Member Erotica: Chapter 22 – Life of a Black Cock Slut

Part 22. Rebecca Spends Time With Her Black Master Again.

When Rebecca got up on Monday her body was still stiff and went to the bathroom to have a shower and when she had finished and got ready for work.  Her mind though drifted towards her new life.  It was getting complicated and her body was constantly craving sex.  She suddenly snapped out of it as she remembered she had a few meetings to go to that morning and she was going to be late.

At lunch Rebecca went out and had something to eat and drink and then went back to the office.  She checked her emails and saw that it was 1:05 and saw that there was an email titled: “Where are you?”  She read it and immediately walked to the door and locked it. She had forgotten that she needed to perform. She went to the drawer and got her tools.  She did a striptease for the camera stuck the plug up her ass. She showed the camera her pussy and then pleasured herself until she squirted all over the floor.  She then got on all fours and licked up the cum and rubbed up the rest all over her body. She enjoyed the release.  It was a nice break from a normal day.  When she looked at her email.  She read the email:  “Thank you.  Don’t make us remind you.  Tomorrow we want you to wear white underwear.  We also want you to leave your soaked panties in the drawer when you leave the office.”  Rebecca erased the email and went back to work.

An hour later Trevor her Black Master told her that he was back and wanted to see her after work at his place. Rebecca sent him a text telling him that she would be there after work and could not wait to see him again.  She lied that it had been over a week since she had a black cock and that she was really horny.

As she was driving she wondered if she should she tell Trevor about the daily masturbations for the security cameras and the episode with the officer. After thinking about it for some time, she decided not to tell him just as she did not know how he would react. When Rebecca arrived she walked up to him and jumped into his arms and he put his hands on her ass and pulled her body close to his chest and they French-kissed like two lovers who had been apart for a long time.

As they were kissing, Trevor’s hand went under her skirt and began to rub her clit through her panties and Rebecca reached her hand down to his cock and started to stroke it on the outside of his pants. She now remembered how large his cock was.  It was definitely larger than all the rest.  Rebecca said to Trevor “I am glad that you are back as I have missed your huge black cock inside me” and Trevor looked at her and said “I missed my slut slave too.” He then told her to get undressed and when she was naked he told her to sit on the bed and she saw the look of lust in his eyes.  He looked at her in her black shelf bra, black stockings and heels and whistled.

“Did you miss me my little slut? I bet you were so horny you couldn’t stop touching yourself.” Rebecca just nodded as she watched him get undressed.  His dick dangled further down than she remembered. When he was naked he stood in front of her and she saw his beautiful huge black cock dangling almost to his knees. Rebecca almost drooled.  Trevor then reached down between her legs with his fingers and started to touch her vagina and said “You are wet for my black cock” and he pushed two fingers into her wet vagina and started to finger fuck her vagina. Soon his fingers were making wet squelching noises and she closed her eyes as she began to squirm and moan as she was getting close to a orgasm. Then she screamed out loud, “Ahhhh, oh my god! Don’t stop!  Oh god, Yes….” She had a powerful orgasm and squirted on his fingers and then he took them out.  Rebecca open her eyes to see him playing with his huge black cock inches from her face and she saw pre-cum leaking from the tip of his cock.  Rebecca reach out to touch his cock and started to slowly stroke it, and licked the cum off his cock. He grabbed her hair and she leaned forward and wrapped her lips round the end of his cock to use her tongue to lick more of the pre-cum from the tip of his cock. He then began to slowly push his cock into her mouth and started to gently thrust his cock in and out of her mouth. “Oh I wish you had traveled with me.  I made some sexy arrangements for you. I am going to make sure you get all the black cock you can handle.”

Rebecca was moaning as he fucked her mouth and she reached up and began to caress his balls and then he let go of her hair for a moment and reached behind himself and soon found a dark material which he tied around her head, covering her eyes in darkness. He then pulled his cock out of her mouth and she felt helpless yet safe as she waited in the dark for what he was going to do next. He then asked her “What does my black cock slut want me to do” and Rebecca whimpered “Whatever my master wants.  I want to belong to him and have him do whatever will pleasure him most.” He told her to lay down on the bed and open her legs and she waited for him to fuck her as he got on the bed. Instead of his cock he used his fingers to pull her vagina lips gently apart and Rebecca began to moan as he pushed his tongue into her vagina and rubbed her swollen clit with his fingers.  It felt so good yet she still wanted his huge cock which kept brushing up against her ankles. She began to wrap her legs around him and pushed to get more of his tongue into her vagina. Rebecca then started to scream out “I’m fucking cumming” as she had a powerful orgasm and her body started to shake and she squirted all over Trevor’s face. He then stopped and quickly moved up her body until his cock was touching the entrance to her vagina. He looked her in the eyes and kissed her on the mouth. and told her “I am going to fuck you with my big black cock” and Rebecca screamed out “Please fuck me”. He slowly pushed his cock into her vagina and he kept pushing more of his cock into me until he was touching her cervix and Rebecca began to wrapped her legs around his back and her arms around his neck. Trevor continued to fuck her harder and she pushed her body up to get more of his cock into her vagina and she began to moan as she felt another orgasm build up inside her body and soon she was screaming out, “Oh give it to me.  Please Trevor, give your girl your seed. I need it.  I want it.” She had another powerful orgasm and covered his cock with her cum.  He loved her begging.  Something had gotten into her over the last week.  This made him fuck me harder and he pushed his cock all the way into her vagina touching her cervix as he flooded her vagina with his cum. She was shaking again as she screamed out, “Oh yes, it feels so good and warm. It’s all mine. Yes.”  Rebecca thought about how good it would be to have his stiff cock penetrating her every night and having his sperm inside her.  This caused her to suddenly shake as she had another orgasm.

Trevor was not done yet.  He had taken a Viagra and his cock was still hard.  He told her to get on her hands and knees and he got between her legs and pushed his cock all the way in.  He started to fuck her hard and fast again. Rebecca wrapped her legs around his back, digging her heels into his back and telling him “Fucking fill me with more of your black seed and breed me.” He loved her filthy talk.  He loved how he had turned this seemingly normal businesswoman into a black cum slut.  He started thrusting as hard as he could.  It hurt his pelvis each time he slapped into her.  Soon Rebecca’s body was shaking as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed at him “Please tell me what I need to do.  Please tell me how I can be yours.” Soon he was pinning her to the mattress as he fucked her and soon he was ready to cum and he pushed his black cock into her vagina and he told her “I am going to fill your vagina with my black seed and breed you.  Your pussy belongs to me and my black brothers. Do you hear me?  You are to never have a white cock touch your pussy again. Got it?”  Rebecca replied, “What about my husband?”  This angered Trevor who pulled her head back by the hair and boldly said, “Fuck your puny husband. I am your Master and that is all that matters. You will never touch his cock again and he is to never ever touch your pussy again.” Rebecca didn’t reply. She wasn’t sure if he was serious or not. His cock started swelling.  The thought of her not touching a white cock again ever obviously turned him on.  With one last deep thrust she felt his big black cock throb as he fill her vagina with his black seed. Her vagina gripped his cock to milk all his cum. When he had finished filling her vagina, he took his cock out of her vagina and his cum leaked out of her vagina onto the bed sheets and Rebecca fell down onto the bed satisfied and exhausted.  Sex with her Black Master was different.  Not only was his cock a physical turn on, but the emotional control he had over her made it extra special.  It was like every time she had sex with any black man, she felt like he was there and she was doing it for the both of them. He took the blindfold off and then he got on the bed and told her to clean his cock so she moved to the bottom of the bed and obediently put her tongue on the tip of his cock and slowly licked her cum and his cum of his cock and then put it into her mouth and sucked it hard and was touching her balls at the same time and he started to fuck her mouth and soon she felt his balls tighten as he was ready to come and she felt his cum fill her mouth and she sucked and swallowed it all until she had milked all of his cum from his gorgeous black cock and when he had finished she let his cock fall out of her mouth and some of his cum leaked down her face.  She knew he liked that.

He then turn round pulled her up by his side and embraced her. Rebecca did the same and she told him how much she loved being with him and missed him.  He looked at her and told her that on Friday he had a surprise for her. He told her that she would have to wait until Friday, but that it would be something special. That was all he would say. When Trevor looked again he saw that she had fallen asleep. He got up, took some photos of the cum leaking out of her mouth and pussy.  He went to the website to document her 50th load of black seed.  A milestone. He noticed a couple postings on the site and saw some grainy video.  He looked closely and saw that it was video of her masturbating in her office.  He smiled and sent a note to Carl telling him “Nice Job”.

As she slept, he spent his time arranging the surprise for Friday as he wanted it to be something she would never forget. After a few hours Trevor went over to the bed and woke up Rebecca. When she asked what time it was and he told her that it was late and she checked her watch and saw that it was 10.00 pm. “Oh shit,” she said. She got up and went and got a shower and then when she was finished she got dressed kissed Trevor, and said she could not wait for her surprise on Friday. She quickly left and drove home, but as she was driving she could feel his cum leaking out of her vagina and onto the car seat as she had forgot to put her panties on. She had left them on the floor. She decided to wipe her pussy with the inside of her skirt and get it dry cleaned.  Gosh she felt so trashy.

As soon she had arrived home and as she entered the house she saw that her husband had fallen asleep on the couch as he must have been waiting for her.  He had left her many texts and calls, but she had been asleep and not answered them. She had forgotten to tell him that she would be late.  She pulled a blanket over him and went upstairs to bed.  She would have to talk to him in the morning.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 21

Part 21. Rebecca Is Used By A Lawman By The Roadside.

Rebecca woke up early the next morning.  Having sex on a Monday night with Trevor was a little different as she had to work the next day.  Somehow she avoided Carl again the next morning and she remembered that he said he did not come in until 2pm.  So he must be on a different schedule for a few weeks. While she was at work, he was still sleeping.

Later that day she got a text from Trevor telling her that he would not be able to meet her on Friday as promised as he had to go away and he would not be back until next week. He would text her when he was back. Rebecca sent him a text to say that she would miss him and she loved him and hope he would not be long before she could see him again. Rebecca was more upset than she thought she would be as she was looking forward to seeing him and feel his huge black cock inside her.    Rebecca was horny, but then she got an email titled “We’re watching”.  She read the text. It read:

“Hello our little white whore.  Don’t forget, we’re watching you! We’re bored here in the control room.  We need you to put on a show for us during our lunch hour.  If you don’t, we might have to come up and show you in person.  For the rest of this week at 1pm, we want you to shut your door, lock it, go into the drawer and use the toys until you come.  PS – We want to see your tattoo”

Rebecca looked up at the clock.  It was almost 1pm.  She looked in the drawer and saw that they had placed a butt plug, nipple clamps and a huge black dildo in there.  She was so glad her assistant hadn’t gone into her drawers.  She went over to the door, told her assistant that she was going to be on a private phone call, closed the door and locked it.  She then took her phone off the hook.  She sat on the corner of her desk and faced the camera as she opened her blouse and applied the nipple clamps.  It was hard to do it herself and she squealed a little as she pinched her nipples.  She saw the camera move and focus in on her.  She could feel her body tingling as the clamps made her nipples hard.  She then applied some lube on to the plug and quickly sat on it. She grunted a little as it did not go in easy.  Finally she lifted her skirt, pushed her panties aside and started fucking herself with the fat black dildo.  She had to suck on it a few times to get it wet but after a few tries it started to slide a little more easy.   She closed her eyes and remembered the fucking she had had in the office over the weekend and her pussy started to leak.  She needed this.  She liked putting on this show for the guards and looked up at the camera and licked her lips.  She imagined their cocks were getting real hard.  She was so horny.  Trevor was going to suffer the consequences of neglecting his girl this week.  After a while, she came and squirted all over the edge of the desk. She tried to remain quiet.  It felt so good and was a nice relief.  As she took everything off, and straightened up, she decided to leave the butt plug in.  She looked up at the camera and blew a kiss and smiled.  She was very pleased with herself.  When she got back behind her desk and looked at her phone  she saw a photo of the guard holding his cock while looking at the monitors.  She smiled.

Rebecca was really pleased with herself such that she repeated the same show the next three days as well. That Friday afternoon as she cleaned up after her show, Rebecca phoned her friend, Milan, and asked her if she wanted to meet for a meal and catch up and she agreed so they arranged to meet at a bar near work. After work she went to the bar, saw her friend and they started to enjoy their meal and also caught up on each others news and enjoying the drinks as well. Rebecca was getting tipsy and her friend said that she had to go and pick up her husband.  Rebecca knew she was a little drunk but decided to drive home anyway.

While Rebecca was driving she was thinking about her Black Master and the shows she was putting on at work.  She wished he was there and her vagina started to get wet.  She was thinking of his huge black cock and used her right hand to drive and put her left hand between her legs and started to rub her vagina through her wet panties as she was horny and excited. Rebecca found a quiet place to stop and pulled her panties to one side and pushed a couple of fingers into her vagina and finger fucked herself hard and fast and she started to moan has she was fucking her vagina. Soon Rebecca was screaming out  but before she could cum she saw some flashing lights in her morror. Just then she saw a police car pull up behind her car with his lights flashing and she knew that when the officer came to her car that he would be able to tell what she had been doing. Rebecca’s nipples were hard and stiff and poking through her blouse.  She still had a butt plug in her ass and she was also out of breath following her finger-banging.  Worse of all, she had alcohol on her breath.  She tried to make herself look normal and tried to hide the wet patch on her seat. Rebecca waited for the officer to come to her car and find out why he was coming to have a word with her as she wasn’t doing anything wrong. When the officer arrived at her car she saw that he was a young strong black man and she could see that he had something big between his legs. She lowered the window and said ‘Is there a problem officer’ and he said ‘Your lights areout and you have stopped on the shoulder’ and he asked ‘Have you got a problem with the car’. Rebecca told the officer that she was feeling a little sick and had to pull over. The officer then shined his light on Rebecca and noticed that her nipples were stiff and there was a wet patch on her skirt.  He also smelled alcohol. He just smiled at her and gave her a wicked look. He then asked Rebecca for her license, keys and registration and she reached for the documents and gave the officer a peek of her cute and sexy ass.  He then asked her if she would step out of the car.

Rebecca knew she was in trouble and decided to just be cordial and non-confrontational and hopefully he would be lenient.  She stepped out of the car and handed the officer the documents and her keys.  She kept her distance so that he could not smell her breath. He said, “Please wait here and I will be right back”.  He went back to his patrol car and gave her information to the operator.  While he waited for the operator, he checked his phone and was surprised at his good fortune.  It was Rebecca from RebeccasOffice.  His brother had just shown him the site the previous weekend.  He instantly had another weapon on his belt. Unaware of what he was doing, Rebecca noticed the weird look on his face as he came back from the car. He pulled out his pen light and shone it at her face, “Please look into the light Ms. Ferrante,”  and he looked at her pupils as he shined them into her eyes.  He noticed her pupils did not respond quickly.  He then asked her to stand on the line on the road with her hands out wide.  She walked the line out 20 feet and came back actually doing quite well but falling off the line once.  He took out a breathalyzer and she said, “Do we have to do this?  I mean, I only love about 2 miles away.”

He looked at her and said, “Well, I’d love to but the law says if I have suspicion that I must give you a test and if you refuse, then I must take your license and bring you in to our drunk tank with all of the other slimey drunks.  Personally I don’t think a lovely lady like yourself belongs in the drunk tank as sometimes you won’t want to sleep where someone might touch you in there.”  She got the picture and then he gave her a breathalyzer test.  Rebecca wasn’t sure if she was in the clear yet as he stared at the reading.  “Ms. Ferrante, I am afraid I am going to have to bring you in.  Your reading is 0.16% which is twice the legal limit.  Could you please turn around, put your hands behind your back, spread your legs and lean up against the side of your car?” He lied as her reading was only 0.06% well under the 0.08%, but she didn’t know.  He grabbed the cuffs and put them gently around her wrists.  He smiled as he read her her rights and apologized that he was going to have to frisk her.   As he patted her down, he made sure to do it slowly and pushed his cock up against her. He cupped her breasts and ran them down over her stiff nipples.  Rebecca knew she was in trouble when he touched under her skirt and he felt the wetness between her legs. When he didn’t say anything, she knew that she needed to get out of it.  The officer knew it too.

Rebecca pleaded, “I am sorry officer, but I can’t go to jail. I don’t want to get another ticket. Is there anything that I can do you so that you don’t have to give me a ticket?”  Her blouse had popped open a button and her skirt had ridden up a little and she looked at him with her puppy dog eyes.  He was a muscular man. He looked at her and knew the woman from the website would try and get out of this and said. “Are you trying to bribe me with your sexy little rich booty?”  He looked at her sternly and Rebecca was scared that perhaps she overestimated her appeal.  He said, “Ok, you think you can rock my world?  I could lose my job over this, but I will give you a chance. What do you have in mind?    I am sure we can work something out if you are willing to do what I tell you.” Rebecca looked at him and said, “Anything you want officer’ and he looked at her and replied, ‘It looks like you could do with a good fucking by the stain on your skirt. I know a place not far from here. Follow me and we can work out what you can do.  Don’t try anything fast as I know where you live.  He unlocked her cuffs and handed her back her license, documents, and keys.

