@RebeccasOffice Has A Very Thankful Update

As you know, this year has been a big change for me.  When the year started I was excited for this change, but deep down inside I was scared.  I was scared about leaving the comfort of what I had been doing for the past 20+ years.  The year could have gone terribly wrong for me and I am so glad that it did not.  In fact, I am so amazed that everyone in my life stepped up and has made this year a lot easier for me.  While I could never have imagined the year going the way that it has, in some ways I have surpassed my dreams.  From my ex-husband to my new boyfriend, to Rob and everyone at RadmediaXXX, my amazing friends, and my long time fans, I almost am brought to tears with the patience and loyalty to me.  So what has been going on?  Let me tell you about 2017 and what has been so special..and not so special.

Yes I am a sentimental sap.  I cry at almost all kinds of movies! What’s true though is that I do find that I have been a fortunate woman and for that I do repay those for all their generosity.  My body belongs to them and have learned to provide you and them with the pleasure of my gratitude.  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW TO BE THANKFUL THIS THANKSGIVING.

@RebeccasOffice Takes The Big Apple By Storm on #ThrowbackThursday

Each Throwback Thursday I feature a post from the past.  With my new Slut of the Day series I thought about my friend Jillian who used to be part of our Network.  You might say she is our Original Slut of the Day.  This original post appeared 08/30/2006

The greatness that is New York is so special that it often does come in twos so when my members voted that I needed to do a New York pictorial this summer, I had to invite my girlfriend Jillian to come in and help add to the New York Skyline with me.  If I was going to take a bite out of the Big Apple, I needed a friend to help me.  As a matter of taste, we know the wounds of that day are still open and we’ll never do the Twin Towers justice, but we dedicate this pictorial to all those who were affected by the events of September 11th almost 5 years ago.  So we did only one shot in this pictorial to remember the structures and people who will live in our hearts forever.

There is so much to do in New York, but of course Jillian and I spent all night in the city that just never sleeps exploring and make our own New York Nights.  Okay, maybe we won’t show you all of New York, but what you can see from our little room.

Come By and See the Greatest City on Earth

@RebeccasOffice New Feature: Slut Of The Day

Hey guys, as I slowly become more open with my close knit group of women that I know and work with, I’ve been telling them that they should get out there and take a risk.  Some friends are willing and some are still hesitant.  So I thought I’d occasionally profile a gal from my life that wants a taste of this life. Just like most companies have a “Employee of the Month”, I thought I’d profile a “Slut of the Day” every so often so that they could get feedback.

Slut of The Week: @RebeccasOffice ‘s Co-worker Comes Back For More!!”

What has become clear to me is that I am not alone when it comes to ordinary women wanting to feel sexy and explore something exciting in their life.  I often find women who are willing to dip their toe in the water to check out what it feels like.  Some of my friends like Samantha, Taylor Ann and Taylor Upton have tried it and had fun doing it.  When my friend and co-worker, Colleen, asked if she could fulfill a bucket list and let men see her naked on the web, she had no idea that people would ask for more.  As an older woman, with the encouragement of her husband, decided to go for it and the response was overwhelmingly positive.  So she agreed to release more photos for you all to see.  She also agreed to answer some questions that many of her new admirers want to know.

Colleen wrote me a note to share with everyone here:

Dear Fans,

Thank you for letting me take a risk and providing such wonderful feedback.  It really makes a woman feel good that men still find her attractive.  I have to admit that I was scared to read your comments, but they really made me smile.  There were so many questions on Rebecca’s blog that I decided that I’d answer them here as best as I can and let you see more of me.  I also want to thank Rebecca for letting me do this here on her site.  She is a real special person with a sexy body and an even sexier mind.  More than anything, she has a really great heart and I am grateful that she let me have this chance.

I really do hope you enjoy these photos this  week.  Please make sure to leave feedback for me on Rebecca’s blog at www.rebeccasoffice.net.  I want to hear what you guys think.

– Colleen



#ThrowbackThursday @RebeccasOffice is Ms. New Booty

Every week I use ThrowbackThursday to repost an old update that existed before social media.  I was watching MTV the other day and came across one of my favorite videos of all time and it reminded me of  this update.  I can’t believe this song is over a decade old.   It was so good that I did an update honoring it.  I had a lot of fun doing it!

Get it RIght!  Keep it tight!

MS NEW BOOTY – The Reenactment (originally posted 7/5/2006)

Have you heard what’s all the rage?  Well I have been to a couple converts already this summer and I’ve purchased a few items already.  These are two of the hottest performers out there, so don’t miss them.  And if you haven’t seen the music video for either of these acts, what are you doing?  You only live once!  When I got the package in the mail I became a whole new woman!

Is the video real?  I had to find out.  You let me know!  If you can’t figure it out, send me an email and I’ll help you out!  CLICK HERE and let me show you!

@RebeccasOffice likes it Raw and Dirty

Well you asked for it.  No condoms, no special lighting, no music, and no other special editing.  We had some naughty sex this weekend and I asked my fans on Twitter if they wanted to see it.  Well they overwhelmingly said yes.  I’ve been a no-nonsense person when it comes to my videos.  I know you just want to see what I do on a normal everyday basis and I wish I could show you my having sex every time.  It is just crazy to set up a camera each time.  It is a bit of a mood breaker.

 My boyfriend is a very dominant lover and it is by far the best lover.  As you can see his cock is large and he really knows how to please a woman.  The best thing is his nasty, dirty talk and the way he forcefully makes love to me.  Notice the way he puts his hand on the back of my head, forcing me to gag on his cock and calmly tells me how to be a good girlfriend.  Then notice has sore and red my pussy looks at the end as well as the big red marks on my ass     CLICK HERE AND  SEE HOW I LOVE IT RAW AND DIRTY.



Chapter 26 – Life of a Black Cock Slut (Member Erotica)

Chapter 26. Rebecca Is Used and Abused By  Black Men In Her Home.

