A Very Special Interview – Meet Rebecca’s Ex (From our Cuck Consultant)

This forward is provided by DR. 36, THE CUCK CONSULTANT:

I am genuinely proud to be showcasing this special interview—and it’s not just because this is the 36th interview I’ve conducted 😉

No, rather it is because of its personal nature. You’re going to get a different look at the life of a famous internet hotwife, Rebecca from RebeccasOffice.com (whom I interviewed previously here) before she was ever a hotwife. You’re going to get to know things about her that go all the way back to when she was just a conservative college girl who was raised by very religious parents (the “sex is only for pro-creation” type) who also happened to fall on the intolerant side of racism. And you’re going to get to know her through the eyes of her “kinda cuckold” now ex-husband.

Why do I say kinda-cuckold? Because as you’ll see, he and Rebecca’s journey, which resembled a cuckold relationship, was more about her than it was him. It’s one of the most poignantly quintessential examples of compersion I’ve ever seen. To those on the outside, it could have been labeled a cuckold relationship, but in reality, it was a hotwife journey that was solely about Rebecca’s self-exploration and blossoming into a genuine hotwife, even when it meant their mutual decision to end their marriage.

Walk with me as we take a trip which starts down memory lane. On this trip we’ll explore the story of how a relationship between a young inhibited girl and a man who to this day doesn’t describe himself as a cuckold, morphed into one where she became a jet-setting bbc-loving, gangbanging, hotwife, MILF of the porn-world. Together they grew, individually and as a couple, she discovering and claiming who she really is, and he never wavering in his support of her. Our journey takes us to the present, where we find out the why they mutually decided to end their marriage—without regret.

Gentlemen (and ladies), I give you the ex-husband of Rebecca from Rebeccasoffice.com:


@RebeccasOffice: My 2014 @HotWifeBlog Interview

In case you never read my interview from the HotWifeBlog, I think it will add more insight into the cuckold relationship that I got myself into.  I never knew I was in one of these relationships until I left my husband last year.   I always thought that I was just a woman who enjoyed sex and was a swinger.  Perhaps if you are a swinger you are also in a cuckold relationship.  I loved the variety of sleeping with men other than my husband and became addicted to it such that we stopped sleeping together.  What do you guys think?  Is that a cuckold relationship in your mind?

Here is the link to the interview: CLICK HERE


@BBCWhorelist Interview of @RebeccasOffice

If you haven’t read my interview with Master X from the BBC Whorelist it gives you a glimpse as to who I am and how I became addicted to black cock.  I am very happy that they decided to include me amongst the initial girls.  I am girl #21 and I think they are up to about 200.  After you read mine, read about my girlfriends:  Alyse #3, Gabby #13, Holly #4, Janet #11, Dee #23, Lori #71 and Jackie #22. What you will note about most of these people are retired or lasted only a couple years.  I am now 14 years into this.

This is probably the first interview that I have ever done.  I hope it gives you some insight into my mindset at the time.


@RebeccasOffice Cuckold Interview With the @Cuck_Consultant

I recently did an interview with The Cuck Consultant for his website where I answered many of his questions on the topic.  Many of my members have said that they can relate to the stories and tales and advice that he provides on his website.  Please check out the interview and let me know what you think!

Were there any other questions you’d like to know about or hear?  Let us know what we missed.



Read the Big @RebeccasOffice Interview from @SpadesMagazine !

I have mentioned that there are some big changes going on personally and in my office and I have started talking more openly about them!    This interview started with some basic questions, but after a few drinks I really decided to open up as to what is going on in my life.  Please read on!  I hope you guys agree with my future plans!

I am strictly for BBC, especially in bare unprotected sex.”

Spades Magazine (Drew): Hi Rebecca. It’s so great to be doing with this interview with you. When I started this blog you were on my dream list of interviews, so this quite exciting. Tell us all about you.

Rebecca Dream: I have been so busy and always wanted to do this. Ever since I heard about the Queen of Spades title, I felt like that I should have that title too.  It has been a while since I have done an interview so it is probably good to update my QoS status with everyone.  I am now in my late 40s currently living in Southern California although I am originally from the great state of Ohio (Home of the Champion Cavaliers and soon to be Indians and Ohio State Buckeyes football). A lot of my basic information can be found on my Dreamnet website located at RebeccasOffice.com where I have been a webgirl since 2003. I would add a lot more here, but I think you will cover more below in the interview.

SM: How long have you been in the lifestyle?  What drew you to it?
RD: I have been officially in the interracial lover lifestyle since December 24, 2003, when I celebrated my birthday and Christmas Eve with a gentleman I had been conversing with online for almost 2 years. He was officially my first black man.  I never thought of it as a lifestyle.  It has been a natural progression over time.  I guess I never saw color, but the when I became a Dreamnet girl, I suddenly saw a channel for experiencing sexual fantasies that had always been deep down inside me and I had a husband who supported me.


My YNOT industry interview


This Office is More than Just a Job

(to see the entire interview with photos, please go to Rebecca’sYNOT Interview)
By Peter Berton

LOS ANGELES – For more than a decade, office worker Rebecca has been moonlighting in amateur porn via her own website, RebeccasOffice.com. Encouraged by a supportive husband, Rebecca diligently shoots new porn each and every week, without exception.

That’s what YNOT calls devotion to duty … although it may just be that Rebecca really enjoys her second job. We caught up with her on a coffee break to learn more.

YNOT.com: Do you actually work in a real-world office? If so, does anyone know about your other life?

Rebecca: I do work in an office. In fact many of my longtime members have noticed that I’m hard to reach at work during the day. It also is the reason why I don’t do online chat, because I found that my long work hours and my being on the West Coast was just too hard.