Rebecca raced back to her car.  She checked herself in the mirror and reapplied her lipstick.  Rebecca started her car and followed him. As she was driving Rebecca was getting excited at the thought of tasting a big black cock in her mouth.  This is what a man in uniform should look like and she needed a fucking as her Black Master was not here to fuck her. The officer drove his car for a few miles before he left the road up a gravel driveway and then he stopped his car.  He got out and Rebecca stopped her car and got out. She walked towards the officer. He took his belt off, put it into his car and then he unzipped his pants and pulled them down and took his cock out and Rebecca saw how big his cock was.  He opened the back door of his squad car and told her.  “Sit in the back seat, open your mouth and suck my cock you filthy drunk.” Rebecca opened her mouth and put his cock into her mouth. It was thick and dark  with a bulbous head. She took more and more of his cock into her mouth as he grabbed the back of her head and  she started to gag as it was so big and gobs of her spit dripped out of her mouth. The officer held on to the top of his car and was fucking her mouth hard with his cock. He told her ‘Suck my big black cock you fucking whore. Show me what a slut for black cock you are.”

Rebecca was enjoying herself. She didn’t need a website to find black cock.   All the practice she had with Trevor’s friends had prepared her for this.  He was moaning as she was sucking his huge cock. As he pushed his cock down her throat he grabbed her hair.  He then stopped and told her ‘Stand up you fucking whore as it time to fuck you with my huge black cock.” Rebecca got up out of the car and looked at him and said ‘Fuck me officer.  Just don’t give me a ticket.” He turned her around against the car and kicked her legs apart like a police officer with a suspect.  He ran his hand up her leg and under her skirt and pulled on her hair.  “Mmmm, you little bitch think you can fuck your way out of a ticket.  We’ll see if it is worth it for you.”   He ripped off her panties, threw them on the hood of his car, and rubbed his cock up and down her wet vagina.  He was so forceful and she loved his aggressive animalistic authority over her body.  “I’m sorry officer, I’ll never do it again.  Please don’t put me in jail,” she played the role for him knowing that this would turn him on.  She begged him to put his cock into her vagina and fuck her hard. She was so turned on to be fucked up against the side of a police car on a deserted road by a stranger.  What she didn’t know was that the officer’s body cam and dash cam was capturing it all. Her vagina was soaking wet.  She was already a bad girl by letting her Black Master make her cheat with black men.  Now she was even it a more bad girl by cheating on her Black Master.

“You were wet because you were fingering yourself before I came didn’t you? That is why there is a wet patch on your skirt. Isn’t it, you whore?  I bet you were just waiting there dreaming of a black cock to come along and fill your hungry deprived white pussy.  I’ve pulled over a lot of white women, but I have never seen a woman like you who just  smelled like a whore for black cock.”  Rebecca was shocked and turned on at the same time.  How did this man seem to know?  Maybe she really did have this glow about her.  Maybe Trevor was right and that black men could sense a white woman who had been deprived of good sex and that it was a black cock that she needed.  .  said yes so put your fucking cock into my vagina and fuck me. Rebecca was horny and was screaming nasty things at him to get him to put his cock into her vagina and then the officer grabbed her hips and forced his huge cock into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and Rebecca started to moan as he was fucking her. He whispered in her ear ‘I’m gonna make you my little Hollywood Whore and every time I see you driving through town I will smile.  Maybe I’ll let my fellow officers in the department know about you.  This way you will be safe and never get a ticket.’ Rebecca felt his cock grow bigger and wider.   She replied, ‘Yes, tell them.  I want a free pass.  I want police protection. Oh god.  Yes. Yes Yes. It feels so good.” He was pushing now rabbit fucking her.  He was only putting half his cock in her and rapidly stimulating her clit with his swollen head.  “Oh yes.  Right there…right there, don’t stop, don’t stop.  Fuck me yes.” He started to smack her ass as he was fucking her like the whore she was. He stopped smacking her and he reached  his hands to around her breasts and grabbed each nipple hard as he was fucking her and calling her ‘A dirty white whore’. Rebecca was moaning with pleasure from the fucking she was getting from his big black cock and soon she started to shake as a orgasm was building inside her body, “Yes. Yes. Yes, I’m gonna cum!”  He felt her cunt dripping down his leg, grabbed the torn panties from the top of his car and stuffed them in her mouth to shut her up. Just in time to muffle her screams as she had a powerful orgasm and started squirted over his cock inside her vagina.

Her sobbing and desperate screams turned him on.  He pulled out, marched her to the front of the car and pushed her back on to the hood of his car where his dash cam could capture the whole scene.  He lifted her skirt and found her Queen of Spades tattoo.  He pretended like he didn’t know about it.  “Whoa, you are a Queen of Spades? Now you definitely are going to be the Whore of Hollywood.  I need to make sure you get all the black cock you can handle.”  Rebecca was shocked.  She didn not know the tattoo was that well known.  The officer seemed to be even more turned on as he grabbed her ankles and she watched as his stiff engorged cock, slid back in her gaping pussy.  Rebecca gasped and started to moan with pleasure.  She spit her panties out of her mouth.  “Please.  Give me more.  I want you to cum in me.  I want it.”  Soon the officer was fucking her harder and faster and she knew that he would soon be cuming and filling her vagina with his black seed.  “Yes I want it.  Give it to me.  Give it to me.  I want it,” she pleaded.  The officer stopped his pistoning and gently pushed his cock as far in her vagina as he could and she felt his cum surge through his penis and explode like a geyser as  he exploded in her vagina with his black seed and told her ‘Feel my cock filling your vagina with my black seed.  Mmmm you pussy loves it. I can tell.” As soon as he started to cum she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out loud as tears ran down her face.  She really was a whore.  She had never used her body like this. She had never used her body by choice to get what she wanted.  It felt good, but she felt ashamed. He then dragged her over to the side of the car, handcuffed her to the door handle and told her to get down on her knees and clean his cock. Rebecca got down on her knees and started to lick his big black cock cleaning all the cum and Rebecca put his cock into her mouth and slowly started to suck the rest of his cum from his cock. When she had finished she took his cock out of her mouth and asked him if he was still going to give her the ticket and he looked at her and said, “I need a confession first.  I want you to look at me as my body cam records your confession and apology and that you will admit you did this of your own free will.  Please tell my fellow officers that you will obey their wishes and be a law abiding resident of Hollywood.”

He pulled open her blouse and then signaled for her to begin.  Rebecca spoke, “This is Rebecca Ferrante of Hollywood, CA and I apologize for my reckless behavior which endangered other residents of my community.  As a Hollywood Whore Queen of Spades, I promise to serve those who serve and protect my community.  Please accept my apology.”

The officer pulled up his pants, stopped the recording of his body cam, put his cock back into his pants and then reached on top of  his car and got his belt on put it back on.  He got his keys out and unlocked her handcuffs and handed her her panties.  Rebecca looked at her pantis.  They were ruined. Rebecca tried to stand up, but her weak legs wobbled.

He helped her up and said, “Okay, I’m letting you off.  I will keep your confession on record in case you change your mind.”  I’m going to go now.  I want you to wait until I am gone before leaving.  He marched back into his car.  She heard him speak to his dispatcher. “This is Adam 12, I am back off my break.  Current location is Mulhollolland and the 405.”  He got in and drove off.

Rebecca stood there until his lights disappeared.  She used her panties like a rag to wipe herself and stop the cum leaking from her vagina. She got into her car and fixed her make-up before she started the car and looked for some tissues to put in her panties to stop the cum leaking out onto her seat.  She started the car and turned round and drove down the gravel driveway until she was on the freeway and drove home.

As she was driving she could still feel the officer’s cum leaking from her vagina and soaking her panties. On the short drive home she could not believe that she had just fuck a black man without her Black Master being there and she had willingly done it on her own.  She was wondering if she should tell him what she had done or keep it a secret as she now knew that she was now a willing the black cock slut.  Her body craved black seed and she was enjoying the life she was living. She wondered though what would happen with the officer.  She knew he was going to share his video with other black cops.  She wanted to tell Trevor to find her more black cocks to fuck. Soon she was home and she saw that her husband was waiting and asked her where had she been and she told him that she had been stopped by the police DUI but they were kind and made her wait to sober up before letting her go and luckily did not give her a ticket. Rebecca then went upstairs to clean up and join her family for her first Friday night at home in a couple months.  It felt good to be home, but it felt weird to not be out living her other life.


Member Erotica: Chapter 20 – Rebecca Accepts her New Role

It was 9.00 am when Rebecca woke up. She was still sore from the previous night. She looked over and saw Trevor was next to her.   The last thing she remembered was being fucked on the conference room table at her office.  It almost felt like a dream but her body told her otherwise.  Somehow he had brought her back.  It made her feel good that he was there in the end and that she was not completely alone.  She turned round and kissed him on the lips and gingerly went to the toilet.  It was a little painful to pee.  She had flashbacks of the night before as she showered.  She closed her eyes and leaned against the wall as the water ran over her body.  She wasn’t mad at Trevor.  She knew that now that people at work knew about her that she was going to have to do damage control and live with her life as Rebecca.  Suddenly she felt his hands cupping her breasts gently and his cock rubbing against her ass.  He held her and she felt so safe.  She was so tired.  He whispered in her ear and asked her if she wanted to go for breakfast before she went home and she agreed.

They drove to the nearest cafe and while they were waiting he asked her did she enjoy last night and Rebecca said that she did, but she would of liked him to have been there. He said that they had paid for her for the night so it would not be right for me to be there, but he was there in the end. She did not know that he had watched it all on the monitors.  She also told him she was concerned about the fact that her co-workers knew and that at least three of the security guards knew too.  How was she going to be able to satisfy all these men and keep her secret?  He agreed that it was a concern, but in the back of his mind this turned him on. Then their breakfast came and they ate in silence. When they were finished he paid the bill and they both left and he drove to the hotel where she dropped him off and he told her that he would see her again next Friday and promised it would just be the two of them. He reached over and kissed him before he got out and she moved over to the driver’s seat. When she got home she went in and the house was empty. There was a note from her husband saying that he had taken the family out for the day and would be back later.

This gave her the time to re-set her mind and hop in the bed and fall asleep. After she had been asleep for a few hours she went downstairs and decided to change into a bikini and go and relax by the pool in the garden. She put some suntan oil on her body and then laid down on the deck chair to relax.  Her body was still sore but the sun felt good.  She noticed a couple of bruises on her body and made sure to cover them up.   She would do a lot of sleeping the rest of the weekend.

On Monday she remembered that she would have to face Carl when she went to work as he would open the door for her. Rebecca just got ready and left for work and when she got there Carl was not on the door today so she felt relieved and quickly walked into the building and went to her office. She wasn’t ready to deal with him and his friends right now.  She had lots to catch up on.   When she looked around she noticed 2 huge stains on her couch and then she saw that there were still signs in the conference room glass table which looked a little smeared and had a few drip stains on it.  After lunch she was at her computer when she got an email on her phone and she thought that it was from Trevor, but when she open it she saw it had a video file attached to it and she played it and she saw that it was a clip from what she had done with Carl in her office and also he had put a link in the email for a website called She hesitantly clicked on it, fearing what she might see.  She remembered hearing about it so she clicked the link and suddenly she saw pictures of her on the website and d videos so she clicked on the video page and was shocked to see preview videos of all the times when she was being fucked by all the men that Trevor had arranged for her. She also saw that the person to get in touch with was no other that Trevor her Black Master.  He was selling her as his white whore and advertising her as the place to get fucked by rich white pussy for black men.  She was mad and worried about who else had seen it and who would be next to want to use her.

Rebecca knew that she had to sort this out once and for all and tell Trevor that she was mad at what he had done. She called him and left a message she would see him after work and she phone her husband up and left a text to say that she would be late in tonight. When it was time to go she got her stuff and drove to see Trevor to sort this out once and for all. When she arrived she got out of the car and locked it and then she knocked on the door and soon Trevor opened the door. He smiled and said, “What’s with you banging on the door?”  He loved it when she looked mad.  Rebecca walked up to him and slapped him on the face hard and told him that he was a bastard who had used her for his own pleasure and that he did not care for her safety and her privacy. She let it all out and started crying.  She fell to her knees sobbing about how she was ruined. She was still hitting, but then he got hold of her wrists and told her to shut up and tell me what she was going on about. So Rebecca told him about the email which had a clip of what she did with Carl and also there was a link for a website called RebeccasOffice and it was about her.  She continued, “You set it up so that you could let all these black men can watch me being fuck and also if they get in touch you can arrange for them to meet me and fuck me. You’ve made me a whore for all black men”.

Trevor smiled.  He knew he was going to have to set her straight.  He told her to sit down and shut up while he explained. “It doesn’t matter about the website. The fact is that you are a beautiful piece of classy pussy that every black man would want and that you enjoy it. Do you love black cock?  Are you addicted to it?”  He stopped and watched a sobbing Rebecca nod slowly, “Well I am glad you have been discovered so that there will be no more hiding of your desires.  Yes, you are a fucking white whore.  Why waste it?  You are a treasure to be shared. I needed to let all black men pleasure you and see why the white woman needs a black cock. I want my black brothers to know that white women like being fucked by these black men with their big black cocks. These men don’t mean you no harm as they know that your Black Master will look after you and all they want is to spend time with you and pleasure you.  These guys don’t ever get the chance to be close to a woman like you.  I know that they can be rough sometimes, but it is all done to pleasure you. You now have no choice but to embrace it. I know you will because you can’t resist.”  Rebecca looked at him with tears in her eyes and she did not know what to do but she looked at Trevor and knew that he was right and she was too far into the life and she could not give it up that easy. She looked at Trevor and told him that it must have been Carl who sent the email. So Trevor sat next to her and put his arm round her and she put her head on his shoulders and he let her cry until she was finished.


After some time Rebecca had stopped crying and looked at Trevor and said that she will do has he wants as she loves being fucked by black cocks too much, but wished he had not created the website but it’s done now and there is no going back now. But she hopes that no one she knows will see it. Trevor lifted her up and started to kiss her hard on the mouth and grabbed her ass as he rubbed his hard cock against her panty covered vagina and she put her arms around him and embraced him.  He then told her to get undressed and lay down on the bed. Rebecca slowly took her clothes off and when she was naked she lay down on the bed. She watched Trevor get undressed and when she saw his huge black cock which was swaying as he walked to the bed it was a thing of beauty. He was right, she worshipped it and could not wait to feel it penetrate her vagina and fill her up. He looked at her and told her to spread her legs and she did has she was told and she shivered as she lay there waiting to be used by her Black Master for his own pleasure. He got on the bed and got between her legs and brushed the tip of his cock against the wet lips of her vagina as it started to get hard and Rebecca moaned ‘Oh God Trevor Please Fuck Me With Your Big Black Cock’ and he pushed his cock into her vagina. She groaned as his cock slid inside her and then he slowly started to ease in and out and then he sped up, pushing more of his cock into her vagina, touching her cervix which made her body shake as she had her first powerful orgasm and scream out as she came and squirted her cum all over his cock. He looked down at her, saw her tattoo and fucked her harder and faster and he seem to have a wicked look on his face as he enjoy the pleasure he got from fucking his whore. Rebecca was moaning with pleasure as his huge black cock filled her vagina and then he stopped, flipped her onto all fours and she waited for him to push his cock into her, but he teased her by rubbing his cock slowly up and down her wet vagina, pulling her hair back and then he pushed one of his fingers into her ass as he was rubbing her vagina with his cock. “Rebecca screamed at him to push his cock into her vagina and fuck her but he looked at her and said ‘Beg me to fuck you slut’.  Rebecca with a tear in her eye looked at him and begged him ‘Please put your big black cock into my vagina and fuck me.  Fuck your white whore.  I belong to black men and will please them all’. He looked at her and knew she was ready, pushing his cock into her vagina hard and fucked her hard and fast and at the same time he was pushing his finger in and out of her ass and then he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and scream out as she came. He then took his finger out of her ass while he was fucking her and began to slap her ass as he was fucking her.

