was an odd statement, but then her mind was back on what they had planned for her.  From the experiences that Trevor had organized, she had no doubt that she could handle these men, but this was not a group of men paying for her.  They were criminals and being in her own home, she felt violated.  How could she be safe in her own home.

Then the man who had been holding her head down said, “Let’s be dignified for the lady.  I’m sure she is a proper hostess and would like to show us around her castle.  Let’s take her upstairs to the bedroom.” Rebecca suddenly realized that it was going to happen and struggled, but the men were too strong. One man took each limb and lifted her up.  Rebecca instinctively started to scream hysterically so loud the neighbors could hear, “No, please don’t please don’t. I’m not on birth control,” she lied. The men ignored her.  The leader then said, “Oh good, I hope I can give you a nice little bastard son.”  Halfway up the stairs one of her heels caught one of the men (their leader) in the jaw and he dropped her.  Suddenly she felt a slap across her face.  It was the leader.  “Look, we’re trying to be nice. Now there are lots of nice white ladies like yourself out there who have never had the taste of black cock, but trust me, you will have an experience like never before.  Now behave.  I told you that your will enjoy it.  Rebecca thought to herself that this guy had no idea that she liked black cock, but she was scared.  These guys were gangsters!

She continued to struggle as they picked her up and carried her to the room where the video cameras would capture the assault on her body.  The men stood her by the foot of her bed.  Tears running down her eyes and her jaw sore from the slap, she faced the leader who begin to undress himself as the men held her.  When she looked down she saw his flaccid uncircumcised cock and it was huge.  When she looked at his face, he smiled and said, “I know you like what you see.”  He was about 6’3” and 250 lbs. with a chiseled chest and arms full of tattoos and six-pack abs.  An imposing figure, it wasn’t his size that scared Rebecca, is was the wanton desire in his eyes.  As he approached Rebecca’s body began to shake as she started to struggle but the men held her tight. She could feel her body let out a scream in anticipation.  He reached out and violently ripped open her blouse. He got a knife, pointed it at her and deftly slid it under the strap of her bra and with a quick slice her bra, fell and her breasts were released. Rebecca instinctively tried to cover her breasts but they held her hands behind her back.  All she could do was gasp.  He had ruined her expensive Tera Turk designer blouse and La Perla bra.  The other men roared with animalistic grunts and pinched her nipples when they saw her breasts. Then the leader moved close to her and started to caress her breasts.  He was so much bigger than her that he was able to slide his cock between her breasts.  She looked down and saw some of his precum drool off his cock and onto her breasts. She looked up and he bent down to kiss her neck, moving quickly to her cheeks and softly to her lips as if he was being gentle with her she thought.  She thought she could control his aggressiveness, but the other guys were all holding her stiff and tight. They were rubbing their bodies against her and she felt them slapping and rubbing her ass under her skirt. One of them was rubbing her inner thighs near to her vagina and another had his hands on her ass and getting close to her anus. Then he told the other guys to “Pick her up for me” and they picked Rebecca up and supported her in the air as The leader got down between her legs, pushed up her skirt and saw that her panties were wet and he told them, “This bitch is turned on” so he hooked his finger under the thin material covering her vagina and ripped her thong right off. He started to work his tongue on her vagina lips and she started to moan as she responded to his licking of her vagina. Her legs flinched even more, but they lifted her legs over his shoulders and she wrapped her legs around his neck for support.  His tongue was talented and she could feel her juiced flowing.  The guys who had been supporting her legs, moved up to her breasts and started each sucking and biting her nipples.  Rebecca stared at the ceiling helpless letting our audible moans of guilty pleasure.

After 10 minutes of this oral torture, she could feel an orgasm coming.  She did not want them to know she liked it.  She started to fight her prgasm and begged.  “Oh my god, it’s too much, please I can’t take it anymore. It’s not right.”  She started kicking and flailing as they increased the speed of the stimulation of her pussy and nipples until she screamed, “ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, as her body began to jerk and she struggled to get loose as the Leader lapped up her juices.  After a few minutes her body started to relax and the leader told the other guys “Let’s put her on the bed” and the guys carried her to the bed and put her on the bed faced down with her legs hanging off the bed. Rebecca regained her senses as she realized she was about to be forcefully fucked by these strangers. She started to try and get up when the giant grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head up.  All she saw was his grin, his belly and his cock hanging in front of her face.  It looked like a huge twisted piece of dark meat.  Just then she realized she was in a fight as she tried to struggle as they pinned her wrists to the bed and her skirt was ripped off her body and someone got between her legs and kicked her legs apart.  She almost tripped on her spiked heels but her hips were grabbed and she felt a hot tongue on the lips of her vagina. It felt so good and Rebecca began to moan and move wildly as he pushed his tongue between her vagina lips.

Rebecca then felt him put his tongue deeper into her vagina and she began to rock back and forth and grind her vagina into his mouth and goatee. Rebecca liked the way his facial hair rubbed against her pussy lips like smooth sandpaper.  As she started to gyrate and feel the pleasure of the tongue between her legs, Rebecca did not realize that the other men Rebecca were now caressing her and had removed their clothes instead of restraining her.  When she saw that they all had large thick black cocks, she realized that this was not going to be an ordinary gangbang. She had had been fucked my multiple men before, but each of the cocks seemed to be larger and wider than the next.  Two of the guys stood in front of her face, roughly grabbed her hair  and put their cocks near her mouth. She put one of the cocks in her mouth and grabbed the cock number 2 with her hand and started to play with it. Rebecca was moaning as she was sucking up and down the big black cock in her mouth. Her nipples were being sucked and her ass was being spanked too.  She was now groaning, screaming, and whimpering in pleasure. She didn’t realize the giant had grabbed one of the cameras and captured her expression which had changed from fear into determination to survive the attack. She was gritting her teeth and trying not to enjoy herself

The men were talking to each other.  “Damn,this is going to be the sweetest and tightest pussy ever.” Another responded, “Not after we are through with it”.  The guy in her mouth said, “I’m gonna break her oral cherry and give her the thickest black load she has ever tasted.”  The giant said from somewhere behind her, “I can’t wait to fill her pussy with my seed. White girls hold onto you with such a need to be satisfied like it is their right.  I love it.  I’ll never fuck anyone but a wealthy white bitch again.”  Rebecca heard their words. They had no idea she was already experienced with black cock.  They were right though, her pussy would definitely be red and stretched out after they were done.

The guy in Rebecca’s mouth started talking, “Oh man, you love it girl, don’t you?  I can feel your passion around my black cock. You want more don’t you?”  He pulled her hair and made her head nod in affirmative fashion.  He laughed, “Oh man, her mouth is better than a pussy.”  Rebecca wanted to respond but she was about to gag.  She felt his hand shove her mouth fully over his cock.  It was huge and it still had not grown enough to fully get out of its uncircumsized sleeve but it was still growing and he shoved her head fully down over and she coughed and gagged.  Her arms started to push her away as his cock swelled and heaved.  She screamed but she caught her breath as his cock exploded a blast of cum straight down her throat.  “Yes, take it you white slut!”  They all laughed while his cock pumped rope after rope of milky liquid down her throat.  He let go of her head as soon as she started coughing violently and gasping for breath.  As she gagged and pulled her mouth of his cock, a large thin sheet of cum mixed with her saliva extended from her mouth to his cock.  “Holy shit,” said one voice. She slowly pulled away and just as she was about to pull his cock out of her mouth, he said, “I knew I was too much for this little white girl”.  Just then the leader stuffed his tongue deeper into her vagina and something overcame her.  She looked up and mumbled, “Your cock ain’t nothing.”  With tears in her eyes, she sucked the huge sheet of spit and shoved his cock back in her mouth. Rebecca wanted to show them she could take whatever they gave her.  She was stubborn that way, but she did not know what other challenges were ahead.

