@RebeccasOffice After Dark: Living Out Her Secret Fantasy (Video Update)

Well as you know by now if you have been reading my blog that the idea of erotica really turns me on.  All the episodes turn me on and I hope they arouse you too.  Recently the stories have crossed the idea of me becoming an escort for black men.  Well I thought it would be a good idea to show you how it would look if a black man paid to have sex on camera with me as a boyfriend or husband caught it all on video and camera.  Is it reality?  Is it fiction?  Maybe you can decide if I can give men the real girlfriend experience.  I mean, shouldn’t this be what my Queen of Spades status propel me to do?  I think I would offer “The Girlfriend Experience”.
So you know what I do by day, but what happens when I go home?  I do get off work early every day.  Is this what your co-workers do every night to earn a little more?  No way will I drive for Uber! Yes I get propositioned all the time via email.  What if I said yes? What if we met after work downtown and I turned down the lights while my handler took photos and video.  This is how it looks when we have sex in the dark with strangers and camera people walking around in the dark while we have sex.  For you husbands and boyfriends out there who want to share your women with a black man, this could be a good way to get your girl to go black.  I can’t believe that people would be willing to pay to be part of this. Or maybe I shouldn’t be surprised.  So you think I’d be good?  Well read the stories on my blog, watch this video and see what people say about my “after dark” services!
 So how much would you pay for this service?  How much do you think I should charge for this?  What kind of services would you like me to perform?  CLICK HERE TO SEE HOW GOOD MY GIRLFRIEND EXPERIENCE IS.

Update: Celebrate New Year’s Eve Like @RebeccasOffice Did?

First Fuck

First Fuck

I was planning on a different update for the first of the year, but to celebrate my new living arrangement, my lover decided that on New Year’s Eve he wanted to finish the year while fucking me and then make sure I also got it again in 2017 to start the year.    We are definitely a social media couple and are always taping our love making on our phones in bed.  I think he loves the fact that my body now spends the night in his bed and gets to have me whenever he wants.  That is quite often I might add! I think I can safely say that Rebecca is under new management now!

Watch as first we slow it down in slo-mo here for you so you can watch the slow and erotic close to 2016 and then again we replay the real time pounding he gave me in 2017.  He couldn’t wait and I rode his cock so hard that I actually was so exhausted before midnight, but watch him wake me up in time for me to ring in the New Year.  It was so sweet he drank champagne out of my pussy and then sunk deep inside of me from behind just in time for the clock to strike midnight!
Did you end and begin the year this way?  If not CLICK HERE and RELIVE IT WITH ME!

@RebeccasOffice Wants You To See Her Naughty Cell Phone Videos

Are You Behind Me?

Are You Behind Me?

Okay, I get it!  I keep hearing from some people that they like my videos in Slo-Mo and others like it in regular speed.  Hey this is the age of the internet.  You can do it any way you want.  So I decided that I’d show it in both regular speed and in a slower half time speed.  Who says I don’t give my members the videos the way they want it?

But let’s be truthful.  I know why you guys like it like that.  We know you all masturbate while watching my videos.  I love the thoughts of thousands of men cumming while watching me orgasm pretending that I am your wife or pretending you are the guy giving it to me, or pretending to be the cameraman or both.  My goal every time one of these videos is taken is to make it real and to make you cum.

So this past weekend I had my boy toy take some videos for you while we had sex.  Many of you commented about how they liked that you got current, fresh, mobile video that is unscripted.  What were you doing Saturday night while I was out fucking this hunk of a man, sucking his cock and exploding all over it.  Look how red he made my pussy.  Oh and the way he spanks me.  I love my aggressive lover.

What is on your cell phone?  CLICK HERE and see what my boyfriend has of me!

Rebecca Looks You in the Eye and Swallows it All

COnfessionThere is a secret to Rebecca and other Dreamnet women and that is they are the most authentic real North American sexual women you will find.  It is well known that North American women are known the world over for their advanced intellect, style, beauty and fierce independence. The other thing that makes them special is their ability to express themselves more than females of any other culture.  But deep underneath we all know one thing to be true.  Once you spread their legs and put a hot cock deep inside them, they are as submissive to your wishes as any woman. All these MILFs want to spread their legs and feel the pleasure of a man’s cock just like all other women.  And what you get here on Dreamnet are examples of women who understand that to be true.  MILFs aren’t made, they are born this way.  It is just up to the situation to make sure this comes out more clearly.

Rebecca is one of those women who embody this fantasy and the beauty is that you get to see this play out in front of your very eyes.  You are seeing an educated, beautiful, and independent businesswoman and mom seduced into a world of porn and interracial sex.  Over 13 years we have seen this transition on our pages.  She came here with a lot of book smarts and little sexual experience.  Then her husband helped to turn her into the wanton woman she is today.  A real business tight wad during the day and a slut for cock, especially black cock.