He spanked her hard as he was fucking her from behind as her breasts were swaying as he fucked her hard.  He stopped slapping her and he reached around and pinched a nipple in turn and Rebecca moaned in pain, but she was so turned on that she did not care as she was her Black Master’s slut and play thing. When he was close to cumming he grabbed her hips hard as he pushed his cock as far inside as he could and she felt his cock throb as he came and filled her vagina with his black seed. When he was finished he pulled his cock out and his cum leaked out of her vagina and they both lay together. As they lay there she turned to face him and put his cock into her mouth and cleaned it with her tongue. When she had finished she took his cock out of her mouth, looked at him and said ‘Will you have a word with Carl and tell him not to go round telling everybody that he has fucked me’ as she did not want her family and friends to find out and also she excepted that he will want to put videos of her times with black men onto the website he had setup, but would it be alright if she could have a say in what goes up? So Trevor looked at her and told her that he will have a word with Carl and also he would let her have a say on what goes up on the website as well. Rebecca looked at her watch and saw that it was late and she got up and went to the bathroom and had a shower and then she got dressed. Before she left, Trevor pulled her towards him and kissed her hard on the lips and then he broke the kiss and told her the he will want to see her on Friday as he had a surprise for her. Rebecca looked at him and said, “I hope I will like it.  I love you you know.” He replied “I Love You Too’ and then she left. She drove home with a nice feeling between her legs and a smile on her face. As she drove through the neighborhood she wondered if these black men had seen the site and fantasized about her.


To be continue in Pa



Member Erotica – Chapter 19 Part 2- Rebecca Sold at Auction

Each week, my fans post a new story of erotic fan fiction about me.  Hopefully they help you fantasize about me.  I do help them by telling them what I do like or not like and how I might react so that it has a sense of reality and will turn me on as well

Part 19. Rebecca Is Sold At A White Slavery Auction Fundraiser Part 2. by Trevor

As they were driving, Carl told her that he had always wanted to fuck her since he first saw her fucking her Black Master in her office that day and knew that he had to have her.  She asked how he knew and he told her that he watched the whole thing on the security cameras that he monitors in the building.  Rebecca was worried that not only was she in the car with Carl, but his two friends were in the back as well.  She thought she recognized that they were also employees at her building.  Carl told her that they saw that she was up for bid, but knew they could not win, so they went to her officemate, showed him the tape and advertisement that featured her in the auction and they agreed to buy her for him as long as they let them have her next and that they promised to keep this secret at the office.  She was scared that not only was her secret life exposed to Trevor, but to security at work, the janitor at her doctor’s office, and now her co-workers.  She did not know what they had planned for her, but she realized her secret was in real trouble. She wished that Trevor was there with them to explain it all. After some time they arrived at the place and she was surprised to see that it was the building were her office was and the two friends got out and then Carl told Rebecca to get out as he got out as well. He grabbed her by the arm, opened the door and led her with his two friends to the elevator and got in and he pressed the button for her company’s floor and up the lift went the elevator until it stopped on the floor of her office.  Rebecca asked, “What are we doing here?  We aren’t going to do this in my office!!  We should go somewhere else.” Carl ignored her and she was dragged to her office.   They all went in and Rebecca noticed the security camera in the corner of her office and realized that is how they saw her having sex and probably had caught her masturbating numerous times. She could not believe that she had been monitored all these years and never noticed the camera.  They would also capture tonight’s action too. Carl and his two friends sat down on her couch and she stood there in front of them. Carl then turned on some music and told Rebecca to strip for them like she does at the clubs.  Rebecca hesitated as she realized they had seen the tape of her at the strip club too!  She just stood there looking at them and wondered what she was in for, but then Carl looked at her and said, ”Do I have to come over there and do it myself? Listen you whore. You might be smart and beautiful, but you sure don’t listen well.” Rebecca knew that he could hurt her if she did not do as he commanded, so she slowly started to take her dress off while gently gyrating her hips.  She hated being this object for Carl and the other security guards as they pulled out their black cocks and started stoking themselves.  She did it well though.  Rebecca was not going to do things poorly.  If she was going to seduce these men, she was going to do her best.  After a few minutes she stood there in her thong, heels  and stockings tried to cover her breasts with her hands, but Carl looked at her and told her to move her hands and to turn round so that they can get a look at “the ass of a white whore that they would be fucking.” Rebecca slowly turned around to show them.  She heard some get up.  It was Carl and he walked up behind her, pushed her hair to the side, reached around to cup her breasts, and kissed her neck, licking behind her ears.  That was her sensitive spot and she got goose bumps.  He whispered in her ear, “You are mine tonight, but I want to remind you I will always be watching you.”  He turned her chin to look at the surveillance camera. “Every day  when I get on duty around 2pm I want you to lift your skirt, pull your panties to the floor and stick your finger in your pussy for me so that I know you are thinking of me.“   He turned her around and looked into her eyes as he got hold of both nipples and pinched them hard.  Rebecca let out a loud whimper and whispered, “Please……”  He smiled and said, “Is my sex slave going to do as her master wants?” Rebecca looked at him and nodded as tears ran down her eyes. He let go of her nipples and she felt them throbbing. Carl then grabbed her by the waist, pulling her towards him and kissed her hard on the lips, rubbing his hard cock against her panty covered vagina.

Carl didn’t waste any time and was soon pushing  Rebecca down to her knees to caress his hard cock through his pants and he reached down and started to fondle each breast, caressing the soft smooth flesh, and running his fingers across her hard nipples. Carl moved his hand down to her panties and slipped his hand inside and feeling her vagina he could see that she was wet and she moaned as he dipped a finger inside her a few times and she then moaned even more when he caressed her clit, falling back on the floor and spreading her legs. Carl joined her on the floor and enjoyed exploring her mouth with his tongue as she explored his mouth with her tongue as she kissed him back. Then she pulled her mouth from his as she moaned. Rebecca was moving her hips against his hand. Every time he thrust his finger into her vagina she got wetter and then she would tense up as she was on the verge of having an orgasm. Suddenly Rebecca went limp and her body started to shake as he continued to rub her clit.  He wanted her to feel as much pleasure as possible and she started to scream, “Oh god yes,”  as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted all over his hand . When she stopped cumming he pulled his hand from her panties and licked her cum from his fingers. When Rebecca had recovered she looked over to the couch and saw his friends were still naked and watching them.  They were jerking their cocks and she saw that they were both hard and big. They weren’t her type as they were older and slightly obese.  Their cocks didn’t look like cocks, but large pieces of meat. Carl then got fully undressed and for the first time she saw that his cock was big and rigid with veins popping out. She got ahold of it and started to jerk his cock slowly until he pushed her down and told her to lick his balls. She moved to his cock and wrapped her lips round his cock and started to slide her mouth up and down it as she continue to play with his balls.  She spat on it and let the drool run down the shaft as she licked down the trail of her spit.  She sucked his cock long enough to let him know that she wanted to be fucked and then stuffed his balls in her mouth and played with them using her tongue.  “Damn, you are a fucking amazing white little bitch,” he slurred as he squirmed under the control of her mouth. Rebecca was enjoying feeling him squirm. She was in control.  Rebecca then slipped his cock out of her mouth, leaned forward and put his cock between her breasts and squeezed them together and he slowly fucked them, enjoying the feel of her soft smooth fleshy globes against his cock. She then looked at him and said,”You can all cum all over my breasts if you want, but not until you have all fucked me with your big black cocks.”

Carl then told her to get up and he led her to the desk and pushed everything of it onto the floor and then he ripped her panties off as she shrieked, and then pushed her down onto the desk and he spread her legs and used his tongue on her vagina, tasting her cum that leaked from her vagina as she moaned in pleasure as he held her legs apart by the ankles. As he spread her lips of her vagina he inserted his tongue and started to fuck her vagina with his tongue. At the same time his friends, came around to the front side of her desk and offered their cocks to her.  She reached out and started to jerk their cocks at the same time and alternating sucking their cocks. Rebecca’s body was soon shaking as she felt another orgasm build up. She had no leverage as her body slid back and forth over her desk.  Her legs were lifted off the ground and Carl’s cock eased into her pussy and started to rock. Carl pumped fast and hard.  His balls swung and slapped her clitoris with each thrust. She was not going to last much longer and she started to jerk their cocks faster. Carl kept up his assault on her vagina as he wanted her to cum over and over again. The slapping of her ass against his stomach popped with each thrust.  Soon Rebecca screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted all over Carl’s face.  As she came, he stopped and licked as much of her cum as he could and then continued fucking her vagina with his tongue. “I’ve waited so long to taste this pussy.  I have been fantasizing about fucking you for so long!”  Just then Carl’s friends were ready to cum so they told her to open her mouth and each one stepped up and pushed their cock into her mouth and filled it with their cum.  Their cocks smelled musty and their cum tasted salty, but somehow it turned her on to suck it down.and then she started to gag with so much cum in her mouth. Carl stopped what he was doing and when Rebecca had swallowed their cum she begged him to continue as she wanted to cum again, but he told her that she had to beg him before he would fuck her. So she started to beg him to fuck her with his big black cock and he said “No, not until you promise me that you will service us” and then waited until she was desperately begging him to fuck her vagina with his big black cock.  “I promise, that I will be your sexy building tenant and give you a show every day.  Is that what you want?  I want your cocks here in my office.  My master only serves me once a week and I need black cock after work.  Please fill me up.  Please.  I will be your office bitch.”   Rebecca got off the desk and went to the couch and sat down, spread her legs and pulled her vagina open and shouted at him “Come over here and fuck me with your big black cocks.” Carl looked at her on the couch with her legs spread and his animal instincts took over.  He went over, got on his knees between her legs, and was about to put his cock into her vagina when she grabbed it and tried to put his cock into her vagina. He stopped her and told her ‘You will only get my cock when you beg me nicely to fuck you’. She suddenly realized what a slut she had become begging these three men to put their cocks in her pussy while she willingly spread her legs in her office.  Tears started to drip down her cheeks.  “Please don’t make me beg.  I just need you to fuck me.  I want to feel your cock swell and pulse inside me.  Please put your big black cock in my vagina and fuck me hard.” He got up and sat down on the couch next to her and grabbed her chin and kissed her passionately and told her to  straddle his cock.  She gently  got up and stood facing away from him straddling his legs.  She reached down between her legs, grabbing his cock and slowly lowered herself onto his cock until she had almost all of his cock inside her.  The angle forced his cock to rub up against her g-spot and she almost instantly started to squirt.  She bounced gently up and down slowly so she wouldn’t cum too quick.  He cupped her ass and helped her hips move up and down.  He couldn’t see her face but heard her crying moans. Carl moved his hands to her breasts and started to fondle them as she slowly moved up and down on his cock. The other two guards watched as she closed her eyes as she was enjoying the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina.  Seeing this beautiful woman that before tonight that had only seen walk across the marble lobby in her work suit, they could only imagine what it would be like to fuck all the gorgeous white businesswomen in their building.  The best thing was that she was facing the security camera and it was capturing it all.  Rebecca slowly leaned forward putting her hands on Carl’s knees and let out a crying moan.  As her hair fell forward over her face while he rubbed her breasts she could not believe how much she was enjoying this older man’s cock while his two fat friends slobbered and played with their cocks and laughed.

Carl was enjoying the feeling of her hot and slippery vagina and how awesome it was. Even better was he also enjoyed caressing her hard nipples and soft breasts and that she appeared to be enjoying herself.  He knew this would not be the last time his cock would be enjoying this pussy. He did not want to cum yet as he wanted her to enjoy the pleasure of his big black cock fucking her vagina. Rebecca was fucking him harder and moaning ‘Fuck me Carl.  Oh god I love it.  Fuck me harder and faster with your fat cock. Make me cum’,  and he reach down with his hands and started to caress her ass with his fingers.  This seemed to get her more excited as her vagina grabbed his cock in a tight grip and then he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and squirted her cum all over his cock, onto the floor and the couch. While he was looking at her he saw that she took great care of her body and was more fitter that the younger women he saw every day and then she started to fuck him harder and faster as her vagina seemed to get hotter and wetter.  She wanted another orgasm and he could feel his own orgasm build up.  As he started fucking her harder with her big tits flopping everywhere, he imagined all the future fuckings he’d have and soon.  She was screaming, “ooohh yes… don’t stop fucking me!”  So he continued to fuck her harder. But soon Rebecca had stopped and she dropped down all the way onto his lap until his cock was fully embedded in her vagina and she started to shake as she experienced a new level of pleasure and screamed again as she had another powerful orgasm. Carl could feel her spasming vagina and fucked her faster until he was ready to cum and he pulled her down onto her cock until he was touching her cervix and then he moaned as he filled her vagina with his black seed and told her that he was going to fill her with his black seed and breed her right in her own office.  The thought turned him on and she felt his cock twitch inside her vagina has he filled her with his black seed. When he had finished she slowly got off his cock and fell down onto the couch.  She was exhausted physically and emotionally.  She could not believe how amazing it was to fuck Carl and put on this performance for his two buddies.  She hoped he was done too so she could get some rest before Trevor came to pick her.  She actually wondered if he knew where she was.  Secretly he did as he was in the building security monitor room watching her on the CCTV. Carl had other ideas though and told his two friends, “I’m done she’s all yours.”  Rebecca protested, “Wait, I thought only you bought me. They didn’t buy me.” Her complaints were ignored as she was pulled of the couch by her hair , pulled to the lobby of her building and told to get on her knees.  Before she knew it, their cocks were in her hands and she alternated sucking them.   Back in the control room, Trevor adjusted the camera to capture the event, carefully making sure that her firm’s name, Maddock Douglas, was not captured in the video.

The fatter and taller of the two men, Greg,  told her “Suck my big black cock you slut” and she readily opened her mouth and licked his cock and cupped his balls as he forced the fat head of his cock into her mouth and she sucked it as best as she could as she tasted his pre-cum. She continued to lick his cock as more of cum leaked out of his cock while the other man told her to get up and bend over the coffee table.  This was the little coffee table in the lobby where clients waited by reception.  Rebecca was still sucking the Greg’s cock when she felt Willie behind her bend down and start to lick her clit and put a finger into her vagina and started to finger fuck her as Carl’s cum was still running down her thighs.   Rebecca’s legs started to shake as they became weak.  Soon she was shaking all over from having another orgasm and wasn’t squirting but flowing liquid on his finger and onto the lobby floor.  “Oh my god, please, I can’t take anymore.  This isn’t right.  Carl please.  Make them stop.”

Carl was now taking pictures with his phone and said, “I can make them stop, but then they will tell everyone about you.  You wouldn’t want that would you?  We like you being our own little white board room whore.  Can you do that for us?”  Rebecca realized that they were blackmailing her, but they were right.  She looked at Willie and begged him to fuck her.  He removed his tongue from her pussy and moved up and started to rub his cock against her vagina and she moved her hand to guide him into her vagina. When she grabbed his cock, she realized that not only was he chubby but that Willie has a very thick cock.  He pushed his cock fully inside her wet vagina which offered no resistance as he started to fuck her.  It felt so good and tight and she almost choked on the Greg’s cock as she gasped for air. Willie started to fuck her hard and each time he pushed his cock into her vagina this pushed the greg’s cock deeper in her mouth.  These two huge men each over 250 lbs, had a combined weight of 5 Rebeccas Rebecca could feel their bellies against her ass and face.  The human mass sandwiching her in the lobby was starting to turn her on.  She looked down and saw that Carl’s cum had dripped onto the Company brochures displayed on the coffee table.  The riskiness of it all started as she felt another orgasm build and she started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and nearly fell down from all the orgasms she was having. She could barely stand.  The cock in her vagina stopped and then started fucking her again and she was taking more and more of it inside her each time he fucked her and she was pushing back onto is cock to get him deeper and deeper into her vagina.  ‘She could hear them talking, “Damn, this is the best pussy I’ve ever had.  She smells so good and is so soft. “

The cock in Rebecca’s mouth was still leaking pre-cum and she took the cock out of her mouth and shouted ‘Fuck me harder with your big black cock’ and then she put the cock back into her mouth and started nibbling on his cock with her teeth. She felt her vagina start to convulse and tighten on the cock fucking her and then she felt him push his cock deeper into her vagina and she started convulsing as he was filling her vagina with his black seed, both of them screaming in relief. When he pulled his cock out of her she felt his cum leak out of her vagina and then Greg said, ‘It’s my turn’ and pushed her roughly on the floor and as she lay on her back with her legs apart he got on top of her and pushed his cock into her vagina as she screamed out as his big black cock was pushed hard into her.  Greg was huge and he pushed the whole force of his weight onto her little frame.  Rebecca could hardly breathe as she felt his 6’3” 280lb frame tear apart her body.  Rebecca tried to wrap her legs around the man who was fucking her, but she couldn’t.  He took his cock out and pushed her legs over her chest and the cum from her vagina was leaking down her ass and onto the floor. “Damn, this pussy is overflowing,” he laughed.  He stuck two fingers in her pussy, scooped out Willie’s cum and shoved it down Rebecca’s throat.  “Eat this bitch!”  Greg pushed his cock back into her vagina and stood up.  She wrapped her arms around his neck as he walked into the conference room and sat her on the table and started thrusting.  He was going in deeper inside and was touching her cervix more. She was begging for him to fill her vagina.  She had no energy left.  She started to shake as she had another powerful orgasm and begged him to “Just cum in me.”  Normally she would have been grossed out to be fucked by such a large man, but she just succumbed to his power. Greg started to fuck her harder as he was nearly ready to cum and he started to push his cock deeper in and then he couldn’t hold out any longer and filled her with his cum. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out and the cum in her vagina leaked out again onto the floor. With all three men spent, she hoped that this was the end, but then Carl came up and grabbed her, flipped her around on the board room table until she was on her hands and knees and he went behind her and he put his cock into her vagina and started to fuck her until his cock got rock hard,  but then he stopped and pulled his cock out and pushed it back into her ass. “No!”, Rebecca screamed.  She cried and whimpered, “Please no!”.  As his cock sunk into her anal cavity, she felt her body lose what energy she had left. Rebecca could not speak. He squeezed her ass and told her to beg for it.  Rebecca said nothing.  Finally he spanked her hard and told her to beg for it.  He started spanking her and finally on the 4th spank, Rebecca cried out, “Ok, ok….please stop and fuck me in the ass.  I promise you I will do whatever you want whenever you want.  Please just cum in me now.” Carl smiled looking at this broken down woman begging for his cum.  He slammed his belly against  her ass and grabbed hold of her hips as he was fucking her. She was starting to enjoy the pleasure of feeling his cock fill her ass and soon he felt Rebecca’s body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed at him to fuck her ass and fill it with his black seed.

