#ThrowbackThursday @RebeccasOffice is Ms. New Booty

Every week I use ThrowbackThursday to repost an old update that existed before social media.  I was watching MTV the other day and came across one of my favorite videos of all time and it reminded me of  this update.  I can’t believe this song is over a decade old.   It was so good that I did an update honoring it.  I had a lot of fun doing it!

Get it RIght!  Keep it tight!

MS NEW BOOTY – The Reenactment (originally posted 7/5/2006)

Have you heard what’s all the rage?  Well I have been to a couple converts already this summer and I’ve purchased a few items already.  These are two of the hottest performers out there, so don’t miss them.  And if you haven’t seen the music video for either of these acts, what are you doing?  You only live once!  When I got the package in the mail I became a whole new woman!

Is the video real?  I had to find out.  You let me know!  If you can’t figure it out, send me an email and I’ll help you out!  CLICK HERE and let me show you!

Do You Fit On My Casting Couch?

 I think every day I get an email from someone I’ve never heard from claiming they are biggest fan and a photo of their penis!  Oh my gosh!  Am I a slut?  LOL!  Seriously, I don’t mind if it is a long-time member who writes me, but if you are a stranger it is funny to me.  So seriously, one of the things that I’ve been told is that I have the perfect holes to handle well endowed men who have trouble with smaller women who complain they hurt.  Was I always this small?  I honestly can’t remember ever meeting a cock I couldn’t handle!  I guess I just might be a size queen.  I remember the first time I did a gang bang in Vegas and I sat there on a couch examining all the penises before sleeping with each guy.  Want to hear about my casting couch?

Yes I examine every cock I take because I take it bare.  With HPV and other viruses out there I am very picky of each cock.  You might say that I am a bit of a connoisseur.  I have quite a nice collection of cocks notched on my bed post!  So come closer and let me take a look at your big bad self. CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU FIT THE BILL.

If @RebeccasOffice was your MILF

If I Was Your MILF

If I Was Your MILF

I can’t believe it.  School is out and my husband decided to take the kids on a little trip.  I conveniently stayed back for work at my new job.  It also meant I could have my boyfriend come and live with me for a week.  It also meant that I could really pretend what it would be like to live with another man and do things I don’t normally get to do.  So on the first night I decided to welcome him to his temporary home, removing all photos of our family and put on a sexy dress and told him we would go out and have some fun.  When he came home and came upstairs to find me in this dress, he grabbed me, kissed me and told me that he wanted to remember this forever.  He took some photos of me and said I would be the perfect wife for him and then took me out on the town dressed like this.

Would you like to come home to me dressed like this every day?  Is this how your wife would like to be dressed when you come home after a long day?  I’d like to see the smile on a man’s face and the lust in his eyes when he walks in the door.  I miss that. CLICK HERE IF YOU WANT TO SEE WHAT I’D LOOK LIKE AS YOUR WIFE.


Rebecca Wants You to Give Her a RIde

Going My Way?

Going My Way?

I was told never talk to strangers and to never accept a ride from one.  WellI was never told what would happen if I was the one who needed the ride.  What if I was stranded on the side of the road and the people passing me by were told that they weren’t supposed to give me a ride?  I mean here I was driving along when my engine died along one of the most beautiful stretches of road in the United States, Pacific Coast Highway 1.  We are talking about, other than Alaska, the Westernmost part of the continental United States.  Yes, Hawaii I there to my left a few thousand miles.  Well here I was stranded.  Would you please give me a ride?  I’ll do anything.

 What has a girl got to do to get a ride around here.  I mean I know you aren’t supposed to pick up strangers, but don’t I look innocent enough?  Or is it your wife or girlfriend who won’t let you stop and help pick up a woman in distress?  Is it money you want?  A kiss on the cheek?  On where is a good trucker when you need one with a little bed in the back of his cab.  CLICK HERE and let me know if you’d pick me up.

Rebecca Has Spring Fever!

Catch My Spring Fever

Catch My Spring Fever

It’s that time of year again when the flowers start to bloom and the warm air comes around and I start to feel horny all the time wanting sex! It is like I want sex all the time! Do you feel that way too? It is like it is a side effect of El Nino where I get hornier earlier and earlier every year every year! Talk about your global warming! You know what the biggest side effect is? It means I don’t need to wear underwear! It is nature’s way of telling us that we need to change our clocks and put away those warm coats and scarves and be free! It also means that we need to start cleaning up from the crazy winter. Are you ready to step outside with me and feel that sunshine on our bare skin and soak in those vitamins from the sun?

It doesn’t really snow here, but it does rain or at least can be damp on the West Coast of the United States. Yes Spring has sprung and some of my fans have bought me a whole new wardrobe for this year and I can’t wait to wear all my new clothes outside! Of course they gave me some nice new lingerie too and those will be fun to wear to bed! Are you ready to see me bloom in the warm sun? If you have the fever CLICK HERE to come here and tend to my garden with me!!

