@RebeccasOffice 1st Update Under New Management (A.H.) – After Hubby

Before She Learned to Swallow

Before She Learned to Swallow

In case, you didn’t see the announcements, I am Rebecca’s boyfriend and I have taken over managing how and what you see from this incredible lady.  As this update is my first try I thought I’d give you a glimpse of what you should expect.  The first thing you should know is that I really never liked all of the scripted stuff.  What you see is what happens with her for real.  This means if you don’t like the lighting or the angle of the camera, that’s tough.  I am sharing you her with you the way I think she should be seen.  Secondly, I don’t want to mess with too many photos.  This is the world of video.  If you like her ass, I am not going to give you 50 pictures of her ass.  Rather, I’m going to give you 10 minutes of it bouncing up and down on my cock.

I am so lucky to have wrestled this classy businesswoman, mom, and just fine white lady from her husband.  She deserves and wants the life I am going to give her.  And now you will all see what it is like when a woman leaves husband for a black man,  Some things will change and some won’t.

Now that I have moved into her office, I have been going through my new drawers and found some things that she and her husband haven’t ever shown you and I think that in order to understand what I am going to do with her, you need to know what she was.  I found some great footage that they were afraid to show you from her days before she opened her office on the Web. See her with kids toys all over the place, a full hairy bush, and then afraid to let them cum touch her tongue.  You need to see how she sucked and fucked before me.  You need to see how she was used before me.  A classy white mom sucking cock and developing desire and the need for something more dark and fulfilling.

This is some rare stuff.  As we move into 2017 you should watch these videos because it may be the last time you see her with anything but black cock.  I will go through more boxes as I move in and I am going to show you anything else I find so you understand her history better.  You might find this tough to watch because you know the story.  White All-American Girl leaves for Black and Never Comes Back.  CLICK AND WATCH HISTORY. IT WILL NEVER BE THE SAME.

  • The Black Rock – Rebecca’s Lover

@RebeccasOffice Special Members Announcement & Queen of Spades Interview Preview


So I decided to do a BIG updated interview after speaking with Drew from Queen of Spades magazine.  What is a Queen of Spades? According to the Urban Dictionary, it is an indicator of a white woman with a sexual preference for black men. It can be seen on tee shirts, thongs or even as a tattoo. Also a way for a white woman to let potential black lovers know she is available.  Usually a Queen of Spades is a married white woman that enjoys sex with multiple(2 or more) well hung black males at a time, on a frequent basis. The woman is typically a swinger and engages in sex with the permission of her husband. The wife may maintain one or more steady lovers and refer them as her “boyfriend”, “her bull” or that she is “black-owned”. Frequently the husband and wife film the wife’s escapades for future enjoyment.

When the magazine asked me a couple of years ago, I was hesitant.  But I think the time has come for me to set the record straight.  But as members of my site, I thought I’d let you know first.  It is about time I let you in on some secrets ahead of the release of the interview.  Do you want to know what is happening?  CLICK HERE TO READ ABOUT MY BIG NEWS.

After you see the news, please only message me privately!  There is more good stuff.  I’m sure you will want to hear straight from me.

Rebecca Takes on Her Black Members and Reveals a Secret

RebeccaBlackAfter my last couple of video and photo updates, many people have written me with comments like, “I thought you liked black guys too” or “Don’t black members get a chance?”  Lol!  Have you all been watching for the last 13 years?  I am definitely a black cock connoisseur.  Moreover, that is how I got started even before Dreamnet.

You see, before I joined Dreamnet, I was already in an open marriage and I met this one gentleman while at a conference in Washington.  He wasn’t with the conference, but we got to talking at the hotel bar.  I didn’t take his advances at first, but he was charming.  Before I knew it, I had had one too many and went back to his room when he invited me.   It was a crazy night.  I was confused when I woke up in the morning and found $300 in an envelope along with his business card.  He had thought I was an escort!

I had already decided that I was going to be on Dreamnet, so after I got on Dreamnet I emailed him and told him I was not an escort, but that I did now have a website.  The crazy thing was that he already knew my whole name and where I worked. So a few months later, he told me he was coming west and that he was enjoying my Website and had told all his friends to join.  They did not believe him when he told them he had fucked me in DC.  So I told him we could meet and take a picture at dinner to prove it.


He already knew my weak spot.  He got me drunk again and took me back to his room.  When we walked in his room he had a couple friends already waiting to get a taste of me and take photos.  Some of you have seen the video from that epic evening.  Now you get to see all the photos they took for the next day where they introduced me to the world of gangbangs.

