Oh no, hate losing a good friend, @Dreamnetfaith69 is retiring.

The one thing that is understated about my life online is that I have always enjoyed the company of the other women who have been online with me.  There is a certain amount of sisterhood that goes on.  Well one of those who has been on here longer than me is retiring.  She has given a lot more than the last 17 years online here to us and she is now unable to continue online.

Although she never worked for us here @RebeccasOffice, she has always been considered an honorary member.  It does make me feel sad to see her go.  We have been theoretically side by side working together for 15 years.

I hope you will join her site one more time and support her in a going away party.  She deserves your support and we need to give her a BLAST OFF going away party to send her on her way.

FAITH, we will miss you.  I will always remember that roller skating photo of you.  I was thinking that I’d never compare to you!


@RebeccasOffice Discovers Ex’s Interracial MILF Training Plans and Interviews. Visit Timeline

I want to thank everyone for their response to my last update.  The outpouring of men who interacted with my ex-husband back in the 90s and shared thoughts and images with him  is amazing.  I want to say that I had no idea this was all happening behind my back.  Remember, my site did not start until 2003.  I can’t believe to the extent of my husband’s master plan.  Well I guess it worked for all your benefit.  He was so naughty and now he has to live with his success.

Training to ignore Hubby’s cock for Black Dildo

He basically did this behind my back for about 10 years (1998-2008).  I discovered some pretty crazy things.  I didn’t know he once referred to me as Marita.  Marita was the name of my best friend in business school that he had a crush on.  I also did not know about how he was such an interracial cuckold experience.  Well he did get all his wishes.  This is a really interesting bit of news for me.  I had no idea so many people already knew about me before my site ever existed.

I think this all truly ended around 2005 which is when I opened my first own blog and started writing there.  He was no longer needed to be my voice.  I was doing it already.  In the end he told me he was doing this one last interview before we split and I did it.  I had no idea it was for the Dark Cavern.

The Dark Cavern Interview (2013): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/darkcavern_interviews/interview39.php

—————————————————( 1998 – 2008)———————————

Training Rebecca Progress Report (Circa 1998): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/dark_desires/desires/marita.php

Potential Black Bull/Master Letter to Al (1/7/2000): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/dark_desires/desires/marita4.php

Husbands First Cuckolding Experience When a Friend Found Out (February 2000): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/dark_desires/desires/marita2.php

Black Bull Request and Al Blackmail (March 2000): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/dark_desires/desires/marita3.php

Frustrated, Al had Photoshopped Interracial Images Made (2001): https://darkcavern.com/classic/miscellaneous/fakin_it/dave/daves2.php

Slutwife Training Report (Circa 2002): https://darkcavern.com/classic/galleries/whitewifetraining/training.php

Pre-story in First Time (Dec. 2003): https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/sweet_smell_of_success/success77.php

Announcement of my Going Black: https://darkcavern.com/classic/miscellaneous/blacklist-gallery/blacklist.php

First Time Interracial Story (Dec 20, 2003) : https://darkcavern.com/classic/stories_and_confessions/sweet_smell_of_success/success78.php

Video Promotion Circa 2005 (Promotion of my video with Christina Noir and Richard Mann found at bottom of page): https://darkcavern.com/classic/galleries/videogirls/video.php

My Husband Started an Ask A MILF Section where he answered Questions for me (Circa 2005). https://darkcavern.com/classic/resources_downloads/ask_a_milf/askamilf.php

Rebecca is DarkCavern’s White Ho of the Month (Circa 2008): https://darkcavern.com/classic/galleries/white_ho_of_the_month/whiteho92.php

Let me know if you have any questions.  I have tons myself and I hope those of you familiar with this site can help me understand some things!



The Cuck Consultant Interview Part 3

Ever since I had an interview (1st interview) last year with “The Cuck Consultant”,  people have been asking lots of questions about my life and why I separated from my husband and why I enjoyed the lifestyle.  Let me first say that I did not view nor did my ex view our relationship as a cuckold type relationship.  I hated labels and we did not fit that mold.  Then my ex-husband responded and came in with his own interview (2nd interview) to provide his perspective.

