Behind My Blue Door

I always get asked about my Dungeon photo shoot I once did. It is probably my most talked about photo shoot. People always ask if I really have a Dungeon in my house. It really isn’t a dungeon but rather a separate studio that I used. I call it my blue room. Yes, this is where the magic happens when I am at home. It is also the room I take my play buddies. This room has all my toys and is where I hide all my toys and the wardrobe I collect. Maybe today I’ll take you inside. Yes inside behind the Blue Door. I know there was a famous porno movie about a green door, but I have a blue door instead! It’s actually where I do my porno too. My friends find it to be a great room to shoot in as well. Today I’m hosting a few other industry friends at our home, but let me show you around.

Us Dreamgirls are no different than most of you. We all have that little room or space in our house where we close the door and do our work. For me it is a little room that you could use to do your painting or have a separate office. You probably think it would be better named the Rebecca’s Office Annex. Yes, I think I might get a sign for that room which says that. Well come on in and let me give you the ten cent tour. CLICK HERE!