Rebecca’s Celebrating 13 Years on Dreamnet and You’re Invited!

Happy 13th Anniversary

Happy 13th Anniversary

Do you remember where you were 13 years ago? I remember like it was yesterday. In fact I wore this dress to celebrate and go to the strip club with some old friends I’ve come to know over the years.  Some of these guys I even performed with!  Well I have to say my annual thank yous to my fans, Dreamnet and those who have performed with me over the years.  I never could have imagined lasting 13 days naked on the internet, let alone 13 years!  And then of course all the crazy things I’ve done and where my life has gone.  It is so far away from the life I was living back in 2003.  Shall we take a walk down memory lane together?  I hope you will.  I know many of you probably have never spent 13 years with one woman.  Let me show you how it works.

I really want to thank those of you who have spent ten or more of these 13 years with me.  It is so amazing to have done this all these years given that some marriages don’t last this long.  Some people don’t even spend that long working for one company.  Well I am a relationship girl and I appreciate what I have and those around me who support me.  I am heading out to a party and I’m sorry if you are going to miss it.  CLICK HERE TO SEE WHAT YOU WILL BE MISSING OR MISSED.


A Message & Update from Rebecca’s Hubby


Hi. This is Al, Rebecca’s husband. This clip is the 3rd in a series of clips are from our anniversary evening. Yes, I gave my wife a night with another lover for our special day. I know this may seem strange to you, but if you honestly love your partner, you sometimes give them presents that you know they want but don’t always ask for. Providing Rebecca with an evening of sex that is special is like giving her a great piece of jewelry. She’ll wear it like a fur coat and the end of the evening leaves her with the biggest smile. If you’ve followed my wife, you know that nothing brings her more satisfaction than a night fulfilled with an incredible dark lover.

As you watch this, I can’t tell you how turned on it got me to watch this. In fact after you see me tend to the needs of these two lovers, if you listen closely, you hear me leave as the door opens and closes. I can’t ever stay around. It is like a rush as I watch these men give my wife an experience that there is no way I could ever give her. Watching her take charge by riding her lover or just submitting to his needs by turning over and letting him have his way are both incredibly amazing things to see as that is not the Rebecca that I know on a daily basis.

More than anything though, I just love seeing the smile and thankfulness she provides me afterwards for making her so happy. As they say, happy wife means happy life. Sharing these times with all of you is my way of giving to all of you and showing that there are all kinds of ways of keeping that special person in your life happy. CLICK HERE FOR THE FULL VIDEO IN MY CLUB!

10 years on Dreamnet. What were you doing 10 years ago?


10 years ago this coming week I decided to become a Dreamgirl. I had no idea what I was getting into, but I knew that if I was going to be a Dreamgirl that there was no way I could do it half way. I was going to give it all I had. My actual anniversary is the 30th of July. I remember that fateful night as I received pings from all the subscriptions as people found me and welcomed me into their homes all night long. Over the years I’ve come to realize that Dreamnet and all my wonderful fans have changed my life forever. It has been such a blessing to me and I have to really thank Rob, Lee, all my wonderful Dreamnet sisters over the years and most of all my fans. I really do this as long as you want me around. Let me tell you about how it has changed my life and who has influenced me. This pictorial is a big thank you to all fans and friends who have encouraged me from day 1.

10 years is a long time! I have to admit that there have been days where I have thought about giving up and going back to my simpler and boring regular life. When that happens my husband reminds me of all the great fans I have and how I just can’t stop and let you all down. Those days are far and few, but I have many things to be thankful for. Want to know how I’ve changed over the years? I want to tell all! COME IN, CLICK, AND SEE!


My 9th Anniversary

rebecca-9th-anniversary-02Yes, this is it. Something I never imagined I’d be saying. This is my 9 year anniversary on Dreamnet. It has been everything I wanted and more being here for all of you. Before Dreamnet I rarely walked around barely dressed but now I love the opportunity to strut my stuff both indoors and outdoors. Once again I owe all of this to all my fans who have supported me and give special thanks to my husband and girlfriend/photographer who help support me week after week. I can’t imagine what these last nine years would have been like without the Dreamnet community. This includes all the other girls past and present who have shared this wonderful experience with me.

Please CLICK HERE and join me for this week’s celebration of my 9th anniversary here on Dreamnet. Once again I have to thank Rob, Lee, and the other Dreamnet personnel who help me come to you repeatedly week after week. In fact, did you know that this is my 468th consecutive week with an update? Amazing isn’t it? And for those of you who have been with me all the way, I love you. Come in and celebrate with me! I promise to give you a pictorial worthy of Olympic Gold.


Rebecca Renews Her Vows – Crotchless


I just passed my 8th Anniversary on Dreamnet which is quite amazing. What is even more amazing is all the great fans who have followed me year after year. Relationships are tough to manage. I know people who have broken up during the time I’ve been on Dreamnet, so my relationship with some members here should be celebrated. The number 8 is lucky in many cultures. After 8 years on Dreamnet I consider myself quite lucky. I really find myself thinking of my fans as long term relationships. Some of my fans are like virtual husbands with me. We have shared many emails and personal details and thoughts. So just like any good relationship I thought I’d tell you some things about your ‘Virtual MILF” that you might not know and probably should if we are going to spend so much time together in the future.

Now that we’ve been together for this long, I might as well tell you all my secrets. I hope they won’t scare you away. I just feel like we should share more than our body fluids. Of course you need to tell me some of your secrets. I’ve had 1-night stands where I wish I knew more about the guy, so I want you to get to know me inside and out. If you want to know what makes me tick and I want to know what turns you on. So Happy Anniversary Lover! Come in and let’s celebrate … CLICK HERE!

7 Year Anniversary

7 Year Itch

7 Year Anniversary present

I want to say thank you to everyone in the Dreamnet community. Today marks 7 years for me on the Web. It has been 7 glorious years and I have no itch to stop.

From Rob, to Lee, to all the people behind the scenes past and present, to the current Dreamnet sisters, and to all my past Dreamnet sisters…I owe you all a big thank you.

And most of all, I want to thank all those fans who have followed me. I started out at this with a lot of hesitation and worried that nobody would want to look at just a normal working woman. Your encouragement, help, camaraderie, and wonderful friendships have made the last 7 years exciting. Here’s to many more years to come.