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Rebecca’s Photos Stolen From her iCloud?


Porn Service Announcement: So many people have been in an uproar of the celebrity photos leaked on the Web and there are two sides to every story. Yes, they took naked photos of themselves and used supposedly secure storage to store them. At the same time, her phone is her own domain and someone took those photos from their phones. If I invite you into my home, I’m not letting you have my TV. Worse yet, don’t try and profit on it but selling them! Don’t sell or use someone else’s image or property without their consent.



Well here are some of my iPhone photos leaked for you! My boyfriend and I recently went on a birthday/anniversary trip and he bought me this new dress for our dinner by the pool. He always said that he wished he was my photographer, so for his birthday present I let him play photographer. I modeled the dress for him and let’s just say I got carried away!

Oh no! Someone broke into his iPhone and stole nude photos of me from our anniversary evening and posted them on a site called Dreamnet!! LOL! CLICK HERE if you want to see the photos I shared in private with my lover!

PS- Seriously I love my members for keeping my content to themselves. I love my members who share responsability and keep this content away from minors and others who should not be consuming or wish not to consume adult material.


Yes, Amazingly I’m Traveling – Where is Rebecca


If you are in touch with me via email or my blog you know that this month is crazy for me.  I’ve already been to two weddings and this week I’m traveling on business for a personal venture to a new place I’ve never been before.

Don’t worry, I have a personal camera with me and hope to take a few photos and give you a sense for where I am.  The world is a big place and life and resources are on short supply.  There is no way that you or I will get a chance to see all in the world that there is to offer, but perhaps together we can share some of thee great destinations.

So let’s see if you can guess where I am by some photos.  Today’s photo is the lobby of my hotel.  There was this beautiful girl playing the piano, it was 93 degrees F outside and I was pleasantly surprised that they would be showing the World Cup which I watched at an odd hour.

So where in the world is Rebecca? Let’s Explore my World!

RebeccasOffice New Rates – Rewarding Rebecca

As we end June and jump into July and I finish what will be my 11th year on Dreamnet, we have been thinking about all the wonderful people who follow us here.
I for one have always touted that I prefer those members who have been with me from the very beginning and treat them just like I would as if we were in a real long-term relationship.  I’ve not once taken a break from my weekly updates here on Dreamnet and many of you don’t take breaks from all of your wonderful worship of me.
So Dreamnet has decided that it is time to give my loyal followers a little break for all of your support.  Now when you SIGN UP OR RENEW for my site and you plan to stay with me for a bit, you will be rewarded.  See, your commitment to me and RebeccasOffice.com and Dreamnet does have rewards…  Below is a breakdown of the new benefit.

Membership Sign up: $19.95, renewal rate is $17.95.  If you keep your membership for three months, your renewal rate will drop to just $15.95 a month on the 4th month of membership and each month there after as long as you are a member…  There is also a three month recurring option:  $54.95 for the first billing and then on the next 3 month billing it will reduce to $44.95.  It will rebill at $44.95 every three months there after as long as you are a loyal member to my site.. CLICK HERE for the new rates and renew now.

Help Support the Dreamnet Scholar! Please buy Her Video


Did I mention my husband is lucky? He has been helping Rob search out Dreamnet talent when this little college hottie walked in the door. He fell for her big brown eyes and then her story about how she needed the money to help finish her college education. I got to meet her and she is a truly sweet young lady. Well I thought she made a video with him (NOW NO LONGER AVAILABLE). Wow, I might have to go with my husband to these auditions in the future. Also would like to know what you think. Maybe I should teach her how to give blowjobs. I’m sure she could teach me a thing or two.

UPDATE – She no longer is associated with Dreamnet, but you can still find her.

She lost her scholarship with Dreamnet but you can still find her. CLICK HERE to help her through College

Some like it Big and Hard.


I’ve been asked a lot lately if I am a size queen.  It really has made me think.  I guess I probably am.  I hadn’t thought about it much, but I’ve been thinking about my partners and they all have amazing girth.  In fact though, I do like them when they have a little bit of texture and aren’t perfectly straight.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Even when I am outside I get turned on when I look up and see large glass cylindrical buildings.  They look like large dildos to me!  I just want to jump on them.  So how crazy do I get?

So I was out for a walk and came across this huge log.  I mean can you say, “Got Wood”?  I really have to confess that to me nothing drives me crazier.  I just had to mount this bad boy and see how it fit.  I spent a couple hours sizing it up.  Come in and see my obsession with this masterpiece.  You can bet that I have been back here several times to visit my new shrine dedicated to all size queens out there.  Come IN & check it out!

Perks of the Alternative Lifestyle

One of the things I enjoy about the lifestyle I’ve chosen is that I do things today that I otherwise would not have tried.  I think that before Dreamnet came along, I was headed in another direction.  now that I look at where I am, I see that I get to see and/or experience many things that I would not have seen otherwise.

I might not always agree with these opportunities that I have, but I am so glad that I’ve had the opportunity to check it out anyway.

Last week I went to a pool party which was pretty crazy.  Not that I wouldn’t have normally gone to a party like this, but for those who really know me, I’m not a big crowd person.  I also don’t like it when people get too sloppy that they don’t know what they are doing or remember what they did.  Anyway, I thought I’d share this clip my boyfriend took from the hotel room when he and our friend Heather went upstairs to get us more sunscreen. 

I’m glad I wasn’t caught dancing.  I have 2 left feet!