Just as her pussy stopped convulsing, she felt him push his cock into her ass as far as it would go and then he stopped and filled her ass with his cum as he let out a roar, “oh god, white ass feels so good. Fuck I always wanted to fill a white bitch’s ass.” Rebecca collapsed onto the table as she was exhausted. Carl pulled his cock out of her ass and the cum leaked out onto the floor. Rebecca felt like her power cord had been taken out of her ass.  Carl and his friends left her laying on the table, took photos of her lifeless body, got dressed and then left the office.  They went back to work in the security room and unconnected the drive that stored the video and made copies. Rebecca and then they wiped it off the box so no one will see it and then they watched her on the monitors with her Black Master and said that he should go get her and handed him a copy of the drive with the video of the night.  The Black Master asked if they had deleted the video on the Corporate cameras so that no one could see it.

They told him they should get her now as the next security crew would be coming in a couple hours and they needed to do their rounds before they came in.  They reminded him to use her key card (and handed it to him) and that he should probably clean up the mess before waking her up.  They all looked at the monitor and saw Rebecca laying naked and spread eagled in her conference room.  Greg said, “Man I want her again, but we have no more time”.  It must have been about 30 minutes Trevor spent cleaning up desks and throwing out trash in Rebecca’s office.  There were fluids everywhere.  Finally when satisfied cleaning the lobby and her private office, he went back to the conference room and saw her laying passed out and covered in cum. He bent down and picked Rebecca up. She was so pleased to see Trevor and she put her arms round him as he help her get up and she kissed him hard on the lips and said ‘I am glad you are here as I have missed you’. He carried her to her private washroom and help her clean herself up.  Her stockings were torn.  Her panties were ripped.  He just threw on her blouse and skirt turned the lights off and cleaned up the rest of the mess in her office and put everything back in order.  She was slumped on the couch holding her head.  He picked her up and threw her over his shoulder.   As he held secured her, he felt a wetness and looked back on her couch.  There were 2 huge wet spots and she had leaked onto the couch.  He had no time to clean up the mess and left the building. He took her down to the carport security area where he had parked his car,  got in and drove to his place.

When they arrived he helped her out of the car, carried her inside, helped strip her naked, and put her to bed. He looked at the red marks on her ass and the soreness around her pussy and ass and smiled.  He could not believe what had become of her.  He kissed her on the cheek and said good night and she was soon asleep. While she was asleep Trevor took the drive out of his pocket and connected it to his laptop and watched the video. He then edited the best bits and converted it into a video that he could put up on the RebeccasOffice website and then he put the drive away into his secret place, got undressed, turned off the light, got into bed,  spooned Rebecca and put his arms round her as she slept.  He noted the smile on her face.  Was that drool or cum dripping out of her mouth?

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 19: Rebecca Auctioned into White Slavery

Part 19

When Rebecca got home everyone was fortunately still asleep, so she quietly entered the house and slipped into bed without making a sound and put on a t-shirt and panties and she was still mad.  By the time she woke up it was mid-morning and her husband was already gone.   She stared at the ceiling recounting the previous night and morning.  She was scared about the filming.  She played back the whole evening in her head.  It wasn’t the forced  hard sex, but the possessive violation of her privacy with all those people watching and filming.  She did not know them.  What if someone she knew had seen her or someone else sees the movie? What her Black Master had done by using her to pay off a debt and left there while she was forced to be filmed having sex with strangers like a whore made her feel so violated. Rebecca rolled over and felt a wet spot.  She put her hand down and realized that she had been dripping cum out of her ass and vagina.  She felt herself and could feel the cum that had dried up on her body and panties.  It flaked off her abdomen and onto her sheets.  She slowly got out of bed and her legs wobbled as she pulled the sheets off her bed.  She did not want her husband to see the stains.  She walked to the bathroom and was horrified by what she saw.  Her makeup was smeared all over her face.  Someone had written on her back in marker, “White whore for black cock”.  She had dried cum in her hair and dried cum on her breasts and lips.  She licked her mouth and tasted the sweet salty taste.  She closed her eyes as the taste reminded her of the night before. She thought she heard someone coming up the stairs and she quickly jumped in the shower to literally wash the night off of her.  As she felt the water run over her body, she closed her eyes.  How many loads of cum had she taken?  She needed to take her pill!  Then she thought the ass fucking she had been given.  For some reason she didn’t remember it as painful, but as amazing.  In fact the whole night wasn’t a total loss.  The sex had been great and she loved cumming with those men.  Her body was in pain but she had the rest of the weekend to recover.  She thought about it and was amazed that she was still horny despite what had happened.  It had been the most intense night since she had been introduced to this new life, yet she wanted more.  This sex had become worse than a drug addiction.  She needed to talk to her Black Master though.  She couldn’t let that tape get out.

As usual Rebecca slipped into Maria the housewife mode for the rest of the weekend.  It was getting easier to do, but she hated lying about her whereabouts.  She spent the rest of the weekend acting like she enjoyed her life as mother and housewife and spent the weekend with her family and friends because she knew that when the weekend ended she would be looking forward to being with her Black Master again.  At one point her husband asked her if she was okay as she had been out 3 straight Fridays and she apologized saying that work had been tough and that she needed to buckle down for a bit.

On Sunday, she got an email with an attachment and a message.  It read, “Wow, this is amazing.  I never really knew what a horny dirty slut you are.”  She opened the attachment and saw herself begging for black cock and asking for more as she received a 10-man bukkake.  She was so loud as she screamed out about what a whore she was.  She quickly ran into the bathroom and closed the door to watch in privacy.  Was this really her?  She had never watched herself having sex before.  She was getting so turned on to see herself on video.  She replied to her Black Master’s email.  “Thank you.  I can barely walk after last night, but I’ll be ready for anything next weekend.”  He did not reply.

As usual the week rolled along and she did not hear from him.  She got another video attachment Tuesday eve with only a short message, “Bet you can’t wait to get more of this.”  The video was a close up of her getting it in the ass that past weekend.  As she watched herself, she remembered how humiliating it was.  Not that she didn’t enjoy the sex, but that this man was using her lifeless body so easily for his pleasure and that he had total disregard for her body.  She replied that yes it was hot and dirty and she wanted more of it, but next time wanted it more gently .  Once again there was no response.  It was Thursday afternoon Rebecca got a text from Trevor that said  he wanted her to be at the hotel at 6pm on Friday and also she will be out for the night and will not be home until the next day. Rebecca had to arrange with her husband not to expect her until Saturday again and texted her Black Master that she would be there and wanted to know what he had planned for her. She thanked him for the videos as well. Once again he did not respond.

When Rebecca got home she told her husband that she was going to be out again on Friday eve to work all night on a presentation and stay at the company’s corporate housing as she did not want to deal with the Friday traffic jam.  She would probably sleep in and not be back until later Saturday especially if she didn’t finish on Friday night.  She then went to bed and fell asleep. When she got up she found out that her panties were wet from a dream and she got out of bed, took her t-shirt and panties off, and then had a shower.

When she was finished, she got dressed and left for work and grabbed her bag of clothes for the evening.  She could not wait to see her Black Master and what he had in store for them. After work, Rebecca went downstairs to her health club.  She did not have time to work out.  She hopped in the shower and took out her clothes, fixed her hair and makeup, and quickly got dressed before heading out.  When she got to Trevor’s hotel and walked into his room she put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips as he grabbed her ass. Then Rebecca stopped kissing him and smacked him hard on the face and said this was for leaving me alone and being forced into making a porn movie just so you can clear your debt with your friend and you better not use me like that again or you will never see me again and he looked at her and said that it will not happen again.

Rebecca saw that he his own outfit for her to wear: A Short Black Dress, Black Bra, Black Panties, Black Stockings and Black High Heeled Pumps. She kept her pearl choker necklace on, took off her clothes and got dressed.  Rebecca asked him what he had planned for her tonight and he said that a friend of his was hosting a White Slave Auction and that he would bring someone for the auction.  Rebecca asked, “You mean someone is going to bid on me?  To do what?”  He replied, “ You will spend a whole evening with the person who buys you and let him do whatever he wants to do to you. “ Rebecca looked at her Black Master for a few minutes and then said, “Well what if I don’t want to?”  He looked at her sternly and said, “You have no choice.”

Rebecca looked at him.  “About last weekend, I’m okay with all the sex.  I just don’t want other people I don’t know taking videos and photos of me.  I loved the sex.  The videos and photos can be for you and me only. I was so turned on by the ones you sent me this week.  They made me so wet just watching me.  I didn’t realize how hot those videos are.  Is that okay?”

He looked at her and lied, “Yes, that is fine, so tell me what you liked about it? I like watching you myself.  I like watching how you were this little prude woman stumbling out of a bar 4 months ago and now you are the prefect slutty whore for black cock.”  He didn’t understand what she was talking about with the videos.  He hadn’t sent her any, but herhaps his friend, the director, had sent them. He continued, “I had no idea you would become like this.  It is so fascinating to watch. I like watch white chicks get their first black dick, but you are by far the best ever.”  She looked at him, “Yes  I agree. The sex I have been having is so good.  The cocks are huge and the intensity is so amazing.  I ove that these men know what they want and they feel that they want it from me.  He smiled and put his arm round her and led her out to the car and unlocked it and they both got in and he then started the car and drove to the auction.

While they were on the way, they ran into heavy traffic and he told Rebecca to spread her legs and he moved his hand up her leg until he was rubbing her vagina through her panties. She moved her panties aside so that he can easily rub the lips of her vagina. Rebecca was enjoying the feeling she was getting from him rubbing her vagina and soon she was feeling a orgasm build up inside her and told him to rub her faster and when he did this she was soon holding his hand and screaming out has she has a powerful orgasm and squirted on the seat and his hand. She looked up to her left and saw a trucker watching them.  He caught her eye and gave her the thumbs up.  When Rebecca had recovered from her orgasm she looked at her Black Master and said, “Find somewhere to stop as I want you to fuck me hard with your huge black cock.”

He soon pulled off the highway and around behind some deserted buildings and stopped the car. Rebecca got out, pulled her panties down, bent over the front of the car and told her Black Master to take her with his big black cock. So he went behind Rebecca and got his cock out and forced it into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  He wasn’t fully hard at first, but it started to stiffen and Rebecca was screaming out to fuck her and make her cum. And then Rebecca felt a orgasm build up inside her and she screamed at him to fuck her harder as she was going to cum and then when he pushed more of his cock into her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted and covered his cock in her cum. When he felt this he began to fuck her harder and then he stopped and told her that he was going to fill her vagina with his black seed and breed her. When Rebecca felt his cum fill her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted again on his cock .   Reality then set in.  She was about to be auctioned off.  She needed to get cleaned up.  When he pulled his cock out his cum and hers were mixed together and leaked out of her vagina onto the ground and he then said that we should be going as he did not want to be late and miss out on the fun. They both got back into the car and drove to were the Fundraiser/Auction. Rebecca had to stop in the restroom to wipe up the cum.    When she was ready, Trevor led her to a room and told her to Strip down to her underwear and shoes.  When she entered the room she more women getting ready and they were all white. A big black man came up to her and put a collar round her neck and then clipped a chain to it and a sticker with a number 10 on it and was placed on the front of her panties and she was told to wait until her number was called.

Rebecca watched as each woman’s number was called and led by the big black man through a curtain to the stage were the White Slavery Auction was to take place.  She was the last one.  She heard the other women go from anywhere from$3K to $12K.  One girl told her this was her second time and that it was fun to be bought and see what a man would want from her that he would pay that price.  After some time it was Rebecca’s turn and she was led to the stage where she was hooked up to a post.  The light was bright and she had to squint.  She couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the people talking and hear that there were quite a few people out there.   and she stood there for all the men to look at her.  The auctioneer came out and started to promote her,  “For our special final auction of the evening, we bring you Rebecca.  Many of you have seen the photos and promotional video.  She is new to the interracial world but as you have heard, she already has quit a following.  Well educated and trained by her Black Master, she will submit to your every desire or you can let her dominate you.  She has a voracious appetite for black cock and no condoms are necessary.  She has been tested and is clean.  She likes to use, abused, spanked, talked dirty to. “ He came over and pulled out her breasts and pulled down her panties to her thighs and put his hand between her thighs.  “We will start bidding at $1K”.  Soon it was going up  to $10,000 and more and more men were bidding for Rebecca and she saw her Black Master smile at her as he knew that she would make a lot of money and soon he was right as the bidding at gone up to $50,000 and that was the winning bid. When the hammer went down, someone near the back raised his number card up. Rebecca could barely see the man who had bid and won her and was a bit disappointed as she saw that he was elderly.

She had wanted it to be a young fit man, but she had to accept the result. She was led back to the room to get dressed and the collar and chain was taking off and her Black Master was waiting for her with the Auctioneer.  He thanked them profusely and told them that they had reached their goal of raising $100K for the schools.  Rebecca was upbeat.  It was nice to know that this was for a nice cause.  She asked if he knew the winner and he told her he had never seen him before, but he had already paid. When they were finished backstage, they went out to meet the  man who had bought her.  Her Black Master led her to his table and he told her to sit down.  He was in his late 60s, fit for his age, dressed in a classic tuxedo, clean shaven and bald.  The man signaled for her to sit on his lap and she complied.  If a man was going to pay $50K for an evening, he definitely wanted something.  The old man put his hand on her leg and started up her leg.

The Black Master sat down as well and said, “You have wonderful taste.”  The old man smiled and said, “When I viewed your site, I knew I had to have her.”  Rebecca looked at him quizzically.  “What site?”  The bidder suddenly realized he had spoken too much as the Black Master said, “Oh before this auction I put these videos online in a private location for people to see, so they knew what they were bidding on.  It worked, and that is why people bid so high. ” He looked at the bidder to make sure he understood that Rebecca knew nothing about, the site he had set up to showcase the exploits of a regular woman who he was converting into a slut.  The bidder got the idea.  “Well yes,” said the bidder.  “Actually I have you for the evening, but I must be frank that I just represent the real money.  Although I will have you this evening, I have some backers who gave me the money and let me purchase you. They will seek you out at future auctions or sooner for themselves.”  They discussed the arrangements for her weekend and her Black Master also arranged for him to pick her up late Saturday.  The Bidder  offered Rebecca a drink and started to talk to her as  he was touching her, whispering in her ear and playing with her vagina through her panties.  His cock grew under her leg and she knew he was packed. She saw her Black Master look at her and she knew that she had to let him

“That sounds very nice, might I be able to meet these mystery bidders?” asked Trevor.”  Just then, he saw Rebecca’s eyes get big as she saw something behind him.  “Yes, here they are.” And the Bidder pointed to three young black men in their 30’s.  Trevor introduced himself and they just smiled at Rebecca.  He knew something was up.  Rebecca had yet to speak.

“Hello Maria,” the leader said.  She didn’t reply.  Trevor suddenly realized that she knew these men.  He smiled.  “You know Rebecca?”  he asked them.  “You might say that.  We work for her,”  said the tallest of the three black men.  He looked at Rebecca who now hung her head and was sobbing.  She was discovered and she knew her life as Rebecca was no longer a secret.  The three men smiled with a sinister look on their faces.  He gestured to the bidder, “Carl also works in our building, but Rebecca probably is too busy to notice the man that holds the door for her every day.  He also monitors the security cameras in the building.  We figured that since Rebecca loves having sex on her desk, that sometimes after hours we might want to get into the building and have some fun with her.  So Carl can help us too.”