Yes, my first multiple male experience was not just a gentle introduction, but a very forceful one as you will see from the look on my face.  I was so new to this world and I thoroughly threw caution to the wind!  These black men knew what they wanted and I realized I fueled their desire.  They laughed and said the naughtiest things to me.  What shocked me is those words did not make me scared, but they made me wetter!

So do I like black cock?  Well, take a look at these photos and judge for yourself.  CLICK HERE to see me with black members.



Do You Fit On My Casting Couch?

 I think every day I get an email from someone I’ve never heard from claiming they are biggest fan and a photo of their penis!  Oh my gosh!  Am I a slut?  LOL!  Seriously, I don’t mind if it is a long-time member who writes me, but if you are a stranger it is funny to me.  So seriously, one of the things that I’ve been told is that I have the perfect holes to handle well endowed men who have trouble with smaller women who complain they hurt.  Was I always this small?  I honestly can’t remember ever meeting a cock I couldn’t handle!  I guess I just might be a size queen.  I remember the first time I did a gang bang in Vegas and I sat there on a couch examining all the penises before sleeping with each guy.  Want to hear about my casting couch?

Yes I examine every cock I take because I take it bare.  With HPV and other viruses out there I am very picky of each cock.  You might say that I am a bit of a connoisseur.  I have quite a nice collection of cocks notched on my bed post!  So come closer and let me take a look at your big bad self. CLICK HERE TO SEE IF YOU FIT THE BILL.

Rebecca’s got Your Black Friday Special


Can’t find something for that hard to get person?  Bah Humbug, screw them and get something for yourself!

Well Dreamnet’s annual Black Friday special is already under way!  Make sure to click on the banner above or follow the link below to join my website if you have never been a member or if you haven’t been a recent member.  You will be charged $9.95 for the current month and $19.95 for future months and gain access to me and 60 other women.


Beware Rebecca, The Black Widow!


Hey there you Halloweenies! Well I was looking around and couldn’t find a good costume for Halloween this year. And a member was going to send me one, but it doesn’t look like his package is going to arrive on time. I mean costumes are fun, but I’ve never really gotten into the mode of buying a sexy costume when it is going to come off pretty quick anyway. Besides they are usually hot and uncomfortable. Besides, what costume is hotter than just being a hot sexy wife, right? So let’s get down to some tricks and treats!

Happy Halloween! Since my next update is actually the day before Halloween, I thought I’d show off a a little bit earlier. In case you want to get a costume that matches mine, you can find something good. What am I wearing for my real costume in public? You’ll have to come inside and find out. Then let’s see if you can find me on the streets! Are you a werewolf? Come inside and let me see if I can make you howl at the moon! CLICK HERE!


Will Rebecca Ever Come Back?


You know the phrase, “Once You Go Black, You Never Go Back”?  Well take a look at this video and you will see why this is the case.  After the first 2 lovers blew their loads into Rebecca’s womb in the first two parts, they brought her husband back into the room to watch them continue pounding her pussy.  Rebecca thought she was done for the evening.  After about 5 minutes you can hear them tell him to go home and pick her up in the morning.  The third partner puts Rebecca on her stomach and fills both her pussy and asshole until our lovely Dreamgirl is left sobbing.  We don’t know if she is sobbing because of her sore pussy and ass or if she is sobbing for being so ashamed that she is enjoying having these men defile her body.  Either way, we hear and see the reckless abandon by which she pleasures these men.  Would you go back after this?  We’re told Rebecca was eventually used 3-4 more times that evening and that her husband came back in the morning to find her naked with dried cum all over her pussy and ass. CLICK HERE TO SEE WHY

Afternoon in my Backyard

Sit down, have a drink and let’s chat in my back yard. People ask me all the time about my real profession and how I do it. One of the unique aspects to working with the capital markets on the West Coast of the US is that although I wake up really early, I go home early. This means I’m home when the sun is out and I get to enjoy some afternoons alone in my peaceful home. It also means that I can enjoy a little drink before everyone comes home. Sometimes I enjoy more than liquid company and I’m able to have some real human interaction before I prepare dinner for everyone. Want to know more? Pull up a chair and let’s chat. By the way, I’m wearing a pink dress this week in honor of my friend who has breast cancer. I will personally donate to her fund based upon new memberships I receive this wink. So think pink this week.

Join me in my backyard and let me pour you a drink. Let’s enjoy a couple hours of peace and quiet. After you spend a couple hours you will understand why I love coming home and cherishing the wonderful surroundings. I know you’ve always wanted to learn more about my private life. Well this is your chance. In fact, let me let you in, Come on in, my backdoor is open. Just close the door behind you so the dogs don’t run out. CLICK HERE!