“Damn, this gal really loves it,” said the guy with the cock in her mouth.  “Good because we are all going to give her a load over the next couple of hours”, said the tall skinny thief. Rebecca heard them, but she kept sucking the big black cock in her mouth. She loved playing with the black foreskin.  She never realized that she liked it, but the cock was so huge. She looked up and saw a the super tall skinny guy with a huge cock going through her purse taking her business cards and money out of her purse and stuffing them in his pocket.  She felt violated as he read her business cards as now he not only knew where she lived, but where she worked. She still struggled to suck off the guy in her mouth. His cock was still too big even when not erect.

The leader was sitting on the floor between her legs and he started to lick her vagina aggressively with his tongue while he was using his fingers to massage all around it and Rebecca started to shake. She could feel the weakness in her legs and she screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on his face. He started to work his tongue on her clit harder trying to give her multiple orgasms and he used one of his fingers to circle her anus at the same time. It drove her crazy and Rebecca pushed her vagina into his mouth, rubbing harder against his chin as she felt his scruff rub against her lips. At the same time his finger slipped into her ass and Rebecca closed her eyes.  An older bald guy slid under her body to her breasts and started to suck each nipple and using his hands to caress the rest of her body.  Rebecca’s whole body became an erogenous zone. Rebecca was moaning and she finally screamed out “Please I cannot take this anymore I need a big cock fucking me now” and she squeezed her knees around the head of the leader. He stood up and said “Oh does this white married vagina want some black seed?” He got up and moved his cock to her vagina and started to rub it up and down her vagina lips.  Rebecca tried to back up onto it and he started to force his big black cock into her vagina. Rebecca was moaning as suddenly the leader plunged  his cock into her deep.  She could feel the foreskin of his cock rubbing against her vaginal walls. He pumped her aggressively as her whole body shook as he pressed her into the guy underneath her.  With each trust his belly slapped hard against her ass cheeks making a spanking sound and Rebecca would let out a large grunt as if she were punched.  Her pussy and her vagina lips were sucked out each time grasping around his big black cock. The black leader watched her pussy as it was almost pulled inside out each time.  He slapped her ass and demanded, “How does this cock feel inside your rich little pussy,” and all Rebecca could say was “It’s so fucking big and thick and it makes me feel so full inside.  Oh god, I want it all please,” as she was panting and trying to catch her breath. He told the others to clear out and then picked her limp body up by the waist while his cock was still inside her vagina and put her down on the floor of the room and he proceeded to fuck her vagina like an animal.  She was screaming, “Oh god, it feels so good”.  Rebecca still had her stiletto heels on and he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her back onto her as he thrust in and out and her ass was coming off of the floor with each thrust in her vagina and he would drive his cock back into her.

Rebecca was screaming “Keep fucking me with your big black cock it feels so big inside me” and then he bent over, grabbed her breasts, stood her up and started to kiss her using his tongue on her neck as he squeezed her nipples.  Rebecca closed her eyes and started to swoon as one of the guys took a camera off the tripod to get closeups of the action. This went on for 20 minutes until he yelled out “I am going to cum in your vagina and fill it with my black you cock whore.” Rebecca started to shake with another powerful orgasm and she was screaming loudly “I am cumming so fucking hard” and she arched her back into his body digging her nails into his ass as she was cumming. He pumped her harder and harder. “Oh you like it you slut don’t you?  Don’t you?  I love fucking you like a dog.  You like it?  I bet you do.  All MILFs like you want to be a black man’s pet, don’t you.  Show me, you want me to cum in your pussy.  Bark for me.  Bark you slut.” Rebecca whimpered, “Woof”.  A couple seconds later, “woof, woof.” She could feel her cum dripping down her leg.  He whispered in her ear, “C’mon, tell us what you want.  It’s okay, be a good slut.  We all love a good slut.”  Rebecca said, “Yes…..I’m a married slut and I want you guys to use me as your sex toy.  I want you to pleasure me.  Please, give it to me.  I want it.  I love it, I need it.” The leader was so turned on as he pumped her full of his cum as he roared like a wild animal and slapped her ass, leaving her ass red.  Rebecca was left standing like a limp noodle as she fell into the leader’s arms.

The leader pulled his spent cock out and his cum was dripping into a puddle on the floor. He turned to the other guys and said “Okay guys it your turn with this white married whore.  You heard her.  She wants you guys to pleasure her.” The giant 300 lb guy laid down on the bed and the other guys picked up Rebecca and carried her to him where her mouth was reacquainted with his monster uncircumcised cock. They lifted her over the giant and placed her in a 69 position on top of him.  He spit in her pussy as she spat on his cock and they socked each other.  Her tiny body was sprawled on top of a man who weighed almost 3 times her weight.  Once his cock was erect it was longer than her face.  She knew that there is no way her tiny body could support the weight of his body. So she got up, turned around and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock. About 5 inches on she said, “I can’t.  It’s too big.”  He told her to keep going.  She’d get stretched out.  She started to slowly lift off, when he grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto his pelvis, “Ahhhh, my god, it hurts.  I can’t,” Her face was a picture of anguish as tears ran down her eyes. Her pain was his motivation.  She could not move as he stretched her pussy and played with body like a rag doll,  Rebecca cried tears of painful pleasure as she went up and down.  She could feel her pussy being stretched and she felt like she was sliding a thick pipe in her pussy, “oh my god!  Oh my god, No more, please no more.”  Her boobs swayed and bounced up and down as he fucked his cock with her body.  “Holy shit,” said the older guy as he pointed at her pussy.  A white cream was building up on the giant’s balls as her pussy started to cream all over his cock. Rebecca’c cries turned to moans as he continued to fuck her and she was now willing slave who wanted to feel all their cocks inside her. While the giant was fucking her, the skinny guy got behind her and began to finger her ass and Rebecca was screaming out “Oh god, what are you doing?”. The skinny guy then started to insert anal beads into her ass slowly and Rebecca began to tense as he pushed more of the beads into her ass.  She looked over her shoulder and asked “What are you putting in my ass” and the skinny guy said “They are anal beads slut….don’t worry you will enjoy it.  All sluts lie you do.” Rebecca began to breath in gasps as he put each bead into her ass.  Once all 12 beads were in, she saw him grab hold of the ring at the end and shook in anticipation of what he was going to do. He told the giant to fuck her hard and faster. The skinny guy waited until he saw Rebecca’s body start to shake as she was about to have another powerful orgasm and then when she started to gasp,the skinny guy yanked the beads out of her ass and Rebecca began to scream out “I am going to fucking cum.”  Her ass let out a huge fart as the air from the beads escaped her ass.  She was so embarrassed as the skinny guy laughed, “Oh the rich white bitch is now a classless white trailer trash slut. We’ve created the perfect being!”