After her office escapade on Monday, Rebecca couldn’t fight the horny feeling she had.  Her pussy seemed to have discovered new nerve endings that needed to be fulfilled.  She continued to perform each day for Carl on the camera.  She was really enjoying the little tease.  She imagined him sitting in his security room stroking his cock as he watched her. She texted Trevor each day but he seemed to be busy at work too and said that he was working on his move to a new place for them.

When Friday rolled around, she grabbed some boxes from work.  She was going to need them so that she could secretly move some personal items to their new place.  The great thing about the financial markets on the West Coast is that her days ended at 1:30pm and she could beat the LA traffic home Friday afternoon. When Rebecca arrived home she parked the car in the garage, walked to the back of the car to grab some of the boxes.  There were too many so she took a few inside. She did not notice that she was being watched by 6 black men in a van across the street. Rebecca was wearing her business suit with black heels and as she bent over to get the boxes from the car her skirt rode up showing her long sexy legs and the top of her stockings.  The men were getting hard watching her walk into the house. Rebecca put the boxes down and went back to the garage to get the rest.  As she walked back through the garage, she didn’t notice once of the men slip in behind her as the automatic garage door closed behind her. She hid the boxes in the pantry and then went to the kitchen. As she made herself a drink, the burglar crept to the front door and quietly let the other 5 men in the house. She heard a knock on the door and when she went to the door she was shocked to see 6 men standing there in her house and before she could ask them what they wanted they moved toward her and she turned to run upstairs. It was hopeless as the men grabbed her from behind. She started to scream for help and kick out at her attackers as they dragged her to the ground. Two of the men grabbed her tight around her waist and a guy in front of her slapped her hard across the face and told her to shut up and she wouldn’t be hurt if she knew what was good for her.  Rebecca remembered that she had read a couple months about home invasion burglaries in the neighborhood.  People were being robbed in their houses when the alarms were off. Rebecca cried, “Please take whatever you want, but don’t hurt me” and one of the black men laughed and told her “Oh don’t worry my sexy little bitch we are going to take whatever we want”, as he said it he kissed her cheek. Rebecca began to panic as she thought about her family coming home and being hurt. One man was holding her down sitting on her legs with a hand up her skirt and at that moment she knew they weren’t there to simply rob her. She started to breath heavy from the fear at what they were going to do as well as the guy sitting on her back was a giant close to 300 lbs. Then one of the men told her, “Just be a good little obedient rich bitch and you won’t get hurt.  In fact, I’m quite sure you will enjoy it.”  He had his hand pressed to her head pinning her head to the floor.  He seemed to be the leader as he ordered the guys around.

Rebecca did not notice two of the guys had already gone upstairs to set up three cameras in the master bedroom.  While up there they opened the back doors to the deck overlooking the yard to let sun in the room to give them more light for the video. The giant on top of her had a hard on and she could feel it in his pants as he squeezed her ass told her “Yes, you will be a nice prize. I can’t wait to see what kind of show you give us”. Rebecca thought that it was an odd statement, but then her mind was back on what they had planned for her.  From the experiences that Trevor had organized, she had no doubt that she could handle these men, but this was not a group of men paying for her.  They were criminals and being in her own home, she felt violated.  How could she be safe in her own home.

Then the man who had been holding her head down said, “Let’s be dignified for the lady.  I’m sure she is a proper hostess and would like to show us around her castle.  Let’s take her upstairs to the bedroom.” Rebecca suddenly realized that it was going to happen and struggled, but the men were too strong. One man took each limb and lifted her up.  Rebecca instinctively started to scream hysterically so loud the neighbors could hear, “No, please don’t please don’t. I’m not on birth control,” she lied. The men ignored her.  The leader then said, “Oh good, I hope I can give you a nice little bastard son.”  Halfway up the stairs one of her heels caught one of the men (their leader) in the jaw and he dropped her.  Suddenly she felt a slap across her face.  It was the leader.  “Look, we’re trying to be nice. Now there are lots of nice white ladies like yourself out there who have never had the taste of black cock, but trust me, you will have an experience like never before.  Now behave.  I told you that your will enjoy it.  Rebecca thought to herself that this guy had no idea that she liked black cock, but she was scared.  These guys were gangsters!

She continued to struggle as they picked her up and carried her to the room where the video cameras would capture the assault on her body.  The men stood her by the foot of her bed.  Tears running down her eyes and her jaw sore from the slap, she faced the leader who begin to undress himself as the men held her.  When she looked down she saw his flaccid uncircumcised cock and it was huge.  When she looked at his face, he smiled and said, “I know you like what you see.”  He was about 6’3” and 250 lbs. with a chiseled chest and arms full of tattoos and six-pack abs.  An imposing figure, it wasn’t his size that scared Rebecca, is was the wanton desire in his eyes.  As he approached Rebecca’s body began to shake as she started to struggle but the men held her tight. She could feel her body let out a scream in anticipation.  He reached out and violently ripped open her blouse. He got a knife, pointed it at her and deftly slid it under the strap of her bra and with a quick slice her bra, fell and her breasts were released. Rebecca instinctively tried to cover her breasts but they held her hands behind her back.  All she could do was gasp.  He had ruined her expensive Tera Turk designer blouse and La Perla bra.  The other men roared with animalistic grunts and pinched her nipples when they saw her breasts. Then the leader moved close to her and started to caress her breasts.  He was so much bigger than her that he was able to slide his cock between her breasts.  She looked down and saw some of his precum drool off his cock and onto her breasts. She looked up and he bent down to kiss her neck, moving quickly to her cheeks and softly to her lips as if he was being gentle with her she thought.  She thought she could control his aggressiveness, but the other guys were all holding her stiff and tight. They were rubbing their bodies against her and she felt them slapping and rubbing her ass under her skirt. One of them was rubbing her inner thighs near to her vagina and another had his hands on her ass and getting close to her anus. Then he told the other guys to “Pick her up for me” and they picked Rebecca up and supported her in the air as The leader got down between her legs, pushed up her skirt and saw that her panties were wet and he told them, “This bitch is turned on” so he hooked his finger under the thin material covering her vagina and ripped her thong right off. He started to work his tongue on her vagina lips and she started to moan as she responded to his licking of her vagina. Her legs flinched even more, but they lifted her legs over his shoulders and she wrapped her legs around his neck for support.  His tongue was talented and she could feel her juiced flowing.  The guys who had been supporting her legs, moved up to her breasts and started each sucking and biting her nipples.  Rebecca stared at the ceiling helpless letting our audible moans of guilty pleasure.