Trevor saw a tear in her eye.  He did not know what to do as she did not want him to leave as she was worried that she was going to be on her own with these men and did not what they were going to do to her, but he looked at her and then said he is your new owner for the weekend.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then whispered in Carl’s ear, “Make sure to send me video and photos”.

After sometime Carl got up and told her that it was time to go and she slowly got up and followed him outside to his car which was a flashy sports car. Rebecca thought that it may be fun to be his slave for the weekend and he opened the door for her and she got in.  When he got in, he turned towards her and told her that she will be his sex slave and if she pleases him then he may reward her, but only if she does as she is told.  Rebecca said that she will be his sex slave and let him do whatever they want to do to her and then he started the car and drove off.  Carl said, “I’ve been thinking about you every day for the last year.  I fantasize about you all the time.  I do hope you will make my dreams come true.”

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 18 – Becoming a Porn Star Part 2

Locked in the room alone, Rebecca had time to think. What will happen when people see this movie of me fucking black men and begging for it?  It wasn’t the sex, but it was the fact friends might see the video.  She tried to convince herself it was okay and that nobody she knew would see these videos, but what if they did?  She needed to tell Trevor that she was okay with anything but this! After an hour the door was unlocked and a woman came into the room and went up to the bed and told Rebecca to get up.  She grabbed the leash and yanked her off the bed. She pulled off the robe and then dragged Rebecca naked to another room where there was a camera on a tripod and a crowd of people in the room as well and some of them had mobile phones and they were taking photo’s of her as she was led into the room naked. The two black studs took over and pulled her to a fucking post located in the middle of the room, bent her over at the waist and tied each wrist to the post. They spread her legs, straddling her over a fucking machine with a dildo on top of it.  They then used a leg spreader securing her ankles spread apart and then got a ball gag and put that in her mouth. Rebecca felt helpless and people moved in close for pictures of her as tears rolled down her cheeks.  Then one of the black studs got the dildo and positioned it at the opening of her vagina and Rebecca tried move her body to stop him putting it in but he spanked her ass hard and she screamed in pain. He then pushed it into her vagina and pressed the button on and the dildo slowly moved in and out of her vagina as the shorter stud poured lube on the dildo. As Rebecca’s cunt widened, he moved the speed up until it was on the normal speed and moved out of the way. The director was filming and the dildo started to have an effect on her.  Rebecca felt humiliated as some of the people moved closer, yanking on her breasts and running their hands over her ass, but she tried not to them know that it was starting to turn her on.  As the dildo was fucking her Rebecca was starting to feel an orgasm build up inside her.  Something strange then happened and she looked between her legs as people started to point.  She was squirting uncontrollably and a puddle was developing on the floor. She started crying uncontrollably as she started to cum.  She was soon having a powerful orgasm and tears started to roll down her face and she felt sick at being used and all these people who were being turned on watching her being fucked by a machine.   Standing there in her Valentino heels her ankles could barely support her as her legs quivered.

Rebecca’s body started to betray her and she was soon pushing down on the dildo to get more of it into her vagina and rest her shaking legs as she had another powerful orgasm and tried to scream out to stop it, looking directly at the Director and his camera.  She could not take any more, but with the ball gag in her mouth no one could hear her protests.  The dildo was deep inside her and unlike a man, the cock kept going.  And then one of the black studs came over and bent down to the machine.  Rebecca was relieved that he was going to turn it off, but when he bent down he turned up the machine to full speed.  Rebecca let out a huge scream that could be heard.  Tears ran down her makeup and her eyes turned black from her makeup.  It felt like her pussy was being electrocuted. He legs were quivering uncontrollably.  Her body was limp and this started to push Rebecca over the top.  Her orgasm hadn’t stopped yet and she was now having another one. She could feel a huge orgasm building. She wanted the orgasm on one hand, but on the other hand she wished that it would end as she could not take any more.  Her wrists were in pain from supporting her whole body and she could feel the rope burns. She couldn’t feel her thighs anymore, but the director kept on filming her. He enjoyed what he was seeing.  It was the most authentic sexual humiliation he had ever filmed.  The room had gone quiet as everyone was focused on the agony and pleasure she was feeling. Rebecca’s body looked like a beautiful portrait.  Her sweat-soaked hair now hung as she seemed to be looking toward the skies looking for some divine intervention.  She was no longer standing on her high heels.  Her body was hanging by her wrists.  Suddenly she let out a squeal and you could hear her crying as her head flopped forward and her body visibly shook with an orgasm.  It was like watching someone jerking with their life escaping their body.  The director quickly stopped the filming and told one the black studs to untie her and take her to the room until the next scene, and he carried her to the room , put her on the bed, and then locked her in.

While Rebecca was asleep the director sorted out what he wanted the two black studs to do with her for her next scene.  One of them told him that he wasn’t sure if she was done, but the Director told him he had her only for the evening and he was going to get everything out of her that he could. An hour he shorter black stud came in and tied to wake up Rebecca. He grabbed her by her leash but she was still exhausted and barely coherent after what she had been through.  He picked up her limp body.  He looked at her and her eyes opened.  “Please….” she whispered to him as he looked at her beautiful green eyes which seemed to be begging for it all to stop. He carried her back into the dark room where the director was waiting and this time she was tied to a bench face down in the middle of the room.  She looked like a prisoner of war being tortured and interrogated as a lamp hanging from the ceiling shed the only light on her.  They didn’t have to tie her down. She had no strength in her arms and legs.  She had no more fight in her body. She opened her eyes and saw the black studs were having their cocks sucked by a couple of women and when their cocks were hard the director said start filming. One of the black studs walked up to where Rebecca was laying, kicked her legs apart, grabbed her hips and started to push his big black cock into her vagina. Rebecca initially grunted in pain as the opening to her pussy was still sore from the fucking machine.

The black stud was fucking her hard and calling her a dirty whore who likes being fucked like a dog by big black cocks.  He gripped her hips as he was fucking her and Rebecca was telling him to take it slow and easy and she’d do whatever he wanted. Tears fell down her face. She could hear cameras clicking and felt so humiliated as the stud kissed her neck and told her how good her pussy felt and that he’d take it nice and easy as he was enjoying himself.  The stud slow fucked her as she told him how much nicer it felt.  She then felt an orgasm build up inside her body and she knew that she could not stop it.  He stopped pumping and she pushed back against him, craving his cock to fill her up, and told him to keep going and make her cum.  He whispered in her ear instructions telling her what he wanted her to say so that he would be turned on.  She was surprised as they weren’t that filthy.  In fact they were words she would want to say anyway.  When he was finished giving instructions, he pulled on her hair and asked if she understood.  She nodded and then he started pumping.  “Damn girl, your pussy feels so good.  I want to make love to you.  I want you to give me your pussy.  I think I love you.  I want to cum deep inside you and with you.  I want to take you home with me.  I want you to be mine.  Will you be my white bitch?” he said.  She could feel his cock even grow harder in her. What he did not know is that a flood of wetness entered her pussy and started dripping down her leg.  She replied, “Oh yes, I’ll do anything.  Your cock feels so good.  I want your cum.  I want to make babies with you.”  With that, the stud let out a big scream and thrust which sent her over the edge as it pushed against her G-spot, making her she scream out with passion as she tried to push back onto his cock to get more in her vagina. This made him fuck her even more harder as he was near to cumming himself.  Hearing her purr and cry and beg, he could feel she wanted it.   He pushed his cock hard into her vagina and squeezed it deep into her tiny pussy and gently rubbed her g-spot. “Cum with me baby.  Cum with me and let me know you’re mine,” he commanded.  “Yes, Yes, I’m gonna cum, “ she gasped.  He came with a huge grunt of relief as he flooded her with his black seed as Rebecca let out a huge gasp as she simultaneously came, letting out cries of passion as she felt each stream of his sperm hit the walls of her pussy. When he had finished he pulled his cock out of her vagina and his cum leaked out of her vagina onto the floor.  Rebecca collapsed.  What energy she thought she had was now gone.  She had thought that this would be the end, but it was not as the other black stud got some lube and covered his big black cock, stroking it as he fantasized about what he was going to do to Rebecca’s ass.  He scooped some of the cum that had dripped out of Rebecca’s pussy and onto the rug.   He stood over her spent body, spit on her ass, spanked it and with his lube and cum covered fingers, pushed them into her ass. Rebecca’s body suddenly sprung to life as she screamed out, “No. Please no!” as he finger fucked her ass. Rebecca was crying and begging , trying to crawl away, but 2 other men jumped out and held her down. “No….”she was sobbing uncontrollably. “I can’t take anymore.  Please, I’m begging you.”, but he just looked at her and said, “You fucking dirty whore.  You know you like it.  I’ve seen you take it in the ass, begging for more.”  He had spent hours watching videos at, the site Trevor had set up but not told her about. Rebecca did not know what he meant.  She was crying.  He then pulled his fingers out of her ass and quickly replaced them with his cock and started to fuck her hard.  “Stooppppp”, Rebecca screamed in pain until he spanked her so hard she stopped in shock. “Shut up you dirty whore.  You think your ass is so high and mighty? Well, now you’re gonna show everyone you are just a normal girl who wants it.  I ain’t quittin’ til I hear you beg for more. I want you to squeal and tell me how good it feels.”  He eased his cock in and out slowly and spanked her ass each time he pushed it in.  He was an ass and Rebecca had never been talked to like that before.  She was not going to do what he wanted.  Each time he spanked her it stung more.  “Oh yeah, I own this fine ass.  It feels so good.  This classy ass is gonna be filthy.  I’m gonna have you suck you my cock clean after.”   Then he started to grip her hips as he started to enjoy the pleasure of fucking her ass and hear her screams as he used and abused her. Rebecca was screaming at him calling him a bastard and begging him to stop.  But her pleas just seemed to make it worse. Finally Rebecca knew she had to start begging.  It was actually feeling less painful and more numb.  “Come on you want my ass?  Show me.  Is that all you got?”  She could hear the slapping of his belly against her ass.  She would be in pain in the morning.    He rached around ang grabbed her breasts and pinched her nipples.  “You asshole, just cum in my ass.  Yeah, do it.”  Tears ran down her eyes.  She started to like this as his cock felt like it was swelling and was building up to another powerful orgasm.  She cried as he started pumping her ass.  He was fucking her hole harder than anyone had ever done.  She closed her eyes and screamed at him “Give it to me.  Fuck your whore’s ass.”  She could not take it anymore and let him do what every he wanted as long as it would end soon.  she had given up and just wanted it to end. After some time the black stud fucking her ass suddenly filled her ass with his black seed and when he was finished he pulled his cock out, moved around to her face and said, “Show me what an obedient little white slut you are and my cum and your dirty ass off my cock.”   Rebecca opened her mouth and cleaned off his cock.  As she did she heard someone say, “Oh my god, look at her ass, it is stuck gaping wide open.”  Then the director then told the camera man to get a close up of her with the cum leaking out of her vagina and ass and fade to black.  Rebecca was left laying on the floor.  Her body was a limp noodle. Two women helped her to her feet and took her to the other bedroom and put on the bed to rest. Rebecca was exhausted and had fallen asleep.

After about half an hour the door was unlocked and Rebecca was told to get up for one last scene.  “No.  Another?  What else?  My body and wrists are hurting and my legs are weak.”  The woman grabbed the leash and she was led to the big room and told to lay down on the bed. When her eyes adjusted to the light she saw about 10 naked black men move in around the bed standing over her.  The director  and two other cameramen were filming. Rebecca was confused as all the men had their cocks in their hands and were stoking themselves. She was relieved that they were fucking her.  Her asshole and pussy were burning.  Rebecca knew what was going to happen and just lay there in the hope that this would be the end of her ordeal as she could not take anymore. As she looked at the men and everyone around her she felt so ashamed at what she had been put through and still could not believe that Trevor her Black Master and Lover would let her be filmed for everyone to see. After some time all the black men started to cum.  The first guy came all over her face and pushed his cock against her lips. Two others came over each breast.  breasts and the rest of her body.  Several guys came all over her pussy and she felt it drip all over her pussy lips.  Three guys told her to open her muth and not swallow as they each unloaded teaspoons full of cum in her mouth before letting her swallow. When they had finished the director said cut and that is a rap and then a woman helped Rebecca to get up and was led to the bedroom.

The woman told her that it was 4.00 am in the morning and after she had finished she was to get some sleep as her Black Master would be back later to pick her up and then she left the room and still locked the door. So Rebecca had some water as well as some food and when she was finished she put the half bottle of water on the nightstand next to her bed.  She was fast asleep. The cum dried in her hair and all over her body.  At the same time the director was busy editing the film ready to show his friends and also to put up on his website for people to buy and download.

When it was 8.00 am the door was unlocked and Trevor her Black Master and Lover walked up to the bed and slowly woke up Rebecca.  He smiled at her.  She had scratches all over her body.  Her ass was red and so was her pussy.  She had dried cum in her hair and all over her body.  He said it was time to get up and go and when she opened her eyes and saw him she started to cry and said, “How could you do this to me. I thought you loved me and you go and do this to me.”He said that he was sorry but his friend said that he needed the debt paid now and he did not have the money so he arrange for the debt to paid off by sending her to his house to make a porn movie. He said that he was sorry and he would make it upto her. Rebecca looked at him and said she’d forgive him this time but that he must promise to never ever again do this to her. He lied, “ok”.   Her legs wobbled and he gathered her clothes into a bag, put a robe on her, and carried her naked body out of the room. But before he left he went to see his friend and had a quiet word to make sure this had paid his debt and his friend said yes and told him that this film was going to be a classic.  He also gave him a copy of the film.  While they were talking, Rebecca put her clothes back on and then he left and led Rebecca out of the house to her car and drove her to the hotel. When they got there they both got out and he asked her if she wanted to come in but she said that she needed to go and get some rest.  They kissed and she said she still loved him, but that she would need a couple days to recover.  He helped her back in the car and she drove off.

Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Chapter 18 – Becoming a Porn Star

Part 18 Rebecca Is Forced To Make Her 1st Porn Movie Part 1 by Trevor

When Rebecca got home she quietly went to bed without making a noise. She changed into a nightshirt and panties and then got into the bed and fell asleep dreaming of the weird night at the sex club.  She quickly sent a text to Trevor to thank him for the wonderful evening and said that she was already missing him.

Rebecca slept in that Saturday morning.  She woke up a little sore, but more importantly tried to act normal , but it was getting harder to keep up the act as she knew that she would rather be with Trevor her Black Master and Lover. Being with him only a few hours each Friday evening was not enough.  She was having the best sex of her life and it was only torture that she was only getting it once a week.  She looked forward to Fridays more than ever. The weekend dragged on.  The week dragged on too.  She wanted Trevor badly and needed to figure a way to be with him more often.  Each night she texted him desperately telling him how badly she needed his cock inside her. Then when her husband was asleep, she’d finger herself.  Trevor smiled when he read her texts.  He loved the desperation in her words.  He resisted texting her though.  He wanted her frustration to turn into lust and desperation such that she’d do anything.  He had something special planned and knew that it would really test her.  Making her do new things made him hard.  He Grabbed his cock and felt it get stiff imagining the things he was going to have her do.  Finally he sent her a text on Thursday telling her to meet him at his hotel on Friday at 7.00 pm.  Rebecca knew her family would be getting suspicious with her being out every Friday evening, but she had to have more cock. Rebecca sent a text saying she’d be there and told her family that work had been crazy and that she had to work late if she was going to have any kind of restful weekend. Finally Friday went by quickly.  Rebecca raced through her work to make sure she got everything done in time. Fridays were always a pain in the neck as LA traffic was always gridlock.

When it was time to finish Rebecca pick up her stuff and then locked her office and went straight to the restroom to to change and apply her makeup.  She had no time to make it home and didn’t want to be seen there as she had lied about having to work late at the office.  She got dressed in a stall and came out and  looked at herself in the mirror. She was pleased with the way she looked and relieved she wasn’t having to race around to get to Trevor’s.  She left the building and went straight to Trevor’s and hoped that he would like what she was wearing and that it was appropriate for what he planned for the evening. On her drive she felt her panties get wet as she was getting turned on knowing that it would not be long before she will be in her Lover’s arms. When Rebecca got to the hotel she got out of the car, locked it and then went up to her Black Master’s room, knocked on the door, and went in.

