Member Erotica: Life of a Black Cock Slut Part 19: Rebecca Auctioned into White Slavery

Part 19

When Rebecca got home everyone was fortunately still asleep, so she quietly entered the house and slipped into bed without making a sound and put on a t-shirt and panties and she was still mad.  By the time she woke up it was mid-morning and her husband was already gone.   She stared at the ceiling recounting the previous night and morning.  She was scared about the filming.  She played back the whole evening in her head.  It wasn’t the forced  hard sex, but the possessive violation of her privacy with all those people watching and filming.  She did not know them.  What if someone she knew had seen her or someone else sees the movie? What her Black Master had done by using her to pay off a debt and left there while she was forced to be filmed having sex with strangers like a whore made her feel so violated. Rebecca rolled over and felt a wet spot.  She put her hand down and realized that she had been dripping cum out of her ass and vagina.  She felt herself and could feel the cum that had dried up on her body and panties.  It flaked off her abdomen and onto her sheets.  She slowly got out of bed and her legs wobbled as she pulled the sheets off her bed.  She did not want her husband to see the stains.  She walked to the bathroom and was horrified by what she saw.  Her makeup was smeared all over her face.  Someone had written on her back in marker, “White whore for black cock”.  She had dried cum in her hair and dried cum on her breasts and lips.  She licked her mouth and tasted the sweet salty taste.  She closed her eyes as the taste reminded her of the night before. She thought she heard someone coming up the stairs and she quickly jumped in the shower to literally wash the night off of her.  As she felt the water run over her body, she closed her eyes.  How many loads of cum had she taken?  She needed to take her pill!  Then she thought the ass fucking she had been given.  For some reason she didn’t remember it as painful, but as amazing.  In fact the whole night wasn’t a total loss.  The sex had been great and she loved cumming with those men.  Her body was in pain but she had the rest of the weekend to recover.  She thought about it and was amazed that she was still horny despite what had happened.  It had been the most intense night since she had been introduced to this new life, yet she wanted more.  This sex had become worse than a drug addiction.  She needed to talk to her Black Master though.  She couldn’t let that tape get out.

As usual Rebecca slipped into Maria the housewife mode for the rest of the weekend.  It was getting easier to do, but she hated lying about her whereabouts.  She spent the rest of the weekend acting like she enjoyed her life as mother and housewife and spent the weekend with her family and friends because she knew that when the weekend ended she would be looking forward to being with her Black Master again.  At one point her husband asked her if she was okay as she had been out 3 straight Fridays and she apologized saying that work had been tough and that she needed to buckle down for a bit.

On Sunday, she got an email with an attachment and a message.  It read, “Wow, this is amazing.  I never really knew what a horny dirty slut you are.”  She opened the attachment and saw herself begging for black cock and asking for more as she received a 10-man bukkake.  She was so loud as she screamed out about what a whore she was.  She quickly ran into the bathroom and closed the door to watch in privacy.  Was this really her?  She had never watched herself having sex before.  She was getting so turned on to see herself on video.  She replied to her Black Master’s email.  “Thank you.  I can barely walk after last night, but I’ll be ready for anything next weekend.”  He did not reply.

As usual the week rolled along and she did not hear from him.  She got another video attachment Tuesday eve with only a short message, “Bet you can’t wait to get more of this.”  The video was a close up of her getting it in the ass that past weekend.  As she watched herself, she remembered how humiliating it was.  Not that she didn’t enjoy the sex, but that this man was using her lifeless body so easily for his pleasure and that he had total disregard for her body.  She replied that yes it was hot and dirty and she wanted more of it, but next time wanted it more gently .  Once again there was no response.  It was Thursday afternoon Rebecca got a text from Trevor that said  he wanted her to be at the hotel at 6pm on Friday and also she will be out for the night and will not be home until the next day. Rebecca had to arrange with her husband not to expect her until Saturday again and texted her Black Master that she would be there and wanted to know what he had planned for her. She thanked him for the videos as well. Once again he did not respond.

When Rebecca got home she told her husband that she was going to be out again on Friday eve to work all night on a presentation and stay at the company’s corporate housing as she did not want to deal with the Friday traffic jam.  She would probably sleep in and not be back until later Saturday especially if she didn’t finish on Friday night.  She then went to bed and fell asleep. When she got up she found out that her panties were wet from a dream and she got out of bed, took her t-shirt and panties off, and then had a shower.

When she was finished, she got dressed and left for work and grabbed her bag of clothes for the evening.  She could not wait to see her Black Master and what he had in store for them. After work, Rebecca went downstairs to her health club.  She did not have time to work out.  She hopped in the shower and took out her clothes, fixed her hair and makeup, and quickly got dressed before heading out.  When she got to Trevor’s hotel and walked into his room she put her arms around him and kissed him hard on the lips as he grabbed her ass. Then Rebecca stopped kissing him and smacked him hard on the face and said this was for leaving me alone and being forced into making a porn movie just so you can clear your debt with your friend and you better not use me like that again or you will never see me again and he looked at her and said that it will not happen again.

