Out and about – Friends are the best!

Just wanted to thank my friend “M” who hosted my birthday party in December.  She’s one of my best buds in the whole world.  She’s actually a friend from college and I’m glad I can share all my secrets and she’s also good at taking some of my photos from time to time!

Gal Pals
My Partner in Crime

Women don’t often have good relationships with other women the way that men do.  I can’t say how lucky I am and I guess that is why I feel so great that I want to shout out how much she means to me!

She’s gonna make some guy so happy some day.  What I love about her is her daily calls or texts although we live 350 miles apart.  We still manage to see each other all the time.  One of the benefits of Dreamnet is we can write off the cost of her flying in to see me and take photos or me to fly to her to take photos….

Hungover in Vegas Update

The Morning After

Oh wow, that was some birthday party my girlfriends threw for me in Vegas!  Whoa, what happened?  It started off with five of us flying to Vegas and then going to dinner and a rock and roll concert.  And then we went back to the room, freshened up with a bottle of champagne and a birthday cake , some new clothes and then we went out to the clubs.  I’m not quite sure what happened but when I awoke in my bed this morning I couldn’t find anyone and my body felt like I had gone through an intense yoga workout.  And oh yeah, why do I feel like I had sex all night long?  Anyone know what happened? 

Well fortunately I didn’t lose a tooth and I don’t dare check the bathroom to see if there is a tiger in there.  Can anyone help me piece together what happened?  Perhaps you have or can send me some snaps if you saw me and my friends out on the Strip!  Come inside our suite and help me out.