After Rebecca had come down from her orgasm the giant continued to fuck her vagina with his black hose as Rebecca kept riding him.  She was now enjoying a nice rhythm bounding up and down.  The skinny guy got on the bed whispered into her ear “I am going to take your ass and you are going to enjoy it”. He moved behind her and started to push his cock slowly into her ass.  It wasn’t wide, but it was long and extremely stiff and Rebecca started scream in pain. Then the giant started to rub her breasts and she began to kiss him as she was getting double fucked on the table and she could feel both cocks fucking her at the same time. The skinny guy straddled her ass like an animal banging her ass with no other intent but to release his cum in her asshole. The two men got into a perfect rhythm alternating thrusts inside her, never leaving her body empty.  Then the skinny guy told her, “I going to cum, you want it? Only real sluts want it”. Her tight ass was too much for him and her ass was starting to burn from the friction. She needed him to come. “Yes, I am a slut.  I want to be a real slut.  Cum in my ass!” Those words were like solid gold to him as his cock swelled up, strestching her asshole before exploding with a blast of cum. He started to fill her ass with his cum and when he was finished he pulled his cock slowly out of her ass so that she could feel every inch as he pulled out and the cum dripped onto the giant’s cock and mixed with her frothy cream that had gathered at the entrance to her pussy.  He slapped her ass, “Damn, this is the first white ass that ever took me like that!  I think I’ve found my perfect ass!” Rebecca was so relieved to have only the cockin her pussy.  Her ass felt stretched and gaped open like a wind tunnel.  She could feel the air conditioning blowing into her ass like a stiff draft. Then the older guy replaced the skinny guy and pushed his cock into her ass.  It was thicker and not yet lubricated and in her already sore ass, Rebecca wailed in pain, “Oh no, please stop.  It hurts!  It hurts!  I’ll do anything.  Please no more!”  Rebecca needed to get him to cum quick. At first it wouldn’t go in so Rebecca spat on her hand reached behind and rubbed her saliva all over his cock. “Ah you are a dirty whore,” he said as he grabbed a hold of her breasts and Rebecca turned and just smiled as his cock began to slide into her ass. Rebecca tried to scream but nothing came out of her mouth.  It was more excruciating than giving birth!  She was getting fucked by two cocks again and they were fucking her more roughly.  Soon Rebecca was screaming out loud with cries of pain as she felt her body being torn apart, totally helpless. The giant and older guy shared her like their personal sex toy. The giant loved this MILF.  He had been sliding in and out of her for about 40 minutes. His cock was so swollen like never before and he couldn’t wait to give this skinny little woman so much cum until she became drunk with his black seed. But he had more in store for her.  The older man signaled to the giant and he pulled out of her ass.  Rebecca was so stunned.  She was used to the heat in her pussy, “What are you doing?  We’re not finished,” she cried. She was suddenly lifted off the giant and the older guy pulled out of his ass and flipped onto her back with her legs spread. The older man pushed his cock into her vagina.  Rebecca was too distracted to realize that he had just taken his bare cock from her ass to her pussy.  That was because the giant was about to sit on her face and she saw his giant body and ass about to suffocate her.  Just before she was smothered he said, “Time to toss some salad and lick my ass clean like a good slut.”  Rebecca’s eyes grew as her face was pressed into the crack of his ass and the giant slid his asshole against her nose and his balls fell into her mouth and she open it as he pushed his cock into her mouth and she started to suck his cock.  She could smell his asshole as she sucked his balls.  She began to suck hard, but he pulled out. “Not yet my dear.  I need to prove to me that you’ll do anything for this cock.  He slid forward and she grabbed his cock with both hands and kept stroking it.  Before she knew it, she was rimming his ass as someone was tonguing her ass.  It felt weird on her and she held her breath as her tongue went in his ass.  She held her nose and tried not to think about what was going on.  She had never done this before but she was doing it effectively.  She could feel his cock growing in her hands.  Soon he started to groan as he pulled his ass off her tongue and stuffed his cock deep in her throat.  She barely got the head past her lips before his cock started pulsing and he filled her mouth before he came all over her face and when he was finished her face was covered in his cum. He picked some of it of her face and she opened her mouth to clean his fingers while she slowly swallowed what was in her mouth. She saw that the older guys was still slow-fucking her and she gripped him with her arms and legs to pull more of his cock inside her vagina. Soon her groaned and pulled his cock out and came all over her body and face. She was now a mess, her face and body covered in cum and her vagina and ass full and leaking cum as well.

The older guy fell to the floor.  “My god I never expected this woman could take us.”  Th leader walked over to the bed and lay down at the body of the bed and told the guys to lift her legs up in the air and spread them. He looked her in the eyes and said, “Be a good slut and spread your ass cheeks for me.” Covered in sticky cum, Rebecca reached down, grabbed each cheek and spread her ass feet from his head.  Her ass twitched in anticipation of his tongue.  She sighed as his tongue licked her ass and her body shook at the coolness of his tongue.  She really liked the feeling of her ass being rimmed.  As he tongued her ass he put two fingers into her vagina.  He looked at her ass which he could tell was sore from all the fucking. It was bright red, but he wanted a piece of it and wanted to take whatever was left of her.  He sat up and Rebecca opened her eyes, looked down and saw his cock at the entry to her ass.  She put up her hands to his chest to push him off and yelled “Noooooo…..” as his cock pushed past the gate of her rosebud and deep into her ass. She was no longer verbally resisting but her hands pushed at his ches and then at his thighs as she felt the burning in her ass as his cock went deeper and deeper. When he reached the bottom, he started to fuck her ass hard and fast. Soon Rebecca was screaming out loud “I am cumming again” and her body shook as she had another powerful orgasm and he took his fingers out of her vagina and started to rub her clit hard, forcing her pussy to squirt like a mini fountain. Rebecca began to cum again and squirted onto the leader creating a wet spot on the bed. With her legs pulled over his shoulders, her body went limp as she was finished. She told the leader, “I can’t take anymore.  I’m done. Just do whatever you want.” She was exhausted. He whispered in her ear, “You have been wonderful.  I can’t wait to fuck you again, but I want to give you a nice finish for you to remember.  He slowly pulled out of her ass and slid back in her pussy where he his cock swelled.  Rebecca’s body accepted his cock and she whimpered yes, “I want you to cum in me.  Give it to me.” The leader groaned as he came in her pussy, filling it with his cum and then some of the guys came back with some towels and used them to wipe the sweat off them.

He signaled to them to go.  They quickly gathered the towels and threw them in a hamper in the closet.  A couple guys ran downstairs, taking their cameras, and their clothes. When his cock went soft he pulled his cock out and began to get dressed. He walked over to Rebecca who was half asleep and said “We all enjoyed our time with you and cannot wait to do it again. Hope that you enjoyed it as well.” Rebecca opened her eyes half way.  Her body was still shaking. She responded, “Yes thank you”. She then passed out. The leader looked at her ravaged cum covered face and body and pulled out a black marker.  He wrote on her thigh, “Trevor, thanks for the best MILF slut ever”.  He took a picture and then cleaned it off her leg.  He pulled the sheets back over her. He opened the window to air the room out. When she woke later on, she would think she was raped and not even know it was Trevor who had arranged it.

10 minutes later she would wake up.  Everyone was gone.  She would have thought it was a dream if she did not feel the throbbing in her ass and pussy. She could not move.  Her body was sore.  She wanted to clean up, but she could barely move.  She pulled the sheets over her body and cried.  She could not believe what had just happened.  Why was this happening to her?  Fortunately nobody had come home while this had happened.  She had passed out covered in cum both inside and out.  She licked her lips and remembered the cocks and ass that she had tasted. What would she tell Trevor.  Would he be mad?  These guys had taken her without even paying.  She thought that maybe she wouldn’t tell him what happened.  She wasn’t hurt and she didn’t want him to worry.  Besides, it was the most incredible fucking she had ever experienced, but she didn’t want him to arrange anything like that again.  It had scared the heck out of her.  She fell back asleep exhausted.


Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Part 25

Chapter 25. Rebecca Is Used By Carl’s Mate JB At Her Office.

When Rebecca got home, her husband was waiting for her.  He had sent the kid’s out so they could talk.  He noticed that she was disheveled and could smell the sex on her. He knew that glow about her.  It showed when she had been totally sexually satisfied and he had not seen that look in a long time.  She sat across from him in the living room and he handed her a cup of coffee.

“Have a good time” he asked.  Rebecca looked up and nodded.  She had a tear in her eye.