Here is the amateur video that took place the night before Rebecca’s first black experience. Probably like your own spouse today, she is innocent, sucks cock the way you want and let’s you privately film her, but she has yet to go black.  This was Rebecca and now she has become a true slut.  Now watch and learn as her husband lures her into the dark bedroom with his video camera on night mode. You see her telling her husband to put the camera down, but once he refuses she makes him promise to never use the video and he assures her he won’t.  Then he tells her he wants to see her take on a black lover and then give him a blow job.  He even makes her confess her desire for one.  Little did she know that the next day she would no longer be an interracial virgin!  For those of you who are new to Rebecca, this is how it started for her and how it works for all women. Look around, every woman wants this.

Want to see how Rebecca was before she was seduced by black cock?  CLICK HERE and watch her swallow all that cum!


Rebecca Is Thinking of You: Watch the Video

Home Alone and Horny

Home Alone and Horny

Sometimes I am just home alone and so horny.  I think every woman feels this way at some time or another where she just wants to close her eyes and feel someone spread her legs and slide deep inside her slowly penetrating deeper and deeper until they can go no further.  Then they reach up and pull my arms above my head and pin my hands above me as they nibble on my earlobes and begin thrusting hard and breathing on my neck.  Is that you?  You grab my ass and push harder as you bite my nipples and make me scream.

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I want to feel you explode deep inside me before my husband comes home.  Make my pussy so wet and juicy that I leave a huge stain on my bed and when I sleep on the wet spot tonight I will think of our special time together!

Making a MILF Instructional Videos

Making A MILF videos

Making A MILF videos

I get asked all the time about how I got started doing videos and how my husband agreed to me doing videos and being on Dreamnet. I also get lots of people asking how they can do it too. I really can’t say what we do works for everyone, but I can say that it took a while and that by the time it came to fruition, my husband had taken lots of video of me and I was probably more ready than ever to be in front of the camera.

What you see here is me before Dreamnet sucking on dildos, dancing for you on camera, posing around the small apartment we had after we got married, admitting my love for black cock and hope day having one of a nice size inside me.

You must remember when these videos were done that I had no idea that I was going to be naked for all of you. It is amazing now to think how far I’ve come. So if you are out there wanting your wife or partner to do this, just check out these two videos because they can show you what will happen if you dream big.


RebeccasOffice Double Update Back to School Special

This is always a tough time of year for me.  Kids got back to school.  We all get that last bit of vacation and say goodbye to our Summer Interns who have been helpful for the Summer.  I kind of get attached to them.  This year this was one special one in particular.  This double update is dedicated those who have a bright future ahead of them:
Back to School Intern

Back to School Intern

So all the young studs I hired this summer  are headed back to school.  Recruiting and hiring good talent these days in California is very tough.  Hiring good talent that is sexy is even harder.  Everyone gets lured by bonuses, free food , and tuition reimbursements as well as promises of a nice salary upon graduation.  Hey, but my Company has its own special perks.  I promise all my sexy male interns that there will be no glass ceiling for them and that their talents will always be welcome in our organization.  So the way it works at the end of the summer is that they each come see me individually and I tell them if they have an offer to join us upon graduation.  I give them a corporate grade which includes a summer bonus and a formal offer which they have a month to accept.  What’s the kicker?  Well I’m sure you can guess, but let’s talk about it behind closed doors, shall we?
Business is a dog eat dog world.  Play it nice and you will get eaten by the sharks.  Play too hard and nobody will be your loyal soldier.  Hey look, I’m not a fool.  I know most bosses are men and they want to hire the hottest and sweetest women.  Well here in RebeccasOffice, I hire the strongest and cockiest.  I like to call my men, Business Barbarian Conans (BBC for short)? CLICK HERE TO GO SEE HOW I GET THE BEST AND BRIGHTEST TO WORK FOR ME!
Video (57 mins)
Recruiting Training

Recruiting Training

As many of you sports fans know, recruiting and signing the top talents to your institution is not easy.
Many people ask me what my secret is.  I don’t really know if there is a secret, but I can tell you that this summer’s interns have been the hardest group I’ve ever had to nail down.  Smart and talented from the top schools around the nation, recruiting these studs for the summer is one thing.  Retaining them and keeping these rising stars from the clutches of our competitors is another.  This year has been one of the hardest of all.  So at the end of the summer we bring in the recruits we want to give an offer to and present them with a package before they go back for their final year of schooling.  The goal is to sign them before the interviewing process starts.
This year we had a prize recruit that we wanted to bring back.  A stud, this gentleman was my priority and I was not going to let him get away.  He had an unusual request to bring him back to his summer sublet and I went along.  When he asked me if I’d do anything for him to sign, I agreed on the condition that I could document the proceedings to make sure he did not go back on his word. I also needed to show the firm that I did not violate any laws to help bring this man into the fold.  I was on a mission and this one was not getting away.  Good news.  He signed on the dotted line that night!  Don’t be scared.  Yes he spanked me really hard and I was screaming for mercy, but when you work for me, Rebecca works harder for you!
So if you want to succeed in business, pull out your penis, um….pen and  CLICK HERE and take good notes.
Note: This recruiting video is dark and at some points boring, but I have left it unedited so you can skip to the better parts.  Negotiations usually are not much fun, so feel free to fast forward to the parts where he was getting cold feet and pulled the covers over us.  I needed to leave all footage in as well to make sure the firm documented my time spent.  Remember, this was a training video, not a porno…LOL!