After 10 minutes of this oral torture, she could feel an orgasm coming.  She did not want them to know she liked it.  She started to fight her prgasm and begged.  “Oh my god, it’s too much, please I can’t take it anymore. It’s not right.”  She started kicking and flailing as they increased the speed of the stimulation of her pussy and nipples until she screamed, “ Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh”, as her body began to jerk and she struggled to get loose as the Leader lapped up her juices.  After a few minutes her body started to relax and the leader told the other guys “Let’s put her on the bed” and the guys carried her to the bed and put her on the bed faced down with her legs hanging off the bed. Rebecca regained her senses as she realized she was about to be forcefully fucked by these strangers. She started to try and get up when the giant grabbed a handful of her hair and lifted her head up.  All she saw was his grin, his belly and his cock hanging in front of her face.  It looked like a huge twisted piece of dark meat.  Just then she realized she was in a fight as she tried to struggle as they pinned her wrists to the bed and her skirt was ripped off her body and someone got between her legs and kicked her legs apart.  She almost tripped on her spiked heels but her hips were grabbed and she felt a hot tongue on the lips of her vagina. It felt so good and Rebecca began to moan and move wildly as he pushed his tongue between her vagina lips.

Rebecca then felt him put his tongue deeper into her vagina and she began to rock back and forth and grind her vagina into his mouth and goatee. Rebecca liked the way his facial hair rubbed against her pussy lips like smooth sandpaper.  As she started to gyrate and feel the pleasure of the tongue between her legs, Rebecca did not realize that the other men Rebecca were now caressing her and had removed their clothes instead of restraining her.  When she saw that they all had large thick black cocks, she realized that this was not going to be an ordinary gangbang. She had had been fucked my multiple men before, but each of the cocks seemed to be larger and wider than the next.  Two of the guys stood in front of her face, roughly grabbed her hair  and put their cocks near her mouth. She put one of the cocks in her mouth and grabbed the cock number 2 with her hand and started to play with it. Rebecca was moaning as she was sucking up and down the big black cock in her mouth. Her nipples were being sucked and her ass was being spanked too.  She was now groaning, screaming, and whimpering in pleasure. She didn’t realize the giant had grabbed one of the cameras and captured her expression which had changed from fear into determination to survive the attack. She was gritting her teeth and trying not to enjoy herself

The men were talking to each other.  “Damn,this is going to be the sweetest and tightest pussy ever.” Another responded, “Not after we are through with it”.  The guy in her mouth said, “I’m gonna break her oral cherry and give her the thickest black load she has ever tasted.”  The giant said from somewhere behind her, “I can’t wait to fill her pussy with my seed. White girls hold onto you with such a need to be satisfied like it is their right.  I love it.  I’ll never fuck anyone but a wealthy white bitch again.”  Rebecca heard their words. They had no idea she was already experienced with black cock.  They were right though, her pussy would definitely be red and stretched out after they were done.

The guy in Rebecca’s mouth started talking, “Oh man, you love it girl, don’t you?  I can feel your passion around my black cock. You want more don’t you?”  He pulled her hair and made her head nod in affirmative fashion.  He laughed, “Oh man, her mouth is better than a pussy.”  Rebecca wanted to respond but she was about to gag.  She felt his hand shove her mouth fully over his cock.  It was huge and it still had not grown enough to fully get out of its uncircumsized sleeve but it was still growing and he shoved her head fully down over and she coughed and gagged.  Her arms started to push her away as his cock swelled and heaved.  She screamed but she caught her breath as his cock exploded a blast of cum straight down her throat.  “Yes, take it you white slut!”  They all laughed while his cock pumped rope after rope of milky liquid down her throat.  He let go of her head as soon as she started coughing violently and gasping for breath.  As she gagged and pulled her mouth of his cock, a large thin sheet of cum mixed with her saliva extended from her mouth to his cock.  “Holy shit,” said one voice. She slowly pulled away and just as she was about to pull his cock out of her mouth, he said, “I knew I was too much for this little white girl”.  Just then the leader stuffed his tongue deeper into her vagina and something overcame her.  She looked up and mumbled, “Your cock ain’t nothing.”  With tears in her eyes, she sucked the huge sheet of spit and shoved his cock back in her mouth. Rebecca wanted to show them she could take whatever they gave her.  She was stubborn that way, but she did not know what other challenges were ahead.

“Damn, this gal really loves it,” said the guy with the cock in her mouth.  “Good because we are all going to give her a load over the next couple of hours”, said the tall skinny thief. Rebecca heard them, but she kept sucking the big black cock in her mouth. She loved playing with the black foreskin.  She never realized that she liked it, but the cock was so huge. She looked up and saw a the super tall skinny guy with a huge cock going through her purse taking her business cards and money out of her purse and stuffing them in his pocket.  She felt violated as he read her business cards as now he not only knew where she lived, but where she worked. She still struggled to suck off the guy in her mouth. His cock was still too big even when not erect.