“I’m sorry.  I should have told you.  I met a guy a couple months ago and well…..” she hesitated and then continued. “he is everything you are not.  And I need him in my life right now.  He loves me the way you can’t. I don’t need a husband anymore.  I need a lover who makes me feel sexy and naughty and free.  I need a lover who can sexually dominate me and that is not you. I’m sorry.”  Al, her husband, could not believe what she was saying.  What she was saying both excited him and scared him at the same time.  It also made him relieved. He did not feel guilty now.  He had been sleeping with his assistant and other women behind Rebecca’s back for years and here she was apologizing for cheating on him.  He pretended to look hurt, but inside he was smiling.  He was no longer the only guilty one.

“I thought this is what was happening all these nights you have been out.  So what do you want?  I understand I am not able to satisfy you.  Are you asking for a divorce?  Are you leaving me?  What about the kids?  Look, you are the mother of our children and I want you to be happy.  I can’t stop you.  What do you suggest?”

Rebecca paused. This was going better than she imagined. “This is new to me. The kids don’t need us around all the time anymore.  I have told my lover that I want to spend more time with him and he asked that I not have sex with you anymore.”  She realized with all the crazy se she’d be having that she did not want to expose her husband to any sexual diseases as well. She continued, “I think we will tell the kids that I will be traveling more and when I do, I will be spending time at his place.  When I am hoe you can choose to be here, but we will not be physical with each other for as long as I have my lover.”  She debated telling him more about Trevor and how she was only fucking hung black men, but decided this would be her secret. She explained this would be the current situation but over time she expected to be spending all the time with him as the kids moved on to college and out of the house.

The conversation lasted for another couple hours.  Al realized something different in his wife.  He knew her fairly well and that Maria, now Rebecca, was doing some risky exploring with this new man in her life.  He wasn’t sure if it could last, but this was perfect for him.  He would start to pursue his assistant as well.  Perhaps without her around all the time, he could further that relationship. As he saw it, this would become an open relationship and they were going to help each other.  At the end of the conversation they gave each other a hug and told each other they were sorry, but wanted the best for each other.  They would continue to have further conversations over the rest of the weekend about details and when she expected to possibly be “traveling” more often.

Monday morning finally came and Rebecca was ready to move on.  She has texted a bit with Trevor who indicated that he was close to finding a new place for both of them.  She could not wait until they moved in together and start her new life as his lover and black cock slut. Rebecca went to her office and got on with her job with new vigor. As the day went on she noticed that she would have to work late as she had a lot of work to catch up on. She did not mind staying late as she was not in a hurry to get home. She also kept thinking about what happened over the weekend.  She was suddenly free to do what she wanted sexually.  She felt liberated now that she wouldn’t have to worry about what she wore when she left the house.  Her family and her neighbors would not see people coming in and out of her home or see her coming in or out with her black men.  Rebecca was still hard at work as everyone left to go home and the office was quiet so she took off her blazer, rolled up her sleeves and sat at her desk until it was dark out and she finally had finished. She was so relieved as she cleaned up and put back all her filed and began to relax.  The air conditioning had turned off in the building and she unbuttoned a button on her blouse when she looked up at the camera in her office and realized that she had not giving Carl a show today, so she decided to give him one to remember.

Rebecca went to her desk and opened the drawer with her dildo and butt plug and put them out as she smiled at the camera and then she walked in front of the camera, turned on “Sweet Cherry Pie” on her office stereo and started to do a slow striptease removing her clothes one item at a time until all she had left were her conservative heels and then she got the butt plug and put it into her mouth to get it nice and wet she then bent over and reached around with her hand and placed the butt plug at the opening of her ass and slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly at the camera in a pleading way and then she moved her hands and opened the lips of her vagina to show the camera that she was getting wet. Rebecca then slowly walked over to the couch and lay down. She spread her legs towards the camera and then she got the dildo and put it in her, first sucking it as if it was her lovers big black cock until it was wet enough and then she placed it at the opening of her vagina and slowly pushed it all the way in. She made sure that her face could be seen between her spread legs and then she closed her eyes and imagined that her Black Master’s cock was fucking her vagina. She was getting turned on as she fucked her vagina with the dildo and soon her body started to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm and she was screaming out loud “I’m cumming!  I’m a fucking black cock slut. Oh My God. Oh My God it feels so good!” and she started to squirt, the stream of liquid soaking the couch and when she had finished she started relax as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Rebecca then opened her eyes and took the dildo slowly out of her vagina and put it into her mouth and cleaned her cum of the dildo, while staring at the camera. She then put it down on the floor.  Her vagina was still convulsing from the powerful orgasm and she was exhausted so she decided to closed her eyes for a bit to relax before she went home. She continued to rub her clitoris with her legs spread and her eyes closed.

Rebecca started to fall into a nice REM cycle when she heard the front door of the office slamming shut and locked. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see a black man standing by the door and then he before she could react and run, he walked over to the couch and ordered her to “Unzip my pants”. Rebecca started to get up and run as she said “No”, but he quickly grabbed her by the wrist, threw her back down on the couch, and demanded,  “We can do this easy or hard.  Unzip my pants now, bitch,” and he raised his hand as if he was about to strike. So Rebecca reached up and unzipped his pants and he told her, “Now take out my cock.” She obeyed and reached through the fly of his boxers and wrapped her hand around it.  It was thick and she had a problem getting it out as it was big and he told her “Take off my pants and boxers”. Rebecca knew what was coming as she unbuckled his belt and unhooked the clasp on his pants and pulled his pants and boxers down to the floor. He stepped out of them and pushed it up against her face. She looked up and saw his big black cock hanging between his legs. He then told her to stay on her knees and put my cock in your mouth and suck it. Rebecca remembered she was still on camera and looked at the camera as she opened her mouth and he forced his cock all the way inside her mouth until it was pressing against her throat. Slowly at first, Rebecca moved her head back until the tip of his cock was between her lips and then she moved forward taking all the cock into her mouth again. She slow sucked his cock over and over again and at times she would lick the tip of his cock between her lips. As she was sucking his cock, she would look up at him and hoped he would tell her to stop, so she could feel it between her legs. His balls were heavy with cum and hitting her chin.  When he did stop, he told her, “Fuck your breasts with my cock” and she removed his cock from her mouth and moved closer as she held each breast in each hand and nestled his cock between them and slowly moved her breasts up and down his cock, spitting on it as he then told her,  “Lick the end as well”. He watched as she lowered her head as she stroked his cock with her breasts, taking the tip of his cock between her lips and licking it. His cock was rock hard and soon he felt that he could not hold on any longer and would cum, so he told her to stop as he wanted to fuck her.

He then told Rebecca to stand up and walk over to her desk and bend over forward gripping the edge of her desk with her hands.  She looked out the window across the way to the other tower where she could see cleaning personnel cleaning some offices.  She could hear him walked up behind her and his reflection in the window as he grabbed her hips and kicked her legs apart as he told her “spread your legs like a good white MILF does”. Rebecca felt the tip of his cock slowly push against the lips of her vagina apart. “Are you ready to do your duty?” And then he forced his cock all the way into her vagina as he pulled her body toward him and it slipped in without much trouble as her vagina was still wet. He pumped her over and over as he slammed into her as he was screaming, “Does this dirty bitch want to be used and fucked?” and she was screaming reply “Fuck my vagina hard with your big black cock” and he slapped her ass leaving a red hand print on her left cheek of her ass and then he slapped her ass and left a red hand print on right cheek, Rebecca screamed each time he slapped her ass as it was painful. He started to force his cock harder and faster as he went deeper into her vagina and he felt her body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out as she squirted covering his cock with her cum. He was telling her, “You like the way I fuck you with my big black cock.  I can tell” and all Rebecca could say was “I love the way you fuck my vagina with your big black cock as I am your submissive bitch to use.”

