@RebeccasOffice shows you what to do with a Cum Shot!

So we had an early Halloween party this past weekend.  I dressed up as the Wicked Bitch of The West, but I didn’t realize it was not a costume party!  My boyfriend was more interested in watching football.  I wanted to have fun and do some trick or treating.  Well, after the party he blindfolded me took off my costume, and told me to get bed and wait for him and he’d give me his treat.  I was so horny that when he came in the room he pushed my head down between his legs and I started sucking.  But after a couple minutes I realized something was up when the door opened and I heard my boyfriend’s voice.  I was sucking his best friend. He said, “You’ve been tricked and you have your treat too.  Keep sucking for your gift.”
My boyfriend had told them about my website and that they could take photos and videos of me and that I was open game for them if they wanted a taste of an older white MILF.  I was shocked.  I thought he wouldn’t let them in our bed, but of course I wanted to please them so I sucked them both and cleaned them off while they took their videos and photos.  Yes they got to see them first, but CLICK HERE AND YOU GET TO SEE THEIR MOBILE PHOTOS TOO.

@RebeccasOffice wants to know if you can multitask and focus

As you know, after thirteen years I have a full time new cameraman and videographer, my boyfriend.  He’s always used to being on the other side of the camera with me so now he has to learn how to produce the content himself!
So how does he get better?  It takes practice!  Lots of practice.  You have to build your focus and stamina.  Ever try to get a blow job, keep your cock stiff and operate a camera at the same time?  It takes talent!  Well this past weekend, we decided to practice and I told him we could start with a simple blow job video.  Well we had to do lots of takes.  We had video where he forgot to aim the camera and all you saw was a wall.  Personally I think he messed up so that I had to do it again and again and again!
Watch how he asks me how to focus and what to focus on as we begin the video.  I always said I am the performer and not the video producer.  I can only tell him what to do.  If he does it right, then he’s satisfied me. Could you do the job?  Quite honestly he is learning and couldn’t do it as long as he’d like and had to put the camera down.  CLICK HERE AND SEE IF HE LEARNED HIS LESSON. MAYBE YOU CAN DO BETTER.


@RebeccasOffice Wants You To See Her Naughty Cell Phone Videos

Are You Behind Me?

Are You Behind Me?

Okay, I get it!  I keep hearing from some people that they like my videos in Slo-Mo and others like it in regular speed.  Hey this is the age of the internet.  You can do it any way you want.  So I decided that I’d show it in both regular speed and in a slower half time speed.  Who says I don’t give my members the videos the way they want it?

But let’s be truthful.  I know why you guys like it like that.  We know you all masturbate while watching my videos.  I love the thoughts of thousands of men cumming while watching me orgasm pretending that I am your wife or pretending you are the guy giving it to me, or pretending to be the cameraman or both.  My goal every time one of these videos is taken is to make it real and to make you cum.

So this past weekend I had my boy toy take some videos for you while we had sex.  Many of you commented about how they liked that you got current, fresh, mobile video that is unscripted.  What were you doing Saturday night while I was out fucking this hunk of a man, sucking his cock and exploding all over it.  Look how red he made my pussy.  Oh and the way he spanks me.  I love my aggressive lover.

What is on your cell phone?  CLICK HERE and see what my boyfriend has of me!

Making a MILF Instructional Videos

Making A MILF videos

Making A MILF videos

I get asked all the time about how I got started doing videos and how my husband agreed to me doing videos and being on Dreamnet. I also get lots of people asking how they can do it too. I really can’t say what we do works for everyone, but I can say that it took a while and that by the time it came to fruition, my husband had taken lots of video of me and I was probably more ready than ever to be in front of the camera.

What you see here is me before Dreamnet sucking on dildos, dancing for you on camera, posing around the small apartment we had after we got married, admitting my love for black cock and hope day having one of a nice size inside me.

You must remember when these videos were done that I had no idea that I was going to be naked for all of you. It is amazing now to think how far I’ve come. So if you are out there wanting your wife or partner to do this, just check out these two videos because they can show you what will happen if you dream big.


Rebecca Has a Challenge for You! Are you Up to It?


Many of you have seen the videos out there that relate to a certain disease and have an associated “Ice Bucket Challenge” that goes with it. In fact, I have done the real challenge myself, but wanted to put a sexy spin on things. I have a member who has an early diagnosis of this disease and he thought this was a great idea.


I thought it would be cute if us Dreamgirls could do the same thing with a slight twist. I don’t want anyone to catch a cold so I made a couple changes! My challenge is that in support of the fight against this disease, I am doing at least a 5 minute blow job video (actually around double that length) in which I can take either a facial or swallow everything. If I don’t complete it, I donate $10 to the fight against this disease. In this spirit I hope each person who accepts and does this challenge will nominate 3 other girls to accept the challenge or donate to this worthy cause. If you choose to accept the challenge, you have a week to do it! Oh and of course if members want to do it or have it done to them, we’d love to see it! Let’s get all the Dreamgirls to do it! So as the first, I accept this challenge, I will also of my own accord donate $250 to the cause. I would also like to nominate 3 of Dreamnet’s finest to next take this challenge! Dawn Marie, Elli, and Faith….I nominate the 3 of you! Best of luck!

 Watch me give this Blow Job for a worthy cause! CLICK HERE!

 Actor’s note: I know a couple people have suffered and lost their lives to this disease and before I go on with this update wanted to say that I have total respect and compassion for those that are suffering. This update is meant to be a sexy off-shoot and should no way be considered to be endorsed by the same disease or cause.

Will You Be Rebecca’s Valentine

So will you be my Valentine?  Do you want to be my Valentine?  This year I am all yours.  Valentine’s Day for me is all about giving, not getting.  I don’t need flowers, chocolates or fancy baubles.  What I want to hear is your moaning, your groaning and that big smile on your face.  I think I know what you need.  Why don’t you sit back, pull down your pants and close your eyes?


Just spread your legs and let me kneel down and pamper your cock. Let me stroke it.  Let me suck it.  Let me lick it.  I want to stuff your balls in my mouth and make you big and hard.  I want to feel your cock swell up in my mouth.  I can feel the fluids building up in your cock.  You want to cum don’t you.  Give it to me.  I will be your Valentine.  That will be your present to me.  Look me in the eyes and just give your Valentine her gift.  Mmmm.

Come in and give me your Valentine!

I’ve Got A Surprise For You

As you probably know I don’t sleep with my husband anymore.  That is, he doesn’t get to cum inside me!  As much as I get a lot of action I like to save it for my lovers.  Every once in a while though I remind my husband of what he is missing.  Actually on this evening he was telling about a great blow job he got from one of his lovers.  I thought I’d remind him what a good blow job felt like.  I kept taunting him until he admitted my superiority and begged me to let him put his penis inside me. I told him he could feel what it was like again.  He wasn’t bad, but then I reminded him that he no longer was allowed and that my pussy could only be seeded by my lovers.  It was okay.  He got a happy ending!

So do you get a blow job when you have sex with your partner?  Is it common?  Do you deep throat?  Do you swallow?  Do you talk dirty or provide eye contact.  These are all part of my blow job arsenal.  I’ll also let you in on a little BJ pet peeve of mine.    But if you want to know, you have to come inside and see.