Rebecca shut the door behind her and walked up to Trevor, who was putting on a tie,  and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips and he moved his hands on her ass and started to rub his hard cock against her vagina which was driving her wild with lust. And then she pulled away and she obediently got down on her knees, pulled down the zipper on his pants and got his rock hard cock out.  She put it in her mouth and started sucking his cock and pushed as much as she could get into her mouth and started to gag on it, but this did not stop her. Her Black Master was holding her head as she was sucking his cock and soon he grabbed tight and told her that he was going to cum and he filled her mouth with his cum. Rebecca started to gag as he fill her mouth with his cum.  She could not swallow fast enough.  He then he took his cock out and his cum leak out of her mouth and down her face onto her breasts. When Rebecca had recovered, she spread her legs for him and was hoping that he’d fuck her, but he didn’t.  She got up and sat down on the bed and asked Trevor what he had planned for her tonight and he said that it was going to be a surprise. He told Rebecca to stand up and take her coat off and let him see what she was wearing and after taking her coat off she stood there while he looked at her outfit and said that he liked what she his wearing, but told her to take her bra and panties off. She put them on the bed and then he told her to phone her husband and tell him that she was going to work all night and not be home until noon tomorrow. When she was finished he put his arm around her and led her out of the room.  He grabbed her car keys and they both got in and he started the car and off they went.

After about an hour they arrived at a old dark building in Chatsworth.  When they got out he locked the car and then he got a blindfold out of his pocket and told Rebecca to close her eyes and he then put the blindfold on.  He also put a collar around her neck and then led her to the building on a leash. Rebecca heard him knock and then the door open.  Nobody spoke a word. He led her in and she heard the door was closed. And then she was led to a room and she was led to a chair and told to sit down. While she was waiting for her Black Master to take off the blindfold she could hear the voices of some men talking quietly and heard the shuffling of feet and she wondered what she had let herself in for.  She imagined it was like the adult theater.  She was disappointed as she really wanted Trevor’s cock.

After 5 minutes the blindfold was taken off and when her eyes adjusted to the light in the room she was shocked as she saw that the room was full of men and women. She suddenly realized what was going to happen and her body shook.  This was not a normal situation.  There were a few cameras set up facing her as well as a couple men holding some other cameras on their shoulders. She squinted and saw a  tall angry looking naked black men and a shorter stockier black man with a really enormous cock standing in the corner as well. Her Black Master was nowhere to be seen.  Just then a man introduced himself.  He said her was the movie director and told her that if she was looking for Trevor he had left her here to pay back a debt.  He was filming a porn and to pay his debt, she would have to perform in one of his porn films. He then told Rebecca what he wanted her to do.  He was filming an interracial bondage bareback gangbang scene and that was she would be tied to the bed while two black porn stars would use her in every way possible. She would act like a woman who has never been fucked by black cocks. Rebecca asked what if she did not want to do it, and he replied that was okay too as he will force her into doing it and it would make a more authentic film.  Her held her face in his hands and said, “ You will be here until I have finished with you.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.”  She told him that she could not do this.  She did not want to be on the cover of a porn movie.  What if someone saw?  He laughed, “That is why this is called: “How a MILF became a Reluctant Pornstar.”   He” then pulled her on the leash as she resisted.  But he was too strong.  “No, please.  I beg of you.  I can’t do this.  I’ll do anything, but please don’t make this into a movie.  Someone might recognize me.”  He thought to himself, “You stupid bitch, I’ve seen hours of your stuck up white pussy getting pounded by black cock and you love it.  When other women see this movie and how much a normal woman like you loves it, this movie will be a classic.  Rebecca will be the most famous underground interracial porn star ever.”

She didn’t realize that filming had already started.  As he dragged her to the bed, Rebecca pleaded, “Please, I don’t want to be a porn star.  Please, I’m not kidding.  Please, I don’t want people to see this.”  He turned and looked at her and saw the fear in her eyes as she was grabbed by the naked men and thrown on the bed.  As the director walked away, he smiled.  She was making this even hotter with every word that came out of her mouth.  Trevor had told her this was going to be good.  She was crying now. She struggled but the men were too strong.  They got hold of her and held her down while someone else tied her hands to each bed post and the her legs were spread apart and each leg was tied to each bedpost and then she was ready.  “Please don’t.  Please don’t, she pleaded to the men.  I’m a mom.  I can’t do this. “  The director kept filming as each of the black studs got on the bed and one of them put his cock by her mouth and told her to open her mouth. She turned her head so that she faced away from the camera and his penis. He slapped her hard on her breasts and she screamed out as the camera caught the agony on her face.  The stud leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear, “Behave you little cunt or I’ll scream out your real name, Maria Ferrante, and everyone will know who you are.” Rebecca closed her eyes and slightly opened her lips and he pushed his cock into her mouth and started to push as much as he could. She started to gag and the other stud got between her legs and started to lick her clit. Rebecca at first resisted, clenching her butt cheeks, but realized that the best way to get through it was to perform. She did not want him to scream her name.  The other stud  got between her legs, lifted her skirt  and started licking her clit and used his fingers to spread the lips of her vagina and put his tongue in while massaging her clit with his finger.  His warm tongue stared to get her juices flowing and she could hear him slurping her juices as her hips lifted off the mattress. The other stud, who was fucking her mouth, ripped open her blouse, pinched her nipples with nipple clamps and started to pull on her nipples until she was in pain. “Ow, please , please it hurts,”  her cries muffled with his cock was in her mouth. Then Rebecca felt an orgasm build up in her body.  The Director zoomed in on her face as he had seen the signs of her orgasms before and recognized it was coming.  The cock in her mouth fell out and her screams came out, “Oh god, oh god, uhhhhh – huh………” and then she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on the face of the stud between her legs. He kept slurping , licking her cum from her vagina.  As soon as her screams subsided, the other stud stuffed his cock back in her mouth.  He was going to cum.  “Yes, I want it” she screamed just before his cock slammed to the bottom of her throat. Rebecca felt the stud who was fucking her mouth stop as his penis started convulsing, filling her mouth with his black seed as he let out a roar.  “Arghhh, swallow it you whore.  You know you like it,” and he told her to not spill a drop, but some of it leaked out of her mouth and onto the bed and he looked at her and told her what did I say about swallowing it all and he slapped her breasts, pulling on the nipple clamps as she screamed in agony.  “I’m sorry, it was too much,” she screamed in pain. “You fucking bast..,”her protest was suddenly stopped by a yang on the clamps and his angry face reminding her that if she protested again, he’d scream out her real name.called him a fucking bastard and splat at him and he hit her again and she stopped protesting.  “Looks like she’s not ready to finish yet,” he said.

Then the man who had been fucking her vagina with his tongue, stopped to help the other stud untie her. He laid back and told her to get on top on him.  The angry stud grabbed her with her arms behind her back  and lifter her on top of the smaller bulkier stud.  The cock was too fat and had a hard time entering her tight hole so the angry guy released her arms and told her to put the cock in her vagina. She meekly said, “No” but he put his arm around her neck and bit her ear until she reached down and slowly guided the fat cock to her narrow hole and slowly sat down on it until she felt his cock touch her cervix.  With his arm still around her in a choke hold he told her to start fucking his buddy’s cock and she slowly started to move up and down. It was so tight and her pussy started getting wet. As she got used to it she started to fuck him faster and harder.  It was the fattest cock she ever felt.   Soon she was screaming,  “Fuck me.  It feels so good.  Fuck me with your fat cock.” Her lover started to push up his cock as he started to fuck her and he grabbed her tits at the same time. And then the other stud got behind her and bent her over and then put some lube on his cock and his fingers and put them into her ass slowly.  Rebecca could see the cameras focused on her face and the emotions she was feeling as her tits bounced up and down.  Rebecca’s face started to twitch as she felt a burn and screamed, “No, leave my ass alone.  No…..” ,  but he told her to shut up as she was going to get fucked in the ass for the whole world to see.  “Oh man, people will pay to see a white woman like you getting her first black cock up her ass and see how I break you.”  She had no choice and then he took his fingers out of her ass and slowly pushed his cock into her ass. She was trying to stop him by screaming at him that it was hurting her, but he seemed to enjoy it.  “ Oh my gosh, No, No, No, oh my gosh”.  He had most of his cock in her ass and then he started to fuck her ass as the other stud was fucking her vagina. He could feel her body just collapse as she could no longer fight back.  Her Black Master snuck back in the room.  He had heard the screaming and was pleased with his black cock slut and lover doing what she was told and also enjoying it.

The director was also pleased at what he was watching.  He eased up to Trevor and whispered, “This is the best amateur porn film ever. People are going to love the reality of this.” Seeing Rebecca being fucked by the two black studs. The room was filled with her screaming and swearing at the two studs who were fucking her. After some time they could see that she was becoming addicted to being fucked by black cocks. She was having another powerful orgasm as she screamed out loud, “Oh My God” and swore at them to fuck her harder and make her cum. “You want this?  Show me how good you are, you fuckers.  You got what it taked?  Give me your black seed.  Cum in me..”   They both stopped started screaming,  “Yeah bitch, we gonna load you up  1…2….3…’  Suddenly all three screamed in unison as they stiffened as both men released their cum into her simultaneously!   They filled her ass and vagina with their black seed while she screamed in orgasmic pleasure, buting the shoulder of the man below her.  She collapsed  as both men pulled their limp and spent cocks out of her.   Their fluids leaked onto the sheets and after a minute the lights went up and the director stopped filming. Rebecca lay on the bed as she was worn out and she drank some water given to her by one of the helpers. She imagined she looked like a stcky mess.  The people in the audience were now filing out of the room.  Eventually she was led to the bathroom where she had a shower. When she was finished the helper gave her a robe.  When she went back into the studio the director told everyone to take a break and they will finish later.

“A break?  Later? We aren’t done?” Rebecca was confused  and led to another windowless room that looked like a makeshift dressing room. The  Director told she would be spending her time in this room between takes and the door will be locked, so she shouldn’t bother trying to escape. After the woman had left Rebecca got on the bed and cried herself to sleep and wondered why her Black Master would allow this to happen just to pay off a debt.

Life of a Black Cock Slut – Chapter 17: Rebecca Taken To A Club

Part 17 Rebecca’s Black Master Takes Her To A Club For White Women.

When Rebecca woke up the following day she had a dry throat and went to get a drink of water. When she went back to bed, she saw Trevor and his large flaccid cock.  She had not awoken to such a cock before and knew exactly how to wake him up.  She slowly put her lips around his cock and started sucking him.  She was gentle not to wake him.  After a few minutes she felt him move and he opened his eyes and saw Rebecca sucking his cock. He put his hand on the back of her head and pushed down on his cock as he was nearly ready to cum. Rebecca started sucking him faster until he thrust his hips and stopped and moaned as he filled her mouth with his cum. As soon as he filled her mouth, he pulled his cock out of her mouth and some of his cum leaked out and fell on the bed. When they had finished Rebecca got up and went to take a shower as he fell back asleep. She got dressed in the bathroom and when she was ready she got on the bed and kissed Trevor hard on the lips and said ‘I love you my lover’ and Trevor said ‘I love you too’.  Rebecca got up walked to the door but turned round and before she left she whispered one more time, ‘I Love You.  Please call me’ and then said goodbye and then drove home.

When she got home everybody was still asleep so she quietly went in and went to the bedroom to change her clothes into some casual clothes and went downstairs to wait for her family to get up. Rebecca was glad that it was the weekend as it meant that she could get some rest and relax and enjoy herself. Rebecca tried to act normal but she was finding it harder not to want to go and spend it with her Black Master and Lover Trevor. She was obsessed with his cock.  As the week started, she waited for the text from her Black Master.  She even texted him on Tuesday but did not hear back.  Then on Thursday she got the text from Trevor telling her to meet him at the hotel at 6:00pm on Friday as he had a surprise for her and not to be late. Rebecca had a smile on her face after she got the text and sent him one back saying that she cannot wait to see him.

The weekend could not come fast enough for Rebecca. On Friday afternoon she quickly left the office and drove home. People at work had noticed her behavior had changed recently, but figured it was just something going on at home.  When she got home she saw quickly went upstairs and started to find something to wear and then got ready for her night with Trevor. She had told her family she’d be out again and they decided they were going to see movie without her.  When Rebecca was ready she checked herself in the mirror and then she got what she needed and drove to meet Trevor.

When she got to his place she went in and she saw Trevor waiting for her. She went up to him, hugged him and kissed him hard on the lips. She felt his large hands grab her ass while they were kissing. She loved how he was aggressive with her body.  After some time kissing they split apart and he led her to the bed where he had laid out the outfit he wanted her to wear. She got undressed and put on a leather top, leather skirt, leather bra, leather panties and black stockings and thigh high leather boots. When she was ready she stood in front of him and he liked what he saw.  She looked like a tough biker chick.   He kissed her and then he said it was time to go and she followed him out to the car. Rebecca asked him where are yo taking me and he said it was a surprise and he started the car and drove off. After some time they arrived at a normal looking building on Wilshire in Beverly Hills.  Trevor explained it was called ‘Club Joi’ ( and he told her that he had a surprise for her. When they walked to the club, Trevor told him he had a reservation and the man at the door checked that his name was on the invite list and opened the door.

They walked in and he gave the lady at the reservation desk his ID and she gave him a key on a chain and two towels. Rebecca grabbed his arm and followed him as they walked along a corridor until they came to the changing rooms.  The place was loud and dark.  She could hear lots of people shouting and laughing.  He led her to the changing rooms and they went in and her told her to get naked down to her boot.  He took all her clothes, put them in a locker with his clothes and the towels. He locked the locker and put the chain with the key around his neck. They left the locker room and went to the bar in an area called the Exhibitionist area for a drink. Rebecca saw that all the women were white and the men were all black and Trevor told her that it was a swingers club but night was a theme night were white women come to get fucked by black men and hope she was prepared to be fucked.

While they were at the bar Trevor introduced her to some of his friends and although being naked, she was definitely impressed with all the cocks. She also noticed many women had the same tattoo as her. After some time her Black Master told her it was time and led her to a room called the Indian room.  When she went in she saw that there was a big bed in the middle of the room on a platform.  Trevor led her to the bed they stood their for a couple seconds before other black men with their white women came in and stood or sat around the edge of the room.  Rebecca was really amazed to see there were so many women like her who had black master.  She suddenly realized they were there to watch them as they sat down.  Then she realized they were not there to see Trevor, who walked to the edge of the room where he started kissing a redhead.  Rebecca was shocked to see her lover’s cock in the hands of another woman and did not notice the two big well hung black men who came into the room and walked up to her.  Just as she turned to see them, one of them put his hands on her head and she knew that she was to suck both of their cocks so she got down on her knees and she grabbed his cock with her hands and started to play with their cocks, stroking them stiff and then she put one of the cocks into her mouth and tried to get as much as she could into her mouth and she started to gag. She started to suck his cock as she played with the other one and then she try to get both cocks into her mouth, but could not get them both in as they were so big.

Rebecca was enjoying play with two cocks at the same time as they reached down and played with her breasts. She was getting wet and could not wait for them to fuck her. As she was playing with the cocks her vagina was getting wet and she wished that one of them would throw her on the bed and fuck her hard.  One of them mumbled to her.  She looked up at the guy who had his cock in her mouth and he repeated to her, “ Yo baby, are we fucking you with or without condoms?”  Rebecca looked over and saw that Trevor was fucking the redhead.  With jealous rage, she said, “Breed me.” Just then they both picked her up on put her on the bed and one of them spread her legs and got between her and got hold of his cock and started to push his cock into her vagina.  Rebecca spread her legs and started to fuck her hard and fast.  “Yes, fuck me!  Give it to me harder, ” she screamed.  The other one got on the bed by her head and pushed his cock into her mouth and fucked her mouth as the other one was fucking her vagina. As she was being fucked by the two studs she was getting turned on knowing that she was being watch by all the couples in the room and getting more cock than the redhead.  It turned her on that a man she didn’t know was fucking her hard.  She scream out as she had a powerful orgasm and started swearing at the stud to fuck her harder with his big black cock. As Rebecca was getting fucked, her Black Master was also in a threesome with the redhead and her date.  All the other couples were fucking as well and it turn into a orgy. Rebecca started to scream as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on the stud’s cock and then the stud who was fucking her mouth told her that he was cumming and forced is cock more into her mouth as she begged him to give it to her.  With a loud roar he filled her with his cum.  It was too much as she couldn’t hold it all and came out the side of her mouth and when he had finished he took it out and some of his cum leaked out of her mouth.   Rebecca reached up and scooped back into her mouth and swallowed it.  The stud who was fucking her stopped, spanked her ass and took his cock out and lay down on the bed and told her to get on top of his cock and put it in her vagina and start fucking him. Rebecca moved on top of his 9” cock and mounted him.  She slowly slid down his cock and tried to take the whole length in her.  At one point she hesitated and he spanked her and told her to “take it all”. He grabbed her breasts and pulled on her nipples and she cried out as she eased down until her ass touched his balls.