He was in no rush to cum yet and he stopped fucking her as he wanted to see her beg. She started to cry out for him not to stop as she wanted to feel his big black cock in her vagina again. He smiled.  He loved watching this smart woman totally naked in her office begging to be defiled. He couldn’t wait to drain his cock inside her, but he loved the power. He just pulled his cock out further and then he slowly put his cock at the entrance to her vagina and just when she thought he was going to tease her, slammed his cock in as far as he could as Rebecca screamed out in joyous pain. He gripped her hips as he jammed his cock  deeper into her vagina. Rebecca was begging him to fuck harder as she wanted to cum again and soon he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed out, “Oh yes.  Oh yes, I love it. Oh my god. Ohhhhhhhh” as she squirted all over his cock. He was soon moaning as well as he pushed his cock into her vagina. This gal was such a horny slut and he hadn’t ever fucked a white woman bare before. Then he made one last thrust as he started to moan out “I am going to cum and fill your vagina with my black seed and breed you with our kid.” As he came Rebecca had another powerful orgasm as she felt his cum fill her vagina.  She was scared at the thought of this guy impregnating her, but it felt so good. He kept coming and coming and there was so much that some of it leaked out of her vagina and down her legs. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of her vagina and then she felt the butt plug being pulled out of her ass. It made a pop sound and she was in shock.  His cock was still hard as he then pushed his cock into her ass. “No, Please!  No!” she screamed out in pain as he forced his cock into her ass and gripped her hips as started to fuck her hard. Rebecca was begging him “Please don’t fuck my ass! It hurts! Your cock is too big. Please slow down so I can get used to the size of your cock.” But he didn’t listen.  He was enjoying using her ass for his own pleasure.

Rebecca was trying to move, but he let go of her ass and moved his hands to her head and forced it down into the desk, pinning her head down as he was fucking her ass. Rebecca kept begging him to slow down as it was hurting her. But he did not care as she was there to be used by any black man who wanted her and he told her “You are a black cock slut to be used by any black man who wants you.  Do you understand?” Rebecca just said “Yes” with tears in her eyes. He was so forceful.  He didn’t seem to mind that she was in pain.  In fact he seemed to enjoy it.  Soon Rebecca was getting used to having his big black cock fucking her and was telling him “Fuck my ass you bastard as this ass is yours to use.  Make it hurt.” and he told her “You are a dirty slut. You love being fucked in the ass by black cocks don’t you?” Rebecca did not say a word as her body was shaking again.  She was not in control.  She had another powerful orgasm and her cum and his started to leak from her vagina onto the floor  and then she felt him grip her hips with both of his hands as he push his cock into ass as far as he could and he let out a roar! Then she felt his cock fill her ass with his cum as it pulsed deep inside her asshole. She just collapsed onto the desk and when he had filled her ass he pulled his cock out of her ass and then told her to clean his cock so she got up and turned round and slowly began to use her tongue to clean all the cum from his cock and when she had finished he got up and said “Carl was right. You are a black cock bitch and a great fuck” and before he left Rebecca asked him what his name was he told her that he was Carl’s friend JB.  He took a bunch of pictures of her with his phone and she generously posed for them. He then unlocked the door and walked out of the office and she was left alone and she fell back on the couch as she was tired and exhausted and she noticed that cum was still leaking from her vagina and ass onto the couch.

Rebecca looked up at the camera and knew that Carl was watching and she decided to give him a treat so she got her panties and put them on to try and stop the cum that leaking from her vagina and ass and then she got down on her hands and knees and started to use her tongue to clean up the cum from the floor and desk. When she had cleaned as much cum as she could, she turned round and looked at the camera with cum on her mouth and just smiled and then blew a kiss at the camera and said, “Thank You”.

Rebecca then started to get dressed and got some tissues from the toilet to clean up the cum on the couch. Before she left the building, Rebecca phoned her lover and asked him if any of his friends had any part time work she could do as she would be will to do anything as she wanted to pay for their new life together and he said that he would asked around and let her know as soon as possible. And then she left the office and went home. As she walked to her car she could feel the cum leaking down her legs and she stuffed some tissues into her panties to try and soak up the cum.  This was different.  Rebecca was happy and excited.  She wanted more.  She was so excited that sex was so good and that she was free to have as much as she wanted.

Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Chapter 24

Chapter 24. Rebecca Spends Time With Trevor Her Black Master/Lover.

Rebecca woke up early in the morning and saw that it was 5am. She turned over and saw her lover was fast asleep next to her so she snuggled up to him and moved her hand down to his huge black cock which immediately started to grow in her hand slowly.  It made her feel good that she was able to get that kind of reaction out of him so easily.  As soon it was hard she turned him around, slid down the bed under the sheets and gently licked his cock by slowly running her lips up and down his shaft and planting breathy kisses on his balls. His huge black cock started moving in her hands and his balls swelled with sperm as she played with his ball sucking each one in her mouth and then she would slowly lick is cock from the base and move slowly up his cock. She licked under the ledge of the head of his cock.  She kept her eyes closed and breathed in her man’s musky cock from the night before.  She was so addicted to this cock.  It had changed her life.  When she reach then tip of his cock she would use her tongue to lick the precum leaking from the head of his cock and then she put his cock into her mouth and tried to gag on his cock.  Then she would suck it slowly again and then she would suck it faster and faster pumping with her hand trying to get him to cum in her mouth.  She wanted him to know that despite all the cocks she had that previous evening that this was the one she wanted and that she’d so anything as she was a slave to his cock.

She felt Trevor move and the sheets were thrown off the bed.  She looked up and saw that he was awake and he had a big smile on his face. He gripped her head as she was sucking him and he was asking her, “Does my slut like my black cock in her mouth?” Rebecca nodded, but her mouth was full with his black cock and she kept on sucking his cock. As Rebecca was sucking his cock, he fingered her pussy and her body was starting to shake. Waking up in another man’s bed without worrying to have to rush home was so freeing. His cock fell out of her mouth as she felt an orgasm build up in her body, “Oh yes Trevor… keep going. Please. I love you.” It wasn’t long before she had an orgasm and started sucking him harder as she came and squirted her cum on the bedsheets. Trevor then grabbed her head and forced his cock in her mouth, “You’re my slut, aren’t you?.  Gosh I want you so bad.”  He held her head as he came, filling her mouth with his black seed. He could feel her teeth clench around his cock and she started to choke from having so much cum in her mouth. “Drink it Rebecca. Drink my love potion.” Tears started to fill her eyes as she tried to swallow as much as she could but some started to leak from her mouth and when she had finished cumming in her mouth, he let go of her head and she slowly lifted her mouth off his cock and she cleaned his cock of the remaining cum that was still coming from the head of his cock.  “I’m sorry I couldn’t swallow it all.  Please forgive me.”  He spanked her on the ass and said, “It’s okay.  I know you aren’t used to having such massive cocks with huge loads yet, but I will train you.” When she had recovered he gave her a tissue to wipe her eyes and face and then she looked at him and told him about what was on her mind.  She told him that she had told her husband that she had been having an affair and hadn’t wanted to be lying to him every Friday night and that they were going to have a further discussion this weekend about what they were going to do.  She told Trevor that she wanted to continue their routine but that she wanted to have a safer place instead of his residence hotel. Trevor looked at her and said “What will your husband say when he finds out” and Rebecca answered, “It’s none of his business. I want to spend more time with you.” So Trevor looked at her and said “Well this problem will be sorted later today you will see”.