The leader was sitting on the floor between her legs and he started to lick her vagina aggressively with his tongue while he was using his fingers to massage all around it and Rebecca started to shake. She could feel the weakness in her legs and she screamed as she had a powerful orgasm and squirted on his face. He started to work his tongue on her clit harder trying to give her multiple orgasms and he used one of his fingers to circle her anus at the same time. It drove her crazy and Rebecca pushed her vagina into his mouth, rubbing harder against his chin as she felt his scruff rub against her lips. At the same time his finger slipped into her ass and Rebecca closed her eyes.  An older bald guy slid under her body to her breasts and started to suck each nipple and using his hands to caress the rest of her body.  Rebecca’s whole body became an erogenous zone. Rebecca was moaning and she finally screamed out “Please I cannot take this anymore I need a big cock fucking me now” and she squeezed her knees around the head of the leader. He stood up and said “Oh does this white married vagina want some black seed?” He got up and moved his cock to her vagina and started to rub it up and down her vagina lips.  Rebecca tried to back up onto it and he started to force his big black cock into her vagina. Rebecca was moaning as suddenly the leader plunged  his cock into her deep.  She could feel the foreskin of his cock rubbing against her vaginal walls. He pumped her aggressively as her whole body shook as he pressed her into the guy underneath her.  With each trust his belly slapped hard against her ass cheeks making a spanking sound and Rebecca would let out a large grunt as if she were punched.  Her pussy and her vagina lips were sucked out each time grasping around his big black cock. The black leader watched her pussy as it was almost pulled inside out each time.  He slapped her ass and demanded, “How does this cock feel inside your rich little pussy,” and all Rebecca could say was “It’s so fucking big and thick and it makes me feel so full inside.  Oh god, I want it all please,” as she was panting and trying to catch her breath. He told the others to clear out and then picked her limp body up by the waist while his cock was still inside her vagina and put her down on the floor of the room and he proceeded to fuck her vagina like an animal.  She was screaming, “Oh god, it feels so good”.  Rebecca still had her stiletto heels on and he grabbed the cheeks of her ass and pulled her back onto her as he thrust in and out and her ass was coming off of the floor with each thrust in her vagina and he would drive his cock back into her.

Rebecca was screaming “Keep fucking me with your big black cock it feels so big inside me” and then he bent over, grabbed her breasts, stood her up and started to kiss her using his tongue on her neck as he squeezed her nipples.  Rebecca closed her eyes and started to swoon as one of the guys took a camera off the tripod to get closeups of the action. This went on for 20 minutes until he yelled out “I am going to cum in your vagina and fill it with my black you cock whore.” Rebecca started to shake with another powerful orgasm and she was screaming loudly “I am cumming so fucking hard” and she arched her back into his body digging her nails into his ass as she was cumming. He pumped her harder and harder. “Oh you like it you slut don’t you?  Don’t you?  I love fucking you like a dog.  You like it?  I bet you do.  All MILFs like you want to be a black man’s pet, don’t you.  Show me, you want me to cum in your pussy.  Bark for me.  Bark you slut.” Rebecca whimpered, “Woof”.  A couple seconds later, “woof, woof.” She could feel her cum dripping down her leg.  He whispered in her ear, “C’mon, tell us what you want.  It’s okay, be a good slut.  We all love a good slut.”  Rebecca said, “Yes…..I’m a married slut and I want you guys to use me as your sex toy.  I want you to pleasure me.  Please, give it to me.  I want it.  I love it, I need it.” The leader was so turned on as he pumped her full of his cum as he roared like a wild animal and slapped her ass, leaving her ass red.  Rebecca was left standing like a limp noodle as she fell into the leader’s arms.

The leader pulled his spent cock out and his cum was dripping into a puddle on the floor. He turned to the other guys and said “Okay guys it your turn with this white married whore.  You heard her.  She wants you guys to pleasure her.” The giant 300 lb guy laid down on the bed and the other guys picked up Rebecca and carried her to him where her mouth was reacquainted with his monster uncircumcised cock. They lifted her over the giant and placed her in a 69 position on top of him.  He spit in her pussy as she spat on his cock and they socked each other.  Her tiny body was sprawled on top of a man who weighed almost 3 times her weight.  Once his cock was erect it was longer than her face.  She knew that there is no way her tiny body could support the weight of his body. So she got up, turned around and slowly lowered her pussy onto his cock. About 5 inches on she said, “I can’t.  It’s too big.”  He told her to keep going.  She’d get stretched out.  She started to slowly lift off, when he grabbed her hips and slammed her down onto his pelvis, “Ahhhh, my god, it hurts.  I can’t,” Her face was a picture of anguish as tears ran down her eyes. Her pain was his motivation.  She could not move as he stretched her pussy and played with body like a rag doll,  Rebecca cried tears of painful pleasure as she went up and down.  She could feel her pussy being stretched and she felt like she was sliding a thick pipe in her pussy, “oh my god!  Oh my god, No more, please no more.”  Her boobs swayed and bounced up and down as he fucked his cock with her body.  “Holy shit,” said the older guy as he pointed at her pussy.  A white cream was building up on the giant’s balls as her pussy started to cream all over his cock. Rebecca’c cries turned to moans as he continued to fuck her and she was now willing slave who wanted to feel all their cocks inside her. While the giant was fucking her, the skinny guy got behind her and began to finger her ass and Rebecca was screaming out “Oh god, what are you doing?”. The skinny guy then started to insert anal beads into her ass slowly and Rebecca began to tense as he pushed more of the beads into her ass.  She looked over her shoulder and asked “What are you putting in my ass” and the skinny guy said “They are anal beads slut….don’t worry you will enjoy it.  All sluts lie you do.” Rebecca began to breath in gasps as he put each bead into her ass.  Once all 12 beads were in, she saw him grab hold of the ring at the end and shook in anticipation of what he was going to do. He told the giant to fuck her hard and faster. The skinny guy waited until he saw Rebecca’s body start to shake as she was about to have another powerful orgasm and then when she started to gasp,the skinny guy yanked the beads out of her ass and Rebecca began to scream out “I am going to fucking cum.”  Her ass let out a huge fart as the air from the beads escaped her ass.  She was so embarrassed as the skinny guy laughed, “Oh the rich white bitch is now a classless white trailer trash slut. We’ve created the perfect being!”