The word CUCKOLD never really fit for us.  We were simply exhibitionistic swingers.   Swinging allowed us to not bother each other too much.  It allowed us to add some variety in life.  Honestly after everything we have been through in our life we are bonded more than anyone could ever imagine.  The interesting part is that the things which brought us into the relationship and enhanced our lives are things that neither of us really needs or wants every day

Ironically after the second interview I had some questions that I had for my husband.  We discussed and he told me what he still thought of me and our past and I told him too what it was that I was getting in my new relationship.  We agreed that we were both happier and getting something neither of us had provided each other in a long time.  The one thing we did also amazingly agree upon is that we could now finally be in that cuckold relationship that everyone had told us we were in although we would do it without being with each other.  He sent me a photo that I then sent to the Cuckold Consultant who has in a way become our relationship therapist.  I forwarded it to him and agreed to a 3rd interview that can be found on the Cuckold Consultant website.

@RebeccasOffice Sunday Thoughts & Concerns: Opinions Wanted

This is kind of a serious topic and probably not very politically correct, but I want to hear thoughts.  As many of you now know, my ex-husband had been secretly videotaping and photographing me in private for many years even before we were married.  He was very kinky and had a plan. I was innocent, so I had no idea it would lead to where I am today.

It is true that my ex-husband/boyfriend had me wear sexy clothes and would often spank me, try bondage and discipline and other things on me.  I’d go 24 hours tied up and blindfolded naked to a tree in the backyard or to our bed while he played with my body.

It became a daily part of my life and he would share photos of me naked on the web.  In many cases I had no idea that people on the old bulletin boards were looking at these photos.

So now move ahead 20 years and my boyfriend has been looking through everything and has found these photos and videos.  They are poor quality, but he says they are some of the hottest things he has ever seen.

So some of this stuff might make people mad to see what my husband used to do to me, but I am okay with it.  If he did not do this to me, I would not be here today,  It was sexy.  Nobody ever thought of me physically as sexy until he taught me how to do it.  My question is if you all care to see this kind of content.  Please respond to this post and provide any thoughts positive or to the contrary!  Is this material you’d like to see?



@RebeccasOffice State of Mind

If you have noticed my sense of blahness lately it is because I do worry about the state of the world.  I hear lots of people moaning about the President or if People are standing for the Anthem at football games or  many other issues about racial or sexual discrimination.  To me all of this is horrible stuff and sometimes I use RebeccasOffice.com to escape it.  I always have for the last 15 years.To me my website is meant to be a no-drama mama escape from the world’s problems.  I just sense though that people are just busy complaining at each other.  Do I believe that people are unfairly complaining about our President?  Sometimes.  Do I feel like our President needs to tweet less and stay out of the social media limelight? Yes.  Should football players stand and respect the flag?  Absolutely.  Should the President get in the way and start mandating this to the NFL?  I don’t believe so.  People are just showing disrespect for each other and putting their views ahead of respect and trust.  Even J.R. Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers, a team I root for decides just before the season to complain that he isn’t starting anymore.  Wish we all had the problems of spoiled millionaires.

It makes me so disappointed.  The issues of madmen in North Korea, the hurricane devastation in the South, the continued perception by the common man that we are not an equal country, and the fires in California have really made it hard for me to ignore what is going on.  I just want to say that my heart and prayers go out to all those affected by these natural disasters out there.  And if you allow me to provide you a bit of a distraction from the craziness out there, I sure hope you find pleasure from it.  I know it might not be the distraction for some of you, but for those of you who enjoy my material I hope it does provide you with a bit of a break.

As much as I am just saying here that I want us to all get along and stop attacking one another when there are more pressing issues for the attackers and attackees to pay attention to.  I’m sure someone might look at this post and find something that they might find wrong with it.  It is just so dumb! Hopefully nobody complains.  If they do it just shows their inability to see through things and respect people because all they want to do is hate.

Please be safe everyone.  Rebeccasoffice is for your pleasure and nothing else.  There is no political statement nor is there an agenda for others.  Peace, Love and Sex.





#ThrowbackThursday Honoring the Indians: Original Post from 2004 – Take Me Out To The Ball Game

Before I had a blog, I had no place to promote these old posts.  I figure I should post them each Throwback Thursday.   Since the Indians are doing so well I thought I’d re-post this!  Alright everyone, let’s flash  your boobs each time the Indians win on their way to the World Series!  Check back again & re-discover more from my past:

Originally Posted 6/10/04 after my last Indians Game:

After our team won, my husband was in a festive mood, so instead of hopping in the truck and going home, he thought we’d take some photos in the parking garage next to the stadium.  People were hooting and hollering.  I wasn’t sure if they saw us or were happy that we won the game!  How about you?  What were you cheering at?