So Rebecca said “I cannot wait to see what you have planned” and he told her to get dressed and so they could go out and see what he had planned. Rebecca got out of the bed and took a shower. She suddenly realized she still had the plug in her pussy.  When she pulled It out, nothing came out.  She figured all the cum must have dried up inside her womb.  As she was washing herself she heard the shower door open and her lover got in behind and started to rub her nipples. She felt his hard cock against her ass and she was enjoying as he began to wash her body all over.  She closed her eyes and imagined having him hold her naked body every morning as he kissed the back of her neck. Rebecca turned around and did the same to Trevor. She begged Trevor to fuck her, but he told her that they did not have time. Wait till later and she will get the fucking of her life. When they had finished washing each other Trevor helped Rebecca out of the shower and then he got a towel and began to dry her and when he was finished she dried him as well.  As they were getting dressed Rebecca asked Trevor where they were going and all he would say was that she will have to wait as it was a surprise. He told her that it would take most of the afternoon and when Rebecca was ready Trevor got his stuff and asked Rebecca for the keys to her car and they both left the hotel room and got in the car. He started the car and drove her to the first place, a tall highrise just blocks away in the newer redeveloped area downtown.  “What are we doing here?” she asked.  Trevor told her that he had been thinking the same thing.  They needed a new place for them to start their lives together and he thought they should go home shopping together.  The looked at the Metropolis and said, “I don’t mean to be a pessimist, but are you serious?  Can you afford something like this?”  Trevor replied, “I am in the IT business and have been saving for a long time.  Also, I am making a lot of money from RebeccasOffice, pimping you out.  Of course you will need to continue your slutty ways to contribute.”  Rebecca said, “You don’t want me to yourself?  I will need to continue sleeping with everyone?” He said, “Yes and besides, you have no choice.  Those guys are not going to stop giving you cock. At least with me, they will continue to pay for it. And besides, I think you enjoy the attention.” Rebecca admitted, “I do. Is that bad? I can’t believe I want it all the time.  I can’t seem to get enough.”  Trevor smiled.  It was perfect.  She had become addicted to black cock.  The only thing better than fucking her was watching her fuck others and changing her life.  He had big plans.  He grabbed her by the waist and led her into the Metropolis.  It would be the first of several viewings for them today.  She liked the condos which were conveniently only 10 minutes from her office.  They would visit a couple more places as well that afternoon.  Rebecca was especially interested in a property in Malibu:  although she did like the condos in West Hollywood which would be convenient for her:  There were others:

Rebecca enjoyed the time looking at her possible futures.  She was ready for a life as an empty nester living with Trevor.  The options had her spinning.  She learned a lot more about Trevor and what he wanted.  She liked the idea of a townhouse.  He wanted her to fuck guys in their own home and take men back to their place so they wouldn’t have to drive much.  The condominiums were not the right layouts unless they got multiple stories.

On the way home from Malibu, she grabbed his cock as he drove. “What ever you want me to do I will do it for my Black Master as I know that this is my life to serve my Black Master and whomever he wants me to serve as well.”  She was still shocked that there was enough money to pay for the place and asked him why he did not tell her that she was get fucked for money and he just said that he was sondering if she would have been nervous or scared knowing that she was being paid like a whore.  She understood.  She knew it was worth it to have their own place now to spend time together and also she would do anything he wanted. Rebecca kissed him hard on the lips and and said thank you.

He told Rebecca that after they got their new place that every Friday after work he would expect to meet her in the parking lot after work and we will both drive down here and spend the weekend together away from everyone and we can make love to each other without worrying about not having much time together. Rebecca had a big smile on her face as she knew at last she can be with the man she loved every weekend.  In her mind she would prefer to spend all week in the new place.  All the options were so beautiful and she could not wait to begin her new life as a submissive slave to black cock.

When they got back to Trevor’s place, they celebrated by drinking a glass wine.  After they had finished the wine Rebecca was feeling a bit merry and she got up and walked to Trevor and put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips and rubbed her vagina against his hard cock and when she broke the kiss he told him “Take me to the bedroom and fuck me as I need to feel your huge black cock in my vagina and use me as the slut I am”. He picked Rebecca up and carried her to the master bedroom then put her down and told her to get undressed. When they were both naked she saw his cock hanging down between his legs and she got down onto her hands and knees and crawled over to him and then she started to grab it and using her tongue. She licked his balls and sucked each one into her mouth and then she moved her tongue to the base of his cock and slowly licked up his cock until she got to the head and saw the precum leaking from the head of his cock. She licked it up, smacking her lips and making yummy sounds before she put his cock into her mouth and started to suck it hard and fast and he grabbed hold of her head as she was sucking his cock.

Rebecca could hear her lover telling her “You’re the best black cock slut ” as she stuffed her mouth full of her lovers huge black cock. He started to try and get more of his cock into her mouth, but it made her gag.  Rebecca wanted to show her gratitude as she let him use her. Trevor stuffed three fingers in her pussy and started massaging her clit. Soon her body began to shake as she was building up to another powerful orgasm. She tried to scream as she came and she squirted on the floor, This forced her lover to hold her head as he was nearly ready to cum. Suddenly he filled her mouth with his black seed, thrusting harder and harder and burying his sperm deep in his woman’s throat.  He wanted to fuck her pussy, but instead he stopped and pulled his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay back on the bed. He loved how she had reacted to the finger fucking and decided he was going to reward her by driving her crazy.  He spread her legs and got between them and started to use his tongue on her clit started to slowly lick it up and down. Rebecca was instantly in heaven.  She threw her legs in the air and grabbed hold of his face and pushed it hard into her vagina and told him to “Lick my clit hard with your tongue and make me cum” and he was soon putting 2 fingers into her vagina to find her g-spot and he fuck her fast while flicking her clit with his tongue.  Soon his fingers were stimulating her go-spot and Rebecca’s legs were shaking and thrashing about. “Oh my god, don’t stop,” she cried as he touched her g-spot. This was sending her crazy with lust and her body started to shake as she was building to another orgasm. She wrapped her leags around his head and soon she was screaming as she came, “Oh I love you.  Keep going….Oh God!” and she squirted in his mouth and swallowed.  It tasted like diluted pee, but he drank the salty liquid.  But he didn’t stop fingering.  He wanted her to cum and cum until she was screaming for him to fuck her with his huge black cock. Soon after she was nearly ready to cum again and she scream out “Oh I am going to cum again.  Oh right there. Right there!  Please fuck me and fill my vagina with your black cock  You own me.” She came again, shaking violently but he didn’t stop. He smiled at the thought of what his neighbors were hearing. She screamed out loud “Fuck, I want you to stick your fat black cock into my vagina and use me like a slut”.

Then he stopped and moved up her body until his cock was touching her vagina and Rebecca moved her hand down to put his cock into her vagina, but he moved his cock away and started to rub it up and down her vagina lips, touching her clit as well and Rebecca had tears in her eyes as she was begging him to stop and put his cock into her vagina and fuck her hard. He knew that she was ready and he put his cock at her vagina and forced his cock all the way in her. He started to fuck her harder and faster and Rebecca put her arms and legs around his body and pushed her vagina up to get more of his cock into her. She screamed at him to “Fuck me harder.  Yeah. Fuck me. Fuck your dirty little white slut. Train me to be the girl I need to be, I want you to fill my vagina with your big black cock.” Her words turned him on and he pushed more of his cock into her vagina until he was touching her cervix. Her body began to shake again and she started another powerful orgasm, squirting a stream of liquid covering his cock with her cum. Rebecca squealed and this made him continue to fuck her harder and he put one of her nipples into his mouth and sucked on it until it was hard and stiff and he did the same to the other nipple until that was hard and stiff as well.  Rebecca was screaming out loud as she continued to have orgasm after orgasm. She gripped his body harder as she was being fucked by her lover and telling him “Cum in my pussy. Fill me with your black seed.  I want your baby makers.” She felt him push his cock deeper and he stopped and then moaned as he came, filling her vagina with his black seed and told her “I am filling your vagina with black seed to breed you and put a black baby in your belly,” and Rebecca screamed out “Yes. Give me your black seed and breed me and give me your black baby”.