Early on, I ran into a colleague at a swinger party. His wife hit it off with my husband, and we eventually told them about my site. We have kept each other’s secret and have a good relationship at the office.

I dress pretty conservatively at work. In fact, we have some pretty hot female assistants in the office who’d look pretty good naked on the web.

Is your website a hobby, then?

I have a real life and consider this to be simply a hobby. Rebecca’s Office did not grow out of a professional aspiration of mine, but more as a way to escape the rigors of the everyday world and to explore my true female desires.

Why an office setting?

The office was originally a concept and theme I wanted to use to differentiate myself from others — you know, the naughty co-ed, the sexy librarian, etc. I also wanted it to be reflective of who I am and give people something to relate to in their everyday lives. Who doesn’t want to screw that beautiful secretary, the girl in the cube next door or that bitchy female [vice president] who thinks she’s better than you?

I really had no idea how long my office doors would be open; no idea that 10 1/2 years later I’d still be doing this. Kind of funny, but many people don’t stay in their real jobs that long.

One of the things I do like about the [office] concept is that I can bring myself into this hobby. I’ve always been a tireless worker; a bit of a nerd. I wasn’t going to do this halfway.

In the real world, I have a couple dozen people who rely on me at our company. I treat my fans just like my co-workers. I try to show up every day and take care of my responsibilities. In the real world, it is to put food on the table and money in their bank accounts. In this world, it is to put a smile on their face and a stiff rod in their pants.

Why did you start performing in porn online?

A bet, really. My husband and I got into swinging because I was just not feeling confident about my body after years of marriage. He told me I was beautiful, but that is what husbands are supposed to say, right?

We first put some photos up in a chat room, and guys really liked them and kept asking for more. Well, we took lots of photos for our swinger dating profile and then we started thinking that all these photos were being enjoyed, so why not put them somewhere else? The next thing you know, I’m asking around and I’m putting all my photos up on a password-protected site.

I’ve had great fans from the start, and all the great comments they send me each and every day has become addicting. I can’t stop! I mean, what woman doesn’t want to come home from work each day to tons of emails saying how beautiful or sexy [people] think I am?

In the everyday world, I don’t dress that provocatively. I don’t get catcalls from construction workers on break, but I do online. I love it. My fans — or should I say virtual employees? — are awesome.

Is it true you never take a vacation from Rebecca’s Office?

In more than 10 years of doing this, I have updated every single week. That’s right. I have an incredible work ethic. I’ve never taken a week off. That is what we do at Rebecca’s Office: a no vacation policy!

Seriously, I offer photo shoots of 30-50 photos as well as video clips, usually of me and one of my interracial lovers. At 2,500 photos a year for more than 10 years, that’s more than 25,000 photos.

My photos and videos are not professional nor are they brightly lit like real professionals [would do]. Ever try and have sex with hot lights shining on you? It is hard to relax.

Each of my sexual encounters is real. There is minimal staging. No acting at all. Over the last couple of years I have started making my videos available for mobile devices, as well.

Additionally, my provider, Dreamnet, makes the content of other Dreamnet girls available when you purchase a membership from me. So if you get tired of me one week, you can look at a redhead or a blonde.

Since this the social generation, I can easily be contact via Twitter, Facebook and my blog. Or you can just send me a good-old-fashioned email. All responses are 100-percent me.

Who shoots your content for you?

I have a girlfriend who is a photography hobbyist, and she does all my photography. My husband used to do it and occasionally still helps — we’ll take photos while on vacation, for example — but usually I will get together with my girlfriend and she takes them.

When it comes to actual sexual encounters, my husband used to [photograph those] exclusively, but I couldn’t relax with him around and he said it was too much for him to watch and film at the same time. Also, when working with other amateurs, many guys don’t want to be on camera.

Believe me, not everybody wants to be recognized on film, and some guys get freaked out when someone is circling the bed and taking photos. This is why many of my encounters are taken from a tripod and are lit in low light. Nobody can get real romantic when spotlights are on you.

You are watching me make love quietly, and what you are hearing are real emotions. Even when my girlfriend has done some video work, she said she has been tempted to join in because the action looks so good and hot.

Has your content evolved over the years?

Oh yes. When I started, video was very minimal. We eventually got into video, then had to get a better camera for both still and video shoots.

Also, I originally told my husband I would not do bareback or any kind of person-to-person sex on the site. Now I do gonzo scenes, interracial scenes and gangbangs. In most of the new things on my site, you can tell I’m doing it as part of my natural interaction with my boyfriends.

I’ve also evolved into social media with my online accounts and blog, which allows me to communicate with my members in another fashion on a daily basis.

How do you keep your customers paying?

I don’t know. I guess this is a relationship.

If you are mean to your friends or don’t talk to your friends, they disappear. Well, the same goes with my followers … er, employees. I try to check up on them. I don’t just post photos online and walk away. I respond personally to all emails, some tweets and some Facebook postings.

I’m a real person. I’ve even played Farmville on Facebook with some members.

In the real world of marketing, they say it is cheaper to acquire a loyal customer than a new customer. Once you are a member, I try to be responsive and proactive. Many members are surprised to get an email from me.

How has your on-screen life affected your marriage?

It has improved my marriage, believe it or not. To do what I do online requires trust and communication, so we talk all the time. I might say we have better communication than regular couples. He has said I am sexier in my attitude than ever before, yet I am still innocent in the same way.

I’d say the only thing that has evolved is that we rarely sleep with each other, just to keep it honest. He’s had a couple of girlfriends over the years, and I have had some pretty steady boyfriends These outside relationships are healthy and have formally communicated boundaries.

So in summary, the understanding of who we are as individuals and our communication with each other has improved immensely. Most of all, the respect for each other is beyond comprehension.