Was I Just in Vegas?

Ah Vegas,

They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.  Well just a few photos right?  Just took off to see my boyfriend (he’s a little camera shy), but he took me to see a few cool places.  I loved it.  Eventhough its just a hop skip and a jump from Southern California, Las Vegas can seem miles away.

Bonjour mes amis

I love how my boyfriend picked me up in a sports car and his muscles bulge as he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me in front of all these people.  It just took me to another world far from minivans and business suits.

We didn’t even go straight back to his place.  We went right to the strip where we had a wonderful French sidewalk cafe lunch across from the Bellagio Hotel.  I just soaked in the ambiance  and ordered one of those huge drinks.
I even loved the special touch of the “ze waiters” (garcons) who were part actors and used fake accents to give you the added feeling of being in France.
Of course there is a bit of Cheesiness about Las Vegas.

There is always someone waiting to take that cash out of your purse and even as we sat there eating our croissants and brioches we had some interesting scenarios and my host, always looking to show me a good time knew that I could not resist one opportunity.  Yes, you know how I am about men in black.  I couldn’ resist that mysterious man!

The Bellagio Fountains (taste of Italy)

Dynamic Duo - I love a fancy tool belt!

So after a little hand in hand stroll from my tour guide along ths strip we meandered our way back to my host’s pad.  There is something about being a married woman, flying off to another city by myself and then entering the home of another man.  It is so liberating, so exciting, so different.  I don’t know if it was just the smell of a man’s domain, but we just attacked each other.

So big and strong, I just melted into the world far far away.  We worked it out through dinner and sunset before realizing that we had a party we needed to go to.

Inside the Cathouse

The party was at the Cathouse in the Luxor Hotel (the Pyramid).  The hotel is a little over 16 years old but it still has a bit of a mystique.  The party we went to is a bit of a lifestyle party run by a friend  of ours.  Mostly for couples, the price for single men is 3 bills.

Anyway, if any of you ever want to go to the Cathouse, I highly recommend.  There were mostly tourists, but there was a section for the locals and my host introduced me to his friends.  Jim and Jen were a nice couple (and members of my site) who introduced themselves.  She was a cutie and I’m sure my husband is jealous he didn’t get to meet her.

These last two photos were taken in the new hotel Aria and inside the Cathouse.  They have poles where you can get up and do a little pole dancing, but photos of other people is not a good idea and there was a lot of bad pole dancing going on.

Aria Lobby