Take me out to the ball game, take me out the crowd, buy me a beer and an aphrodisiac, then I’ll lift up my shirt and let you attack.  Well it’s root, root root for Rebecca, if you can’t cum it’s a shame for its one, two, three pumps and you’re done at the old ballgame! (Well I hope you guys can last a little longer than that!)







Labor Day Sale : Support Me! Am I Patriotic or a Cheap Slut?

Want a little fun for the long Labor Day weekend?  My new sponsor, Our Naked Secrets, is having a special Labor Day Sale.

So if you have been dying to rejoin or have been looking for the perfect excuse to see my pussy really cheap, this is the best way!   The first month price is even cheaper than when I first started doing this 14 years ago!

Follow this special link and discover whether I am a CHEAP SLUT or JUST A GIRL honoring those who serve and protect. Depending upon how much I collect I will be also making a Red Cross contribution to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. SPECIAL LINK FOR LABOR DAY DISCOUNT

About Member Erotica – @RebeccasOffice Blog

I get lots of questions as well as increasingly higher traffic to my blog these days not about my pictorial and video posts, but my member erotica.  Ever since I opened my doors to the web in 2003 I have always said I would not do this in a vacuum. I wanted to make sure that I got feedback and participation from my members.  They have sent me personal as well as erotic items to wear.  They have made drawings, statues, paintings, cartoons and written stories with my likeness.

Erotica has always been a big deal for me.  I watched a lot of film and read stories and consulted other wives before embarking on this adventure.  It is how I got into this.  In fact, my ex-husband used to post original stories on Literotica https://www.literotica.com/stories/memberpage.php?uid=2487699&page=submissions

So people often ask about my stories and if they are in fact true.  They are actually what they call “Faction”. I got that term from a girlfriend who used to be an escort and was an actual consultant for the television series “The Girlfriend Experience”.  The stories you see on that show are based upon her real clients.  Well the erotica on my blog is like that.  The stories are written based upon my real life experiences and I give the author(s) enough information to bring those stories to life and insert my true feelings.  So you are getting many real facts about me.  You see and hear my reactions as I would.  I often edit the stories as well to make sure it is as real as can be.

I hope you will follow up and ask the author (s) what they are feeling and tell them how much you enjoy the stories.

PS- The above picture is the back door to the office building where I work.  I took it on a Saturday when we first moved into the office space.


IMPORTANT MEMO From The Boss (@RebeccasOffice)

Just a reminder that if you are a long-time member of my site and signed up with me on Dreamnet.com, I am no longer with them.  I am with OurNakedSecrets.com.

After seven months, the grace period is now over and we are now going to stop providing access to those who signed up via Dreamnet.  I don’t want to lose those members, but I have sent out many reminders.  We do not get paid for those subscriptions so it is important to move your subscription to OurNakedSecrets.com

I have sent many notices on this and just want to make sure you get this FINAL and last reminder.

How do you fix this?  It is so simple.  We already closed your Dreamnet access so all you need to do is SIGN UP under the same name and email as before.Just go to this link and sign up for my site here.  OurNaksedSecret has given you a better pricing than you had at Dreamnet: RENEW BY CLICKING HERE

It is that simple! Please email me if you have any questions!!




Talented Members – Photo Augmentation for @RebeccasOffice by @1965pakman

As I have mentioned, I have lots of talented fans.  I have had people send me sculptures, I have had a fan from Vegas send me a hot caricature they made after watching me dance in a strip club, I have a member who writes me weekly hot fiction, I have several mainstream movie producers (one of whom has an Oscar that I got to hold), and I have a friend who makes great pieces of Digital Art from my photos.

Today I wanted to show you some of the art that my friend Scott produces for me on Twitter.  I love it and his adoration for me.  It really makes my day when he does these kinds of things.

To know that I have captured his eye and that he appreciates me in this way is very special that I decided to dedicate this post to him.  People ask me for favors all the time and they don’t realize that there are many loyal fans that have done so much without ever having asked for much in return.  I want to thank Scott for his wonderful dedication.

If you haven’t followed me on Twitter, you should.  You don’t have to be a Twitter fanatic.  You don’t have to even tweet.  Just follow my tweets. http://www.twitter.com/rebeccasoffice and you will see the wonderful work of my friend Scott.

I have added a few pieces of his work here.

Please enjoy and leave some positive comments for Scott!!!