After Rebecca had come down from her orgasm the giant continued to fuck her vagina with his black hose as Rebecca kept riding him.  She was now enjoying a nice rhythm bounding up and down.  The skinny guy got on the bed whispered into her ear “I am going to take your ass and you are going to enjoy it”. He moved behind her and started to push his cock slowly into her ass.  It wasn’t wide, but it was long and extremely stiff and Rebecca started scream in pain. Then the giant started to rub her breasts and she began to kiss him as she was getting double fucked on the table and she could feel both cocks fucking her at the same time. The skinny guy straddled her ass like an animal banging her ass with no other intent but to release his cum in her asshole. The two men got into a perfect rhythm alternating thrusts inside her, never leaving her body empty.  Then the skinny guy told her, “I going to cum, you want it? Only real sluts want it”. Her tight ass was too much for him and her ass was starting to burn from the friction. She needed him to come. “Yes, I am a slut.  I want to be a real slut.  Cum in my ass!” Those words were like solid gold to him as his cock swelled up, strestching her asshole before exploding with a blast of cum. He started to fill her ass with his cum and when he was finished he pulled his cock slowly out of her ass so that she could feel every inch as he pulled out and the cum dripped onto the giant’s cock and mixed with her frothy cream that had gathered at the entrance to her pussy.  He slapped her ass, “Damn, this is the first white ass that ever took me like that!  I think I’ve found my perfect ass!” Rebecca was so relieved to have only the cockin her pussy.  Her ass felt stretched and gaped open like a wind tunnel.  She could feel the air conditioning blowing into her ass like a stiff draft. Then the older guy replaced the skinny guy and pushed his cock into her ass.  It was thicker and not yet lubricated and in her already sore ass, Rebecca wailed in pain, “Oh no, please stop.  It hurts!  It hurts!  I’ll do anything.  Please no more!”  Rebecca needed to get him to cum quick. At first it wouldn’t go in so Rebecca spat on her hand reached behind and rubbed her saliva all over his cock. “Ah you are a dirty whore,” he said as he grabbed a hold of her breasts and Rebecca turned and just smiled as his cock began to slide into her ass. Rebecca tried to scream but nothing came out of her mouth.  It was more excruciating than giving birth!  She was getting fucked by two cocks again and they were fucking her more roughly.  Soon Rebecca was screaming out loud with cries of pain as she felt her body being torn apart, totally helpless. The giant and older guy shared her like their personal sex toy. The giant loved this MILF.  He had been sliding in and out of her for about 40 minutes. His cock was so swollen like never before and he couldn’t wait to give this skinny little woman so much cum until she became drunk with his black seed. But he had more in store for her.  The older man signaled to the giant and he pulled out of her ass.  Rebecca was so stunned.  She was used to the heat in her pussy, “What are you doing?  We’re not finished,” she cried. She was suddenly lifted off the giant and the older guy pulled out of his ass and flipped onto her back with her legs spread. The older man pushed his cock into her vagina.  Rebecca was too distracted to realize that he had just taken his bare cock from her ass to her pussy.  That was because the giant was about to sit on her face and she saw his giant body and ass about to suffocate her.  Just before she was smothered he said, “Time to toss some salad and lick my ass clean like a good slut.”  Rebecca’s eyes grew as her face was pressed into the crack of his ass and the giant slid his asshole against her nose and his balls fell into her mouth and she open it as he pushed his cock into her mouth and she started to suck his cock.  She could smell his asshole as she sucked his balls.  She began to suck hard, but he pulled out. “Not yet my dear.  I need to prove to me that you’ll do anything for this cock.  He slid forward and she grabbed his cock with both hands and kept stroking it.  Before she knew it, she was rimming his ass as someone was tonguing her ass.  It felt weird on her and she held her breath as her tongue went in his ass.  She held her nose and tried not to think about what was going on.  She had never done this before but she was doing it effectively.  She could feel his cock growing in her hands.  Soon he started to groan as he pulled his ass off her tongue and stuffed his cock deep in her throat.  She barely got the head past her lips before his cock started pulsing and he filled her mouth before he came all over her face and when he was finished her face was covered in his cum. He picked some of it of her face and she opened her mouth to clean his fingers while she slowly swallowed what was in her mouth. She saw that the older guys was still slow-fucking her and she gripped him with her arms and legs to pull more of his cock inside her vagina. Soon her groaned and pulled his cock out and came all over her body and face. She was now a mess, her face and body covered in cum and her vagina and ass full and leaking cum as well.

The older guy fell to the floor.  “My god I never expected this woman could take us.”  Th leader walked over to the bed and lay down at the body of the bed and told the guys to lift her legs up in the air and spread them. He looked her in the eyes and said, “Be a good slut and spread your ass cheeks for me.” Covered in sticky cum, Rebecca reached down, grabbed each cheek and spread her ass feet from his head.  Her ass twitched in anticipation of his tongue.  She sighed as his tongue licked her ass and her body shook at the coolness of his tongue.  She really liked the feeling of her ass being rimmed.  As he tongued her ass he put two fingers into her vagina.  He looked at her ass which he could tell was sore from all the fucking. It was bright red, but he wanted a piece of it and wanted to take whatever was left of her.  He sat up and Rebecca opened her eyes, looked down and saw his cock at the entry to her ass.  She put up her hands to his chest to push him off and yelled “Noooooo…..” as his cock pushed past the gate of her rosebud and deep into her ass. She was no longer verbally resisting but her hands pushed at his ches and then at his thighs as she felt the burning in her ass as his cock went deeper and deeper. When he reached the bottom, he started to fuck her ass hard and fast. Soon Rebecca was screaming out loud “I am cumming again” and her body shook as she had another powerful orgasm and he took his fingers out of her vagina and started to rub her clit hard, forcing her pussy to squirt like a mini fountain. Rebecca began to cum again and squirted onto the leader creating a wet spot on the bed. With her legs pulled over his shoulders, her body went limp as she was finished. She told the leader, “I can’t take anymore.  I’m done. Just do whatever you want.” She was exhausted. He whispered in her ear, “You have been wonderful.  I can’t wait to fuck you again, but I want to give you a nice finish for you to remember.  He slowly pulled out of her ass and slid back in her pussy where he his cock swelled.  Rebecca’s body accepted his cock and she whimpered yes, “I want you to cum in me.  Give it to me.” The leader groaned as he came in her pussy, filling it with his cum and then some of the guys came back with some towels and used them to wipe the sweat off them.