Update: It’s Official March MadnASS Month #ass


I was looking around and I see there are such special designations for Drinking Wine, Black Pride, etc. Well I think there should be a month dedicated to a beautiful ASS. So I am declaring March to be “Worship a Woman’s Ass” Month. What do you think? So it shall be forever known as March MadnASS. I also want to invite you join in some traditional March Madness College Basketball fun. Every year I have a pool dedicated to my office pool. If you don’t have an account yet, be sure to go to espn.go.com/fantasy and set up an account. I want to see you in my tournament pool. I shall give an award to my top current member in the pool as long as they beat me! In the meantime, let’s take a look at some photos of me in a sexy black negligee sent to me by one of my Ass Worshippers!

Are you ready for March MadnASS? Are you a worshipper of the ASS? Do you want to slap it, touch it, spank it, lick it? Well then this is your month! Contribute to the cause and make March the month of the ASS! And then play in my fantasy league and show me you are the King of March MadnASS! CLICK HERE to see MY ASS!!


Rock on with Rebecca – Video Update

Rock N Shake

Rock N Shake

I have never done this before in 12 years, but for the first time I am updating this week with a second video in a row.  This video is a little different because the music it is written by a unique member who once saw me dance at a club and liked the way I danced to an Aerosmith tune.
It turns out this gentleman writes many songs and said he thought he’d write me a little riff called “Rebecca’s Rock” that I think works really well and exhibits a vibe about me that many of you have never seen. Since many of you have asked for more videos, I thought you might enjoy my stepping up and giving you something a little different!  I’m always game for showing you a little more.  I hope this pleases you!  Be sure to shake your head and rock out with me!  Maybe my webmaster Rob can write me a tune too!

Rebecca Takes It Hard – Video Update

Rebecca Gasps As He Inserts It In Her Butt

Rebecca Gasps As He Inserts It In Her Butt

As you saw in the first two clips, my lover can go through almost every position in the book when we are making love. He has what is known as the “Kung Fu tongue technique” which has my body just reacting in goose bumps. Then my body opens up and relaxes with his soothing music, candles and massage oils.

I just become putty in his hands as he easily just slides his large cock in my ass. I love it when he does it that way from behind and takes control over my body. I never knew I could take it so easily and so hard. The opportunity to let loose and become his sex object as he lays his body on top of me sliding deep inside my anus, my head just spins and I almost black out. When I come home my husband is always amazed how gaping wide my hole is. I hope you enjoy this final chapter of a very intimate time with my lover.

Mind you after he takes me in the ass, he pumps my pussy full of his cum and keeps pumping me hard with more of his cum as we do post coital love making and talk.

CLICK HERE to see amateur interracial anal love making!


It’s time to workout by Assercising with me

Me and my Pole!

Me and my Pole!

Many of you have come to worship my backside. I love it. People ask me all the time what do I do to keep it in shape. I guess I have good genes! Well to be honest I do exercise. One of the things I found to be a good source of toning for a woman’s core are Exercise Stripper Poles. When I dance at the club it is a bit of an exercise as well as a nice dance partner! Ha Ha! Seriously, since I really don’t dance at gentlemen’s clubs as a profession I just have to exercise on my limited free time. Recently one of my connoisseur ass members asked if he could buy me a stripper pole for my home so I could work on by back side! Now thanks to him I have a great portable pole to work on my routines from home and tone my backside!

Want to see how I work my rear end on your dance pole? I do have to thank Member Bob for this wonderful new pole. And because of his generosity this update includes extra focus on my derriere.   Well I must admit that I have a secret. Stripper poles are such a turn on. When I am at the club I always keep one hand on the pole but I have this one move that I love to do. For those of you who have see me do it live, don’t tell anyone because it is a secret. If you haven’t seen it, then come inside and learn my secret? CLICK HERE TO GO TO WORK MY ASS ON YOUR POLE


Rebecca’s Dating Quiz – Will You Pass?


Isn’t life full of conundrums? We are about to come upon more of life’s decisions in a few weeks when the elections come for voting. Well I am here to help you to practice making decisions!! We’ll start with some of life’s easy questions and then get to brass tacks with the harder ones! Do any of you out there need help making those difficult questions? I’m pretty good at analysis and then helping people make them. In fact, if you were to go on a date with me, I’d play 20 questions to learn about you. Can you handle that? Are you up to the test? Well good, let’s see if you pass.

Yes, I am here to be your gal pal. I mean if you want to be my friend and know what I’d do or choose then tell me what your answer to some of life’s most difficult questions. I want you to go through these questions and let me know what you choose! I want to hear from my true fans as to what your responses will be. When I gather all the responses I will post the majority response to each question. So CLICK HERE and make sure you answer them all and send me your responses. I will post the answer percentage next week on my blog!