Stay Strong Friday #BostonStrong

Not sure if you are following this Boston Explosion story.  So sad.  It has really been a tough week beginning with the bombing at the Boston Marathon, hearing about the deaths especially to an 8 year old boy, and now the breaking story and manhunt for the second brother involved in the bombing.   The big question of WHY?  How do people who somehow feel left out feel like they need to react this way?

One thing is for sure.  I am so proud of the way people have responded whether at the scene, in the Boston Garden, or across the country.  It is sad that events like this one, Newtown, and 9/11 happen, but so good to know that everyone still puts differences aside and bond.

I just thought I needed to sound in on this matter.  While I continue with my little hobby on the internet, my true feelings about this horrible incident should let you know that I am a real person with real feelings about these world events.

Stay strong everyone.  Have a great weekend.