He signaled to them to go.  They quickly gathered the towels and threw them in a hamper in the closet.  A couple guys ran downstairs, taking their cameras, and their clothes. When his cock went soft he pulled his cock out and began to get dressed. He walked over to Rebecca who was half asleep and said “We all enjoyed our time with you and cannot wait to do it again. Hope that you enjoyed it as well.” Rebecca opened her eyes half way.  Her body was still shaking. She responded, “Yes thank you”. She then passed out. The leader looked at her ravaged cum covered face and body and pulled out a black marker.  He wrote on her thigh, “Trevor, thanks for the best MILF slut ever”.  He took a picture and then cleaned it off her leg.  He pulled the sheets back over her. He opened the window to air the room out. When she woke later on, she would think she was raped and not even know it was Trevor who had arranged it.

10 minutes later she would wake up.  Everyone was gone.  She would have thought it was a dream if she did not feel the throbbing in her ass and pussy. She could not move.  Her body was sore.  She wanted to clean up, but she could barely move.  She pulled the sheets over her body and cried.  She could not believe what had just happened.  Why was this happening to her?  Fortunately nobody had come home while this had happened.  She had passed out covered in cum both inside and out.  She licked her lips and remembered the cocks and ass that she had tasted. What would she tell Trevor.  Would he be mad?  These guys had taken her without even paying.  She thought that maybe she wouldn’t tell him what happened.  She wasn’t hurt and she didn’t want him to worry.  Besides, it was the most incredible fucking she had ever experienced, but she didn’t want him to arrange anything like that again.  It had scared the heck out of her.  She fell back asleep exhausted.


IT – Movie Review

I was originally going our to see Bladerunner 2049, but it was sold out, so we thought we’d try Thor, but that movie was sold out and has had bad reviews. So it was down to our 3rd choice.

Yes I admit that I had originally resisted seeing the remake of the Stephen King written, “It”.  If you read the book, it reads as a story covering two eras and was quite scary with lots of little tidbits that make you want to leave the lights on in the room.  The problem with Stephen King novels is that the supernatural is a very hard thing to translate to the movie screen.  When the original was filmed in the 80’s I feel like the Director made many shortcuts and not only did I not find the movie to be scary, but I actually thought some things were so ridiculous, that I laughed.

Well I normally don’t like remakes, but I have to say this movie thoroughly surprised me.  First, I was really scared.  I kept curling up in my seat in anticipation holding onto my boyfriend.  Secondly, I liked that they skinnied the movie down and focused only on the characters and their past in 1989.  The movie ends at the end of summer and the leave the second half of the movie to Chapter 2.  Yes they already are in production for the second half of the movie.

The film really allowed for better character development of each kid and I loved it.  These kids were really put in very scary situations and the light little humor that the film allows was well done beginning with references to New Kids on the Block and other 80’s icons like Molly Ringwald.  If you like to get your scare on every so often, ths movie will not disappoint.

I give this a 4 out of 5 erections.

@RebeccasOffice Takes It Outside #FlashbackFriday

I usually post a #ThrowbackThursday post from a past update, but yesterday got away from me, so maybe today can be more of a #FlashbackFriday.  This post is from 8 years ago and originally was posted on 11/15/09.

Country Girls Like it Outside and Wet!

I recently was back at the farm I grew up on.  I do miss many of the pleasures of living out in the burbs sometimes.  One of the best things about my old homestead is that we had these great outdoor showers after a long day toiling on the farm.  I only wish back then that I could have had some of the boys on the farm over to share in a little water fun with me.  Oh well, before we sell our old family home, maybe you can just watch me take one last shower outdoors.   It feels so good and I know you’ll like me wet and outdoors!

Is this how you like your women?  Nude in public?  With water dripping down our curves and oozing between our cracks?  Come in and watch the water slide over my body.  I know what you’re thinking! You’re right!

@RebeccasOffice shows you what to do with a Cum Shot!

So we had an early Halloween party this past weekend.  I dressed up as the Wicked Bitch of The West, but I didn’t realize it was not a costume party!  My boyfriend was more interested in watching football.  I wanted to have fun and do some trick or treating.  Well, after the party he blindfolded me took off my costume, and told me to get bed and wait for him and he’d give me his treat.  I was so horny that when he came in the room he pushed my head down between his legs and I started sucking.  But after a couple minutes I realized something was up when the door opened and I heard my boyfriend’s voice.  I was sucking his best friend. He said, “You’ve been tricked and you have your treat too.  Keep sucking for your gift.”
My boyfriend had told them about my website and that they could take photos and videos of me and that I was open game for them if they wanted a taste of an older white MILF.  I was shocked.  I thought he wouldn’t let them in our bed, but of course I wanted to please them so I sucked them both and cleaned them off while they took their videos and photos.  Yes they got to see them first, but CLICK HERE AND YOU GET TO SEE THEIR MOBILE PHOTOS TOO.

Member Erotica: Life of A Black Cock Slut – Part 25

Chapter 25. Rebecca Is Used By Carl’s Mate JB At Her Office.

When Rebecca got home, her husband was waiting for her.  He had sent the kid’s out so they could talk.  He noticed that she was disheveled and could smell the sex on her. He knew that glow about her.  It showed when she had been totally sexually satisfied and he had not seen that look in a long time.  She sat across from him in the living room and he handed her a cup of coffee.

“Have a good time” he asked.  Rebecca looked up and nodded.  She had a tear in her eye.

“I’m sorry.  I should have told you.  I met a guy a couple months ago and well…..” she hesitated and then continued. “he is everything you are not.  And I need him in my life right now.  He loves me the way you can’t. I don’t need a husband anymore.  I need a lover who makes me feel sexy and naughty and free.  I need a lover who can sexually dominate me and that is not you. I’m sorry.”  Al, her husband, could not believe what she was saying.  What she was saying both excited him and scared him at the same time.  It also made him relieved. He did not feel guilty now.  He had been sleeping with his assistant and other women behind Rebecca’s back for years and here she was apologizing for cheating on him.  He pretended to look hurt, but inside he was smiling.  He was no longer the only guilty one.

