Rebecca, I am your biggest fan and I want to meet you.  How can we do that?

I am sorry, but I do have a busy life in my real vanilla world and I just can’t pick up and meet with fans.  I do live a nice private life and give as much of myself to those people who are close to me.

Can I perform with you or take photos?

This is a change in my life over the last couple years.  I have developed a close relationship with my main lover.  So much so that he has taken over control of who I perform with and all my photos and videos.  This is mainly a security issue as I am very careful from an STD perspective (even HPV which is undetectable among men) as I only play bare.

Are you sure we can’t meet?  I live right here in Cleveland (San Francisco, Europe, Dallas, Las Vegas)

Yes.  I am sure.  First of all, I live in Southern California far from my hometown outside of Columbus, OH and like all my relatives, I moved away.  Secondly, I get so many requests that I could never pick one person and not feel guilty about all the other wonderful people who I have not yet met.  Believe me, I have met many wonderful people over the years, but demand is so high and I also have personal familial relationships that come first.

Can you tell me about what your current situation is with your husband, friends, family, work, etc??

That is private information.  Read the complete answer by CLICKING HERE

What is the best way to communicate with you?

While I do spend a great deal of time on social media, I do find that email has worked best.  I appreciate my members who write long emails and truly understand who I am, have read all about me and speak to me on a very educated view.  These people do not have a conversational email that last 4-5 interactions a day (this might happen sometime), but rather take a day or two to respond to because of the depth of the content.

That said, I do spend a lot of time on Twitter (http://www.twitter.com/rebeccasoffice).  While I might not converse a lot on public Twitter, I do have great private conversations of 140 characters and more via direct Twitter messaging

How do I avoid not becoming an annoying employee?

Mind your Ps and Qs.  Try not to ask things that might be easily found or be obvious on my website.  I do get up early and I do get home late (compared to those on the East Coast), so note that I might be tired after a long day of work.  This hobby is my relaxation and not another job.

Don’t ask me about things that you can find on my site or for free.  Don’t ask for pictures for example.

What kinds of interactions do you love?

I love coming home to many of my followers who just tell me how much they love me or give me daily affirmations.  I have many who send me a daily observation from their life that they think I might like, one guy from my hometown who sends me photos asking if I have ever been to a certain store, establishment, etc., a guy who sends me drawings of me, another who sends me photography, another who sends me copyright issues, and another who sends me digital copies of his unpublished songs he writes for famous  singers.

I also have a set of fans who send me gifts to wear on the site.  I love doing that for them.

Do you do custom videos, Skype  or chat?

I tried that before and it is hard, especially being on the west coast.  Half of you are asleep by the time I get online in a private location.  I also just find it hard to do a personal custom video that doesn’t appeal to large numbers of people or is only for one person.  Once again I do get lots of requests, so doing it for one person I feel like I would let down many good friends who might be more deserving.

You should do more professional porn.  Why don’t you?

I do fantasize often about some of the hot stars I’ve met, but I don’t need it.  I don’t do this for fame, glory or money.  I have a great job and have fun working with real people that I have met.  I don’t want to be just another girl to these people.  I have been doing this for over 13 years.   Many stars have come and gone.  They have made money, but not tons and they do not lead independent lives like me.

Also, my fan base likes real content and not contrived content.  Just like if you like docu-drama movies vs. fictional romance.  I am not going to to appeal to everyone in the kinds of movies I do.

Do you escort?

No.  I have been given money once or twice afterwards by people who thought I was, but I don’t actively promote sexual favors for money.

Yes, there have been cases where people have felt compelled to give me money.  I never have called myself an escort as that was not the arrangement.  You can read about those experiences here:  They are never planned nor do I seek out or advertise for these kinds of relationships.  CLICK TO READ THE REVIEWS FROM REAL PEOPLE

But you have a site that has people pay to join for content.

Yes.  I have people pay because 1: I prefer that people use a credit card so that the content does not fall into the hands of minors.  I know there are many young adults who go around consuming free naked photos.  My content is not meant to be easy for them to get their hands on. 2: If I am going to put my content out there, I might as well make some money.  I’m a capitalist!

On this topic, if you ever suspect that someone is imitating me online or that my content is being used elsewhere and thus violating my copyright, please tell me and send me a link so that I can have that taken down.  People who do this are evil.  I even had a woman scam naive people out of money pretending to be me.  It sickened me.

Did your boobs change?

Yes, they did.  Before you become critical and label me as a boob job fake, let me tell you why.  I had very large natural breasts and a very small frame to support them.  I was having very severe back aches (maybe too much good sex too), so when my doctor told me that he wanted to give me a necessary procedure and that I could have the size of my breasts reduced to put less pressure on my spine, I happily volunteered!  I would call this a medical augmentation as opposed to “cosmetic surgery”.