When he had finished filling her vagina with his cum Rebecca let go of his body and he pulled is cock out and his cum leaked from her vagina and he moved up her body until he got to her face and instructed, “Clean my cock, you filthy cum whore”, and she grabbed it. Using her tongue, she began to clean all the cum from his cock and when she had finished he lay down beside her and Rebecca turned to face him and said “I love you and don’t want to leave this place and go back to my old life anymore”. He looked at her and said “When you are ready to leave your old life and start to live your new life with me I will be here waiting for you” and he kissed her hard on the lips and Rebecca wrapped her arms around him and knew that this is the life she wanted. When she got back she would have to talk to her husband and explain to him that she would eventually be moving out as she needed to be with her lover.

Member Erotica – Life of A Black Cock Slut: Chapter 23 Part 2

Chapter 23. Rebecca Becomes A Submissive Slave For A Group Of Black Men Part2.

As Rebecca lay there semi-naked on the floor, wiping the cum off her chin, she took advantage of the break to get her bearings and see who was there. When she had first moved to Los Angeles, she had snagged a famous ex-football player as a client and over the years many other retired athletes and celebrities in the area had been referred to her.  She watched one of the men, an ex-baseball player named Eddie walk over to her and helped her up off the floor, kissed her and slowly removed her bra and told her to taker her panties off. She bent down and slowly slipped them off and stepped out of them. She stood up in front of him naked with just her suspenders, shoes and stockings on and then she was led to the bed and told to get on her hands and knees. She felt him move in behind her and felt the head of Eddie’s big black cock push against the lips of her vagina. She liked Eddie and she closed her eyes in anticipation as she felt it being pushed into her. It seemed like it kept going deeper and wouldn’t stop  and she moaned out, “Fuck me hard with your black cock” as her vagina was being stretched. It felt like the biggest cock she ever had in her vagina. Then when she opened her eyes she saw a big black cock in front of her face waiting to be sucked.  It was Hardy, the ex-football player. He smacked her face with his cock before he pushed it into mouth. She began to suck it hard and fast as the man behind her was fucking her hard and fast as well. She felt his sweat drip onto her ass and knew that this is what he wanted. Rebecca’s body was shaking from the powerful orgasm she was having and these guys were laughing.  She sucked harder as she wanted more.  She liked the way she was being used by these men as their submissive slave and she was enjoying it, groaning loudly. The man behind her was pushing more of his cock into her vagina as it was so big he touched her cervix and he still had not got all his cock into her vagina. He gripped her hips hard her body still as he kept pushing forward and the man who’s cock was in her mouth was sliding in her mouth deeper as he pushed to get more into her mouth and grabbed the sides of her head to keep her steady from moving. Rebecca had her mouth and vagina filled with two big black cocks and she trembled from the cumming uncontrollably from the fucking she was getting. All she could say was “Please don’t stop. Oh my god” as the cock in her vagina was making her juices leak down the big black cock enabling him to slam and pound her vagina harder as she was not in control anymore. She could hear their bodies slap against her skin and she wanted more.

Then Hardy grabbed her head and forced his cock further into her mouth. Rebecca got ready to feel his cum filling her mouth, but she had no idea what she was in for. Suddenly Hardy screamed, “Oh Jesus!”  She felt him grab tight and his cock started swelling up. She could barely breathe and suddenly his cock started pulsing as he screamed, “Ahhhhhh”.  When he came it was with so much force and his cock kept pulsing.  It seemed like it was never going to stop.  Rebecca couldn’t keep up. It was hard for her to swallow it all as she was gagging. Hardy had a strong grip on her head and she was suffocating on his cum.  Finally when he pulled his cock out of her mouth, she coughed up cum and gasped for air as she continued to jerk his cock.  Long strands of cum mixed with saliva landed on her face and it dripped out of her mouth and tears flowed from her eyes. She remembered the cock still fucking her and her body started to shake again as she had another powerful orgasm and she flooded the cock in her vagina with her cum. As she regained her senses, Rebecca felt Eddie fucking her vagina with his big black cock harder than she had ever been fucked before and her head fell on the bed and she closed her eyes and grabbed the sheets screaming for him to give it harder. Then she felt him grab her hips as he pushed his cock as far as it could go into her vagina until his cock was touching her cervix and he said ” Damn I am cumming in your vagina and I am going to fill you with my black baby seed and breed you bitch!  I have been wanting this forever” and he groaned as he came. Like Hardy, his cock swelled as two other men came up to her face and came in her mouth and all over her face as Eddie suddenly screamed, “Take this you slut!  Do you want it?  Do you really want it?” and Rebecca’s body started shaking again from another powerful orgasm and screamed, “Yes Eddie.  Yes, please cum deep inside me.  I always wanted to fuck you.” Eddie screamed, “Shittttt. You pussy feels so good” Eddie’s cock just kept pulsing as he emptied his balls deep inside her with his warm liquid.  When she opened her eyes, with Eddie’s cock still pulsing inside her, she saw another two men about to cum over her face and body to add to the others who had cum before.    And then they released and squirted all over her lips and she tried to lick it up.

Rebecca’s head was spinning.  Her body was drunk wth cum.  Eddie never lost his hard on and kept fucking.  Finally when he had finished fucking her vagina and cumming for the second time, he let go of her hips, leaving a hug red mark. He pulled his big black cock out of her vagina and pussy let out a little fart from all the air he had pushed into her.  Her pussy felt stretched out and empty.  It felt cold and she needed someone to fill her vagina with another big black cock. As he pulled his cock out of her vagina, his black seed leaked out down her thighs and onto the bedsheets. It felt like he had put alot of cum in her vagina. Rebecca felt exhausted but she realized there were more guys in the room she had not fucked and that all these men had paid a price to fuck her. Although she was tired, she wanted more.  She loved the feeling.  Her body ached but it ached for more cocks to fuck and play with. Just then another of the men got on the bed and told her to get on top of him and put his cock in her vagina and fuck him so Rebecca got on top of the man and slowly put his big cock into her vagina and started to fuck him hard and he was grabbing her breasts as she fucked him. Rebecca then felt the bed move as another man got on the bed and got behind her and slowly spread her vagina so that he could push his cock into her vagina as well.  “No, of my god, No,” she begged.  But all that happened was they foced her legs apart wider and the more she begged and cried, the more they held her down and suddenly she was paralyzed as he pushed his cock into her vagina and they both started to fuck her.  She grabbed the head of the bed and held on for dear life as they pumped back and forth. Her vagina was filled with the black cocks and the stimulation was intense.  Not only were her vaginal lips being stretched, but they were being stimulated by never before. Her legs and ass started shaking from another powerful orgasm and she came, “oh my go, oh my god, what are you guys doing to me! Agggggggh” , she screamed as she covered both cocks with her cum and this made them both fuck her harder and faster and soon after some time one of them told the other, “We should cum together at the count of three in this Black Cock Bitch.  Tell me when you are ready.”   Rebecca lay their motionless as she made sounds of helplessness as the two men continued pumping her hard.  Suddenly the man on the bottom said, “I’m ready.   One….two…three..” and suddenly both men stopped and their cocks pulsed together filling her vagina with their cum as both pushed their cocks further into her vagina. When they stopped and they both moaned as they came filling her with their black seed.  “Damn, I had no idea this white slut would best breeding I ever had. Fuck…I think you jizz got all over my cock.  Hmmmm, Rebecca clean me off like a good little slut.”  He then shoved his cock in her mouth.  She could feel their cum in her pussy as she sucked the cum off his cock.  Her pussy felt unusually full and loose.  When he was done, she cleaned off the other cock.  She was oblivious to the other people taking photos and videos of her stretched out pussy with cum bubbling out of her.