“I thought this is what was happening all these nights you have been out.  So what do you want?  I understand I am not able to satisfy you.  Are you asking for a divorce?  Are you leaving me?  What about the kids?  Look, you are the mother of our children and I want you to be happy.  I can’t stop you.  What do you suggest?”

Rebecca paused. This was going better than she imagined. “This is new to me. The kids don’t need us around all the time anymore.  I have told my lover that I want to spend more time with him and he asked that I not have sex with you anymore.”  She realized with all the crazy se she’d be having that she did not want to expose her husband to any sexual diseases as well. She continued, “I think we will tell the kids that I will be traveling more and when I do, I will be spending time at his place.  When I am hoe you can choose to be here, but we will not be physical with each other for as long as I have my lover.”  She debated telling him more about Trevor and how she was only fucking hung black men, but decided this would be her secret. She explained this would be the current situation but over time she expected to be spending all the time with him as the kids moved on to college and out of the house.

The conversation lasted for another couple hours.  Al realized something different in his wife.  He knew her fairly well and that Maria, now Rebecca, was doing some risky exploring with this new man in her life.  He wasn’t sure if it could last, but this was perfect for him.  He would start to pursue his assistant as well.  Perhaps without her around all the time, he could further that relationship. As he saw it, this would become an open relationship and they were going to help each other.  At the end of the conversation they gave each other a hug and told each other they were sorry, but wanted the best for each other.  They would continue to have further conversations over the rest of the weekend about details and when she expected to possibly be “traveling” more often.

Monday morning finally came and Rebecca was ready to move on.  She has texted a bit with Trevor who indicated that he was close to finding a new place for both of them.  She could not wait until they moved in together and start her new life as his lover and black cock slut. Rebecca went to her office and got on with her job with new vigor. As the day went on she noticed that she would have to work late as she had a lot of work to catch up on. She did not mind staying late as she was not in a hurry to get home. She also kept thinking about what happened over the weekend.  She was suddenly free to do what she wanted sexually.  She felt liberated now that she wouldn’t have to worry about what she wore when she left the house.  Her family and her neighbors would not see people coming in and out of her home or see her coming in or out with her black men.  Rebecca was still hard at work as everyone left to go home and the office was quiet so she took off her blazer, rolled up her sleeves and sat at her desk until it was dark out and she finally had finished. She was so relieved as she cleaned up and put back all her filed and began to relax.  The air conditioning had turned off in the building and she unbuttoned a button on her blouse when she looked up at the camera in her office and realized that she had not giving Carl a show today, so she decided to give him one to remember.

Rebecca went to her desk and opened the drawer with her dildo and butt plug and put them out as she smiled at the camera and then she walked in front of the camera, turned on “Sweet Cherry Pie” on her office stereo and started to do a slow striptease removing her clothes one item at a time until all she had left were her conservative heels and then she got the butt plug and put it into her mouth to get it nice and wet she then bent over and reached around with her hand and placed the butt plug at the opening of her ass and slowly pushed it in. She moaned loudly at the camera in a pleading way and then she moved her hands and opened the lips of her vagina to show the camera that she was getting wet. Rebecca then slowly walked over to the couch and lay down. She spread her legs towards the camera and then she got the dildo and put it in her, first sucking it as if it was her lovers big black cock until it was wet enough and then she placed it at the opening of her vagina and slowly pushed it all the way in. She made sure that her face could be seen between her spread legs and then she closed her eyes and imagined that her Black Master’s cock was fucking her vagina. She was getting turned on as she fucked her vagina with the dildo and soon her body started to shake as she was having a powerful orgasm and she was screaming out loud “I’m cumming!  I’m a fucking black cock slut. Oh My God. Oh My God it feels so good!” and she started to squirt, the stream of liquid soaking the couch and when she had finished she started relax as she slowly came down from her orgasm. Rebecca then opened her eyes and took the dildo slowly out of her vagina and put it into her mouth and cleaned her cum of the dildo, while staring at the camera. She then put it down on the floor.  Her vagina was still convulsing from the powerful orgasm and she was exhausted so she decided to closed her eyes for a bit to relax before she went home. She continued to rub her clitoris with her legs spread and her eyes closed.

Rebecca started to fall into a nice REM cycle when she heard the front door of the office slamming shut and locked. When she opened her eyes she was shocked to see a black man standing by the door and then he before she could react and run, he walked over to the couch and ordered her to “Unzip my pants”. Rebecca started to get up and run as she said “No”, but he quickly grabbed her by the wrist, threw her back down on the couch, and demanded,  “We can do this easy or hard.  Unzip my pants now, bitch,” and he raised his hand as if he was about to strike. So Rebecca reached up and unzipped his pants and he told her, “Now take out my cock.” She obeyed and reached through the fly of his boxers and wrapped her hand around it.  It was thick and she had a problem getting it out as it was big and he told her “Take off my pants and boxers”. Rebecca knew what was coming as she unbuckled his belt and unhooked the clasp on his pants and pulled his pants and boxers down to the floor. He stepped out of them and pushed it up against her face. She looked up and saw his big black cock hanging between his legs. He then told her to stay on her knees and put my cock in your mouth and suck it. Rebecca remembered she was still on camera and looked at the camera as she opened her mouth and he forced his cock all the way inside her mouth until it was pressing against her throat. Slowly at first, Rebecca moved her head back until the tip of his cock was between her lips and then she moved forward taking all the cock into her mouth again. She slow sucked his cock over and over again and at times she would lick the tip of his cock between her lips. As she was sucking his cock, she would look up at him and hoped he would tell her to stop, so she could feel it between her legs. His balls were heavy with cum and hitting her chin.  When he did stop, he told her, “Fuck your breasts with my cock” and she removed his cock from her mouth and moved closer as she held each breast in each hand and nestled his cock between them and slowly moved her breasts up and down his cock, spitting on it as he then told her,  “Lick the end as well”. He watched as she lowered her head as she stroked his cock with her breasts, taking the tip of his cock between her lips and licking it. His cock was rock hard and soon he felt that he could not hold on any longer and would cum, so he told her to stop as he wanted to fuck her.