Rebecca saw that he his own outfit for her to wear: A Short Black Dress, Black Bra, Black Panties, Black Stockings and Black High Heeled Pumps. She kept her pearl choker necklace on, took off her clothes and got dressed.  Rebecca asked him what he had planned for her tonight and he said that a friend of his was hosting a White Slave Auction and that he would bring someone for the auction.  Rebecca asked, “You mean someone is going to bid on me?  To do what?”  He replied, “ You will spend a whole evening with the person who buys you and let him do whatever he wants to do to you. “ Rebecca looked at her Black Master for a few minutes and then said, “Well what if I don’t want to?”  He looked at her sternly and said, “You have no choice.”

Rebecca looked at him.  “About last weekend, I’m okay with all the sex.  I just don’t want other people I don’t know taking videos and photos of me.  I loved the sex.  The videos and photos can be for you and me only. I was so turned on by the ones you sent me this week.  They made me so wet just watching me.  I didn’t realize how hot those videos are.  Is that okay?”

He looked at her and lied, “Yes, that is fine, so tell me what you liked about it? I like watching you myself.  I like watching how you were this little prude woman stumbling out of a bar 4 months ago and now you are the prefect slutty whore for black cock.”  He didn’t understand what she was talking about with the videos.  He hadn’t sent her any, but herhaps his friend, the director, had sent them. He continued, “I had no idea you would become like this.  It is so fascinating to watch. I like watch white chicks get their first black dick, but you are by far the best ever.”  She looked at him, “Yes  I agree. The sex I have been having is so good.  The cocks are huge and the intensity is so amazing.  I ove that these men know what they want and they feel that they want it from me.  He smiled and put his arm round her and led her out to the car and unlocked it and they both got in and he then started the car and drove to the auction.

While they were on the way, they ran into heavy traffic and he told Rebecca to spread her legs and he moved his hand up her leg until he was rubbing her vagina through her panties. She moved her panties aside so that he can easily rub the lips of her vagina. Rebecca was enjoying the feeling she was getting from him rubbing her vagina and soon she was feeling a orgasm build up inside her and told him to rub her faster and when he did this she was soon holding his hand and screaming out has she has a powerful orgasm and squirted on the seat and his hand. She looked up to her left and saw a trucker watching them.  He caught her eye and gave her the thumbs up.  When Rebecca had recovered from her orgasm she looked at her Black Master and said, “Find somewhere to stop as I want you to fuck me hard with your huge black cock.”

He soon pulled off the highway and around behind some deserted buildings and stopped the car. Rebecca got out, pulled her panties down, bent over the front of the car and told her Black Master to take her with his big black cock. So he went behind Rebecca and got his cock out and forced it into her vagina and started to fuck her hard and fast.  He wasn’t fully hard at first, but it started to stiffen and Rebecca was screaming out to fuck her and make her cum. And then Rebecca felt a orgasm build up inside her and she screamed at him to fuck her harder as she was going to cum and then when he pushed more of his cock into her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted and covered his cock in her cum. When he felt this he began to fuck her harder and then he stopped and told her that he was going to fill her vagina with his black seed and breed her. When Rebecca felt his cum fill her vagina she had another powerful orgasm and squirted again on his cock .   Reality then set in.  She was about to be auctioned off.  She needed to get cleaned up.  When he pulled his cock out his cum and hers were mixed together and leaked out of her vagina onto the ground and he then said that we should be going as he did not want to be late and miss out on the fun. They both got back into the car and drove to were the Fundraiser/Auction. Rebecca had to stop in the restroom to wipe up the cum.    When she was ready, Trevor led her to a room and told her to Strip down to her underwear and shoes.  When she entered the room she more women getting ready and they were all white. A big black man came up to her and put a collar round her neck and then clipped a chain to it and a sticker with a number 10 on it and was placed on the front of her panties and she was told to wait until her number was called.