Suddenly another one of her clients pulled her on top of his stiff cock and her loose pussy slid on easily. She was happy that his cock was fat as she could actually feel it inside her.  He was a large man and wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her. She started bouncing up and down on his cock when somebody came up behind her and pressed his cock against her sphincter.  Rebecca quickly jumped off the cock and shouted, “No, not there.”  She was quickly pulled back down on the cock and the guy behind her instructed two others to hold her legs apart.  Rebecca tried to struggle, but her assailant quickly grabbed her by the throat and pulled her back and growled into her ear, “Look, we can do this the easy way or the hard way.  Either way, the way I look at it, your ass belongs to us.  Do you know we have all been wondering what is between the snooty glasses and prim and proper intelligent woman who manages our funds?”  She recognized the voice.  He was the one truly responsible for this.  An ex-pro football player who worked in management for the pro football team, he was the one who assigned the team’s retirement accounts to her firm.  He continued, “You want to keep our business?  Then behave and take it like a good bitch.  Remember you work for us.  We could always take our business elsewhere.”  He moved around in front of her and stuck his cock against her lips.  “If you understand, I want you to suck my cock and lubricate it so I can slide into the fine white ass of yours.”  Rebecca looked up.  She realized almost $180 million in assets were represented in the room, nearly 40% of the firm’s portfolio.  They would never survive a mutiny.  Tears in her eyes, she spit on his cock and swallowed it.  “Damn Rebecca, you have no idea how many of the brothers are gonna be happy to have their very own whore and financial advisor all rolled into one.  You are gonna have so much new business.”

He quickly moved behind her and she felt the pressure of his cock moving in.  It hurt and she screamed while the others held her down and other watching cheered.  He heard someone else yell, “Damn…… I never dreamed I’d get a piece of this ass and now it’s mine.  I need to set up an appointment with her next week.”

His cock slide deeper and deeper.  “Oh god….shit! Oh my god it hurts. Ohhhhhh,” she sobbed hoping that her cries might somehow invoke sympathy from him.  Another man jumped on the bed and put his cock in her mouth.  With all three holes filled, she could barely breath.  The big black cock was pushed into her mouth and she started to suck it hard and the man grabbed hold of her head as he was fucking her mouth. Rebecca’s body was starting to feel sore from being used by these men but she continued to let them use her.  She was in no position to resist as her body   She had almost forgotten the cock in her pussy which was swelling.  The man behind her grabbed her by the neck and squeezed.  She liked his controlling and dominating words. She was their submissive slave for the night. Just then Rebecca’s body started to shake again as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed out she was cumming. “Oh my god, I’m cumming!  Fuck me harder.  Please harder!” She needed them to fuck her harder to make her cum.  Suddenly the guy in her mouth shoved his whole cock in her mouth as he cock swelled and started pulsing, filling her mouth with his cum as he yelled, “Damn bitch, that was the best blowjob ever!” She started gagging as there was so much and she tried to swallow it all, but some of it leaked out from her mouth onto the bedsheets. After he had emptied is cock in her mouth he pulled is cock out and got off the bed, but before Rebecca could even wipe the cum dropping off her chin, someone else got on and put his cock into her mouth and started to fuck her hard and fast, and it was not long before he began to cum in her mouth as well and she tried to swallow his cum as well, but she could not and when he took his cock out his cum leaked out of her mouth and onto the bedsheet as well.

Finally Rebecca felt her ass-fucker grab her hips as he spanked her. He soon was pushing his cock in her ass as far as he could.  It hurt as the friction was so intense. He moaned and said “Tell me Rebecca.  Do you like it? You know you want my cock, don’t you.  Mmm, always wanted to destroy the ass of a stuck up white bitch. Does the white bitch want my cum in her ass?” Rebecca just said “Yes, please. Just cum. Oh shit. Please do it” She couldn’t take it anymore.  She wanted it to be over.  She felt his cock swell and press against her anal cavity and he began to cum filling her ass with his black seed like a cock enema. When he had finished cumming he pulled his cock out of her ass with a pop and his cum started to leak out onto the bed. Then the man who was fucking her vagina was soon ready to cum and he pushed his cock further until his cock was touching her cervix.  He grabbed her tits and pinched her nipples until Rebecca screamed out in pain. Pleased, he stopped and moaned as he filled her with his black seed and screamed out “I am going to enjoy breeding this white slut” and then Rebecca felt his cock cum inside her vagina, filling her with his black seed. When he had finished he pulled his cock out, his cum leaked out of her vagina. Rebecca was now exhausted, her body sore as she lay there hoping that this was the end. She grabbed a glass of water handed to her and gulped it down. She did not know if her body could take anymore.

As she lay on the bed she saw the door open and in walked a naked black woman who looked like she had just been fucked. Rebecca did not recognize her.  She came over to the bed and got on it and then she pushed her exhausted used body down on the bed and started to lick the cum off Rebecca’s face and kissed her on the lips. Rebecca closed her eyes and kissed her back. The woman flipped round and lowered her vagina on her face into a 69 position. Just as her vagina got closer Rebecca saw cum about to drip into her mouth and Rebecca began to lick her vagina to clean the cum up. The woman spread Rebecca’s ass apart and tasted the cum in her ass crack and she began to lick her vagina as well to suck the cum as well. Rebecca felt the cum being sucked out of her.  It felt so good and then Rebecca’s body started to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm as the black woman had one as well squirting her cum into her mouth.

When she had finished cumming she got off Rebecca and ran out of the room. Rebecca was surprised to see all the men standing round the bed and noticed they had all been stoking their cocks while she was having sex with the woman. She watch as they played with their cocks and soon they were ready to cum in her pussy.  She was dragged to the end of the bed and flipped over.  They lined up and soon they started a line first sticking their cocks in her mouth until they were hard and then fucking and cumming in her pussy while two men held her legs open and spread apart.  Her arms were pulled over her head and tied to the head of the bed.  She was in no shape to resist.  The men took their turns with her mouth and pussy eventually propping her ass with two pillows as over a ton of black muscle lay of top of her emptying whatever cum they had left into her womb.  She could feel the 11 loads of cum swishing around in her pussy as two guys held her legs in the air.  The black woman came back in and pushed her face between her legs and licked her pussy clean, sticking a finger in and mixing the 11 loads of cum.

Each of the men came to the side of the bed and kissed her.  Each gave her a handshake and told her they would keep their assets with her for now and that she was the best money manager they ever had.  A couple of them winked at her and said they’d be seeing her soon.  The woman used a wet cloth to wipe down her body and undid her wrists.  She pushed a plug into her pussy to keep the cum in her pussy.  When she was ready the door opened and in walked Trevor and he went over to the man he was talking to before he left and he was given a tape of the nights events and then he walked over to Rebecca and put his arm round her.  She looked like a whore and he could tell she could barely stand.  He led her out to her car and help her get in. When he was in the car as well he asked her “Did you enjoy being there submissive slave” and Rebecca just looked at him and said “Thank You”. Trevor then started the car, “Sorry I’m so late.  I will drive back quickly.”  Before she passed out Rebecca said, “That’s okay.  I don’t need to be back until tomorrow.  I forgot to tell you that I told my husband I’ve been having an affair.  We are going to talk about it.”  Trevor was stunned.  Before he could respond, she was asleep. When they got back to his place he carried his beautiful girl back to the room.  He was so turned on to see how this incredible woman had now been turned into a sxual slut. He removed her clothes, not noticing the plug, and she rolled over asleep. While she was sleeping he watched the tape to see if she did as he told her and he was pleased that she did everything and more that was asked of her and when he had finished watching the tape he put it away and then he got on the bed and cuddled up to Rebecca and fell asleep with his arms around her.

To be continue in Chapter 24.