Where is Rebecca In the Wild? Challenge for Members Only!

Where's Rebecca?

Where’s Rebecca?

This has been a crazy Winter.  I know those of you on the East Coast have been dealing with tons of snow and bad weather while those of us on the West Coast are having a very dry Winter.  As promised though, I like to get out every so often so that you can see me in the wild!  So when my photographer told me that I needed to grab a coat, we set off for our little adventure along the coastline.  It really is beautiful out where I live.  Oops I forgot to bring a bathing suit! I am wondering if you can figure out where we went in this edition of “Where’s Rebecca?”

Can you figure out where we went?  Hint, there is a nudist beach nearby and we were looking to get down there so we could take some photos naked on the beach! Have a clue?  Better start tracking behind us and follow us to the beach.  This place is an exclusive enclave to the rich and famous!  CLICK HERE to find out where we are.

Members:  I have some special photos which I pulled out of this photoshoot for those who can tell me where I specifically am.  It is a somewhat famous spot.  If you can guess within a mile, send me an email and for those who correctly guess, I will send you a couple photos so you see how correct you are!!

Polar Vortex My Butt


Okay, I know I no longer live in the Midwest or work in the East, but this Polar Vortex thing is old news.  It seems like every day I’m hearing about new records in temperature.  I thought we were in the middle of Global Warming.  Isn’t everything supposed to be hotter these days?  Well I know many of you outside of the West are freezing and I do sympathize.  This week I hope to provide you with some warmth.  So I thought I’d run back out to the beach to remind you what women look like under all those layers of clothes!  I’m not trying to rub these 70 degree temperatures in your face.  I’m sure you love to have me rub a few things in your face though.

We are setting records all over the country.  Frost bite?  Are we really serious?  Well I hope that this pictorial is hot enough to melt the snow off your driveway and to get your body out from hiding under all those clothes.  So why am I really doing this pictorial?  Well I do have some questions for all you out there trapped in those freezing temperatures.  Hopefully you can answer my questions.  If not, please try it out and let me know the answer.  What questions?  Well here is one question.  Is it so cold out there that “blue balls”  is given a whole new meaning?  Please CLICK HERE and help me answer the other Polar Vortex questions.


Splash in the New Year! Welcome to 2014!


Happy New Year!  Well you might just say that I thought I’d enter the new year with a splash!  For those of you who have never been to California but have heard about California Girls, Hollywood, Movie stars and starlets, I thought I’d take you to the city of stars, or at least the most famous celebrity community outside of Beverly Hills. Yes, ladies and gents, it’s Malibu.  So famous that they named a female doll after it.  I hope to show and tell you about some little known bits about this area.  I also learned something about these kinds of photos and why you horny men love them.  I bet you didn’t know why.

I’ve always wanted to do a California girl photoshoot, but felt odd since I really am a Midwesterner, but after living here for the last 9 years, I think it makes sense that I  show you how the area has changed me.  I definitely can’t deal with the weather east of the Mississippi, so as we hit Winter, I wanted to show all of you a little California sun!  Perhaps this will help you thaw out if you are knee deep in snow wherever you are.  This is the way it shall be all year long!  Come in, the water is not too bad!

Some like it Big and Hard.


I’ve been asked a lot lately if I am a size queen.  It really has made me think.  I guess I probably am.  I hadn’t thought about it much, but I’ve been thinking about my partners and they all have amazing girth.  In fact though, I do like them when they have a little bit of texture and aren’t perfectly straight.  Sometimes I just can’t help myself.  Even when I am outside I get turned on when I look up and see large glass cylindrical buildings.  They look like large dildos to me!  I just want to jump on them.  So how crazy do I get?

So I was out for a walk and came across this huge log.  I mean can you say, “Got Wood”?  I really have to confess that to me nothing drives me crazier.  I just had to mount this bad boy and see how it fit.  I spent a couple hours sizing it up.  Come in and see my obsession with this masterpiece.  You can bet that I have been back here several times to visit my new shrine dedicated to all size queens out there.  Come IN & check it out!

Sex on the Beach with Rebecca


I know Winter is upon us and things are getting cold out there.  You aren’t going to get many snowy updates from me.  I just want you to think warm thoughts when you think of me.  Can you do that? I got such great feedback on my last beach update that I thought I’d stay with that theme this week and make you want to curl up with me under the sun.  Have you ever had sex on the beach!?  No I did not mean the drink.  I mean real sex.  Feeling the warmth of the sun on my skin makes my love petals just open wide for pollination.

Okay, the truth about me is that I am a neat freak!  The thought of getting sand in my private parts sounds so awful.   When that sand started blowing around I almost screamed.  I was getting horny though. And I think others noticed.  Men started coming around taking a look at me.  I told one guy that if he got any closer he’d have to pull down his trunks and get between my legs.  So do you like the idea of Sex on the Beach?  Make you horny?  Come in and make sure you bring a beach towel for us to lay down on. Now let’s make sand castles


Rebecca’s Going to a Beach The Party – Surf’s Up!

You wouldn’t know it, but I’m really an old-fashioned girl.  When I was little I used to watch all the old surfing movies and pretend I was the girl frolicking on the beach with all the muscle bound men walking around trying to impress me.  All the girls would wear little white bikinis and dance on the beach to good rock and roll music.  Wasn’t that the life?  Well I’m a dreamer and one of my favorite things about Dreamnet is the chance to live my dream!  So I put on my little white bikini and pretended I am Annette with my surfer dude boyfriend, Frankie, ready for a little beach bonfire playing the guitar and roasting marshmallows!  Ah, don’t you just love summer?

Well, maybe this bikini isn’t quite right for a ‘50s movie.  I mean I know the phrase Hang 10, but maybe it should have been Hang 10 inches instead.  Not sure about that?  Well maybe my bikini might stop you from hanging and start having you pointing!  I’ll have you bringing out the Sex Wax to rub all over your board! Come on in and Hang Out with me!  Summer Loving Had Us a Blast!  Come on down.  I’m having a Beach Party and you’re invited!*


*Note:  This update will not be ready till late morning of the 13th.

Sunday toes in the sand

Beach toes

Hey there foot fetish fans.  You know, sometimes there are feelings that you just can’t describe and one of them is just digging your toes in the sand.  The coolness and the fact that sand is so much aligned with the idea of a vacation makes the topic so refreshing.

Toes by the water

For me it just means that I don’t have to squeeze my toes into some shoes and heels that seem so unnatural.  It also means that I’m up off of my feet.  Of course we know that the best part about taking my feet off the ground is raising them above my head while laying on my back with about 200 pounds of sweaty beefcake on top of me!

Toes by the pool

Hope you are all having a great weekend!