While Rebecca was fucking his cock the other stud leaned her forward got behind her and started to push his cock into her ass.  Rebecca was paralyzed. Itt gave her some pain, but once he was in her ass and he started to fuck her she got use to his cock as the two took turns pumping her. “OhMy God,” she kept screaming.  She started to enjoy being fucked by two cocks at the same time. As Rebecca was being fucked she could feel another orgasm build up inside her and her body shaked uncontrollably. “Oh God, I’m going to come,” she cried.  She tried to get more of the cocks inside her and was telling them to fuck her harder and cum inside her.  She wanted to cum and then she had another powerful orgasm and fell down onto the stud under her.  “I’m yours, just use me”  And then both studs told her that they were both about to cum and pushed both their cocks inside her and then they filled her vagina and ass with their cum and she had another powerful orgasm as they all three squirted together.  After they had finished they both pull their cocks out of her vagina and ass and their cum started to leak from her vagina and ass and she turn round and lay down on the bed as the two studs got up and left the room. As she lay there she saw that nearly all the couples had left apart from a couple of females who got on the bed and one got between her legs and started to lick the cum from her vagina and ass and the other female started to kiss her hard on the lips. As this was going on her Black Master was watching her with the two females and he was playing with his cock. Then the female kissing her moved down her body until she was with her friend and the female licking vagina pushed two fingers into her vagina as she was cleaning the cum from her vagina. The other female rubbed her clit and this sent Rebecca over the top and she was soon having another powerful orgasm. She squirted on the face of the female licking her vagina and she sucked the cum from her vagina with loud slurps.  The two women then kissed, sharing Rebecca’s juices in their mouths.  Rebecca was sure that it was mixed with the cum of her black lovers from earlier in the evening.

Suddenly she and her Black Master were alone as the two women ran off giggling. The Black Master went to the bed.  Rebecca hit him.  “I can’t believe you fucked another woman”.  He laughed and said, “You are mine, but I can fuck whomever I want, but I will only cum in your pussy”.   He laughed that she was jealous.  He played with his cock until he was ready to cum and then came all over her face and body. When he was finished Rebecca scopped some of the cum off her chin and put it into her mouth. Her Black Master then said that it was time to get dressed so he led her to the locker room and said they should both have a shower and she follow him to the shower room had washed each other and when they had finished they both got dry and then he open the locker with their clothes and passed Rebecca hers and he got his and they both got dressed when they were ready he put his arm around her and they walked to the front desk and gave the locker key and towels to the woman and left the club and when they got to her car Rebecca hugged him and said thank you for a great night.  It was actually a very easy night.  She still wanted more.  She kissed him hard on the lips and then they drove back to the hotel.

And after sometime they got back to the hotel and they both got out and he locked the car and they went into the room and Rebecca got undressed and gave the clothes she had worn to her Black Master and then she put the clothes she came in back on and when she was ready she went up to Trevor and put her arms round him and kissed him hard on the lips. She reluctantly let go and said thank you my lover and I will miss you and then he said I will miss you as well and then she said bye and drove back home.

Erotica- Rebecca’s Journey To Becoming The Queen of Spades Chpt 1

Chapter 1. About Maria and how It All Began

This story will tell how Maria Ferrante a single white female from a rural suburb in Ohio will give up everything in her old life to become Rebecca, The Queen of Spades after a chance encounter which changed her life forever.

In her late 30’s , standing 5’ 4” in her bare feet and weighing is 115 pounds, she is an intelligent independent woman who moved to Los Angeles for more excitement both at work and her social life. Her greatest physical asset is her ass, but she was innocently unaware of her appeal. Maria had many suitors, but she was too busy with her career which left her without a boyfriend or husband.  She did not mind though.  Men were just a drag on her life. She often told her friends that guys just slowed her down and she liked fucking them and not having any residue in her life.

After a successful start to her career in New York, she moved to her new home in West Hollyood in favor of a more vibrant night life and better weather.  She had created her own financial professional service business for her high net worth clients where she provided financial management by doing accounting and taxes for many in the entertainment industry. In her spare time Maria spent her weekends with her friends clubbing and drinking in Santa Monica and Hollywood. She met lots of men that way, but rarely did those relationships last beyond a couple dates.  The men were too aggressive for her and not very much worth her time.  They were animals and not strong intellectually.  She rather actually liked taking charge of the relationship so that she could be the person who dumped a guy rather than being dumped.

She had stopped dating guys her age as they were all intimidated by her success.  Like New York, guys in Los Angeles were smooth talkers and she saw right through them.  She ended up dating younger guys who didn’t know better and were fine with a meaningless romp in the hay with a cougar.  The men she picked were usually young white males who made her feel young again and she knew that in the morning they’d be gone and out of her hair, so that became convenient and it fits in with her life style of not being tied down to the same man. Maria was enjoying her life and her business was doing so well that she moved from her flat into a new house and was starting to enjoy herself, but all that was going to change the day of her chance encounter that would change her life forever.

Maria had taken the week off so that she could get her house sorted out and the day that would change her life began as usual. Maria got up and began her normal routine of drinking Intellgentsia coffee and reading the newspaper. She loved being alone where she could sit around in her bra and panties with a robe on to cover them. Just then the doorbell rang and it startled her as she was not expecting anyone. She got up and looked out of the window and saw that there was a cable company van parked outside her house. She saw a tall young black man at the door. Maria had forgotten that she had called the cable company to come and fit her home up with cable. Maria had just moved into her house a few weeks ago and was finally getting the cable fitted so that she could watch HD television and get high speed wireless internet. Maria opened the front door and apologized for the way she looked, but he didn’t mind as he looked her up and down to try and get a peek into her robe. Maria had always been told that black men are only after one thing, but she honestly had not spent much time in the company of black men.  She had no idea about the mythical difference between white and black men.

Maria took him to the room where she wanted the cable to be installed and while he went about his job Maria sat down on the couch and continued to read the Journal and finished drinking her coffee. After catching up with her team at work, she checked in on the cable guy and asked him if he would like something to drink and he said a bottle of water would be fine, so she went to the kitchen and came back with the water, but as he got from behind the TV she realized that he could see right up her robe and saw her thong.  Maria looked down and saw him smiling and looking up her robe.  It took a second, but she blushed as she grabbed her robe tightly and went back to the couch and sat down embarrassed. She also apologized for interrupting him. He said, “You don’t need to apologize. I certainly don’t mind as you have such a nice ass’.   He winked at her and started to laugh.  Maria smiled back nervously.  She then went back to reading her Journal and the Herald Times, putting the paper in front of her face so he could not see the smile on her face. She was turned on.  She would glance up occasionally to check him out as his head was behind the TV and she noticed the bulge in his pants. She eyed his cock, thinking to herself that his cock could not be that long as it snaked halfway down his leg. Maria had only been with white men and their cocks were about 5”. This was at least 10”.  As she was daydreaming behind the newspaper, her legs spread once again giving him a nice view up her robe. She failed to notice that he had crossed the room on his hands and knees and was now a few feet from her looking up her robe at her pussy and around the paper at her as her eyes closed and mouth opened. When she opened her eyes their eyes met again. Maria jumped up and started to apologize, but he said to not worry about it.

His cock was a huge bulge still in her pants.  He said to her “After all I got to see your panties and it’s only fair that you want to see what I have.”  Maria tried to say something but all that came out was, “I’m sorry.  I just couldn’t help but stare.  I haven’t seen one that long. It can’t be real.” He replied, “Well I can promise you sweetheart that it is real.  Have you ever seen a black man naked?  You know that they say, “Once you go black, you never go back.”  She had never heard that before.   Trying to change the subject, she said, “Mighty assured of yourself.  Well, I need to get ready. How much longer will you be taking to get this set up?”  He told her about another hour.

Embarrassed excited and confused, Maria went upstairs while he finished. She went upstairs to her bedroom and sat down on the bed to catch her breath and try to relax. Maria thought to herself “I guess it must be true what they say about black men” and then took her clothes off and went into the bathroom to take a shower. Maria took a long hot shower and she was still turned on and decided to rub her pussy to help relieve herself unaware that she was being watched. When she stepped out of the shower she screamed and pulled the towel over her body when she saw the cable guy was in the bathroom waiting for her.  She saw his hard bulge between her legs and tried to run, but he grabbed her and started to kiss her on the lips. She tried to fight him off and screamed at him to leave her alone, but he was too strong.

He said to her, ‘I watched you cumming and I know that you want it .  You should stop pretending you don’t.”  She started to scream at him and fought hard to get away from him, but he kept a tight grip on her wrists to keep her under his control.  She told him that if he did not let her go she would call the cops, but he laughed and just kept hold of her. He said to her, “Once I have finished with you, you will be begging me for more.” Maria realized that no matter how hard she fought, she could not win.  Maria needed a plan of escape. She decided that if she gave in, he may loosen his grip on her and she could escape from him. He started to try and kiss her again, but she turned her head. He turned her round and took one of his hands and smacked her hard on her ass.  She screamed and told him it hurt. He looked her in the face and said, “I saw you looking at my cock and I know you want it bitch and you will love it.” he snapped at her. Nobody had ever used that language with her.  He tried to kiss her and this time Maria let him and when he touched her pussy he stuck a finger in her it sent a shiver through her body.   Helpless to his strength, she then kissed him hard on the lips.  His cock was so hard.  Suddenly he dragged her to her bedroom and sat her down on the edge of the bed and told her “Don’t worry bitch I am not going to make love to you, and once you feel a real cock inside you, you are going to want me to fuck you like the white slut you are”. Maria hit him across the face “I am not a white slut you bastard.”  He then looked at her and said, ‘You are in for a big treat’. He grabbed her wrists tight over her head and kissed her again. Maria knewt she was going to be raped by this tall black man, but she was not going to give in easily.

He stood over her and bent down to kiss her again and this time he grabbed her hand and put it on his cock and moved it up and down to let her know what he wanted her to rub it. Maria was shocked at how big it was and could not believe that cocks could be that big. She started to get scared as it kept growing, knowing that he wanted to put it in her vagina and that it would not fit. As she was rubbing it, she realized that she was doing it on her own without his help and then she started to move her hand away, but he got hold of her hand and put it back on his cock and told her ‘Don’t stop bitch you know you like rubbing it’.   She knew what she had to do.  She needed to make him cum prematurely. Maria then went to the belt on his pants and unfastened it. As she pulled his pants down she saw is cock spring up at her as he was not wearing any underwear and she just looked at it.  She was mesmerized at how thick and huge it was. She then grabbed hold of it and tried to put her fingers round it, but it was too big in her small hand. Maria then started to stroke his huge cock and it was still growing. Maria thought to herself that it must be ten inches long and thick as well and she knew that there was no way he could fuck her with his huge cock and she reasoned that if she sucked his cock and made him cum. he would leave.  That is what she did when she wanted a guy to leave. He then he told her to suck his cock and she thought that once he cums he will be gone.

Maria tried to get his cock into her mouth, but all she could get in was the head of his cock and she started to suck his cock in the hope that he would cum soon, but after 15 minutes he took his cock out of her mouth and told her to lay down on the bed. Maria looked at him and said, “No please don’t.  I can’t. I can’t fuck you as your cock is too big and it won’t fit”, but he moved his fingers to her vagina and said, “Look at your vagina and feel how wet it is.”  Maria knew that he was right as she was indeed soaking wet. He pushed her back on the bed and spread her legs wide and brought his cock to her pussy.  Maria protested and begged him not to.  Maria slapped him across the face and said, “if you are going to fuck me, please put a condom on”.  She reached across to the night stand and found a condom in the drawer and she gave it to him but he said ‘Go on and put it on yourself’ and she tried but it would not fit.  Finally she got it over the head of his cock and it ripped.  He chuckled at her and said, “These condoms are made for white boys and not for black cocks’. He then pushed her back on the bed and got between her legs.  Maria pleaded, “No please don’t.  Please.  Nobody has ever been in me bare.”  She was crying, “Please be gentle.”  He forced her legs apart and slid his cock into her pussy.  “Please don’t cum in me.  Please.”   She begged him to pull out and not to cum in her and he agreed as he did not need some white bitch trying to get child support from him. He got between her legs and started to rub his cock on her clit and then he push his huge black cock into her vagina and he told her “Once I have pushed my cock into your vagina you will be stretched out and you’ll never feel a white boys cock anymore. No white cock is ever gonna satisfy you,” he gloated.

When he pushed the head of his cock in her vagina she instantly felt the head of his cock push against her g-spot and had a mini-orgasm.  She was silent.  She had never felt such a thing.  Her pussy lips tightened around his cock as it disappeared inside her.  “Oh my god, it feels so big.  Please stop.”  She felt stretched just from the head of his cock and then he started to push more and more of his cock into her vagina until she felt she could not take anymore. Tears were pouring from her eyes.  Not only had she never had a cock this size before, but the feeling of his warm cock as it pulsed against her skin felt so good.  As she got used to his cock she was able to take the whole of his cock in her vagina and then he slowly started to fuck her and she was starting to feel her orgasm build up in her body and she started to scream at him to fuck her hard with his black cock. As his cock was fucking her it would rub against her clit and soon she was having another powerful orgasm. Soon he was fucking her hard and she came a few more times as her G-spot was being rubbed in ways it had never been touched.  She had never cum that much in her life and then she was close to another orgasm again and she screamed at him,  “Oh god, Please fuck me! I’m cumming!! Don’t stop! Fuck me – fuck me, fuck me with your big nigger dick!”   She wanted him to cum.  Her pussy was suffocating.  She knew her next words would get him, “God I love it.  Give me a little black bastard child. Oh fuck, oh fuck, yes, yes!! Fuck me!” When the repair man heard those words, he knew that she was his.  This woman wanted him so badly she was willing to let him cum in her bare pussy.  He looked her in her beautiful eyes.  He could not believe this rich white bitch was begging for it.  He asked her.  “Are you sure you want me to cum in your pussy?”  She looked him in the eyes and her mind said, “No”, but all that came out of her lips was, “Yes, I want to feel it”.  He exploded as his cock flexed in her pussy and she felt him fill her vagina with his cum.  He let go of her wrists and collapsed on top of her and they lay there for a few minutes in their sweat. Suddenly Maria realized what she had done.  She had let a complete stranger fill her vagina with his cum and she could get a disease or get pregnant. His cock still jerking filled her.  Trying to pull off of him was painful.  As she finally pulled the mushroom head of his penis, she saw how it pulled her labia lips outward.  They looked red and stretched.  She had never seen them like that before. Finally she was able to get off his penis and limped into the bathroom to pee and get the cum out of her vagina.  It dripped out of her as she peed.  She cried and wiped her eyes.  She had never been fucked so violently before and she loved it.

When she returned to the bedroom she did not know what to do.  He was still there naked on the bed with his eyes closed.  Maria returned to the bedroom and sat on the edge of the bed.  Finally he sat up and she saw his huge black cock and held it in her hand one last time.  She couldn’t believe that had been inside her. He could tell she was still in sexual shock.  She hadn’t said a word. He had never fucked a white woman before, but had seen this kind of reaction before and decided to play it cool.  He pulled his pants up and went downstairs and finished hooking up her cable. When she finally came downstairs she had her robe on and he told her that he had set up her cable and before he went he gave her his card and told her to call anytime for cable and internet repairs.  He turned and was ready to leave.  She was shocked he was just going to leave.  He could see in her eyes that she did not want him to leave.  No guy had ever done this to her.  He was her first bare cock and she didn’t even know his name.  She belonged to him.  Before he could reach the front door she grabbed him and kissed him. After the kiss he turned and left. Maria was in shock at what had just happened. She had just had the best fucking in her life and she did not know that she could have that many orgasms.  For the rest of the week Maria could not stop dreaming of his cock. When she went out with her friends and let young white guys buy her drinks and pick her up, her enthusiasm was not there.  When she went to bed with a young surfer dude she could not feel his cock and was not satisfied. She had to wait until he had gone before she would lay on the bed and start to rub her clit thinking about the cable guy before having an orgasm.  It was still not enough.  She needed the real thing.  Even went she went out with her girlfriends that week she found herself looking at the groins of black men. She knew that if she wanted to enjoy sex again then she had to think about picking up black men. The question is that the black men did not seem to approach her in the bars.  Maybe she was going to the wrong places or they were intimidated by her.  Also, her friends might find that to be a little awkward.

Maria found out later on that she was not pregnant and she knew that she had to go to the doctor and get some birth control so she will not get pregnant. And from that day Maria would start a journey that would lead her to all sorts of adventures meeting black men until she would eventually be Rebecca the Queen of Spades.

Chapter 16 (Life of a Black Cock Slut): Rebecca’s 3-Some

Part 16 Rebecca Has A Threesome With Her Black Master And His DJ Friend.