He then told Rebecca to stand up and walk over to her desk and bend over forward gripping the edge of her desk with her hands.  She looked out the window across the way to the other tower where she could see cleaning personnel cleaning some offices.  She could hear him walked up behind her and his reflection in the window as he grabbed her hips and kicked her legs apart as he told her “spread your legs like a good white MILF does”. Rebecca felt the tip of his cock slowly push against the lips of her vagina apart. “Are you ready to do your duty?” And then he forced his cock all the way into her vagina as he pulled her body toward him and it slipped in without much trouble as her vagina was still wet. He pumped her over and over as he slammed into her as he was screaming, “Does this dirty bitch want to be used and fucked?” and she was screaming reply “Fuck my vagina hard with your big black cock” and he slapped her ass leaving a red hand print on her left cheek of her ass and then he slapped her ass and left a red hand print on right cheek, Rebecca screamed each time he slapped her ass as it was painful. He started to force his cock harder and faster as he went deeper into her vagina and he felt her body shake has she had another powerful orgasm and screamed out as she squirted covering his cock with her cum. He was telling her, “You like the way I fuck you with my big black cock.  I can tell” and all Rebecca could say was “I love the way you fuck my vagina with your big black cock as I am your submissive bitch to use.”

He was in no rush to cum yet and he stopped fucking her as he wanted to see her beg. She started to cry out for him not to stop as she wanted to feel his big black cock in her vagina again. He smiled.  He loved watching this smart woman totally naked in her office begging to be defiled. He couldn’t wait to drain his cock inside her, but he loved the power. He just pulled his cock out further and then he slowly put his cock at the entrance to her vagina and just when she thought he was going to tease her, slammed his cock in as far as he could as Rebecca screamed out in joyous pain. He gripped her hips as he jammed his cock  deeper into her vagina. Rebecca was begging him to fuck harder as she wanted to cum again and soon he felt her body shake as she had another powerful orgasm and she screamed out, “Oh yes.  Oh yes, I love it. Oh my god. Ohhhhhhhh” as she squirted all over his cock. He was soon moaning as well as he pushed his cock into her vagina. This gal was such a horny slut and he hadn’t ever fucked a white woman bare before. Then he made one last thrust as he started to moan out “I am going to cum and fill your vagina with my black seed and breed you with our kid.” As he came Rebecca had another powerful orgasm as she felt his cum fill her vagina.  She was scared at the thought of this guy impregnating her, but it felt so good. He kept coming and coming and there was so much that some of it leaked out of her vagina and down her legs. When he had finished, he pulled his cock out of her vagina and then she felt the butt plug being pulled out of her ass. It made a pop sound and she was in shock.  His cock was still hard as he then pushed his cock into her ass. “No, Please!  No!” she screamed out in pain as he forced his cock into her ass and gripped her hips as started to fuck her hard. Rebecca was begging him “Please don’t fuck my ass! It hurts! Your cock is too big. Please slow down so I can get used to the size of your cock.” But he didn’t listen.  He was enjoying using her ass for his own pleasure.

Rebecca was trying to move, but he let go of her ass and moved his hands to her head and forced it down into the desk, pinning her head down as he was fucking her ass. Rebecca kept begging him to slow down as it was hurting her. But he did not care as she was there to be used by any black man who wanted her and he told her “You are a black cock slut to be used by any black man who wants you.  Do you understand?” Rebecca just said “Yes” with tears in her eyes. He was so forceful.  He didn’t seem to mind that she was in pain.  In fact he seemed to enjoy it.  Soon Rebecca was getting used to having his big black cock fucking her and was telling him “Fuck my ass you bastard as this ass is yours to use.  Make it hurt.” and he told her “You are a dirty slut. You love being fucked in the ass by black cocks don’t you?” Rebecca did not say a word as her body was shaking again.  She was not in control.  She had another powerful orgasm and her cum and his started to leak from her vagina onto the floor  and then she felt him grip her hips with both of his hands as he push his cock into ass as far as he could and he let out a roar! Then she felt his cock fill her ass with his cum as it pulsed deep inside her asshole. She just collapsed onto the desk and when he had filled her ass he pulled his cock out of her ass and then told her to clean his cock so she got up and turned round and slowly began to use her tongue to clean all the cum from his cock and when she had finished he got up and said “Carl was right. You are a black cock bitch and a great fuck” and before he left Rebecca asked him what his name was he told her that he was Carl’s friend JB.  He took a bunch of pictures of her with his phone and she generously posed for them. He then unlocked the door and walked out of the office and she was left alone and she fell back on the couch as she was tired and exhausted and she noticed that cum was still leaking from her vagina and ass onto the couch.

Rebecca looked up at the camera and knew that Carl was watching and she decided to give him a treat so she got her panties and put them on to try and stop the cum that leaking from her vagina and ass and then she got down on her hands and knees and started to use her tongue to clean up the cum from the floor and desk. When she had cleaned as much cum as she could, she turned round and looked at the camera with cum on her mouth and just smiled and then blew a kiss at the camera and said, “Thank You”.

Rebecca then started to get dressed and got some tissues from the toilet to clean up the cum on the couch. Before she left the building, Rebecca phoned her lover and asked him if any of his friends had any part time work she could do as she would be will to do anything as she wanted to pay for their new life together and he said that he would asked around and let her know as soon as possible. And then she left the office and went home. As she walked to her car she could feel the cum leaking down her legs and she stuffed some tissues into her panties to try and soak up the cum.  This was different.  Rebecca was happy and excited.  She wanted more.  She was so excited that sex was so good and that she was free to have as much as she wanted.