@RebeccasOffice Update – Naughty or Nice

HomeforChristmas copy I have no doubt that I am near the top of Old St. Nick’s naughty list. Every year I wonder what it is he thinks I will deserve from his nag of coal. I admit I do like to receive a little punishment or something from the “other bag of goodies”. I mean I don’t need to be nice and receive candies, ugly jewelry, socks, ugly sweaters and the like. Well given that it is the week before Christmas and I am taking the rest of the year off, I am bored and horny. I thought I’d rummage through my husband’s closet looking for his gifts but couldn’t find them. All I could do was smell his cologne and got horny that I needed his smell all over me……

So I took off my clothes and put on one of his dress shirts and thought I’d wait for my lover to come over and help me out. I wonder who will come home first. My husband? My lover? Or maybe some handsome stranger. I want the gift of naughtiness. I’m not greedy. Anyone can give it to me? CLICK HERE to Reward Rebecca for being naughty!

Join Me in My Virginal Bed


I just bought a new bed this weekend.  Notice that I said “I” and not “we”.  This is my bed.  I really hated my old bed and finally my lover convinced me that I should get a bed that I liked and now when he comes over, this bed will be the one where I really share myself.  Since my husband and I don’t make physical love anymore, this bed will truly the bed that belongs to me and my lover.  Can you imagine sleeping in a bed that you don’t share with your marital partner?  My husband and I will NEVER have sex on this bed.  I can’t wait for my lover to come over and christen the bed with me.   Yes, this is my virginal throne.  In fact I have a challenge at the end of this pictorial.  Those who complete it will show me who really is reading the pictorial.

 Well, before I slept in the bed, I decided that I would take some photos on it.  This means I’m actually christening the bed with you.  You get to help me deflower this mattress and sheets.  So would you like to be the first to see me naked and spreading my legs for you on this sexy bed?  Are you ready?  Come on over, hop on up and let me show you my new stage where I do my best work.  Again, read through this pictorial.  Who will complete the challenge?

The Mirrored Bed

Are you a voyeur or an exhibitionist? I’m a bit of both. I know it is the fantasy of most people to watch themselves having sex. I really get off at looking at myself. It is part of the reason why I take my sexcapades with all my lovers. It gets me so hot! There is nothing like looking up and seeing yourself under a gorgeous man with your legs spread around his body. I always wanted to have sex under a ceiling mirror and my husband finally got one installed. Well it was either a ceiling mirror or a stripper pole in the kitchen. Did I have a choice? Well the one thing that scares me is the thought of that mirror crashing down on me. Fortunately my hubby did a good job of installing this mirror. Too bad he’ll never get to see us using it together. LOL! But you sure will!

This mirror is going to be fun. Have you ever watched yourself having sex in front of a mirror? How about in front of a camera? I’m a bit of an exhibitionist, so I’m glad to have so many voyeurs who like to watch. I sure hope I don’t squirt and then I’ll have to Windex that mirror clean! Want to come in and try it out. Well if you do, come on in . Just remember, I get to be on the bottom so I can look up and watch us. CLICK HERE to come on in!

Full Moon Over Rebecca

Humping like the Easter Bunny!

For all you connoisseurs of the back door, the heiny, the derriere, the arse, the backdoor, or simply the butt, this update is for you! When one of my members sent me some pajamas, I was thinking it was going to be a little nighty, but instead it was a onesy with a back flap like you find at the hospital so that the nurse has easy access to your butt. It’s perfect. Now my lovers can have access to my back side any time they’d like as well. I know you guys like my backside. So now I’m giving you all access, all the time.

Watch out though, just like any property you might be caught on my surveillance camera. Beware, I have heavy security! LOL! I’m feeling a bit of a draft. Did I leave the back door open? I might have to put a lock on that flap. Until I do so, you are invited to come check it out. The front door might be closed, but I guess I can’t stop you from coming in the back. Come on in, but please make sure to close the door behind you! The lock is broken. CLICK HERE!