When Rebecca got home she made sure that she looked alright and then switched from Rebecca to Maria the normal housewife. Sunday night came she dreamed about Trevor her Lover and Black Master and the time she spent with him at the hotel. She was turned on and wished that he was there to fuck her with his black cock. Luckily her husband was a heavy sleeper as she had a powerful orgasm and had to cover her mouth with her pillow so he could not hear her cum. When she had come down from her orgasm she then laid her head on the pillow exhausted and was soon fast asleep.

When she woke up on Monday she looked at herself in the mirror and saw a woman who was still in two minds at what she wanted in life and if she wanted to keep on sneaking around to meet her lover without anyone finding out or did she want to leave her life as Maria a married wife and mother and become Rebecca, a sex-craved modern woman and move in with her lover. She knew that she was falling in love with the sex Trevor was providing her. Rebecca finished getting ready and left. At work she still was confused. She wished that she could just give it all up for her lover and she hoped that he would text her soon and tell her that he wants to meet her again. As the week went on and she had not had a text from Trevor she started to worry that he may not text her.  Maybe he had gotten all he needed that weekend.  Maybe he was through with her.  Maybe she was no longer fun for him. Finally when Thursday came she got the text from Trevor tell her to meet him at the hotel at 7.00 pm on Friday and she sent a text back saying that she will be there.

When Rebecca got home she had a smile on her face as she was looking forward to Friday night.  She was unsure though if she would be spending the night.  He didn’t say anything about it. Rebecca told her husband that she was going out again on Friday and may be late in as she was going out with her friends again and he just said ok as if he did not care.  This reminded her how much she enjoyed being with Trevor.  He cared.  He wanted to be with her.  Maybe her husband wouldn’t mind if she just said she wanted to leave.  When she woke up on Friday morning she felt relaxed and looked forward to when she meet her lover and find out what he had plan for her tonight.

Friday went by slowly and when it was time to go home Rebecca got her stuff and left the office and drove home. When she arrived she had something to eat, prepared dinner for the family and then she checked the time and then went upstairs and pick something to wear so that her family would think it was normal for going out.  She knew that Trevor would have something for her to wear when she got to his hotel. When she was ready she went downstairs and said goodbye to her husband and family and reminded them not to wait up as she might not be home until late.  She also said that since she would be downtown that if she had too much to drink that she might spend the night at a friend’s place. On her way to the hotel Rebecca could feel her vagina getting wet knowing that she would soon be filled with a large cock.

When she arrived, she got out of her car and locked it and then she went up to his room and used a key that he had given to her on their last date. She entered the room and saw her Black Master waiting for her and she went up to him and put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips and she felt his hands on her ass and she started to rub her vagina against his hard cock. She reached into her purse and handed him a set of keys and said, “I want you to be able to visit me too when nobody else is around.”  He placed them on the dresser and then he let go of her and said to her that he was going to take her to a club his friend worked at as a DJ and as his slut he wanted her to fuck him to pay off a debt. Rebecca looked at him, smiled and said that she would do whatever he wanted her to do. So he went and to the closet and returned with an outfit for her to wear. It was a short black dress with a low neck line, stockings and a pair of black boots and no underwear. So Rebecca got undressed and went to take a shower. She loved what he chose for her.  It left nothing to the imagination and was a little too tight and small. When she bent over, the skirt slid up her hips and she had to keep pulling it down.  She applied bright red lipstick and a little more makeup than normal.  When she was done she looked at her Black Master for approval and he whistled and gave her a wink. He walked up to her and put his arms around her, lifted her skirt and gave her a big lick and a huge suck as he stuck his finger up her vagina. He looked up and said he didn’t want to mess with her makeup.  When they were ready he took her hand and they left. After some time they arrived at their destination.  Rebecca was scared.  The King Henry VIII club was in a part of town she had never been to.  She had remembered hearing about a fatal shooting here a few years before.  She looked around and she looked at Trevor.  He came around to her side of the car and helped her out.  He handed a $20 to a guy she thought was an attendant and told him to make sure nothing happened to the car as it was the nicest car in the lot.  They walked with his arm around her and Rebecca held onto him for security. When they got to the door they showed their IDs.  The bouncer wrote down their names, looked at them and stared at her up and down. Rebecca was scared that he had written down her real name and license number. “Can she dance?”  he asked Trevor.  “Not like the other girls, but she’s pretty nasty”, he replied.  The bouncer gave her another look, laughed, smiled and said, “OK, if she dances, there is no entry fee.  She is to charge $20 per dance per song.  She then must give 50% to the club before leaving.  I definitely want to see this!”  He waived them through and as they walked by he reached up her skirt and gave her a squeeze.  Shocked, Rebecca jumped and gave him a look.  The bouncer blew her a kiss and winked.

When she walked in the club she saw that not only was she the only white person, but that all the dancers were black too.   It was busy and wall to wall people.  As she walked through she felt like everyone was staring at her.  This was a black men’s club for black women. She was a bit scared as she felt hands rubbing against her as they pushed through the crowd.  She felt safe again when her Black Master put his arm around her and took her to the back of the club and found a booth. After waiting for a couple minutes with no server in sight, Trevor got up and asked her if she would like a drink. So he went to the bar and she watched the dancers on the stage.  No sooner did he leave that a black gentleman in a nice suit sit down and moved up against her and put his hand up her skirt and between her legs.  He placed a Manhattan in front of her and motioned for her to drink it.  She normally did not take drinks from strangers, but she was scared and drank a big gulp, almost choking, as it was strong. He smiled and introduced himself, “People call me Sweeney and this is my club.  The bouncer told me you will be one of the girls dancing at the Amateur Happy Hour.  Now we don’t get many classy white girls like you around here, so please behave.  All girls must accept invitations.  You can not turn down my customers.  We keep an eye on all the girls so we know how much you are earning.  All tips on stage after you pay off the DJ are yours, so anything up there is all yours, but anything in the back private room or at a table, we get 50%.  One more thing.  We are a respectable club.  No penises are allowed to penetrate you.  Sex is not allowed.  I could lose my liquor license.”  He was now fingering her.  She was scared but found herself getting wetter and spreading her legs. “I hope you have a successful night.  As you can see, my customers are really anxious to see something like you here.”  Rebecca looked up and she felt like the whole club was watching.  They looked like a pack of horny wolves.

Just then Trevor came back to the table with three shots and a couple of cocktails. “Hey Trevor, I was just giving your lady the rules.”  Trevor handed a shot to Sweeney and Rebecca. “Great!  And thanks for the free drinks.  You are the best.”  Sweeney responded, “You keep bringing me class talent like this white cougar and the drinks will always be on the house. “  He raised his shotglass for a salute. Rebecca hesitantly raised her glass and after clinking glasses she started to swallow when Sweeney shoved his finger way up her pussy causing her pussy to gush.  Rebecca let out a gasp, but only she and Sweeney knew what had just happened.  He grabbed her by the neck and kissed her.  “Well I gotta tend bar.  I can’t wait to see you perform.  I want to see who this place reacts to you.”

Trevor sat back down and put his arm around her.  As the night went on Rebecca became more relaxed pumped full of drinks.  She tried to watch the other girls to see if she could learn any pointers.  They were really good and obviously the black women had more natural moves then her.    Just then she heard a voice over the microphone.  It was Sweeney.  “Hey everyone.  It is now Amateur Hour where those women who gained free entrance by volunteering to dance and perform for you for $100.” The bouncer had him a paper. “Well it looks like we only had once cheap whore brave enough to volunteer for you hounds tonight, but I think this is going to be a good one.  I had a chance earlier to sample her pussy and she is so wet and turned on to be here.”  Rebecca looked down at her glass as Trevor brushed his finger against her pussy and whispered to her, “You are going to be great.  Nobody knows you here.  Just be naughty.” She looked up and just as she was even more surprised as Sweeney finished his intro and a big spotlight aimed at her,  “Please welcome Maria Ferrante, from Hollywood Hills who has come here to show us her platinum gold pussy.”  Rebecca realized that is why he had taken her name down.  Now all these people knew her name.  She was stunned until Trevor stood up and helped her out of the booth and pointed her up to the stage.   The place was absolutely silent except for the clinking of glasses.  Was this white woman about to get naked in front of hundred of black male and female customers? She heard a black woman yell, “You guys really want to see some skinny white ho up there? Girl, you got some nerve!  I bet you can’t make a real black man’s dick get hard.”  Rebecca was scared but Sweeney interrupted just as Rebecca arrived at his side, “That is no way to treat this lovely lady who has volunteered and I guarantee she has all the curves of a black woman in a white woman’s body.”  He then started to interview her, “Hi girl, don’t mind her, we are all excited to see something we don’t get to see very often around here.  Aren’t we my brothas?”  Suddenly a big affirmative roar startled Rebecca.  He continued, “Are you ready Maria?”  She whispered into the microphone, “This is my first time in a strip club so I am a bit nervous. Oh and you can call me Rebecca.” He then responded, gave her another shot of bourbon to relax her and said, “Don’t worry, this will relax you.  Besides these guys will love your ass.  Especially when they get to touch it!”  He just then turned her around as she swallowed the shot and lifted her skirt to reveal her bare ass.  The crowd roared and she even felt some liquid spray against her skin as someone raised their beer and it splashed on stage.

Suddenly “American Woman” by Aerosmith started playing and Sweeney turned her around facing the crowd and started kissing the back of her neck as he unzipped the back of her dress and slowly dropped her dress off her shoulders.  The dress dropped to the ground as Sweeney ran his hands over her boobs and her pussy as Rebecca started to gyrate her hips.  He then whispered, “Okay now give my clients what they paid for”.  He let go and Rebecca opened her eyes to realize hundreds of pairs of eyes looking at her stark naked except for a necklace and her boots.  The bourbon shot started to warm her body and she turned around and walked towards the pole. Sheawayed back and forth stopping briefly to give the audience a booty shake that she saw another girl do and the crowd roared their approval.  It spurred her on and she started to do a pole dance routine in front of everyone, rubbing her vagina up against the pole. She looked at the men by the front of the stage screaming with dollar bills in their hands and begging for her to get closer and was getting turned on having all these black men looking at her. Rebecca was so turned on that she wanted to lie down on the stage and let every black man fuck her.  After a few one handed twirls around the pole and spin around the pole like a fireman coming down a fire pole, she crawled around to one edge of the stage and crawled around the edge of the stage from one end to the next as men reached out and grabbed her while shoving dollar bills in her boots.   She wanted more, but just then the music stopped and Sweeney hopped on the stage and handed her her dress.  The DJ came over and gave her the $100 and she left the stage to cheers from every man.  Her head was spinning from the alcohol and the thrill of what had just happened.  When she got to the table she gave the money her Black Master to keep safe for her as she had not brought a purse. She was so drunk.  The rest of the night was a blur.  She wasn’t sure but at least 4 men came over with a shot of some alcohol and $20.  She never danced again that night as each man took Trevor’s place next to her and fondled her body and made out with her.  She was so drunk she lost track of the men.  She never even put her dress back on as Trevor held it for her.  Rebecca did remember at one point 2 300 pound men approached the table with $200 and asked for a 1 hour private dance in the back room, but was pretty sure that she said no.  In actuality Sweeney had come over and reminded her that she had to go, but she was too drunk to remember.  The men carried her to the back room followed by a bouncer and Trevor who would take pictures. The large men had a great time with the semi-conscious Rebecca who had several orgasms.  The men kept buying her drinks to keep her lubricated.  Rebecca would later wonder nwy her whole body, face and hands were so sticky.  The men did try and have sex with her, but the bouncer did his best to prevent things from getting out of control.  The last hour, Trevor had to keep the guys away telling them she was too tired.  Trevor started giving her water to sober her up as she slumped half asleep against his shoulder.  When it was time for the club to close, he woke Rebecca up and her Black Master waited behind for his friend the DJ and he asked his friend if he wanted a lift as she still needed to tip him.  He said yes as Trevor pulled out a $50 and handed it over.  The Black Master said to Rebecca to get in the back with the DJ and put your head on his lap to pay him back.  Rebecca was still so drunk she did not realize she had not put her dress back on and walked out of the club into the neighborhood naked except for her boots.  They walked to the parking lot with the DJ holding her up as she stumbled in her stiletto boots and got in with his friend while the Black Master got in the front and started the car and drove off.

As they were on their way Rebecca felt the DJ move his hand onto her leg and move it between her legs until her reached her clit and started to rub it with his fingers. Her vagina was getting wet. She pulled his zipper down and took out his fat cock and started to suck as he started to push 3 fingers into her vagina.  Trevor kept his eye on the road but looked in his mirror when she started to moan as the DJ fucked her fast jamming his fingers deep inside her cunt.  This made her suck his cock faster and she gagged as she tried to get more of his cock into her mouth. While this was going on her Black Master had found a place to stop and he turned around to see his slut and lover sucking his friend’s cock. Then his friend told her to sit on his cock and Rebecca took his cock and put it into her vagina and sank all the way down to get in all in her vagina.  She was half delusional thinking she was on Trevor’s cock. Trevor watched her face as he could tell she was about to cum. He told her to fuck his cock and she was screaming out, “Fuck me. Fuck me with your hard cock and make me cum.” His friend was pulling at her nipples as he was fucking her hard and Rebecca was so turned on that she screamed out as she was cumming and had a powerful orgasm that  squirted all over his lap and onto the leather in the back seat.  This lubricated his cock and made him fuck her harder and faster. He started to fuck her hard and he pushed all the way into her vagina and touch her cervix and then they froze together as she felt his cum fill her vagina. It felt so good she had another powerful orgasm as well. When he had filled her vagina with his cum his friend pull his cock out and his cum leaked out of her vagina and fell on the seat.  Trevor noticed the mess and told his friend, “Get this whore out of the car, she’s messing up the leather.” He got her out of the car and he lead Rebecca to a patch of ground and told her to knees and they both got their cocks out and Rebecca sucked each cock in turn. They both started to play with her nipples. When they are ready her Black Master told his friend to lay down and he lifted Rebecca and sat her down on his cock.  Rebecca was in a dream and would not recall what a whore she was, fucking two men on the side of the road naked.  She started to fuck his cock and her Black Master wet his fingers and pushed them into her ass and get her ready for his cock.  Rebecca whimpered a quiet resistance but she was too weak to resist.  She started  to fuck the DJ harder and telling him to fuck her and make her cum. The Black Master, seeing she was ready to climax, got down on his knees and pushed his cock into her ass slowly and then they both start to fuck her vagina and ass at the same time.  Rebecca was screaming now.  Fortunately they were basically in a ditch on the side of a busy road and could not be heard over the traffic.  Rebecca felt another orgasm building and told them to fuck her hard and cum with her.

As they were fucking her she screamed out again with another powerful orgasm and told them to fuck her and fill her with their black seed and breed her. She felt both push their cocks inside her and stop with a final thrust as they filled her vagina and ass with their black seed and she collapsed on to his friend as they finished filling her vagina and ass. Rebecca passed out.  When they had filled her vagina and ass her Black Master pulled his cock out of her ass. Their cum was leaking from her ass and her vagina.  They opened her mouth and stuck their cocks in her mouth to clean off and then wiped it in her hair. They carried her limp body back to the car and threw her in the back seat. The Black Master started the car and he and the DJ drove back to the DJ’s house and after some time they arrived and he got out.  They took photos and laughed about this being a night they’d never forget.  They laughed and said goodbye. Black Master got back into the car and drove off. When he got to his hotel he got the help of the gang in front of his place to help carry her naked body up to his room.  They looked at her and knew that she had been to King Henry’s and laughed.  He handed the keys to one of the crew guys and told him to get the car detailed as it smelled like stinky white pussy and the back seat was badly stained.

They threw her on the bed and he knew there was no way she would make it home.  He looked at the keys she gave him earlier but decided against trying to sneak her into her house.  He opened her phone and texted her family, “Sorry guys, staying with a friend.  Not legally able to drive.  See you tomorrow.”  She was totally unconscious and he wondered how much of the evening she would remember.  He pulled off her boots and threw her dress on the floor.  She would have a major hangover in the morning.  He realized that he had another boner and knelt over her face.  She was snoring.  He started to stroke his cock and pushed his cock against her open mouth and against her lips.  Finally he drained every last bit of cum onto her tongue and around her mouth.  He grabbed a glass of water from the nightstand and lifted her head.  She opened her eyes and saw him and smiled.  He said, “Here drink some water so you won’t be dehydrated in the morning.”  Her mouth was dry and she sipped down the water which mixed with the cum in her mouth.  She looked up at Trevor and said, “Thanks for taking care of me.  I love you.”  She then closed her eyes and curled up in the bed.  He  jumped into bed and spooned his woman.  Before closing his eyes he looked at his clock.  It was 3am.