Happy 12th Anniversary on Dreamnet: Deep Inside Rebecca Before Dreamnet

Before Dreamnet

Before Dreamnet

This week will mark 12 years on the internet, but truth be told my husband has been filming me since 1994. You see I never intended to be on the Web, but he always had a plan and would take pictures of me with those old digital cameras and share one or two of them with strangers on the Web without me knowing. He always promised me he would delete them and never show them to anyone, but I recently found them and asked him why he still had them. In fact there were so many. I couldn’t believe it. I looked so innocent and young. Well with the popularity of Throwback Thursdays on the internet, we thought we’d show you how it all got started.  So if you ever wanted to see your girl on the web, let this be a training session for you! I’ve added captions that capture the essence of what I was thinking then and now when these images were taken to help you understand how innocent I was. I really had no idea what I would become. I had no idea how much I’d enjoy standing here in front of you. There are millions of other Rebeccas out there like me. Let me show you how we all get started.

So in this case, he bought me this little school girl uniform and had me dress slutty. I had no idea he had the camera rolling. Then he showed me he was filming. I was so embarrassed. I have to warn you I wasn’t trying to be glamorous. I had no idea these pictures would be shared and published. He then had me get in bed and pretend I was having sex with black men as he knew it was my fantasy. Oh and if you guys like a hairy woman, I warn you that like most women, I hadn’t learned to shave myself down there. Don’t say I didn’t warn you? Also, the cameras weren’t as good back then as they are today. So if you have a young innocent wife like my husband did, there is still hope if you want her to pose naked on the web. CLICK HERE TO SEE ME NAKED BEFORE I JOINED DREAMNET.

Video Update – Secret Video Caught by a Stranger


When I received this movie in an email, I was stupefied.  I asked my husband and he racked his brain to figure out where it came from.  He had never seen it before.  The emailer asked if it was me, as he told me that he had been watching that video for 10 years as he had taken it one evening in Southern California and had been fantasizing about the woman in that video until he found my site.  I asked him about it and suddenly it all came back to me.  I had blocked that time out of my life out of my memory.  It is when I first started really sleeping with other men.  A woman never wants to be called a slut, but in that time in my life I was.  I had discovered the need to just have incredible sex with my new found lovers and fortunately there was a local hotel venue in the town over that catered to my needs.  The hotel catered to women and couples to have sex in a semi-private.  It was a swinger hotel.  Don’t you love California?  It was a couple town over from where we lived.  We had just moved there and the chance of running into someone we knew was highly unlikely.

In the hotel, women or couples got a room.  If you left your shades open that meant you wanted others to watch or take pictures.  On some floors if you left the doors open, you wanted people to come in and play with you.  On others you wanted people to come in and get close to the action.  The only rule was that only one person was allowed to come in and watch at a time.

At this time I used to get a room while my husband went to watch others.  I would invite some of my black lovers to come keep me company for the evening.  This is the first time I met Billy and we really put on a show for the voyeurs.  He was such a good lover and very well-endowed.  There were several people who came in to our room over the course of the evening to take pictures and videotape this white mom having unprotected sex with strangers.  I felt so naughty and Billy kept telling them that this is what happens to your wife when she goes black.  He made me tell those who came into the room I would never go back to my husband.

Note: This movie is a bit of an out of body experience since I have no recollection at all of doing this!  The fan who sent this to me said that he remembers me being so submissive and doing whatever my lovers told me to do. The part he said that he did not capture that turned him on was that the photographer told him was that I had asked Billy to use a condom and he said no before sliding his bare cock into me.  My fan said that he had to leave the room because there was another guy who he assumed to be my husband taking pictures and they were getting in each other’s videos and photos so they took turns entering and leaving the room.  I am so glad that someone captured this video.  It probably captures me at a very interesting time in my life.


All Rebecca No Hubby Video Update

No Hubby

Many people notice that my videos are often done on a tripod.   That is because I am not a big fan of having an audience in my room when I make love. I just can’t relax when people are watching or talking. Seeing a camera in your face is also uncomfortable. As you watch this video, listen at the very beginning as you hear the door open and close. That is my husband leaving after I told him to go home. After all, this night was my husband’s anniversary present to me. I was going to cherish every minute of my lover and was not going to share it with anyone.

Now when you see me alone with my lover you can see that I can just relax and enjoy his cock and the feel of his gorgeous body possessing me. What you can’t hear is his telling me to come by the following week and the week after that and so on. When a woman like me lets another man like this specimen inside her, she’s never going to stop. Watch as he just keeps drawing orgasm after orgasm out of me. I couldn’t control myself. I wanted more and more of him until my body lay limp on the bed.   This is why I am not a pro. Cherishing my lovers alone and making love is what I am about. It’s not about a movie or money. It’s about two people making love. That way I can give them every ounce of my attention. Click Here to see me playing alone!