Rebecca watched as each woman’s number was called and led by the big black man through a curtain to the stage were the White Slavery Auction was to take place.  She was the last one.  She heard the other women go from anywhere from$3K to $12K.  One girl told her this was her second time and that it was fun to be bought and see what a man would want from her that he would pay that price.  After some time it was Rebecca’s turn and she was led to the stage where she was hooked up to a post.  The light was bright and she had to squint.  She couldn’t see anything, but she could hear the people talking and hear that there were quite a few people out there.   and she stood there for all the men to look at her.  The auctioneer came out and started to promote her,  “For our special final auction of the evening, we bring you Rebecca.  Many of you have seen the photos and promotional video.  She is new to the interracial world but as you have heard, she already has quit a following.  Well educated and trained by her Black Master, she will submit to your every desire or you can let her dominate you.  She has a voracious appetite for black cock and no condoms are necessary.  She has been tested and is clean.  She likes to use, abused, spanked, talked dirty to. “ He came over and pulled out her breasts and pulled down her panties to her thighs and put his hand between her thighs.  “We will start bidding at $1K”.  Soon it was going up  to $10,000 and more and more men were bidding for Rebecca and she saw her Black Master smile at her as he knew that she would make a lot of money and soon he was right as the bidding at gone up to $50,000 and that was the winning bid. When the hammer went down, someone near the back raised his number card up. Rebecca could barely see the man who had bid and won her and was a bit disappointed as she saw that he was elderly.

She had wanted it to be a young fit man, but she had to accept the result. She was led back to the room to get dressed and the collar and chain was taking off and her Black Master was waiting for her with the Auctioneer.  He thanked them profusely and told them that they had reached their goal of raising $100K for the schools.  Rebecca was upbeat.  It was nice to know that this was for a nice cause.  She asked if he knew the winner and he told her he had never seen him before, but he had already paid. When they were finished backstage, they went out to meet the  man who had bought her.  Her Black Master led her to his table and he told her to sit down.  He was in his late 60s, fit for his age, dressed in a classic tuxedo, clean shaven and bald.  The man signaled for her to sit on his lap and she complied.  If a man was going to pay $50K for an evening, he definitely wanted something.  The old man put his hand on her leg and started up her leg.

The Black Master sat down as well and said, “You have wonderful taste.”  The old man smiled and said, “When I viewed your site, I knew I had to have her.”  Rebecca looked at him quizzically.  “What site?”  The bidder suddenly realized he had spoken too much as the Black Master said, “Oh before this auction I put these videos online in a private location for people to see, so they knew what they were bidding on.  It worked, and that is why people bid so high. ” He looked at the bidder to make sure he understood that Rebecca knew nothing about, the site he had set up to showcase the exploits of a regular woman who he was converting into a slut.  The bidder got the idea.  “Well yes,” said the bidder.  “Actually I have you for the evening, but I must be frank that I just represent the real money.  Although I will have you this evening, I have some backers who gave me the money and let me purchase you. They will seek you out at future auctions or sooner for themselves.”  They discussed the arrangements for her weekend and her Black Master also arranged for him to pick her up late Saturday.  The Bidder  offered Rebecca a drink and started to talk to her as  he was touching her, whispering in her ear and playing with her vagina through her panties.  His cock grew under her leg and she knew he was packed. She saw her Black Master look at her and she knew that she had to let him

“That sounds very nice, might I be able to meet these mystery bidders?” asked Trevor.”  Just then, he saw Rebecca’s eyes get big as she saw something behind him.  “Yes, here they are.” And the Bidder pointed to three young black men in their 30’s.  Trevor introduced himself and they just smiled at Rebecca.  He knew something was up.  Rebecca had yet to speak.

“Hello Maria,” the leader said.  She didn’t reply.  Trevor suddenly realized that she knew these men.  He smiled.  “You know Rebecca?”  he asked them.  “You might say that.  We work for her,”  said the tallest of the three black men.  He looked at Rebecca who now hung her head and was sobbing.  She was discovered and she knew her life as Rebecca was no longer a secret.  The three men smiled with a sinister look on their faces.  He gestured to the bidder, “Carl also works in our building, but Rebecca probably is too busy to notice the man that holds the door for her every day.  He also monitors the security cameras in the building.  We figured that since Rebecca loves having sex on her desk, that sometimes after hours we might want to get into the building and have some fun with her.  So Carl can help us too.”

Trevor saw a tear in her eye.  He did not know what to do as she did not want him to leave as she was worried that she was going to be on her own with these men and did not what they were going to do to her, but he looked at her and then said he is your new owner for the weekend.  He gave her a kiss on the cheek and then whispered in Carl’s ear, “Make sure to send me video and photos”.

After sometime Carl got up and told her that it was time to go and she slowly got up and followed him outside to his car which was a flashy sports car. Rebecca thought that it may be fun to be his slave for the weekend and he opened the door for her and she got in.  When he got in, he turned towards her and told her that she will be his sex slave and if she pleases him then he may reward her, but only if she does as she is told.  Rebecca said that she will be his sex slave and let him do whatever they want to do to her and then he started the car and drove off.  Carl said, “I’ve been thinking about you every day for the last year.  I fantasize about you all the time.  I do hope you will make my dreams come true.”